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A tale of two not very likeable characters – Roy Suryo reports Dewa 19 & Ahmad Dhani to the police for flag desecration.

Invariably referred to in the media as a telecommunications “expert” Kanjeng Raden Mas Temenggung (KRMT) Roy Suryo Notodiprojo, or Roy Suryo, on November 28th did his loyal national duty by reporting the rock group Dewa 19 to the police for misuse of the Indonesian flag.

Roy Suryo

In their new video clip for Perempuan Paling Cantik di Negeriku Indonesia Dewa 19 makes use of the flag as the background for their new band logo.

Perempuan Paling Cantik di Negeriku Indonesia.

Roy, who is on the discussion committee for the Rancangan Undang-undang Bendera, Bahasa, Lambang Negara dan Lagu Kebangsaan (BBLNLK), a new law on the the flag, language, and national symbols and songs, says it’s a matter of principle and he doesn’t care about suffering any fall in his popularity because of it.

The current law, he says, Edict 48, 1958, says nothing can be added to or written onto the flag. tempo

Ahmad Dhani

Ahmad Dhani of Dewa 19 says he can’t understand what the problem is, that his band’s use of the flag was just an expression of youthful creativity and nationalism. l6

Within the Indonesian blogging community Roy “the boy” Suryo is generally loathed and detested, because Roy has a particular, public, distaste for bloggers.

Many bloggers and web kids generally it seems have put their Photo-shopping talents to use to smear the good name of Roy, here being a small sample of the almost inexhaustible supply of Photo-shopped Roy pictures:

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  1. Oigal says:

    Roy Who? A nothing and nobody who would get a job carrying coffee in any real “for profit” telecommunications industry. Takes an interesting picture tho

  2. fullmoonflower says:

    Hmmphh… Denmas Roy ini kurang kerjaan aja…. 😕

  3. fullmoonflower says:

    Well, perhaps Dhani never thought that it will be a big problem…

    I hope Dewa 19 would like to make it as a good lesson, so next time they will be more careful to put their logo to any national symbols or something like that…

    This is Indonesia, not USA… We haven’t been habitual to use our national symbols to be the other things yet, otherwise you’ll be accused of humiliation…

  4. Oigal says:

    Dewa 19 would like to make it as a good lesson

    Yea not like there is anything more important to worry about in the country..sigh

  5. Bas says:

    AT LEAST! Indonesianmatters talk about Roy Suryo. The most hated man in Indonesia.

    There are big 3 problems in Indonesia : Corruption, Islam extremism AND Roy Suryo.

    Roy Suryo is a disgusting javanese opportunist, self proclaimed “telematic expert” with absolutely no understanding of IT. 100% fake expert. 100% egocentric. Fake ningrat too.
    A few years ago he said blogs were a temporary trend. He always involve himself in sex scandals.

    He is the one in Indonesia who decide if a picture / video is fake or not. A porn expert.

    For example he said Miss Indonesia Artika Sari pictures were guenuine (actually it was the pictures of a Thai transexual)…

    Well actually the “metadatas expert” he is only 50% accurate. He gave his expertise to the media in more than 30 cases he had nothing to do with.

    Roy Suryo never apologized for the numerous mistakes he made during his carrier.

    I personally consider him as responsible for the death of Sukma Ayu. The poor young artist was hospitalized after the frog (on of his numerous sobriquet is kermit) claimed on all TV channels her porn pictures were not fake. She died few days later.

    He also gave away an investigation evidence, the last video (hotel surveillance vid) of dead by overdosis artist Alda Rizma to the media (Roy Suryo like to collaborate with the police and the medias).

    By the way, Alda Rizma forensic autopsy video can now be found on the net (I hope it’s not you Roy…!)

    He also gave fake hopes to the families of the Lion air crash in Sulawesi with his super analysis of sms sent from the plane before it disappeared. I hate him for this. Really disgusting.

