Physical Abuse Stories

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Two stories of physical abuse of Indonesian maids abroad, in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

Saudi Arabia

Nur, 38 years old, in April 2006 travelled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to work as a housemaid in the employ of Abdullah M Argani. About a year later she gave birth to a daughter, and told that she had been raped by Abdullah’s nephew.

Abdullah and his family did not believe her and reported Nur to the police, and four days after having given birth she was imprisoned in the Ar Ruwais Womens’ Detention Centre in Jeddah, on grounds of sexual license. She was sentenced to two years jail and 2000 strokes of the cane.

Indonesian labour activists and the government attempted to intercede on her behalf and she eventually received only 50 lashes and was released in late October 2008.

While in prison Nur contacted her husband in Puger, Jember, East Java, and advised him to divorce her and marry again. She also attempted to give up her child to a family in Saudi Arabia, but her husband said he was willing to accept the child as his own.

Nur returned to Indonesia in early November 2008, along with baby Rani Dwi Lestari, now 18 months old, and lives again with her husband in Puger. kompas


In 2004 house maid Nirmala Bonat, from Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), was repeatedly tortured by her employer, Yim Pek Ha (40), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by means of a hot clothes iron and boiling water, causing disfiguring injuries to her face and body.

There is a somewhat graphic “before and after” image of Nirmala Bonat here.

On 27th November 2008 Nirwala received some good news – the trial of Yim Pek Ha had concluded with a conviction and a severe sentence of 18 years imprisonment – however it appears Yim Pek Ha will be able to serve her sentence with only home-detention. suaramerdeka

Nirwala has now resumed a normal life in Kupang, working for PT Asuransi Bumi Putra. kompas

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  1. diego says:

    Of course Nur was guilty, it was her fault (failed to provide 4 witnesses). So it was just a slander. She should’ve been more prepared before letting herself get raped, by always having 4 moslems, preferrably, arab friends around to watch the raping. It should serve a lesson to her, to always befriend the arabs, instead of the unworthy phillipines and south asians (their testimony wouldn’t count).

  2. dragonwall says:

    You said

    Of course Nur was guilty,

    Does that display your ignorance the legal system in any country? Or are you just another Diego?

    And you also siad

    it was her fault (failed to provide 4 witnesses).

    So when someone is raped she must have 4 witness to witness her being banged before the rapist could be convicted.

    Is that what legal system is all about.?

    Although it may be in Saudi Arab. F**k their system. If I am her I will make sure not only will she be acquited but to the the rapist convicted and claim for punitive damage and cost of child maintenance.

    What is the conviction of a rapist? Cutting off the penis or the head? I think between death and life sentence.


    So it was just a slander. It should serve a lesson to her, to always befriend the arabs, instead of the unworthy phillipines and south asians (their testimony wouldn’t count).

    I would sum up this way. But before I proceed can I just asked are you an Arab Diego?
    I sounded to me that you are likely one of them and very likely possibility that you are a Muslim.

    Can you tell us what is the penalty of a rape in the eyes of the law and the Islamic Law in Saudi Arabia?

    Do you understand or know anything such as circumstancial evidence? Do you know anything such as DNA swap test?

    When the DNA is being tested positive that matches the chromosome of the rapist then there is a circumstancial evidence to suspect that she had been raped and that he is the suspect rapist.

    Followed by investigation with the police to further understand and determine whether it was consensual sex or forceful felon.

    Testimonies by both parties to determine whether there is any perjury on their part and if possible a lie detector be used to ascertain a person’s body movement.

    When the outcome showed an overwhelming evidence the faults lies on which party then an indictment can be set for the person to be charge.

    It can’t be just you words against my words and determine that whether she is prostituting.

    Then to further understand whether she is conducting prostitution without a license or not then the banking records will show whether there is a constant flow of cash money deposited derivative from such an act and or any money found on her if not then she cannot be charge for prostitution.

    If that is not a consensual sex then there are bound to have injury or scratch marks on her or him to show that she protested to that. When that is evidential then the rape case will stand.

    I failed to understand why she is charged and sentence to 2000 strokes of the lash and imprisonment sentence.

    Was she provided with a competent intepreter? And during interrogation was she provided with an attorney present? If not then that statement cannot be entered as evidence or confession to convict her. It could be the case that she had signed the confession under stress and duress. Was she provided with a competent attorney in her defense in court?

    The husband in Indonesia, though she had made an offer for the husband to divorce her but he refused. He could proceed by using an attorney with the assistance from the Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah to appeal against the case.

    If she is successful in overturning the decision, then she is entitled to legal cost, claim for damage and punitive, sufferings and an undisclose amount to compesnate in putting her through the ordeal, harassments and embarassments.


