Offensive Cartoons on Websites

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Website and blog owners scramble to delete offensive cartoons as the government, MUI and PKS bear down on them.

Faith Freedom Indonesia

The full bore anti-Islam forum site Faithfreedom, run by Ali Sina, has nine non English language versions, including an Indonesian one, or did until today.

The site has been shut down by its operators after it attracted the attention of various political and religious authorities in Indonesia, such as the Clerics’ Council/Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) and the Justice Party/Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS).

Faith Freedom

Ikhwan Syam of MUI asked the Department of Communications to take action against the site okezone, while President of PKS Tifatul Sembiring said the PKS may stage public demonstrations okezone [both speaking before the site shut down].

Currently the home page of this site contains a message explaining that in the interests of inter-religious harmony in Indonesia the forum has been closed:

Mulai hari ini tanggal 19 Nov 2008, admins/moderators menutup forum ini demi terciptanya keharmonisan beragama di Indonesia. Forum ini adalah milik dan dikelola oleh, Dr. Ali Sina. Dengan ini admins/moderators tidak lagi terlibat dalam bentuk apapun dalam forum ini, dan meminta maaf bila kehadiran forum ini telah meresahkan masyarakat Indonesia.

Specifically, the main complaint against is that it hosted two comic strips, entitled “Muhammad and Zainab” and “Muhammad and Hafsa”, in colloquial Indonesian language, which portray the prophet Muhammad in terms likely to be highly offensive to most Muslims, including in sexual poses.

An archived version of the FFI forum can be viewed here.

Blogs – Lapo Tuak

Later, the Minister of Communications Muhammad Nuh vowed to prosecute the owner of any blog, or presumably website in general, who displays insulting pictures and cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, according to the recently passed Electronic Information Act (see Internet Blocking & Regulation).

Another website which has recently come under public scutiny, Lapo Tuak Batak (means Warung Tuak), a hosted wordpress blog, had its contents removed by its operator, and now has been suspended by WordPress, see This blog also hosted the offending comic strips, and the blogger at the helm is believed have made the Indonesian translation.

Blurred version of cartoons (produced by Okezone).

Mutammimul Ula of the PKS complained that the contents of Lapo Tuak Batak were gross and pornographic and extremely upsetting for Muslims, but advised people not to take the law into their own hands and seek revenge. antara

November 22nd. The Department of Communications has sent a request to for the latter to reveal the identity of the blogger at Whether WordPress acceded to the request or not police enquiries would continue and a spokesman for the Department claimed that the digital forensic laboratories of the police force would be put to work to find out the blogger’s, (who may go by the name “Coppertone”) identity. tempo

89 Comments on “Offensive Cartoons on Websites”

  1. timdog says:

    I have seen that episode of South park PN; your son has excellent taste…
    I’ll let you into a secret: though I like to strut around with my Guardian tucked under my arm as a badge of hand-wringing, bleedin’ heart liberalism just to piss off any of the Daily Mail brigade who happen to see me passing (why yes sir! It was me, personally, who let in all of the Poles and Pakis, and impregnated all of the chav single mothers with my liberal seed!), what they don’t know is that I really only buy it for Steve Bell’s cartoon – seriously. Many days it’s the only thing I read…

    You’ll like this one; it’s another four-parter:

  2. David says:

    You’ll like this one; it’s another four-parter:

    Well I liked that one too, not really the Sarah Palin ones though, or at least not the first one….You should carry around a copy of Salisbury Review to annoy the Guardian types though, spread the love around a bit…no comic strips in that though.

    Back to the topic:

    Two Nutjobs Speak

    Gus Dur says it isn’t clear that the maker of the comic strip had any bad intentions towards Islam or Muhammad, and maybe it was just to get the message out about Muhammad…although he admits he hasn’t seen the comic strip yet.

    Expert Roy Suryo says he is absolutely sure the person who made the comic strip is not an orang Batam. Maybe he meant Batak.

    Police are stolidly continuing their investigations. antara

  3. concerned says:

    Roy Suryo? again?

  4. foolosophy says:

    What a joke. If you try to get rid of this one site, there would be hundred others circulate throughout the internet.

    Why would we get angry with this little speck? Isn’t just cartoon drawings? Yes, the drawings ARE offensive, but it’s about making a right choice. If you are vulnerable, just don’t see it. Or if you’re already seen the cartoon anyway, just figure out a way to ignore it and get on with life.
    Life’s too short for us to be worried with these things (unlike the FPI thugs who had too much spare time to do good-for-nothing).

