Syech Puji, Pujiono Cahyo & Underage Lust

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The controversy over a politician-cleric’s marriage to an underage girl in Semarang.

43 year old Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto/Widianto, aka Syech/Syekh Puji, the head of an Islamic boarding school (Ponpes Miftahul Jannah) in Bedono, Jambu, Semarang, Central Java, in August 2008 informally married (nikah siri) Lutfiana Ulfa, 11 years and 10 months old, who had just begun studies at a local junior high school, but has now taken up wifely duties at home.

Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto
Ulfa & Pujiono Cahyo Widianto

Sheikh Puji is a very wealthy man, being the owner of PT Sinar Lendoh Terang (Silenter), a handicrafts exporter, and appeared in the news in August for distributing 1.3 billion rupiah (about $130,000) in zakat or charity to the poor. His first wife is 26 years old. In 2005 he was a candidate for the Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) in a regency election but withdrew from the race at the last moment, and has long been involved in local politics. suaramerdeka

Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto
It’s a deal

He also intends to marry two other girls, aged 9 and 7. Of these latter two, Syech Puji says that neither has begun menstruating, so he will refrain from interfering with them, while Ulfa has already entered puberty.

Syech Puji believes his actions have a legitimate basis in Islam, considering that the prophet Muhammad married the 7 year old Aisha.

I’m not just doing what I like, it’s based in religion. It’s in accordance with the prophet’s teaching. You can marry a 7 year old if you like but you can’t have relations with her until she starts menstruating.

Clerics’ Council/Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) leader Umar Shihab condemned the marriage to Ulfa:

Men should marry adults, there are a lot of other prospective brides around. Why has he married a 12 year old? The poor girl.

His actions have been mostly condemned in other quarters, with some saying that he has broken the Marriage Law, and is liable to criminal prosecution. lampungpost detik

One supporting voice is that of politician Hilman Rosyad Syihab from the Islamist Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), who says that marrying young girls is allowed within Islam provided the marriages are not consummated until the girl has begun menstruating. dutamasyarakat

On November 24th 2010 Syech Puji was sentenced to 4 years jail, and a 60 million rupiah fine, for marrying an underage girl. Both his wives, Lutviana Ulfa and first wife Ummi Hani, wept at the news. antara

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  1. Andy says:

    In the west we despise pedophilia. We have sex registers for offenders and they can’t go anywhere near schools as part of their conditions. We don’t care where they come from whether they’re bule or otherwise.

    Islam condones pedophilia in their beliefs. It isn’t only in Indonesia that this happens but throughout the islamic world. Problem with muslims is they want to hang or beat to death bules or foreigners who commit the same crime that their own would do as a matter of course. Makes them feel better knowing they aren’t the ones doing it. Again they are munafik as per usual. Okay for their own ilk to marry a girl of 12 or 13 to join their nest but a woman who has sex with a guy outside marriage will be stoned to death even if they’ve been raped.

    The sooner this archaic religion is banned from this earth by all decent citizens worldwide the better for all humanity. Islam is truly disgusting!!

    Oh and by the way Igun, did you know Michael Jackson is a muslim?

  2. Berlian Biru says:

    OK I think I got it now, so this sort of thing never happened under Suharto except for the times when it was in fact commonplace under Suharto.

    Yes, that makes sense.

  3. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Good point.

    Is that true about Wacko Jacko ?

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    the point is- if it happened on the rare occasions as mentioned- it was never sanctioned officially and never would any bureaucracy be so obsequious to not stamp it out.
    It would be prosecuted severely.

    We take children’s welfare very seriously in Indonesia- you’;re wlcome to see Indnoesa’s committment to avoid the Pedohilia plagues of Phillippines and Thailand.

    The very odd Dutch position of sexual consent at 12 would fail here it would be unpopular in extreme. But Dutch are freaky

    Andy should watch his mouth as actually Australian pedophiles routinely target South East Asian nations in a sophisticated child-prostitution ring.

    He can ask his own Federal Police about who hanged himself only two months ago

  5. Andy says:

    Yes achmad, it is true

  6. djoko says:

    Islam condones pedophilia in their beliefs

    Islam also provides regulations regarding slavery as well, but seeing as the world has moved on and slavery is no longer the go, Muslims don’t really pay any attention to these teachings any more. Much the same can be said for many Muslims’ views of marrying people under the modern conception of the age of consent – its quite simply something which you don’t go around doing any more in proper society. The fact that Indonesia as a majority Muslim nation has established the age of consent for marriage at 18 years old is proof enough of this.