    Whatever happens in Indonesia (eartquake etc..) Roy is always here with sensational news for the media.

    Roy Suryo respects NOTHING. he has NO shame.

    All IT people, blogging sphere writers and other computer nerds hate him (all the people who know his knowledge is a big hole).

    Roy Suryo has no blog. Know no programing language. The guys has no technological background or diplomas. Do not know what is WEb 2.0. Can barely use his handphone. Always give bad analysis of internet trends.

    80% of his competence is : He can use photoshop, he can read digital photos metadatas (but cannot interpret them). By the way he once said pictures meta datas cannot be modified. Try by yourself. It is just a matter of minutes.

    Mister “you know You” spend his days sending sms to the medias. He is a manipulation expert and will be soon another respectable anggota DPR. He said he was a UGM teacher but it is just another lie.
    He knows a lot of people. Don’t attack him. Don’t criticized him (ask the owner of ex first indonesian blog Please him or he will hurt you back right away (ex : The Dewa case or Jogjakartanese blogger he almost sent to jail for having laugh at him in his blog).

    The always smilling guy is behind most official websites (made from free CMS in a week. Real cost : 600 to 2000 USD – Paid billions of rupiah). The presidential one for example.

    Of course he is also behind the anti porno bill and the recent internet censorship.
    He loves censorship!

    Make them shut their mouths Roy! You are the kind of IT! 😉

    Recently he discovered the true version of the song “Indonesia raya”.
    He actually discovered nothing. Just tried to steal the discovery wich actually was nothing new (you’ll be luckier on your next try Roy!).

    You don’t know Indonesia and the beautiful ORBA culture if you don’t know Roy Suryo (TM).
    Roy Suryo is the living definition of “pakar gadungan”. 100% fake expert.
    The sad aspect of it is most of the people believe the guy is a brain. The even sadder side of it is he is the pretty guy called by the police and the justice departments to give expertise).


    I don’t like FPI but I can’t help feeling a bit sad for them if the expert called to the bar is Roy.

    Roy is everywhere.

    He made himself ridiculous numerous time on TV and of course in IT seminars but he doesn’t care.
    He never answers the questions you ask him (he cannot)…

    Roy suryo is in the medias every day. He always has something to say. Things happen all the time to Roy suryo:

    That day he lost his bag in a plane… wahh!

    Roy Suroy would probaly die if he was not interviewed for more than 3 days. Roy Suryo has 10 TV in his home in Jogja. I am impressed.

    Google his name or seach, detik, kompas for more info. It’s a pity is closed.

    One of the anti roy suryo petition :

    Roy Suryo.. so entertaining but so pathetic at the same time…

  6. diego says:

    What’s this fuzz about Dhani Dewa? Their (newer) “music” is shitty anyway, boring, pretentious, etc.

  7. Bas says:

    Forgot to mention his famous “68% of Friendster profils are fake”.

    Well, we could write a book only with his stupid statements.

    And guys like that are behind new laws (He is/was expert number one in the communication department of Indonesia). Pffff….

    Ok.. I’d better sleep now.. i could become violent if i keep thinking about him.
    Sorry for the typing errors in my previous post and my bad english.

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    2103 signatures against Roy Suryo
    “stop aksi pembodohan dan pecicilan”

    300 for Dutch to pay war reparations.
    Indonesia needs a major kick in the trousers.

    Really is he so attention worthy?
    Or just a moron trying to be like AA Gymnastiar

  9. Bas says:

    I think he is. Cause guys like him are ruining the credibility of the country. And as I said guys like him are very powerful and they are just getting more and more powerful.
    Politicians (who are just as stupid as him) believe his advices. If you cannot see the harm he does to the country that means you are just another blind washed brained who keep the country at the bottom of the trachcan trying to make people think Indonesia is just fine.

    Clean up the country if you want to be respected. And clean your brain.