    Continental law states that you needs to prove the person guilty as charge otherwise he shall be deemed innocent.

    Conventional law is the other way round when a person needs to prove they are innocent, either way that is defendant and accused.

  3. diego says:

    Oh, don’t forget to take that stick out of your @ss at least once a week, dragonwall. What a racist chinq. No, I don’t hate chinese (at least not those friend I have in Shanghai), but this dragon wall seems to be giving chinese a bad name.

  4. David says:

    Ok, so Dragonwall misunderstood the irony or sarcasm in Diego’s original post, let’s stop it right here…

  5. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Assalamualaikum Arabs, Bule converts and local Arab wannabes,

    Everytime our flesh and blood is abused in the Middle East, the patriotic Javanese will smiles at their Indon Arab neighbours. We always smile.


  6. Farah says:

    …and still they will return there after reading or witnessing this kind of news….

  7. fullmoonflower says:

    …and still they will return there after reading or witnessing this kind of news….

    Yes, because they thought that these cases were happened very rare, and it’s depend on themselves and their destiny.

    My ex husband’s aunt has a labor distributor company. Her company always sent 2000’s labors to some middle east countries in every year.
    If from 1 labor she will gets fee USD 1,000 on an average, then imagine how much she will gets in 1 year. I know it because I arrange her company’s tax till now.

    In the other side, there were many people in villages who had no job or came from poor farmers family… they needed job for better life.
    My ex’s aunt has many agents in villages. The agents will get fee Rp. 750.000 to Rp. 1.000.000 from the company for 1 labor they got. Usually, 1 agent sent 10 to 20 labors in every month to the company.

    As I know, in middle-east countries, a maid will get salary equal with Rp. 2.000.000 each month, and a driver will get salary equal with Rp. 3.500.000 each month.
    Those amounts are big enough for them for sure. That’s better than they work in their country.
    Here, usually a maid will be paid Rp. 300.000 to Rp. 600.000 and a driver will be paid Rp. 1.000.000 to Rp. 1.750.000, and with the same risk. Remember, not all Indonesian (whatever their ethnics) will treat their maid as well too. There were many same abusive cases happened to maids in Indonesia.

    Well, money and hungry-stomaches are talking…

  8. fullmoonflower says:

    My ex’s aunt told me that she always told to her women labors before they left about one very important rule : NEVER SMILE TO ARAB MAN!

    She said, smile to Arab will be meaning “YES, you may use me”.

    That’s why all of her women labors always back home safely …

  9. sputjam says:

    An arab or muslim religionist will use the excuse of the religion to rape, pillage and murder.
    In Malaysia, presently they pay the lowest in terms of salary and perks to maids, hence they get rejects. very few housewives are patient enough to train the maids everything from cooking to ironing/washing clothes.
    Just wondered if fullmoonflower got her education in sinagpore due to the frequent use of the “ever” word.

  10. fullmoonflower says:

    @ sputjam

    Just wondered if fullmoonflower got her education in sinagpore due to the frequent use of the “ever” word.

    I think I never said that I ever got my education in Singapore 🙄
    Did I ever say that? Where did you find it? Yes, I have cousins in Singapore, but never got education there…

    I’m graduated in accounting, economics & development, and international law, but all of them from local universities… 😕

    Maybe you just remember to another one, but not me.. 😆
    But it’s ok, nevermind.. 🙂
    But anyway, thank you for remember me… hehehe

    Anyway, all what I told above are what I knew from my ex husband’s aunt’s company. She sent her labors to Middle-East countries only, never sent to Malaysia or Singapore, or any asia countries… (perhaps) it’s according to the fee… hehehe, don’t know exactly 😀
    Moreover, I arrange her taxation as her company is one of my clients.

    Yes, you are right about Indonesian maids in Malaysia. 🙁

    Last year, I traveled to Malaysia, there was a maid sat beside me. We talked a lots. She said that she’s lucky because she had a good boss. But I was very surprised when I asked her how much she was paid… She said, she got salary equal with Rp. 850.000. GOD! That’s very low!!! 😮
    I told her that being a nanny in Indonesia is better. I paid my nanny Rp. 1.000.000 each month! Only to look after my daughter, no cooking, no mopping, no cleaning the house, no washing (but my daughters and her clothes only), and no ironing. I had 1 maid and 1 nanny. I paid my maid Rp. 550.000 each month. My maid cannot cook, so I cooked by myself. All of them got 2 day-offs each month, and 2 weeks holiday for Lebaran, and 3 days holiday for Idul Qurban. But if they didn’t take it, so I would gave them reward Rp. 25.000 a day.
    She was surprised to hear that, found that actually being a maid in Jakarta is better than in Malaysia….
    When I went back to Indonesia, I went by Air Asia. In KLLIA, I sat together with few maids. There was a maid who sat beside me, she’s very thin, with pale face, and quiet. Then I said “Hello” to her and smile. Then we talked a lots. She told me that she just ran away from her boss’ home. She told me that she didn’t know how to go home to Indramayu. Felt so pity, then I asked her to follow me, I’ll let her until her bus in Terminal Pulogadung, so that she won’t be “robed” by TKI’s car drivers and agents in airport, because she only brought Rp. 1.000.000, and it’s her own money, not her salary, because she hasn’t be paid yet even she had worked there for 4 months. 😥

