Christians Subject To Islamic Law

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Whether to apply Islamic law to non-Muslims in Aceh.

Speaking to the parliamentary committee deliberating a bill on the province’s administration State Secretary Yusril Ihza Mahendra said that non-Muslims accused of committing ordinary crimes, such as theft and adultery, would be tried under the sharia-inspired bylaws (qanun), according to the Jakarta Post.

Several MP’s, from the Properous Peace Party, PDS, and the Democratic Party of Struggle, PDI-P, requested that non-Muslims be given the choice as to whether they are tried under Indonesian law or under Acehenese Islamic law. Yusril Ihza Mahendra said non.

If such freedom were given, non-Muslims would certainly choose to be tried under the Criminal Code because it carries more lenient punishment.

He said that in the case of adultery, non-Muslims who committed adultery with Muslims would undoubtedly opt for trial by the Criminal Code because it was more lenient than the stoning or other forms of corporal punishment stipulated under Islamic law.

Yusril said later in the hearing that non-Muslims could be exempted for trial by the Islamic court only in cases relating to family and business or monetary matters.

The debate on the proposed laws for Aceh is expected to have ended within two months. Member of parliament Permadi, of the PDI-P, alleged that members of the committee had been bought off by the Home Ministry, with the amount of Rp 1.6 billion (about $180,000) having been distributed among 50 members of the special committee.

He said this money had succeeded in quelling the previously strong opposition to the bill from some quarters.

2nd May 2006. The allegations of bribery that surfaced during the less than vigorous debate on the Aceh Government Bill are to be investigated.

The House of Representatives (DPR) Chairman, Agung Laksono, agreed to hold a meeting of parliament leaders to discuss the mysterious envelopes (containing money) which had been presented to members of the Special Committee for the Aceh Government Bill, presumably to encourage them to pass the bill with as little debate and delay as possible.

According to Agung Laksono, the passing about of money:

….should not have happened, either in the DPR or any other institution.

he said tempo.

Deputy Chairman of the parliament, Soetardjo Soerjogoeritno, admitted having requested the DPR Courtesy Board to immediately call the special committee members who accepted the envelopes.

Agung Laksono, who is a senior member of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), also requested the Home Affairs Minister, M. Ma’ruf, not to repeat handing out money to parliament members. Meanwhile the DPR Secretary General, Faisal Djamal, believes that the whole episode about the envelopes is an offense.

May 3rd 2007. The head of the “Dinas Syariat Islam” for Aceh, Alyasa Abubakar, said in Banda Aceh that sharia laws will be applied to non-Muslims. antara

We will perfect [amend] the qanun (sharia ordinances) so that they are even better and apply to non-Muslims.

He said this to a gathering of members of Islamic organisations and some students.

He also said that the laws against alcohol, gambling, and sexual immorality needed to be amended so that they applied not just to civilians but also to policemen and soldiers, – these people, like non-Muslims, presently are not subject to sharia.

So in future anyone who violates the qanun will be punished, whether policemen, soldiers, or non-Muslims.

8 Comments on “Christians Subject To Islamic Law”

  1. Felis says:

    Is this what we can expect for the rest of Indonesia in the nearest future?

  2. Sarawut Pratoomraj says:

    According to Thailand experience, all Thai citizens, even believers in Muslim, Buddhism, Christian, Catholic or foreigner who make illlegal in Thai territory must go to criminal court equally. Only our brother-sisterhood of Muslim in southern-most who are Muslim should go to Muslim court in family cases. It is good to say that every religion teaches anything to make peaceful society if religious follow what he/she believes and implemented. There shouldn’t force by law or regulation if everyone in a community implements their religion.

  3. Andrew says:

    What’s next, everyone should convert to Islam?

  4. Tomaculum says:

    Andrew, isn’t that what they want? Convert or leave Indonesia?

  5. Andrew says:

    Tom, I guess they need to think of the dire consequences: a lot of resource-rich regions are predominantly non-Muslim. Are they ready to part with that. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t think this hopeless dude Yusril Ihza Mahendra represents the view of the Muslims majority. The fact that a state secretary expressed that view is disturbing nevertheless.

  6. Dragonwall says:

    Get the MF Yusril to convert to Budha and be a Chinese.

    Being a minister, handing out money to pass a law to discriminate non Muslim. This is a f**k**g disgrace to the Islamic religion. I am not sure if the Muslim agrees that all other non Muslim have to be dictate by the Sharia Law?

    How about making that the reverse that all Muslim be dictate by Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or others.

    You need to be paid to pass a law. Once the law is passed they said they are going to perfect it by making every one to be dictate by that ‘law’. Asshole.

    I suppose this is also one of the way that they are telling the Chinese to leave so that they think those assets must be left behind for them to take for free. I am not sure if this is the teaching they were taught or is that MF did that on purpose to create a chaos in Indonesia for SBY to ‘sapu sampah’. Then the next thing he will bring in the Philippine aremed force to back him up in another coup d’etat to topple SBY.

    The disgusting look in the face of this MF makes me puke.

  7. TwieTwie says:

    Who stupid guys having & creating this blog? Full of hatred and anger…!! One of desperate unemployments or jomblo? You have to educate your commentator either. Using English in order to insult somebody else’s or other religions other than yours freely?….Hey…!! you’ll gain nothing by spreading out your negative thoughts! why don’t just deliver your opinions with good manner without any bad prejudice…
    I think this country doesn’t need this kind of blog, as a media for desperate people to spread out their abhorrence.

  8. dragonwall says:

    I think you need more adjustment in understanding what was written than translating into what you saw.

    This blog was actually made out for people to make comments on bad people who were ruling Indonesia and make Indonesia a better place.

    I suppose you were more employed and a jomblo? What is a jomblo?

    Do you feel that people are less educated when you say

    Using English in order to insult somebody else’s or other religions other than yours freely

    I hardly see anyone insulting a religion except some fanatic morons.

    When commenting reality is not less good manner and facts were non prejudicial.

    You are still in your stone age and not facing reality and what happens before your eyes are facts that is undisputable.


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