  5. funny says:

    Fundamentally different huh?


    Can’t believe it took me this long to realize it.

  6. Geordie says:

    Barry, glad we’ve got to a point where there is at least we understand each other, though I have to say I make no pretence at intelligence and proffer opinion solely to have it either tested or reinforced. Now I will concede that that is terribly indulgent and a bit selfish but there you go, perfect, or even good, I ain’t.

    For the record, I don’t hold with insulting anyone’s faith and whilst there are those who’d exploit Muslims readiness to defend their Prophet (pbuh), Islam and God, I’m not one of them. Frankly speaking, and this is going to sound like a conspiracy theory, it plays into ‘their’ hands and allows a stereotype to be perpetuated.

    To your point then, I will concede that not all ‘sins’ are equal, most cultures have, for want of a better word, taboos which prevent as you say anarchy which is, on the whole, a good (unless you’re an anarchist) and laudable thing. But there have been totalitarian regimes in the past where the basic freedoms you and I take for granted, have been proscribed; not that, I hasten to add, I’m lumping Islam in with those. So it could be, I think, logically argued that what is sin to one may be a lesser sin to others could it not? Surely it must depend on one’s point of view? I accept that your God has decreed that it’s a hugely bad thing to insult Islam but what of someone else’s God or philosophy where no such proscription exists?

    Now assuming I haven’t insulted any religious sensibilities (and I don’t think I have) can it be held that I cannot comment on the level of reaction? At worst, I think the only charge that can be reasonably levelled at me is that, in my opinion, I have questioned whether they should worry about the opinion of some sensationalist whose out to make a buck? On the same note, my opinion isn’t going to have any impact or traction because, like I said, I’m not doing it to influence anyone, I’m testing my own theory to see if it can stand up to scrutiny. On reflection, mybe I was too provocative and that too I will take into account in future though a bland and boring post won’t usually result in a debate, therefore, I fail to get out of this what I want.

    I accept that’s indulgent, selfish even, but there you go; mea culpa.

  7. Geordie says:

    PN, you’re dead right about why I left the UK.

    I’ve worked in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and whenever I have to go back to England for duty visits to the family I’m reminded, forcefully, of why I prefer to earn a crust elsewhere. My work has taken me away from Indonesia for the last few years and the only place I’m homesick for is Java.

    Mrs Geordie appears to be the same kind of Javanese Muslim as your Dad PN and I give thanks for that (though beyond Mami and Papi, I ain’t sure who I’m thanking) every day.

    Finally, I apolgise for responding to the Christian thing, I thought it was levelled at me.

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    I accept your kind apology and offer my own full and unqualified to any other such positive contributing bule as Pak Timdog, Barry , Geordie or many others and readers.

    If I offend you- please ignore. Brush it away as hot air from a fool. It is not a personal attack.

    My polemic rhetoric and perhaps far too rude comments I make are certainly to get attention- but not blanket attack.
    We are well aware the Rakyat of any nation be they Rakyat Inggrsi, Rakyat Amerika or Rakyat Belanda etc- are the blameless innocent and always the elites who sodomise us all.

    With all people- it is always the few ugly rafflesia flower that out stinky the thousands of orchid.

    In fact- many Westerner contribute more to Indonesia and its’ people than specific unnamed other non native ethnic groups.
    If we native Indonesian allowed to choose- we will all pick the white and pink imported rose and not the unwanted oriental pesky yellow weed.

    Finally if you marry a native Indonesian and so repsectful a “mantu” to call his/her parents Maami/Papi- you are now officially one of us.

    But Indonesian because life is so busy- have very frequent short term memory loss! So- please be patient- sabar ya Mbak/Mas sinyo… monggo… jangan muka tipis ya… everything works out eventually.

    Final native test: can you smoke a kretek with 5 cm of ash- not drop a crumb, elect to wear trouser just under armpit and look/behave/instruct like you are boss of everything you survey?
    Yes!?!?!! Wah buset! Pass- you are officially one of us.

    But have you mastered yet the often public two-nostril simultaneous nose pick with compulsory vacant stare- slack open mouth optional?

    Timdog- Jesus said he is Buddhist according to Stone and Parker?