    That is way more important than always putting the fault on foreigners or trying to get “war reparation”. The Dutch were just friendly helpful Red Cross volunteers compared to your actual politicians and pejabat.

  10. Irene says:

    He needs to be sacked. Is it true that he is a caleg? I suppose one more nut job won’t hurt the already crippled system. I have to admit though, this guy is pretty serious about the video. I mean he went down to mabes polri with “evidence” in hand, he consulted with a TNI official, and got someone from Istana Negara to call up Ahmad Dhani. HOLY COW.

  11. Rob says:

    Roy “the Boy” Suryo is a fellow who lives to see his name in print. What is strange is that so many people indulge him in light of the numerous occasions he has come up short on his analysis of all manner of things IT and telematika related.

    People like Roy Suryo are not ruining the credibility of the country. This assumes that Roy Suryo has credibility and further assumes his credibility or lack thereof is somehow tied to Indonesia’s credibility, it is not. Indonesia is and will always remain far more credible than Roy Suryo can ever dream of.

    What is ironic or funny in that “oh so stupid way” is that this is simply a case of sensationalist ego v. sensationalist ego; Roy Suryo v. Ahmad Dhani.

    Who cares?

  12. Lanang says:

    Don’t understand why Partai Demokrat has him on the priority list — or perhaps Dhani in PKB’s celeb list for that matter. His one and fatal mistake is using populist technology [aka technology populism] against the very mass who has driven it and fed the govt stats they’d later use for milking the APBN. However the media loves him as much as it loves tidbits of everyday stupidity, inevitably iconizing him as the ‘tech dude’ of Indonesia.
    People apparently knew better and unwilling to be stupified, just yet. Instead of grappling with Photoshop, why not try coding his way to the level of today’s Hawkings. And how in the world does Photoshop relate to telematics? Telematics are supposed to be about RFID (HIV AIDS-infected Papuans has this transplanted in them), GPS system up to satellite-based navigation.
    Or, society merely needs a mental punching bag? If so, he fits all requirements.
    But since everyone resents him, I’d go with the opposite, I like this guy. He’s photogenic.
    Long live RS! Toughen up, brotha, you know these people don’t mean thing compared to your Tumenggungness!
    As of the flag, it’s a classic case of telly liberals, doing their telly guerrilla war. It growls, but it won’t bite, and it comes with a ringtone. Too bad our expert made a religion out of nationalism, instead of a belief.

  13. enrichco says:

    please roy suryo. We have many problems in our country, it’s only a small stuf Roy! tragic. Flags is a symbol of nationalism, only a symbol. the true nationalism is on the hearth and work, not just on the flag, on the symbol.

  14. Danang says:

    I feel that Roy Suryo just looks for sensation! His knowledge about IT is very poor. I have ever heard that he even could not distinguish the different between blogger and hacker.

  15. Lanang says:

    Danang, bloggers could possibly be hackers too in a way, but not necessarily bad ones.
    Hacking more or less means editing. So if you tweaked several lines of code of your, say, CSS file or a plugin’s PHP file, you are technically hacking it. Those who are called ‘hackers’ tweak, design or analyze not mere PHP files, but programs or a particular network system.
    RS, however, not only that he couldn’t distinguish the difference between hackers and crackers, but also the difference between bloggers and crackers i.e. defacers, virus spreaders, phisers, etc, in derogatory context.
    Despite the accusation made of bloggers, I’d say bloggers are not to be feared because they’d hack codes, it’s because they’d hack minds? Meh.

  16. Rob says:


    Roy Suryo is just a bloke who likes seeing his name in the paper. It also seems he will say just about anything to get it in there as well.


    Interesting point about “hacking minds”.

  17. Astrajingga says:

    Hey, Roy Suryo is a parliament member… who votes him?

  18. diego says:

    I feel that Roy Suryo just looks for sensation! His knowledge about IT is very poor. I have ever heard that he even could not distinguish the different between blogger and hacker.

    I blog, thus I’m hacker.

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