    Interesting though in some people’s rush to condemn “Islam” as a whole that nobody has mentioned what the MUI guy said in patung’s original article. Considering he’s from the government’s main consultative body on Islamic issues, surely his views (“Men should marry adults, there are a lot of other prospective brides around. Why has he married a 12 year old? The poor girl.”) should also be taken as representative of the “Islamic” view? Or perhaps for some the only “Islamic” view they’d prefer to comment on, and in fact take as being the only one in existence, is that which most conforms to their view of Islam as being the root of all evil.

    The sooner this archaic religion is banned from this earth by all decent citizens worldwide the better for all humanity. Islam is truly disgusting!!

    Genocide usually is the easiest solution to most problems. I suppose on one hand its nice to see you’ll be putting that sharpened axe to use soon, you can only grind it for so long.

  7. therry says:

    The lengths some parents are willing to go for money these days…

    They don’t even mind selling their own tween daughters to 40 years old pedophiles as long as they are given Rp.30 million …

    This country really is going backassward.

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    No woman has ever been recorded as stoned to death in Indonesia ever.

    Have we forgotten the Witchcraft trials of Salem and the Spanish Inquisition?
    How many Jews were killed by Christians in 1939-1945?

    How many people have Muslims killed ini that period?

    Go peddle your Islamophobia to other semi-literate red-necks.

    I hope you spout your flapping gobsh*te trap in Broadmeadows or to a Lebanese victim of your Australian sponsorpship of half a century Israeli fascism, Nazism and genocide.

    Your own middle-class and upwards in Australia hate the sight, sound and I dare say the stench of people like you Andy- an out and out loser and gutter-snipe in anyone’s land.
    You’re an embarrassment and legacy of the mullet era- who probably listens to AC/DC in his skin tight acid washed jeans on his way to the yokel B& B pickup convention, cow horns strapped to his car’s hood.

    But- being a skill-less, uneducated, drone only capable of lifting heavy things. the utter coward you are- you won’t dare say that crap at work in Tullamarine as people like me would have you sacked faster than it takes for you to remember the spelling to your own name and up in front of your Equal Opportunities Commission on hate charges.

    Start eating salmon Andy and try to grow at least two more brain cells so three’s to make a crowd.

  9. Patrick says:

    @ Therry – It’s not just Indonesia where parents are willing to go to great lengths for money. In the good ole USA, Jacko Wacko, as the media here refer to Michael Jackson, has thus far been able to avoid prison because of the money parents have taken to cover up his sins against their children. It seems greed knows no bounds!

    Lets not forget that after Michael Jackson was acquitted for child abuse he moved right out of the USA and over to Bahrain and Dubai at the personal invitation of the leaders of those Muslim nations. My guess is that Jackson’s behavior must be considered quite normal in that part of the world judging by how they have embraced him in those countries. Sad stuff!

    @ Andy – I don’t think we can place blame on Islam a an influence of any sort on MJ. He was a pedophile as a Jehovah Witness long before he took up Islam but you do have a point about certain elements in Islam condoning these crimes against children. Unfortunately, however that could be said for certain bad elements in Catholicism and Protestantism as well as most other religions. Pedophiles are attracted to positions of authority where they have access to children. As you indicated earlier western governments force convicted pedophiles to register with the local police and must avoid schools and playgrounds or other areas where children congregate.This is a particularly difficult crime to eradicate as pedophiles are considered incurable.

  10. Purba Negoro says:

    Andy- he just became lately Muslim to live in Libya or Qatar or Kuwait- I forget.

    But when he was banging boys up the bottom- he was a Christian church goer. exactly like your Australian Catholic and Protestant priests.
    Remind you of school Andy and bottom-caning?

    I quote:

    Australian Federal Police (AFP) have long warned Pacific nationsto expect an increase in cases of Australian pedophiles seekingshelter on their islands.

    Australia’s High Commissioner to Fiji, Greg Urwin,told the Suva conference last year: ”They [pedophiles] seem more inclined to look at this region,where perhaps controls may be perceived as less stringent, wheresociety generally may be perceived as more tolerant and relaxed,and where the innocence of children and families may seem more exploitable.”

