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Ross rails forth on the ex faculty deacon of IPDN, Lexie M. Giroth, murder cover up convict and now promoted professor.

Lousy Lexie’s Professorial Promotion

Those of us who have young of student age will not have forgotten the brutal death of Cliff Muntu at the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN). He died after being assaulted by dastardly thugs, a.k.a. senior students, and one hopes they will rot in prison for a long time (though one rather doubts it, actually, if they have wealthy or connected parents).

Cliff Muntu
Cliff Muntu’s body.

Apart from those who directly caused Cliff’s death, a certain educator at the Institute, one Lexie M. Giroth, decided that his interpretation of “in loco parentis” entitled him to have the boy’s corpse injected with formaldehyde, as part of a cover-up, to conceal fatal wounds.

Lexie, whom I can most charitably describe as a piece of human garbage, got 18 months for his crime, graciously reduced by the Supreme Court to a mere 7 months. I use the term “human” with reluctance and “garbage” only because there may be ladies reading this and I’m old-fashioned about when I employ obscene language.

In Monday’s Jakarta Post, 17/11, it was with utter revulsion that I read that the convicted criminal has just been promoted to professor status, in the very same academic institution.

He was proven guilty in court,

allowed the Rector,Ngadisah, but

has served his sentence and has shown good behaviour

(presumably by not interfering with any other student victims’ dead bodies) and

we have to accept the fact that his academic achievements have been acknowledged by the President and the Minister of Education.

It turns out that its “the President’s prerogative to appoint candidates at the IPDN to professorship based on nominations by the Minister of Education”.

Cliff Muntu
Lexie M. Giroth.

Did SBY not realise what he was approving? Did his Minister really not recall this vile creature’s betrayal of the trust students and their families place in those responsible for teaching them?

Is there not even now still time to relegate the rat to some more suitable job, such as swine-herd? (Sorry, no offence to any swine-herds who scan IM!)

As readers know, I can rail as well as anyone, but that particular news item had me wishing I still had my Dad’s trusty .303 rifle to hand. What poor Cliff’s parents must be feeling at the present time beggars the imagination.

The JP report informed us that Lexie’s speech was devoted to the “evolution of governance in the country”. Really? Has it evolved so far from the barbaric rituals of primitive tribes, if the Head of State and his Education Minister can give the thumbs-up to the promotion of a scum-bag like “Lexie”?

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  1. fullmoonflower says:

    Cannot imagine if it’s also happened to my kid… My life will be ended and the same time, I guess… :'(

    Good bye Cliff Muntu… God will always be with you 🙁

    Perhaps Lexie needs to lose his son first in the same campuss, so he will be able to feel as the parents feel… Should he?

  2. Purba Negoro says:

    What crime did he commit?

    If interfering with dead body- this hardly a serious offense. It is not a major offense in the West either.
    Strange and questionable- but not as in US system misdemeanor not felony.

    And I am somewhat confuse- how to cover up a beating death with formaldehyde?
    The haematoma and fracture could not be hidden- by post mortem injection.

    Formaldehyde could be conjectured to hide poisoning death- but the detah is already proven as beating.

    I suggest he have the body inject with the formalin because Cliff yg wafat is Christian- and Manado is far away- maybe his home town only can reach by water vessel- so body must be not rotting.

    But regards Cliff Muntu- you state he “mishandled” the IPDN’s colours or flag.
    Could you please elaborate- one person’s mishandle could be accidentally step on, another’s could be cleaning dog excrement off sandal.

    The other issue is- you seem very angry.
    But such incident happen in the West for example- frat boy gang raping woman- but they get off with slap on the wrist.

    So hardly unique to Indonesia- favouritism for the well-connected.
    I alo read somewhere the young Tony Blair trashed a hotel room.

  3. Ross says:

    Yes, Purba, and if I were back out there in the increasingly awful West, I’d rail just as fiercely, and in the past was known for that. Here, I just respond to local horrors, of which there are enough to keep me busy.
    Mind you, trashing a hotel room, which I agree ought to have had Blair birched forcefully, is not on a par with messing about with a victim’s dead body.

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