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KompasMUI leader Cholil Ridwan says Kompas newspaper is a western papist tool for attacking Islam.

In early October the fundamentalist Islamic journal Suara Islam (Islamic Voice) published “The Way Kompas Incites Hatred”, in which Cholil Ridwan, co-chairman of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), said:

They will publish anything that harms the Muslim community, including attacks on the MUI.

Cholil Ridwan was quoted in para-phrase terms as saying that Kompas was a Roman Catholic “tool”, with a (religious) “mission”.

Kompas, Indonesia’s most widely read newspaper, is owned by the Kompas-Gramedia group, founded in 1965 by P.K. Ojong and Jacob Oetama, Roman Catholics.

Cholil Ridwan
Cholil Ridwan & Abu Bakar Ba’asyir in Jan. 2008.

These days, Cholil said, many people were paid to advance western ideas and interests in Indonesia:

If they’re not anti-MUI, if they don’t attack the MUI, they won’t get work.

Cholil was particularly annoyed by an 8th September 2008 story by Sumanto Al Qurtuby in which the MUI was said to be the prime mover and inspiration for sectarian violence in Indonesia, because of its hostile approach to heretical sects such as Ahmadiyah.

If Kompas were fair and followed proper journalistic ethics, they would contact those who were being attacked in an article and give them the opportunity to offer a defence or clarification, he said.

In general terms the article complained that Kompas never lost an opportunity to criticise the MUI, promote the liberal Islam cause, spread “syphilis” (sipilis, an acronym for secularism, pluralism and liberalism), oppose the new pornography law, and defend Catholic mass murderers Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva, and Marinus Riwu. suaraislam

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  1. fullmoonflower says:

    Well, it’s an old issue… I’ve heard it since I was 12 years old…

  2. Gunung Batu says:

    Kompas? A Roman Catholic tools? How come? For all I know Jacob Utama is now a muslim. I’m not joking.

  3. fullmoonflower says:

    Hehehe…. That’s what I heard 24 years ago…
    And honestly, I don’t care…

    Because the solution is VERY SIMPLE… IF you don’t like this newspaper, so don’t buy it…!!
    It’s just simple, right? no need to wishy washy too much…

    But, yeah… you know, people usually like to talk but finally do nothing… Keep telling anyone that this newspaper is bla bla bla, but their kids keep buying it just because there are so many vacancies from reputable companies in Kompas…

    So…. 🙄

  4. diego says:

    Those people already has Republika. The hate (toward non moslems) -inciting newspaper. Why are they complaining that Kompas is not giving them space?

  5. wongkampong says:

    That’s why we are Indonesia, a country who used to be colonialized by Dutch, then Japan then by middle-east radical nowadays. A sickening fanatics thinking is a kind of virus poisoning our ‘wong kere’ becoming tetep kere, dasar Indonesia

  6. Andrew says:

    The pathetic old man needs a way to get on the popularity bandwagon – issuing this statement is the easiest and cheapest.

  7. jaka says:

    Jah, Pak Patung, koran begituan (Suara Islam) dikomentarin. Why don’t you start to review Salafi or Poligami, too? It is as fun as reading Sinar Pagi or Lembergar of Pos Kota.

    And, yes, Jacob Utama is a muslim. Even members of FPI witness it.

    However, thank you for highlighting another fool in MUI.

  8. joao says:

    These angry psychopathic Islam fundamentalist guys just love hating all kinds of people in the name of all merciful Allah. Dang, how in Zohan’s name can they cram so much hatred in such a teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy minds ? Hmmmm…

  9. rima says:

    Seriously? Om JO is now a muslim??? I find it hard to believe..

  10. Aquila says:

    As far as I know, JO is still a Roman Catholic.

    Anyway, this issue has been brought up for a decade I think, and yet Kompas is still standing and they are getting bigger.

    I believe Indonesians know who are telling the truth and who are telling bullshits.

  11. Saipul says:

    Does his religion really matter? Ah, my country…

  12. Bas says:

    Haha stupid MUI. Kompas is not pro occidental in any way. These guys just can’t accept any kind of criticism.

    When the newspaper was created the stupid idiots were already saying that :

    KOMPAS = KOMplotan PAStors


  13. taxpayer says:

    MUI…..Another worthless organization under the umbrella of Indonesian pancasila.

    MUI. legally speaking, shouldn’t (and barely doesn’t) have any authority to say, sway or indulge in politics in this country. Perhaps MUI did not get the memo…but this country is a democracy. As a democracy, this country has shed its’s Soeharto skin. The candy cane pillar of moral judgment amongst the people is no longer needed. That would be the MUI….in case they missed it, like every other sign they have missed in the last 10 years.

    Bad news for the MUI. but….Indonesians can think, decide and make decisions without your leadership (Leadership being a definition used lightly here because the MUI is just a bunch of grown-up little boys stilling playing house and still arguing about the usage of the dump truck in the sand box).

    When will the MUI realize that they are nobody and their existence is minimalized, marginalized and worthless to anyone who can do the alphabet?

    Therefore…for the MUI and all representatives who pull a pathetic paycheck from the MUI….I will break down the announcement you obviously missed.

    ” MUI is nobody….Completely marginalized and nobody gives a rat’s dick what you say or think. Indonesia is a democracy and your overly religious, historically jacked, manipulative, malignant childish behavior which includes your 5 yr old childish ideas of god and faith, your 7 yr old childish ideas towards human behavior and your 10 yr old childish behavior towards the day-to-day actions of human beings, is no longer wanted, needed or respected by Indonesians or any other breathing human being.”