    Oh, God… 😥

    Just feel so sad, thinking that Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia cannot do anything for them 🙁

  11. Bas says:

    Reality is far worse than those little stories. You are lucky if you are “only” rapped. Especially in the middle east where murdering and torturing Indonesian maids is pretty common. Try to transit in Dubai, Koweit,Saoudia, etc, when going to Indonesia then talk to the lucky ones who go home. They all have very interesting stories. They almost all know people who have been killed or killed themself.

    And when they arrive their money is stolen by the immigration rats.

    But of course bules are the ones ruining Indonesia. Not the arab friends. Not the pegawai imigrasi. Bule are evil. Arabs and immigration agents are good people.

    Hidup Indonesia.

  12. wongkampong says:

    A profesional news must present the case in balance-way. There are Indon maids were abused by their foreign employers but in the flip-side, there are some Indon maids who abuse their employer’s baby, commit negligence acts, in-tolerably poisoining their bosses for unknown reasons. I have a true story that an Indonesian maid killed the baby whom she should have to look after and the maid is kept into the cell after appropriate prosecution which were done at the present of Indonesian embassy staff during the trials.
    Plus there are thousand of domestic maid abuse cases which unfolded yet. You want to earn $ income, you shall be prepared to bite a bigger risks for sure

  13. fullmoonflower says:

    @ wongkampong

    Those are also happened here too, in Indonesia. Not only in overseas. And cold be happened in anywhere in universe. Psychopath is anywhere.
    That’s why as an employer, anyone have to check their maids-will-be as well before they work…

    Usually in contract, there is an article about : “the employer may send their maid back to the agent and change to a new one for 3 times within 3 months”. We should use this opportunity as well, moreover when we see something wrong happened to our baby even at the first day.

    As a parent, having a maid or nanny doesn’t mean that our duty has taken over. That’s the point! Sometime people think that they can do everything they want (without kids) after they’ve paid a nanny to look after them, because their duty as a parent has been taking over to their nanny… That’s absolutely wrong!

    A nanny is not a parent. Our children is our responsibility, and a nanny is only an assistant, no more!

    Me, myself. I am a single mother, and working all day outside home. I left my baby alone with nanny and maid. Nobody at home but them. But I strictly checked them all day when I’m not at home, and also asked the security person of my RT to visit them at least once a day.
    I always asked them (both nanny and maid) the foods the nanny gave, what time my baby sleep, what time my baby “pup”, how many time the nanny gave her milk, what fruit juice she made for my baby today, etc.
    And sometime I surprised them by going back home earlier, usually at my daughter’s bath time, so that at least I know what actually happen when I am not home.
    When I got home, I’ll check my baby all over her body, from hair until toe. If there is something wrong, I’ll asked them what happened.
    I always sleep with my daughter every night (except when I have travel for duty), make her milk 3 times in one night (now is only once, because she has been 4 years old), and I never let the nanny sleeps with her. The nanny will sleeps in another room beside our room, so that if I don’t get awake when my daughter is whining asking for milk, she will helps me making milk for her.
    Whenever I have travel for duty, I’ll entrust my baby and nanny to my ex parent-in-law, or I’ll call my ex-husband to pick them up and brings them to his home.

    Maybe I’ll looks such of a fussy boss for them at the beginning. But I told them that it just because of my responsibility as a parent. They need me for job and I need them for assist me, so we should be a team with me as a leader.

    As my experience, a good nanny and maid will follow my rule as well, and they will work for me until they get married. I ever had 2 good nannies, 3 good maids, and 4 bad nannies. The bad ones only worked for me for few days.

