Bearers of Gifts

May 3rd, 2006, in News, by

The Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, PKS, is the bearer of gifts for both lowly schoolteachers and the Hamas government in the West Bank alike.

Displaying some of the methods they have used to increase their support at elections the leaders of the Islamic party recently visited a high school in Jakarta, on the occasion of National Education Day, and distributed three free motorbikes to the most senior teachers in the school.

President of the PKS, Tifatul Sembiring, and MP Suryama M Sastra, both of whom were graduates of the school, SMPN 40, in Jl. Danau Limboso, Pejompongan, central Jakarta, also brought along 50 packages of goodies for the teachers not lucky enough, or long-serving enough, to get a motorbike.

Tifatul Sembiring said the gift giving was a sign of the party’s appreciation for the work of teachers, without whom reading and writing would not be learned, and promised:

PKS cadres will keep doing this every year in various regions.
(Hal ini juga dilakukan kader PKS di daerah. Setiap tahun akan terus dijalankan.)

Not all were enthralled, with one motorbike-less teacher being heard to whine:

Oh gee, when will I get a motorbike?
(Aduh kapan ya saya dapat motor?)

That goes for vote-getting. On the ideology front the forlorn Hamas administration in Palestine is not being forgotten by the PKS. Tifatul Sembiring says the PKS is collecting money to be sent to Palestine:

We will form a relief fund [for Palestine] like the fund for Bosnia in the past.
(Kita akan bentuk semacam bantuan seperti penggalangan dana untuk Bosnia dulu.)

All elements of society are asked to contribute.

We will gather the funds from within the PKS as well as from other figures.
(Kita lakukan penggalangan bantuan baik dari internal PKS maupun tokoh-tokoh yang lain.)

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