Jaipong or Jaipongan Dance & Bajidoran

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Goyang under threat, whether the governor of West Java wants to ban jaipong dance for being too sexy.

In early February 2009 new governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Partai Keadilan Sejahtara/Justice Party (PKS)) was said to have formally banned the Sundanese jaipong and bajidoran dances as being unIslamic.

Ahmad Heryawan
Ahmad Heryawan.

A spokesman for the province’s Culture & Tourism Office said selebzone

The Governor has banned traditional dances which contain 3G [geol, gitek dan goyang, ie sexy movements like hip shaking] like jaipongan and bajidoran.

Ahmad Heryawan later said however that he had done no such thing, that he had not even talked about jaipong. Accosted by reporters he answered

What are you asking about? No comment……There is no formal ban on jaipong, when did I say anything about jaipong?

Ahmad however said he had plans to meet with senior cultural figures in West Java to discuss the issue. kompas

Meanwhile Deputy Governor Dede Yusuf (Partai Amanat Nasional/National Mandate Party (PAN)) said in respect of the controversy:

I love jaipongan. My mother used to dance jaipong….. The government’s job is to provide free education, deal with poverty, health issues, employment, it shouldn’t interfere too much in culture.

Dede Yusuf
Dede Yusuf (Yusuf Macan Effendi).

As far as culture went Dedi said the main thing was to guard against foreign influences, because they might not be appropriate in Indonesia. detik

Jaipongan Videos

Two wildly different interpretations of jaipong dance:

Traditional jaipong

Sexy ‘jaipong’

18 Comments on “Jaipong or Jaipongan Dance & Bajidoran”

  1. Burung Koel says:

    Whatever you might think about that second interpretation, it’s certainly good for the pelvic floor muscles.

  2. Lairedion says:

    Banning Jaipongan is banning Sundanese culture. If he really said this why not change his second name Heryawan to Bin Laden as Heryawan is an un-Islamic Sundanese name.

    The PKS is showing slowly but surely their true colors….

  3. schmerly says:

    ‘BK… For me this type of dancing is no problem, but I think the second interpretation will get some old clerics hot under the collar, or elsewhere! And when you compare the two the second dance is hardly what you’d call “traditional” apart from the music.

  4. orgindo says:

    These two dances are totally different! He has to somehow make a distinction between those two. Just because one version is bad, doesn’t mean that he has to ban both!

    Now, which one is he banning? First one? XD

  5. Berlian Biru says:

    Cor blimey, I do like the non-traditional variety, ooh er, I need to go and have a lie down.

  6. schmerly says:

    @BB.. Don’t you get caught enjoying yourself, or the old clerics might bring down a fatwa on you!!

  7. hary says:

    I wonder if the good Governor is backtracking or if he actually said it. Either way, the PKS is now starting to show its true form.
    If you think it’s too sexy, don’t watch it!!! at least his vice governor (pun intended) makes some good points.

  8. schmerly says:

    “The PKS statements mark the second time this week the party’s take on morality has been in the spotlight, after a PKS councillor in Jambi Province was seen in a legal massage parlour. A PKS spokesman said the parlour was not providing sexual services, but that married PKS men should only be massaged by blind male masseuses”???

    I don’t think I’d like a blind male masseuse fumbling about in my nether regions, but there again I expect certain people might get a kick out of it! you gotta larff yea?

    Another one from these religious cranks.

    “Just a day after Mujtahid Rahman Yadi, who chairs the Depok-based branch, announced that the party, or PKS, would woo younger voters by distributing chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day, party big wigs on the executive board crushed his plans”
    “The plan has been aborted because the Shariah Council bans it. The reason is because [Valentine’s Day] is related to Jewish culture,” Tifatul Sembiring, chairman of the PKS, said on Monday. “We would never celebrate anything that is not in line with Islamic culture.” WTF!!

    Is St valentine Jewish??

  9. Burung Koel says:

    Is St valentine Jewish??

    Probably Roman, although the question is: which Saint Valentine?


  10. joao says:

    I like to move it move it! He likes to move it move it! She likes to move it move it! We like to MOVE IT!
    (apparently not Ahmad Heryawan, however…)

  11. schmerly says:

    Tifatul Sembiring, chairman of the PKS, what a sad old moron, he must have a real empty life, otherwise why is he interfering in everyone else’s, and typically using his interpretation of Islam to justify his stupidity.

  12. hary says:

    Beacause the poor Chairman is not moving, moving it!!!

  13. Riged says:

    When PKS Rises, this country will be step to build a giant camp concentration. And the next show, Indonesia will treated as second Iraqi by the west.
    Well… Next ‘clean’s’ imperialism! Can’t wait!

  14. Mike Oxblack says:

    Obscenity is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder surely? I, for example, find the kind of bigoted fundamentalist prejudice and cultural vandalism that the PKS are currently espousing to be obscene.

    Jaipongan most certainly is un-Islamic. So what?

  15. zekky says:

    I dunno, I don’t even find traditional jaipong sexy.
    It’s like banning Silat because women see a man stretch his legs.

  16. madrotter says:

    then you’ve never been to jaipong parties out in the kampungs!!

    i went to one in subang a few years back, a circumcision party where they did the lions dance, with very hard, very fast, very cool jaipong absolutely the whole kampung went bonkers, it was fantastic, from the smallest kids to the oldest bapak2, hundreds of ’em, everybody was dancing like it was a rave party and i was dancing like it was ’94 all over again… and i just love it when i’m at a wedding or a party and all of sudden an 80 year old bapak2 starts dancing to dangdut. i see this happening so often and i love it, they can go on for hours and hours, outlasting and outmoving many youngsters

  17. dejavu says:

    To : Ahmad Heryawan and other cranks in PKS….. shame on you

  18. Martin says:


    i’d love to see traditional jaipong in Jakarta. I know there are happenings near Jitanegara. My question is when are those?

    I must admit that seeing sinden jaipong live must be quite an experience. This Mela Anjani still performs in Jakarta?


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