  14. joao says:

    Oh! Oh! I just can’t wait for PN’s enlightening comment on this post. Especially on Nirmala Bonat’s case…

  15. dragonwall says:

    Patung said

    so Dragonwall misunderstood the irony or sarcasm in Diego’s original post,

    Sorry Patung it is the reverse when you assume that I misunderstood the sarcarsm in Diego’s post,

    When he said

    Of course Nur was guilty, it was her fault (failed to provide 4 witnesses). So it was just a slander. She should’ve been more prepared before letting herself get raped, by always having 4 moslems, preferrably, arab friends around to watch the raping. It should serve a lesson to her

    So if a person is quick to pass a sentence to someone being a victim of circumstance is that an irony or sacarsm? You are not even showing any form of sympathy nor are you putting an effort in protecting one of your country fellow.

    So I became a racist to ask:

    It sounded to me that you are likely one of them and very likely possibility that you are a Muslim.

    One of them meaning an Arab, otheriwise why must he be sacarstic on another person’s misfortune.

    So I do really suppose he is a racist by failing to differentiate between words such as ask and assume.

    So when Sputjam said

    An arab or muslim religionist will use the excuse of the religion to rape, pillage and murder.

    There is a sign that shows that you are implying that a person, when they do not want to be charge for prostitution or want to sue someone for rape, then she must have 4 moslems to witness the act?

    In the name of your God or whoever’s God, I suppose you do preach and condone such an act on a person’s chastity, unless they prepared themselves with 4 witnesses.

    You are great! And I think you deserve the stick.

    So do I give the Chinese a bad name or you giving the Muslim and Indonesians a bad name? Judge it yourself.

  16. janma says:

    dragonwall….. trust me… he was being sarcastic…. that’s what sarcasm is hon… when you don’t appear to be sympathetic and instead …..
    you know what… never mind.

  17. Alf Janszoon says:

    Maybe Adullah’s nephew thought that his uncle had bought Nur in an Indonesian slave market. If she is a slave (whom their right hands possess) than it’s allright to have sex with her.

    Qur’an 070.030
    YUSUFALI: Except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands whom their right hands possess ,- for (then) they are not to be blamed,
    PICKTHAL: Save with their wives and those whom their right hands possess, for thus they are not blameworthy;
    SHAKIR: Except in the case of their wives or those whom their right hands possess— for these surely are not to be blamed,

  18. dragonwall says:

    T U Janma,

    Can anyone tell me what is these IM Blogs for? Why are you guys here? You want to present a view, a personal opinion, someone who knows what happened to these people and hopefully it does not repeat. Though I am not an Indonesian, part of my family members are and that is at is the least I could do.

    My daughter is a very staunch Christian and she will go with her church to outlying areas to do survey and help others. There are things a teenager like her learn and help others.

    I do not just read a post and make fun of others when I on seeing people with outright abuse and bully I felt more compel to tick these buggers off.

    There are commentators in these blogs that are full of sarcarstic remarks, putdowns and insulting others and felt very happy about that with regardless. Moreover this woman had no relationship to him and that I suppose it gave him the right of abuse being sarcarstic.

    Right, I am quite aware of the sarcarsm in his writings otherwise I won’t be commenting on that.
    Honestly speaking a person could only be sarcarstic on anything of a personal dispute instead of being one on some other’s misfortune.

    It had thus presented in such in a way that this woman is either “gatal” or had induced the employer to have sex with her or placed herself being someone irresistible to her seven year itch.

    Eventually it is made to appear that she ultimately deserve the consequence and the punishment she don’t actually deserve. I wonder if that was his sister, mother or aunt then what will be be commenting. What if they were being made pregnant and have to carry the sin for the rest of her life facing a helpless husband that will watch the child, that is not his, grow up being an outcast. Then will he be commenting is such a manner?

    Even for the “zoon” if someone’s is being bought for at a slave market, it also does not necessarily gave them the right of abuse. Even if a person had sold herself off as a sex slave, she also does have her rights. The right of proper treatment as a human not being mistreated and punish. The person who bought her as a slave will also have to the responsibility of upbringing.

    I wonder if these people really understand about slavery, human rights, personal rights, the consequence of buying a slave and abusing a slave! On face value I don’t think they do.

    My initial suspicious is that he is a muslim or an arab and is because of that he felt that it gives him the right to exercise what they deemed fit as imparted to them in the religious teachings he so acquire from his religion.

    Hmmm. What about those who are Christians? Buddhist? Hindus? I think we should also get those people to rewrite their Bibles to better beneift their followers so that the world could continue exercising abuse because their religion said so.

    So much for the word sarcarsm.

  19. Alf Janszoon says:

    @ dragonwall
    Of course I strongly condemn these islamic practices. It’s the Holy Qur’an that condone she-slaves to be abused. Muslims are allowed by their Holy Kitab to do these things. Muhammad ibn Abd’allah, the Perfect Model of Conduct (uswa hussana) gave the example. Please read the Sirat Rasul Allah. The people contemporary Arabs loaded with petro dollars think that they are powerful enough to perpetrate this crimes condoned by their faith.