    The conference, held to draw up a regional strategy to combatincreasing child sex tourism in the Pacific, brought togetherrepresentatives from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu,Cook Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Somoa, as well as Hawaii, NewZealand and Australia.

    Child rights advocates say dozens of Australian citizens havebeen charged with child sex offences in Pacific Island nationsfollowing local police investigations.

    Australian Diplomat William Stuart Brown sentenced to 13 years’ jail for having sex with two boys?

    Up to 20 pedophiles from Australia who tried to travel to tsunami ravaged countries were stopped under the rules of the new child sex offender register, it was reported today.

    Australians continue to prey on children in Indonesia, despite the arrest of a confessed offender, Mark Forbes reports.
    They are “more beautiful than flowers” says Peter Smith of the Indonesian boys whose photographs adorn the walls of his Jakarta home. As young as 11, he lured them to his house with the promise of money and work, made them pose, masturbate, then requested sex.

    Australian Federal Police (AFP) has caught 90 people in connection with child pornography. The Operation Centurion, which is part of a wider Interpol investigation involving 170 countries was launched six months ago. Australian Federal Police (AFP) has caught 90 people in connection with child pornography. The Operation Centurion, which is part of a wider Interpol investigation involving 170 countries was launched six months ago.

    truth hurt Andy?

    How many kiddy-nappers’ bags have you handled?

    Australia is the region’s Charlie Chester without a competitor and of course- a strong advocate and zealous devotee of Freemasonry.

    Ask your Freemason Illuminati kiddie fecker John Howard- democratically elected leader of Charlie Chester Land.

  11. Lal Mirch says:

    Why did he bring our Prophet’s name? DDD: Nabi Muhammad let Aisyah with her parents until she is in the legal age of marriage. Pudjiono is a simple pedophile, end of a story. Funny how those brainless people brought the religion to their defense.

    I’m really disappointed how people hate Islam only because of those dimwits.

  12. lgun says:

    @ Patrick – Pedophilia not exclusively indonesian neither Islam dilema, its world problem. if the offender was just a mere people it wont be a problem at all, we do have laws about underage married as commented on others comment before me. The problem is do we have guts to uphold it. I am not the man who have authority to do it, so I have no answer to my own question.
    I presume only solution is better education without restriction such as internet. But we the outaged country have no such luxury, thanks to our mountainous debt to the west we cannot afford better education to our children, we cant even fed them properly. all the western people filled mind was profit. afterward they laugh at our poverty and start patronizing us with their racist mentality.
    What this Puji guy did was tidak terpuji, what Muhammad SAW did millenia ago was also done by kafir(|non-muslim) so it was not a sunnah, but that was my opinion, world has changed from 1000+ years even MUI say it is wrong, and i am sure that PKS dude friend from his own party have difference opinion from him. Where are the Qur’anic verses that condones pedophilia ?
    Patrick your own government and laws cannot even put MJ to jail, how do we have suppose to do with this powerful person with lots of money (maybe not as a lot of as MJ, but still…). for me tho, i dont care because i would not gain any profit, yes i try to imitate western filled mind cause it seem good to me.

    @ Andy
    Have you seen a clown with frightening sneer which caused little children “sawan”, for me as an adult i just laugh at you.

  13. sputjam says:

    legal age for consentual sex in holland was lowered from 14 to 12 as stated by Rayner. In japan it is 13. Nobody in the supposedly christian and shinto/buddhist nations are making any fuss.
    Thirty years ago, poor villagers in thailand were selling their daughter’s virginity for a handsome fee. The largest pool of willing customers were from Malaysia and singapore (mostly non-muslims), apart from willing thais.
    In todays cambodia, even younger boys are selling their butt to those who are willing.
    The Koran never did mention if mohamed married aishah or any other women by name. Even the name of mohamed’s children were never mentioned because these were considered unimportant. The aishah phenomenon is found only in the hadeeth (correct me if I am wrong).Hadeeth are books written by religious scholars after the death of mohamed.
    However the koran clearly states :-

    2:221 And do not marry the pagan women until they believe. And do not marry the underage girls. Believing women are better from the pagan women although they allure you. And do not marry the idol worshipers (men/women) (musyrikeen) until they believe – and the slaves (men/women) who believe are better from the idol worshipers – although they might allure you.

    howeever since islam itself has tuned into a pagan religion, best for those who believe in God to avoid marrying a muslim.
    Who are the believeing women? these are women who trust and have faith in God, shun any form of idol worship, righteous, respect their parents etc. there is no need for daily prayers, fasting, etc. rituals are for those enslaved in religion created by religious scholars. Deen are for those who seek peace.