  9. Geordie says:

    PN asked:

    Final native test: can you smoke a kretek with 5 cm of ash- not drop a crumb, elect to wear trouser just under armpit and look/behave/instruct like you are boss of everything you survey?
    Yes!?!?!! Wah buset! Pass- you are officially one of us.

    But have you mastered yet the often public two-nostril simultaneous nose pick with compulsory vacant stare- slack open mouth optional?

    I’m not man enough to smoke those unfilitered, vaguely cone shaped, kretek which is what I’m assuming is what you refer to but one of my old workmates got me into Garam which were plenty strong enough for me. The ash thing I never have mastered mainly ‘cos Mrs Geordie is a bit obsessive when it comes to her house and if I dropped ash on any of her furniture or my clothes, she’d kill me. Bit of a sticker, no actually a tyrant, when it comes to her house and stuff.

    It must come from Maami because when I visit, Papi and I have to sit outside to smoke, that said, I’m massively spoilt by both of them. I’m made Ikan Asin with cabe, I’m the only one that eats it like a main dish and not a condiment, chicken hearts with coconut and, my favourite, Sop Buntut.

    Trousers, nope, Mrs G wouldn’t let me out of the house like that, indeed I must pass muster every morning which I’m sure has something to do with her army brat upbringing. And as for the boss thing, re-read the foregoing sentence; as Ronnie Corbet once said, I know my place. Nose picking, not on your life, she’d do her nut and as for the vacant stare and slack jaw, that would simply result in her finding some work for me do and whilst I was at it, to stop slouching which appears to be a pet hate of hers.

    Whilst entirely off-topic, to all those out there contemplating marrying a Javanese woman, I can recommend married life to a witty, intelligent and beautiful woman from Java, however, if Mrs G’s anything to go by, don’t go thinking you’re gonna be lord, master and waited on hand and foot.

  10. Abi Bakar says:

    To al panda and diego, if there are several web that openly offend Jesus and Christianity attributes why not inform our Government to take a severe action to the web owners? Do as Muslim do to anti-Islamic sites, if you and other Christians decide not to do anything like Muslim do, then don’t reveal your protest toward Muslims who take actions because of Anti Islamic site.

    Because of you and the rest of Christians stay silent for the existence anti Christians site, doesn’t mean we have to do as you do.

    One more thing, show me one site that publishing a very dirty cartoons to abuse Jesus, show me one

  11. Barry Prima says:

    Geordie :

    Very sensible post, in repsonse to an even more sensible one from PB (are you going soft?)
    I will respond to your post, when I get a bit of time, I think I overdid it on my post in the yoga section) so a wee bit tired.

    Abi Bakar:
    I would love if the Chritstians made the same efforts as the muslims to protect the good name of the prophet Isa,it truly hurts my hearts to see the way any of the prohpets insulted.
    Maybe now the christians can understand why Allah criticised them so in the quran. They not only can’t be bothered to protect the sacred, they have to make the prophets into incestous murderers drunkards in their modern bibles.
    Barry Prima (muslim for jesus!)

  12. Geordie says:

    Barry said the following: –

    Very sensible post, in repsonse to an even more sensible one from PB (are you going soft?)
    I will respond to your post, when I get a bit of time, I think I overdid it on my post in the yoga section) so a wee bit tired.

    Looking forward to it Barry.

  13. Alf Janszoon says:

    don’t need you to tell me what my religion says, nor am I going to argue with someone who couldn’t distinguish between muhajir and mujahidin and then thinks he is an expert on how to interpret Islamic texts, especially when he doesn’t speak Arabic.
    You can keep posting your anti Islamic bit and pieces, I think Peter tried to give you a bit of context for them and explain the reality of the world in which Islam was revealed but you don’t want to open your mind to the possibility of seeing things differently from a predetermined vantage point. You can go around thinking you know and other people don’t and feeling superior, so be it.
    Most of those allegations have been raised and dealt with on other parts of the forum by more intelligent posters than you, (I even wrote a whole essay on the Aisha thing on the fitna thread) so no point rehashing for your benefit. I will not cast my pearls on swine.