    Indonesians, as a whole, wipe their asses with the paper of which you write your baseless, brainless and pre-year 1400 opinions and thoughts on.

    Your loss of power, which is all you want, is fading quicker than you can blink. And good-riddance to ya!

    So….to the Kompas…….keep it coming, keep it real and keep it strong.

    To MUI…….pack your bags, clean the house and move to a far, far away jungle community. You have passed your time of existence. Accept your death and enjoy your 72 virgins in the hell hole you will soon live in!!

  14. Amalia says:

    Hi, Indonesian Tax Payer,

    I’m just passing by here and then found your impolite statement thrown to Islam as well as your colleague’s sarcastic statements which is surely with full of hate to the Moslem. What all of these for, my friends? MUI was there just because they need it!

    Are you getting frustrated as Moslems are now keep growing and growing?

    Well, they met the truth, babes … Just try to also find it why once you have time to learn, but be open-minded first! Otherwise, your hate will only waste your times and definitley derate your physical health … … …

  15. janma says:

    Amalia said….

    I’m just passing by here and then found your impolite statement thrown to Islam as well as your colleague’s sarcastic statements

    That’s right hon, so just pass on by!

  16. Ross says:

    Well, if the accuser can be photographed with that rabid old goat-beard, he certainly has no leg to stand on when discussing Islam. Abu Bakar Baashyir has done more to ruin Islam’s good name than most, except perhaps the MUI itself, with its inane and ignorant comments on almost everything, from Ahamadiyah to pluralism to the menace of church-building..

  17. rima says:

    Oooh.. I think I have a crush on a certain Indonesian Tax Payer.. 😉

    @ Janma: Lol!! (also Lol at your last comment on the other thread, the maid abuse thread)

  18. Oigal says:

    What all of these for, my friends? MUI was there just because they need it!

    Are you getting frustrated as Moslems are now keep growing and growing?

    So Amalia is saying the MUI represents thinking Moslems??.. I think that represents a greater insult that has ever been spoken on this thread. Could any fool be silly enough to equate picture contained in the article with anything else but lunatic fringe dwellers.

    If MUI represents the truth for Indonesia, then to borrow from the mythology one could rightly say God Help Indonesia. As for the picture, an insult to all those hurt or killed by the now rotting cowards, in particular a spit in the face to those Indonesian families who lost loved ones.

  19. jaka says:

    Do we talk about Islam, eh?
    And about MUI: It is there because Orba wanted them to be there. Poor Buya Hamka. What would he say if he knew this institution he led became a cage full of people who does not know where the world is going.

  20. andrey says:

    Don’t be a hypocrite: as many of you used to say: “if you don’t like what they say, close your ears”. the MUI is just exercising their freedom of speech.

  21. funny says:

    So is kompas but does mui said,”they are just exercising their freedom of speech”?
    Nope, instead they are trying to sullies the name of kompas in the face of muslim. Bah kompas should sue mui for defamation but they are way too nice for that.

    And no mui doesn’t represent all muslims. Ok maybe most of wahabi.

    A hypocrite is a hypocrite.

    Where have I heard the name of ‘abu bakar’ before?

  22. Gunung Batu says:

    Hi Amalia,

    What all of these for, my friends? MUI was there just because they need it!

    I’m a muslim, and I never need MUI.
    By the way, is MUI funded by our tax money? Then I could say it’s a waste of tax payers’ money.

  23. Gibril Marpaung says:

    Kompas= komando pastur republika=republik agama…. hahahahaaha a quiet joking…

  24. taxpayer says:

    Poor Amalia……

    Did you just wake up from a 20 year nap and realize that people are tired of religious innuendo and baseless, foolish and ignorant fatwas?

    I showed no hate for muslims or the religion. As a matter of fact, when you get done using your EF English and start reading and understanding contextual English, you will see no mention of Moslem, Muslim, Islam, Islamic, or the word Religion in my whole post.

    I have no hatred of anything or anyone. I do admit I hate the smell of Durian. But I still eat it because I, unlike you, can get past the bad smell to eat the meat.

    Rima……I am well worth having a crush on;-) Your words made my heart skip a beat.

    Spread the love I say. Stop the rhetoric!

  25. Rob says:

    MUI – More Useless Ixxxxxxxxxxxx

    The MUI is taxpayer funded. The MUI now issues fatwas that the Central Bank must consider when issuing legislation on matters of the Syariah economy, particularly with respect to banking.

    They certainly have been responsible for some interesting interpretationson what constitutes good practice of the faith.

  26. Rob says:

    I wonder if by the same criteria one could label Suara Islam as a Wahabi Muslim tool designed to bash anything non-Muslim?

  27. ET says:

    In early October the fundamentalist Islamic journal Suara Islam (Islamic Voice) published “The Way Kompas Incites Hatred”…

    Suara Islam. Is this the journal with on page 3 the sexy nine-year old muslimah in a see-through jilbab?

  28. Danang says:

    In my opinion, even though it is an old issue, it has not been solved. However, how we can solve it? No wonder that the problem still remains for several years.

  29. Ghost says:

    One word to describe MUI, “Fanatic”. I agree that we have to be critical to deal with mass media. If u disagree with kompas, find other sources… we have a free tool called internet…!!!!

    For Amalia, poor girl… she got brainwashed by MUI

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