MMI Show Support For Terrorist

May 3rd, 2006, in News, by

About fifty members of the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) visited the home of slain terrorist Gempur Budi Angkoro alias Jabir, killed by police in a raid on Saturday, to give their moral support to his family.

They arrived at the man’s home in Madiun, Java, unannounced and unexpected, according to Jabir’s uncle, Slamet Zein:

I didn’t ask them where they were from so I don’t know for sure if they were MMI members, or from Ngruki (an Islamic boarding school), or somewhere else, I don’t know, but for sure there were a lot of them and they didn’t bring a letter from the MMI.
(Saya tidak tanya mereka dari mana, jadi saya nggak tahu pasti apakah mereka itu massa dari MMI atau bukan, dari Ngruki atau mana, saya nggak tahu, yang pasti banyak dan tidak membawa surat dari MMI.)

He said they came to Jabir’s parents’ house to offer condolences and give moral support.

Police sector chief Subiakto confirmed that the men were from the Mujahidin Council

We monitor the house of Jabir around the clock so we know who comes and goes. By 5.00 am they had already gone back to Solo (central Java). Only 10 people remained in Jabir’s house. But the situation was calm.
(Kami monitor selama 24 jam terus menerus rumah Jabir, jadi tahu siapa saja yang datang. Pukul 05.00 mereka sudah balik kanan (kembali) ke Solo. Hanya sepuluh orang yang masih tinggal di rumah Jabir. Tetapi situasi aman.)

Jabir’s family have already dug a grave for their son, next to the grave of another terrorist, Fathur Rohman al-Ghozi, who was killed in action in the southern Philippines. They will keep each other company presumably. This part of central Java, and some of the Islamic boarding schools which parents send their children to in the area, is beginning to develop a grisly, hateful reputation.

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  1. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    MMI are instruemnts by devil only. Watta shame, supporting the son of iblis?ha…ha….ha…. MMI are pro-violence people,thats why several provinces and regions in Indonesia are have intention to separate from Indonesia due to that group, such as MMI.

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