  20. dragonwall says:

    @ Alf Janszoon

    So the Holy Kitab allows Muslims to do these things! And that

    Muhammad ibn Abd’allah, the Perfect Model of Conduct (uswa hussana) gave the example

    Ah…Perfect Model…..gave example…

    Sorry I don’t read the Sirat Rasul Allah.

    My personal interpretation is that this faith must have been selfish and cruel. And there was also that mentioned something that a Muslim could have 4 wives.

    Then would it be right for me to say that because the muslims were selfish and wanted to have more women to themselves, therefore the perfect model made the example to have sexually abuse their so called slave?

    There are many muslims in the US, I dare those to try that kind of stuffs here and let see what is the outcome.
    There are many muslims in Singapore and China and I also dare them to try that stuffs and see what would be the outcome.

    It is like places in Malaysia, Indonesia and Arabian countries that were trying to show that they are male chauvenistic religious morons.

    The people contemporary Arabs loaded with petro dollars think that they are powerful enough to perpetrate this crimes condoned by their faith.

    There will be a time.

    Look at what happened to Mumbai’s recent terror act. How much lives were expended because of a religion.

    What were the cause and outcome? What have they achieved? If the Zionist were to write in their Holy books to say that they have the rights to this andd that then I will not find that difficult to believe their would have acted in the similar ways as the muslims.

    Undestanding and Act, Reciprocity and Retaliation are not one of the same.

  21. funny says:

    Probably just the Wahabi Muslim.

  22. Purba Negoro says:


    Terrorists are specially selected by their controllers- these are just useful puppets to the masters.
    It has nothing to do with religion- but everything to do with politics.

  23. dragonwall says:

    Right it has absolutely nothing to do with religion, but it has everything to do with human. Yet there are people who are quoting the Quran as an excuse. Why?

    Did the Prophet says in the Quran that a person can have 4 wives? Did the Prophet says a person can sexually abuse a woman? No matter who she is. I have serious doubt in that.

    In the case of this purported rape, it has nothing to do with politics but Arab collusion being made fun of by fellow Indonesians.

    And the worst part is that they have subjected this woman to the crucifix and victimize her for an unproven crime and yet there are people out there were all to happy in making sacarstic remarks with open arms on their own fellow citizen.

    I don’t fancy such people who are no brainer.

  24. Purba Negoro says:

    Sadly the fact is that many maids are horribly abused here and abroad.
    The benefit to here- is the abused maid can usually run away, report it to the local SatPam (security) or even the local mosque who will usually involve the police.

    This is a very complex issue with many mitigating considerations.
    Actually the Government of Indonesia attempts very hard to convince maids to remain in Indonesia.
    They are actually better use to society if they remain in village and establish themself where living costs are very small and they may save for a future.
    There often has been intermittent discussion of banning the practice of guest worker.
    The remittance is tiny part of GDP- and not worth the headaches.

    Philippine especially have the market almost cornered, usually their English is very good, their personal maturity and cultural awareness good, and often have similar qualifications easily transferred to Western (ie nursing, welding etc).

    In fact Sarkhalin 4/5 Gas project in Russia was built mainly by Philippines construction worker- contracted by Shell. These guys were working 14+ hour shifts- major source of friction as Gazprom demand Russian workers (good politically) and Shell refused to pay. I was hoping to visit this- but sadly major problems with Shell.

    Who said the slave trade ended?
    It just get swapped for minimum wage and called “globalisation”.

    Also Indonesia has many religious or diplomatic issue- unlike Indonesia- we refuse for Jew or Israeli and some others to employ our people- one of main agents for Thai and Phillipine guest worker- mainly as we have no diplomatic relationship with Israel (and also issue of some recalcitrance to use Muslim worker).

    Then for Western country- Indonesian is black listed as possible illegal resident and also issue of domestic labour force protectionism.
    I know one Australian man who built boiler for some major project in Queensland using illegal Korean worker- he is now jailed for ten years!

    So Indonesian maid or worker not premium labour resource- but we are actually catering to the crappier end of the market.

    We all agree violence against such infantile, emotionally immature and marginally educated is not acceptable- however tempting to bop them on with a nerf hammer to get the brain off the telanovela boyfriend drama loop and actually HELP! actually “bantu”!