    @ Barry Prima. My, my are you an oversensitive mumin. First; of course I can distinguish between a muhajir and a mujahid. And no I don’t think I’m an expert on how to interpret Islamic texts. I just read read the Qur’an, the Sirat Rasul Allah, the sahih al Bukhari, tge sahih al Muslim, the Sunan abu Daud (available on line), al Tabari (I bought a couple of volumes), The Reliance of the Traveller (also ordered through a bookstore near me). I read translations since I am not proficient in Arabic like the many million Indonesian muminin who of course can read seventh century Arabic without any difficulty. May I ask you if you are proficient in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek since you know a lot about Christianity? I don’t feel superior. I just take the trouble to read the writings of the “Religion of Peace”. I am sure that you, being a muslim, have an intelligence far superior to mine, so you can understand all the wonderful science in those holy books. I do not rehash. I just quote and I will keep on quoting the ETERNAL and IRREVOCABLE lines of those books. And I am of course an infidel swine (so haram, ooh!) not worthy to receive all those magnificent Islamic pearls.

  14. Barry Prima says:

    A muhajir and a mujahid

    Thanks to a muslim: Peter, sorry after that gaffe your claim to have any kind of authority to speak about islamic literature is not worth serious consideration.

    May I ask you if you are proficient In Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek since you know a lot about Christianity?

    The difference is that I actually rely on the interpretations of saints from those religions who were, rather than relying on muslims who aren’t and when they do so it is only to serve their own agendas. That is why I have a very favourable impression of other religions.

    I just take the trouble to read the writings of the “Religion of Peace”.

    And what is your motive for doing so? The quran says it is the biggest source of misguidance as well as the source of guidance….you only see what you want to see…god does not reveal himself to just any man….
    Anyway you’re not worth arguing with..we all know you hate Islam Alfie….at least stick to the point of the thread and make your case with reference to something intelligible and at least half intelligent, rather than the same old same old tried arguments, you bring nothing original or threatening, it’s all been said before here.
    Otherwise you are just taking up precious space to spread you own hatred.

  15. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Alf Janszoon

    You should chill out as well. Barry is trying hard to gain acceptance among the Javanese. As he claimed ‘learning Islam from the real Javanese’ so give this former punk a break.

  16. Barry Prima says:

    Ok Gazza, I’m only going to answer part of your response, as I think that will hopefully put everything else into context.
    As Full moon said on the other thread do have too much time to think right now and read as I’m at university, so I’ve really put some effort into this..

    not that, I hasten to add, I’m lumping Islam in with those.(totalitarian ideologies)

    You don’t need to be so sensitive about calling a spade a spade especially here on IM. It is the decidedly unapologetic and crass anti Islamic commentary here that make it so compelling for me personally.
    Whilst I admire your good manners and openness, (and long may you keep them) it is not always the best for an honest look at the issues, political correctness and apologetics are the enemy of a true understanding of reality.
    I will concede without apology that Islam has the potential within it, that is very much totalitarian/oppressive in fact that is part of the very nature of islam as the yang to the yin of other religions/ideologies. I would agree with my harshest rival here on IM Dewa that Islam to a certain degree is as Islam does, however that does not make Islam untrue as I see it.
    To understand Islam, we must understand ourselves, our history and our collective consciousness/destiny. Islam is based on the principle of unity of being, and thus a priori recognition of a collective consciousness or soul of the world. As jung said ,the psyche creates reality every day, but the psyche is not localised in our heads, rather we exist within it!
    Once we acknowledge that there is something akin to a universal soul, which should not be too hard for non Muslims to recognise, we can then begin to clarify the relationship of things/religions to each other.
    The Islamic religion has to be placed in the context of first the Abrahamic tradition and then the other major traditions and finally the history and destiny of the world.. Christianity is the yin to the yang of Judaism, Taoism is the yin to the yang of Confucianism, Buddhism and its impersonalism are a yin response to the rampant yang idolatry/ personalisation and stratification of society of Hinduism.
    Islam is a synthesis of all these ideologies into a whole that is wrapped into a finalising and uncompromising Unity,that is its particular role/right as the last revelation.
    Within Each religion again you have separation into the yin and yang elements,lahir/batin wahabbiism/orthodoxy v Sufism, Mahayana/Theravada/ zen/Shingon/pure land,Kabbalah and Talmud Etc etc…
    So if Islam is the complete revelation and perfectly balanced religion, why is its character in relation to the world, especially in the modern era very much an aggressive yang one and seemingly unbalanced especially at this point in time? The Islamic apologist deny this character in Islam, but they are not being honest, and dishonesty does their religion even more harm.
    So why does Islam have this character?
    According to all revealed religions we are in the last cycle of the world as we know it, mappa, kali yuga, doomsday etc. The Last epoch is characterized by the loss of the soul of the world, what Kant (or was it Descartes) hailed as the age of reason. As man hardens in his attitude to the real, the real pushes back harder to restore the natural order.
    The age of reason started in the western world along time ago, but only in the last 20 years has it spread to the rest of the world at a level of the masses In time it consume the whole world. The age of reason/clash of civilizations is characterized by schizophrenic duality in the soul of man. The conflict we see in the world today is between opposites which both repeal and attract each other. A clash between being, thinking, freedom, control, light and dark, real and unreal. The spirit of Islam corresponds to part of the universal psyche that has become separated from the consciousness, a response by the universe/man in seeking redemption of the anima mundi. This Spirit is manifested by a passionate emotionality and is symbolised by amongst other things the dragon, the lion of juddah, the yang in the Taoist symbol.
    Whilst western civilization has given us material progress, it is achieving this without acknowledging the cost to the soul, it has thus robbed us of our selves and is a kind of rape of the world. The doubt that has crept into man is leading to a depersonalisation and abstraction in which not only is the individuals sense of self gone, but with it the sense of the world. In his vanity to know and ground all knowledge in rationality, in demanding that everything closed should be opened, that everything sealed must be revealed, that everything that is dark, must be bought to the light man sows the seeds of his own destruction, and that destruction will be bought to him in the form of Islam.

