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The city of Depok near Jakarta has been led by the Islamist PKS, Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera), for 100 days now. Their record in this time is coming under increasing attack.

Media Indonesia claims that the political elite and leaders of Muslim organisations in Depok are distinctly unimpressed with the leadership of the PKS duo of Nurmahmudi Ismail and Yuyun Wirasaputra, mayor and vice mayor respectively.

Depok remains plagued by problems, traffic chaos, poor social services, and inefficient management of public transportation. Heru Suyanto, local leader of the Muhammadiyah-based PAN, National Mandate Party, explains:

They work very slowly in delivering on the promises they made while campaigning.

Heru says people are still waiting on the promises made by Nurmahmudi Ismail, such as provision of cheap health services, free marriage services, Rp. 2 million life insurance payouts, improvement of public transport services, and the turning over of empty state land to farming. None of these goals has been achieved, he said, the 1.4 million citizens of Depok are still waiting.

The fact is public services are still in a bad state, Depok town is still chaotic and there are many roads still badly damaged. That’s what I mean when I say Depok is just the same as when led by Badrul Kamal [the former mayor].

The chairman of the Depok branch of the Front Pembela Islam, Islamic Defenders Front, Idrus Al Gadri, agrees:

When they were campaigning it was put about that they would give 2 million rupiah to every family when a family member died. Where’s the proof? Only one person has got it, the family of the former village chief of Jatimulya, who was one of their own. Other people, they don’t care.

While one Budiyantoro, Secretary of the Lembaga Independen Pemantau Pembangunan, a think-tank, says the PKS mayoral team has failed to handle opposition from the city legislature. When the other five parties in the parliament rejected their program the mayor failed to put up any fight.

The PKS are unable to play their role.

9 Comments on “Depok PKS Leadership”

  1. Edi Saputra says:

    I am happy to hear bang NurmahmudI was elected as Walikota Depok, but there are a lot of problem which must wokr in the future. I hope you will act the best for Depok.

  2. ayatullah says:

    i hope depok will be better in the right person
    just think the regulation and staffs in order to help the society
    think fast, do fast for people

  3. Jaya says:

    I am happy that PKS can control Depok right now. I am sure that Depok will be better soon.

  4. Yanto Depok says:

    The new order regime and corruptors have destroyed the city of Depok very badly. Whoever lead Depok will need time to fix the problems. The problems is so huge and complicated. People should blame first the former mayors of Depok and be patience in this process. Indonesian like only to talk and talk a lot about bad things. that’s a bad culture and habit that need to be fixed. people need to be positive so let us give Nurmahmudi time and chances to work.

  5. ayatullah says:

    I really care of Depok, but as we know how to improve a city isn’t easy.
    Depok has many heritage’s problem from the previous regime. Moreover, the government doesn’t have a a united vision or political will among themselves. I hope they will have a good will with this condition.

  6. Fajar says:

    Nurmahmudi will work better if the city legislative (DPRD) can work together (and not tackled the city programs anymore)..

    As i know (btw i live in depok), there are many roads that already fixed this year, Rp 2 million grants for family when familiy member died is true, the city government did it..

    For me Depok is better now..

  7. Syams says:

    I agree w/ Fajar n Yanto. I came from vacation with my husband after 4yrs I left my place, Depok…I see that Depok is better now than before.

  8. vhirgo says:

    hi syams,
    I don’t understand how you can say depok is better.
    I went to depok last weet for lebaran celebrate, I saw, the street in depok is so bad.
    If you pass depok timur, the street is very – very bad, there are so many hole and the street is very broken. I believe if you pass those street every day, your car will be broken soon.

  9. bsrd says:

    Vhirgo, hmm I think Depok Timur is much better now 🙂

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