    For reader not used to Indonesian maid- some problems from onset include:
    *believes she is too pretty to be a maid
    *Believes she is utterly irresistible to males
    is flirtatious (genit)
    *maybe be very immature (sheltered life in village where she is still indulged like a toddler by parents fearful of abandonment)
    *may be under-educated (falsification/embellishment of qualifications
    * may be mentally lazy (not retarded or handicapped but certainly never uses her full 100 W- but prefers to stay on 25W, but usually 15W)
    *resent female employer/children (jealousy etc- when you have an 18 yr old maid who thinks she too good to be maid and a (yes admittedly somewhat spoilt) 18 yr old daughter who can be occasionally bitchy- look out! Cat fight! Snarl! hiss! Phhttt! Filthy looks! Door slams, broken plates.)
    *constantly requires continual repeated instruction- but always messes up
    *not control her mouth- backchat
    *be impolite- hesitant to apologise/admit fault
    *use incorrect or improper language (like instead of responding “Ya, Pak?” or “permisi Pak”, etc just answer phone nasally “Ya?” “Apa?”, “huh?”) and reject correction
    *be technologically uneducated (remember her village home is not too far from the stone age- modern appliances are a huge learning curve)
    *be marginally literate and not correctly fluent even in Indonesian (they confuse gutter/market slang with real language)
    *may have been physically/sexually/emotionally abused prior to working for you.

    So already maids are somewhat if not floor display item, but factory second or damaged goods.

    As per Malaysia- a Minister was quoted as stating Malaysians underpay, Chinese slap and pinch, occasionally beat and Indians rape.

    Not surprising that Arabs- being as hormonal, hairy and repressed as Indians (where it is acceptable for men to hold hands and hug- but not between male and female- elsewhere seen as very very gay) tend to be the sexually depraved.

    According to anecdotes I know from ast 20 odd years- the Chinese ‘abuse’ tends to generally be female-to female slap, pinch or pull the maids hair- usually female to female violence.
    So here we do not know whether there is issue of sexual jealousy or infidelity.

    Sometimes maids get stupid idea into their head that they can seduce either the husband or son to climb out of their poverty.
    Or perhaps Chinese wife spied hubby drooling over her maids (commonly) enormous Inul-like bokong.
    Or maybe one time the wife catch husband with trousers down and maid kneeling to pick something up…
    I have heard this is especially common in Singapore.
    Then woman gets cranky takes her frustration out on the maid (who may be partially to blame) and abuse her or overwork her- or even get her to do dangerous job- like hang outside and clean air conditioner.

    Then another common thing they do is just be typical cheap beggars and be very stingy with limit food or soap etc (this is sadly common in Indonesia too- even for the pribumi)

    Malaysian are notorious for delaying payment. I think maybe the Chinese study to be such a pain from the Minang Malaysians.

    Then we should consider the maid agency- often they take a cut of 65% often more of maid wages and withhold wages refusing to deposit into their accounts.
    Agents run a cut price, cut throat racket in a competitive environment- especially Singapore- where cheapest cost most mileage is God.

    So employers like Chinese of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Malaysians not ideal but just tolerable.

    Indian and Arab male are worst for sexual abuse even making the depraved bule backpacker seem like a saint.
    And the female Indian or Arab worst for physical abuse- perhaps due to these sexual/romantic issues.
    Perhaps without implication of “inviting rape”- the maid can be flirtatious or “have eyes” for the male- cultural misunderstandings or even romance ensues- maybe she wants to be his 2nd wife.
    Then Arab/Indian woman (usually enormously fat with cavernous genitalia after birthing ten fat Arab children) become very jealous or hateful- hence abuse and do terrible things.
    Notice the prevalence of facial disfigurement type injuries- why do they target the face?

    Then perhaps if idiot pembantu romance fantasy not work out she claim rape or such thing.
    This is hardly unusual.

    I am not making excuse for barbarous behaviours- merely perhaps there is also issue of “takes two to tango”.

  25. sputjam says:

    If an indonesian maid did not have a relative already in malaysia, she should be cherished.
    Many robberies were done due to inside information, mostly by boyfriends the maids met on their day off. They would give off valuable information about the household movements to these boyfriends and due to these incidences, maids day off are is not feasible unless the household wants to compromise the family’s safety.

    Wages are paid only before the maid leaves the country. the reason being that maids have the tendency to run off before their contract expires and work illegally in restaurants for higher wages and fixed working hours.

    What happens if the household happens to get a dead beat maid? Nothing except they will lose their fees paid to agents as there is no “exchange”, plus having to fork out another fees for the coming maid, which is of unknown quality. Agents also deduct about 4 month wages from the maid apart from the paid fees. Minimum wage for indoensian maid is RM475/month. Philipinos gets double. Cambodians are hard working but have communication problems.

    Many household with grown up kids normally forgo maids entirely, or uses Malaysian maids who come to clean up the house about twice a week for similar rates.

    Indonesian maids support whole families, as their husband may not be earning enough. Billions of ringgit are remitted each year from indoensians working in malaysia. These overseas workers contribution to the indonesian economy has not been appreciated by the government.