    As the chuang tzu tells us ‘if you look too much into the nature of things we become detached from them’
    NIetzche ` if we look into the abyss the abyss will look into us’.
    To Allah belongs the mystery, and none will know it save he’ (Al quran)

    The Islamic imagination/religion should thus be seen as the product of a deepest regression by the universal psyche back to the primitive, symbolised by its proto symbol the simple black cube house of the Kaaabah, for the dome can only be built upon a rock.
    The creation of a new civilisation is not going to come with a new refinement in high culture (history proves this) but by a change in the imagination of the masses, which is unfortunately always through violent means.
    So what can we do about all this if anything?
    I’m not sure we can do anything, but if fundamentalism Islam is understood as the unconscious spirit of man, this spirit must be controlled, extracted and separated from dissolving prima material (to use an alchemical analogy).
    This spirit must be pushed out of darkness of matter into the light of Consciousness, this demands the attentive participation of society muslim and non muslim –a watchfull openness to whatever emerges into the light.
    Ultimately we won’t be able to do this without the help of the Maitreya, Ratu Adil, Imam Mehdi. All I can say is we live in interesting times.

  17. Barry Prima says:

    ALf You should chill out as well.

    Gee thanxs aa…for the show of support, or is it pity? But I’m a big boy, can defend myself in any case I am not prepared to indulge alf’s anti islam crusade somebody else might.

    Barry is trying hard to gain acceptance among the Javanese.

    Yes it would be nice to be accepted by my fellow human beings, including the javanese but its not that important to me, my main priority is to be accepted by my lord Allah Suha nawa tallah..(probably spelt wrong too)

    Aa you think the acceptance or opinons of a cyber bagong is actually of any significance to me?
    I have been accepted into the lives homes and trust of many javanese families they have fed and housed me without any recompense to the extent that when I have travelled around indonesia, I have had to stay in hotel on just one occasion.
    Being called a traitor to my own kind etc on the internet is just laughable in contrast to my real life experiences.

    Besides it looks like the clown is running out of jokes, you seem to be recycling the same ones of late cmon, try harder.

  18. Geordie says:

    BP said the following: –

    Ok Gazza, I’m only going to answer part of your response, as I think that will hopefully put everything else into context.

    You cheeky git! Gazza? I was warming to you before that.

    As for the rest of the post, I’d be lying if I said I got a lot of it. Still, I’ll keep at it to see if anything sinks in. Appreciate you taking the time and going into such detail.

  19. Barry Prima says:

    Hoo’s ya fettle?

    Gazza: working class hero I have much love for him I can understand why my post might come across a bit like a fog on the tyne, but when the mist clears it might make a wee bi o sense. Tara.

  20. Purba Negoro says:


    You deliberately misquote ancient prose Arabic in modern English – with no reference to the original text.

    Not only is it misleading- and intellectually dishonest but we have no idea of the calibre nor expertise of the interpretation.

    Indonesian Muslims are so moderate- we have a Catholic and Christian priest contracted by Majelis Ulama Indonesia to help interpret the Al-Q’uran for Indonesians.

    When will your beloved Jews allow Christians to do the same to their Talmud or Dead Sea Scrolls?

