Mosque Building in Papua

May 2nd, 2006, in News, by

Muslims in the town of Manokwari in Papua can’t get permission to build mosques, says a member of parliament.

MP Agung Sasongko blames the situation on the controversial law on houses of worship:

The law on houses of worship has become the seed of conflict to the point where the government needs to re-evaluate it.
(SKB dua menteri itu merupakan bibit-bibit konflik sehingga pemerintah perlu mengevaluasi kembali SKB tersebut.)


The law disrupts the unity [of the nation] and needs to annulled.
(SKB dua menteri itu mengganggu persatuan sehingga perlu dicabut.)

He said that the situation in Manokwari had been discovered after members of Commission 8 of the parliament carried out a visit to the area.

Agung Sasongko went on to say that the proposed law against pornography and indecency also had the potential to cause conflict in Papua.

If the law on houses of worship and the law against indecency are gone ahead with the people of Papua will feel heavy-hearted.
(Jika SKB dua menteri dan RUU Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi terus dilaksanakan, rakyat Papua akan merasa sakit hati.)

He suggested that more Papuans would flee the province, to New Guinea or Australia, if their interests and welfare were ignored.

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