  26. Purba Negoro says:

    Total fabrication. Malaysia has the lowest wage bar none and highest number of illegals
    Sorry- pull up your trousers- that feelgood myth of billions of ringgit is just typical Malingsia myth.

    Such typical Malaysian cowardice and stinginess:
    not safe “maids day off are is not feasible unless the household wants to compromise the family’s safety”
    and this from a stolen land born of pirates- what cheek these Malingsia have.


    2005 the Indonesian Director?General of Labor Placement Overseas:
    1,000,000 are illegals
    400,000 in Maling-sia
    400,000 in Saudi Arabia (illegally overstay 3 month pilgrimage visas)
    20,000 in South Korea
    and 8,000 in Japan

    Of course the copet Malingsians love cheap, undocumented labour.

    Perhaps we have a plan to forcibly change the demographic of Singapore and Malingsia- as these vassal lands rightly belong to Indonesia

    Official remittances were recorded at $300 million in 2005, just over 0.1 per cent of GDP.
    2004 Gross Regional Domestic Product in the East Javanese regions of Madang 42%, Tulungagung 23% and Blitar 13%.

    Female Migrant Workers Research Team d
    2004 registered TKW: 380,688 persons
    83% are women
    90% work in the informal sector as
    The rest works in the agricultural and industrial sectors as daily labourers, as caregivers
    to the elderly, shop assistants, and as waitresses.

    The majority are unskilled workers with a low education level, generally only up to primary school.

    Significant drop occurred in 2001 and in 2003 due to a temporary bar on placements in the Middle East and in Taiwan, stricter requirements for dispatching migrant workers, the spread of the SARS epidemic in a number of destination countries in the Asia and Pacific region, and the
    outbreak of war in the Middle East.

    During Megawati’s government she sought to dissaude migrant workers- a key cornerstone dogma of Yayasan Marhaenisme- dignity of the Rakyat.

    Megawati- being a Nationalist feels Malaysia is undendiabliy Indonesian property
    Pak Taufik- being a rightful heir to most of Malaysia and hereditary Vassal Lord to these maling Minang ‘royals’ are ardent the peninsular pretenders smacked back into their correct low station.
    Prabowo and Wiranto are well known for their views Malaysians need a good kick to put servant back into pre 1998 place.

    TKW are from:
    West Java (Sukabumi, Cianjur, Indramayu);
    Central Java (Cilacap, Wonosobo); Yogya (Kulon Progo)
    East Java (Malang, Kediri, Ponorogo);
    West & East Nusa Tenggara
    South Sulawesi

    Official documents record age as:
    But raids conducted by Polisi on Chiense and Malaysian agents show ages are 14-40 years.

    In 2004, the number of female migrant workers in Malaysia was 49%, and in Saudi Arabia 94% of total registered Indonesian migrant workers.

    Malaysia remains the favourite choice as destination country for illegal migrant workers.

    2003 Taiwan barred migrant workers
    due to high levies charge by local agents who are business partners of PJTKIs
    high numbers of female migrant workers running away from their employers
    high numbers of cases of data falsifications in documents belonging to Indonesian migrants.

    Destination Placement fee (Depnakertrans)
    Hong Kong: Rp 18 mil
    Fee paid by maid: Rp 21 mil
    Method: 81% deducted from monthly wages
    during 7 month

    Rp 24 mil
    Rp 36 mil
    67% deducted from monthly wages
    during 14 month

    Saudi Barbaria and other Arab:
    Rp 500,000
    Rp 600,00-
    Cash. In cases where they borrow money from sponsor or local money- lenders, payment may be 3 times higher than the loan

    Rp 500,000
    Rp 800,000
    100% deducted from fist month wages

    Monthly wages (conversion rate 2003)

    Saudi Barbaria: ± 600 SR (±1.4 mil)
    Jordan: ± 150 USD (± 1.3 mil)
    Kuwait: ± 40 KD (± 1.132 jt)
    Abu Dhabi: ± D 900 (± 2.074 jt)
    Qatar ± QR 550 (± 1.28 jt)
    Maling-sia ± RM 350 (± 0.76 jt)
    Singapore ± Sin$ 250 (± 1.24 jt)
    Hong Kong ± HK$ 3,670 (± 3.93 jt)
    Taiwan ± NT 15.000 (± 3.735 jt)

    This underscores the reality Indonesian maids are abused exploited

    How are the remittances utilised by the migrant worker and their families?

    The major priority in the utilisation of remittances is to pay off debts, to meet the daily living needs, and to build a house including buying furniture.
    If there is any money left after spending on the
    above, it will be used to buy gold, buy motor cycle, buy land, buy or lease rice fields, buy livestock and pay for the children’s education.