    Maybe instead of your blind and ignorant disposition toward 1/5 of the world’s population- you should direct your anger to those who truly demean and desecrate the most sacred of the West and hurt your Western society- and you will find they refuse not only honest work, but work on a Saturday.
    Their last great contribution was credit crunch – latest in a long line of white collar fraud.

  21. Gunung Batu says:

    I think, as a muslim, all muslim in the world should stop wasting their time cursing and dealing with people who doesn’t like Islam. As long as they don’t do violence thing, let them do whatever they want to do.

  22. Gunung Batu says:

    And, as a muslim, I’m not angry with any cartoon that try to insult Muhammad, Allah or Islam. Though this statement allow some peoples to label me as ‘not a real muslim” I don’t mind.

  23. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Same here. I love ham and bacon, and it is always the Indian moslem, Malaysian moslem and the Bule convert who think I am a fake. If I am a fake, that will cover almost 90% of Indon moslem.

  24. Geordie says:

    Barry said the following:

    Hoo’s ya fettle?

    Gazza: working class hero I have much love for him I can understand why my post might come across a bit like a fog on the tyne, but when the mist clears it might make a wee bi o sense. Tara.

    Ee! Ah’m dead canny, thanks for askin’ tho’ Barry, Ya sel’?

    For me, Paul Gascoine squandered his talent and reinforced a stereotype that’s none too flattering of people hailing from my part of the world.

  25. janma says:

    When will your beloved Jews allow Christians to do the same to their Talmud or Dead Sea Scrolls?

    In the last two decades of the twentieth century, several objections to the Qumran-Essene thesis of the Scrolls’ origins were voiced within the academic community. Even louder objections arose over continued refusal of the Dead Sea Scrolls “team” to allow all qualified scholars open access to unpublished materials in the collection. After forty years, Scrolls research remained the exclusive domain of a small, self-selected team of scholars. Worse still, over several decades the group had made woefully little progress publishing material from the collection, particularly the large cache of scroll fragments discovered in Cave 4. The whole project was becoming an academic scandal, intermittently punctuated by conspiracy theories suggesting occult purposes motivating sequestration of the yet unpublished materials.

    Whatever its various motives, the monopoly on access to the Dead Sea Scrolls collection came to an end in 1991 when the Huntington Library announced it would make available without restriction a complete microfilm copy of the Scrolls in its archives. Soon after, Emanuel Tov, director of the Scrolls project, announced open access and right of publication would be granted to all material in the official collection.

  26. ET says:

    Barry Prima said

    So how do I do that? Insult something close to you, like your mom, that would be the most geordie lad on the piss on saturday night response, sorry not for me, it’s not halus, you’re ethniocentric (lack of) sensibilities are alien to asian people including buddhist, see some things are sacred to us, we do no make jokes about shagging your mom, we don’t pick our noses in public, and most of all we do not jest about the prophets and out parents and ancestors.

    Barry Prima, is your mother still in jail?

    In case you didn’t know, this is a standard tactical question that is used in pesantrens and madrassahs to spice up their debating courses.

  27. Dimas says:

    it is all about being independence.
    that means YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS to draw the Prophet in every shapes and forms.
    and the MUSLIMS HAS THE RIGHTS to vanished all of the drawers… fair enough, huh ?

    Wise man said “…if you don’t want a tornado, don’t spread the wind…”
    live normally. Cos’ our grandfathers / fathers are sick with the war of mankind in 1916-1945. that was because we couldn’t respect another race, religions and believes…

    One great contribution of the east to the west, is charity or love, as epitomized by Muhammad. Wisdom and hikmah is trully comes from the Mukmins.
    -William O. Douglas-

    West with their power, East with their wisdom.
    live happily and normally.
    Unity in Diversity.

  28. diego says:

    it is all about being independence.
    that means YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS to draw the Prophet in every shapes and forms.
    and the MUSLIMS HAS THE RIGHTS to vanished all of the drawers… fair enough, huh ?

    Gee…. wow.


    The correct one:

    Christians / catholics have the right to draw mohammed as pedophil / blood-thirsty.
    Muslims have the right to draw jesus as gay / whatever.

    That is fair in my opinion.

  29. karla says:

    Actually, there are shows that aren’t really good to watch especially to the kids.. Such as happy tree friends! There episodes are not good for young ones! Anyway thanks for sharing us your informative thoughts..i really appreciate it!

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