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PKSJustice Party political ads on television, how the PKS is approaching the 2009 election.

The Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) or Justice Party has launched a new series of pre-election television ads on the theme of youth leadership, timed to coincide with Youth Pledge Day (Sumpah Pemuda).

Each of the four Youth Pledge Day themed ads features an important political or historical figure, they being:

  • President Sukarno
  • Muhammad Natsir, founder of Masyumi
  • Ahmad Dahlan, founder of Muhammadiyah
  • KH Hasyim Asyhari, founder of Nahdlatul Ulama

The ads:

Sukarno ad.

KH Ahmad Dahlan ad.

KH Hasyim Asyari ad

M Natsir ad.

The use of such figures in the ads has caused a mini-storm of controversy, with in particular members of the Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama complaining that the PKS have hijacked their revered founders for sordid political purposes.

Idy Muzayyad of the Ikatan Pelajar Nahdlatul Ulama complained that the PKS were tricky:kompas

Everyone knows the PKS are Wahabi, but Hasyim Asyhari was Sunni.

Another recent ad, to mark Heroes’ Day:

The PKS has many branches around the world, including in Germany, a member of which produced the following “teaser” video:

By way of comparison – a collection of PKS ads from the 2004 election campaign, on various themes including “help during disasters”, social welfare, and being cleanskins:

11 Comments on “Political Ads, PKS”

  1. HeavenlySword says:

    Ah yes, controversy.. Indonesia is the land of controversy..

  2. Sylvester says:

    Everyone knows the PKS are Wahabi, but Hasyim Asyhari was Sunni

    No wonder if PKS supports Arabisation, pedhophile, and Islamic radicalism in Indonesia.

  3. Toni says:

    Hi there

    Any one of you, would you mind to comment the ads? What are they talking about? Sorry so much, I don’t understand the language although I would like to know if they are common political ads or are inciting against something/somebody, etc. I mean, I would like you to make a comment about the messages

    Thank you

  4. David says:

    I would like to know if they are common political ads or are inciting against something/somebody

    They are ordinary political ads, focused on the theme of leadership and youth. If they were inciting against anything, besides being extremely unlikely, it would also be illegal.


    Although…it is kind of interesting to compare the television ads, the official ads, with that German branch video, which of course is unofficial, quite a different feel to it, with that err sort of Islamic sounding music in the background, and the drum beats or something at the start, the mass flag waving, etc…

  5. munro says:

    Can we call those ads ‘Pembohongan Publik’?
    I remember other PKS ads trying to extend their influence to ‘non-Islamist’ voters.
    As if. The party’s still as radical as it has always been.

  6. Iman says:

    Why such ads make some people angry? or I may say and should say jeleous? He..he..

    PKS is full of educated young people and they are smart. I can imagine how their competitors think “why i didn’t think about that?” well, not everyone has a good idea, especially if their brain is only about power and power.

    ‘pembohongan publik’ ? huek …bee cool man…see it one or thousand more time, which part is ‘pembohongan publik’? Don’t be too emotional…it just political ads man…and it turns out to be very successful……plus with all the comments that even make these ads become very very popular

    No hard feeling….:-)

  7. rani says:

    I think Ipang Wahid still did these ads? PDIP and whatever parties Megawati’s sisters are in should protest too for the use of Soekarno figure. And PBB should protest too for the use of Natsir figure.

  8. Iman says:

    Menurut sejarahwan Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan (LIPI) Asvi Warman Adam, tidak ada masalah dalam iklan politik PKS yang kini kerap lalu lalang di layar kaca itu. Hal itu karena, kedua tokoh yang muncul adalah pahlawan nasional.

    “Itu ikon pahlawan nasional, itu nggak masalah. Boleh dipakai siapa saja,” kata Asvi kepada detikcom, Jumat (31/10/2008).

    Asvi menilai, tampilnya tokoh nasional di dalam iklan politik sangat positif. Anak-anak dan masyarakat, dapat belajar sejarah dari iklan.

    “Kan tidak semua tokoh nasional diajarkan dalam pelajaran sejarah sekolah. Jadi saya mendukung sekali dan kalau bisa malah ditambah,” katanya.

    “Nothing wrong with the ads. They are national heroes, whoever may use them” Asvi (reseacher from LIPI) told detikcom. Asvi views the presence of national heroes in the political ads very positively. “Our children and our people are able to learn about our history through the ads”. “Not all national heroes were introduced in our school. So I support (the ads) and please create more ads like this if possible”

    So, still wanna protest this ads? Better be prepared with strong basis and not just jeleousy type of comment.

    I heard that PDIP is OK with ads, he…he…this is whether they are now being more rational and balanced or ….. as they are now hoping for coalition ..its time to be nice with PKS…

  9. monyetmerah says:

    Ah yes, controversy.. Indonesia is the land of controversy..

    Indonesia is the land of Hypocrisy

  10. sholeh says:

    Smart Party, Smart Think, and Smart ads.

  11. agustio says:

    It’s not only political ads, but political strategy. To make people choose PKS. But, it’s normal. There is no false.

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