    Very few succeed in investing remittances in a business venture and managing it in a sustainable manner.

    Remittances are not utilised to access better health and education services, because the above
    two matters are not the priority of migrant families.

    If the remittance becomes the major or the sole source of income for the migrant worker’s family, it tends to be exhausted to meet daily living expenses.

    Remittances that are used to meet various living necessities without any other source of income
    will usually be exhausted within 2-7 months. After that they have to resell the assets that they have and go back to the original condition or again work oversea

    His/Her Majesty King/Queen of Jordan should especially be commended for especially her tireless work upholding the TKW rights- a true noble and compatriot of the Rakyat.
    Jordan is considered quite a plum placement- reports of abuse are rare.

    Antisipasi Perang Teluk, Penempatan TKI ke Timur Tengah Dihentikan, Kompas, 22 January 2003
    • Depnakertrans Buka Kembali Penempatan TKI Ke Timur Tengah, Media Indonesia Online, 26 Maret 2005
    • Depnakertrans PRediksi Pengiriman Uang TKI US$ 2 Milyar, Media Indonesia Online, 11 November 2005
    • Impacts of Migration and Usage of Remittances: Seeking Ways towards Improving Female Migrant Workers’ Welfare , Draft
    Report, World Bank Office Jakarta, 2005
    • Interview with female migrant workers and their families in Sukabumi, Malang, Bone and Lombok Tengah districts, 2004-
    • Global Economic Prospect 2006: Economic Implications of Remittances and Migration, World Bank 2005
    • Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration Data
    • Sukabumi Regency Data, 2004

    This underlines the correct and infallible that it is utterly undesirable to have our peasantry exploited by such nasty proven undesirables as non Jordanian (Hidup Hashemite!) Arabs, Malaysians and Straits Chinese.

    Globalisation and Migrant work is modern day slavery.
    It is predation and exploitation purely for vulgar economic motive.
    The agents are the very worst bastards imaginable.
    Don’t delude yourself.

  27. Purba Negoro says:

    Remittance total contribution to GDP is less than 0.75% % 2003 GDP= 1 billion USD.

    Malingsia pays least- the contribution to GDP is utterly negligible – less than 0.1-2 %.

  28. sputjam says:

    Megawati couldn’t stop the maids and labourers from indonesia from coming to malaysia as there are no other options for them to earn a decent living.

    The mount of remittance you mentioned is understated as the following excerpts from the finance ministry of malaysia during parliament :-

    KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIA wants to reduce the number of foreign workers by 400,000 people annually between this year and 2010, said Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.
    He also said that, between January and June this year, foreign workers in Malaysia had remitted RM9.12 billion (S$3.86 billion) overseas. On average, each had sent home about RM720 a month.

    There are 2.1 million registered foreign workers in Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib told Parliament on Wednesday, speaking in his capacity as Finance Minister.

    There are a total of 10.9 million people in the Malaysian workforce, according to government data. Most of the foreign workers are from Indonesia.

    Mr Najib was replying to a question by a lawmaker who had asked the Finance Ministry about Malaysia’s ‘dependency’ on foreign workers, who had remitted RM17.2 billion overseas last year.

    The above figures I believe exclude the cash carried home by these workers and money remitted through indian money changers.

  29. sputjam says:

    The number of indonesian foreign workers also exclude the illegals which i believe, number in the hundreds ofthousands, if not millions.

    So it could not have been the malaysians who are underpaying.

  30. Rob says:

    Strangely enough most prospective maids to destinations abroad are fully aware of the potential for abuse. Many write it off as bad luck and something that will not happen to them.

    In spite of the horror stories, young and not so young Indonesian women will continue to be lured by the better money they can get overseas.

    It is worth noting that it is common for Indonesian maids returning from overseas to be abused by their fellow Indonesians from the moment they land and depart through terminal four (used to be terminal three). These abuses include exorbitant exchange rates and compulsory exchanging of foreign currencies into Rupiah, compulsory travel from the airport to their homes at above the generally accepted costs for travel of that distance. There have been reports of returning maids being raped and beaten.

    All this woe is being perpetrated by Indonesians on Indonesians. As tragic as the stories of these women are, it is worth noting that this is but the tip of the iceberg both abroad and here.

    It is worth noting that the abuse starts even before these women leave Indonesian shores as they are routinely abused by those who recruit them into a placement agency and then organize their overseas employment. Many of these women are technically in debt bondage before they even leave the Republic of Indonesia.

    The whole system of Indonesian labor supply to foreign locales is rotten to the core and needs a complete revamp from start to finish.

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