  14. Patrick says:

    @Ingun – Ya I understand the point you are making but I think your’s would have a much more valid argument if this thread was concerned by pedophilia in general as a world-wide problem. However, it is not the story line presented in the introduction. The introduction is about an Indonesian Muslim man determined and in the face of any opposition to marry under aged girls and his sole justification is the Prophet Mohamed and the story about him marrying a seven year old girl himself. One question that I have is that story about your Prophet found in the Koran or elsewhere?

    My chief complaint Ingun is the tendency for Indonesians to twist almost anything negative about your country as being the sole fault of Westerners. You sort have made us (Westerners) the scapegoat and all the while avoiding or at least marginalizing Indonesian complicity in matters where Indonesia or Indonesians are clearly the responsible party. We could for instance agree, and as you stated, that indeed Indonesia has a mountain of debt that keeps the people impoverished and education and nutritional opportunities for all unrealistic. I am afraid blaming the West solely for these evils is nothing short of clever propaganda to misdirect the Indonesian people from the real culprits and that includes ineffective government, greedy and corrupt politicians and business people, mismanaged government and private enterprises, sordid public educational, legal, health and transportation systems, and an overactive military presence designed to act as a private army for the elite of the country to control the so called citizens of the freely elected democratic republic etc.

    If we go back to my original concern what really does Michael Jackson (or any other Western pedophile) have to do with an uniquely Indonesian storyline except that they both happen to be pedophiles? This is about Indonesia, Indonesians and Islamic culture and sensibilities period. You cannot attempt to understand or solve this problem by dragging the West or Westerners into the discussion as culprits.

  15. Purba Negoro says:

    If Christian West actually practiced what it preached- aside from “thy Shalt not Murder” and “Thy Shalt not Steal”- it should practice:
    “remove the log from thy own eye before you point at the speck in mine”
    “he without Sin should cast the first stone”.

    In other words- they have no bassis to critique us at all.
    Indonesia does not declare war on other nations for corporate interests- we do not murder foriegers by the millions for our elites greed.
    Unlike the US and UK and it’s child-sex fiend chum Australia.

    So unless the West can clean it’s own glass house- it should refrain from throwing stones.

    I would hate to imagine what sordid crimes your Irish Catholic priests were and are involved in- if one takes the US and Australia as benchmark.

    Body of Christ?

  16. Andy says:

    truth hurt Andy?

    Not at all, i’ll just be like you and say it is a fabrication and bunch of lies.

    Like your belief in ‘no chinese were ever raped or tortured in 1998’, ‘the timorese weren’t killed in an act of genocide’, ‘papuans have always been treated fairly’ ‘there are fairies at the bottom of Purba’s garden’ etc etc

  17. Andy says:

    thanks to our mountainous debt to the west we cannot afford better education to our children, we cant even fed them properly.

    Igun that’s your problem not ours. You disgraceful ungrateful little **** Australia’s foreign aid bill is sky high and your country is to thank for that. We were the most generous donor when the tsunami and Jogja earthquakes hit. You would probably have more poverty if not for us so shut your filthy racist trap. If you didn’t borrow what you couldn’t afford you wouldn’t be in this mess. It goes to the heart of your whole society. People on less than 1 m rups a month go shopping in swish malls and spend as much or more than any bule would on their mega salaries. Your government is one of the most corrupt in the world. The money that we generously give we don’t even know where it goes. Your leaders never have a shortage of luxury cars and fancy houses. Suharto is the most corrupt leader EVER with over 30 billion dollars embezzled. Why not blame him for the hunger and lack of education of your country.

  18. Andy says:

    No woman has ever been recorded as stoned to death in Indonesia ever.

    OK take a bex and lie down mate….then reread my post. I said islam not Indonesia. I never specifically mentioned Indonesia in this case but the whole muslim world. And don’t tell me muslims don’t stone women to death for adultery. If that was to happen in Indonesia, probably many women would be victims as we all know most can’t keep their legs together too long.

  19. Patrick says:

    @PN – WOW! I must have hit a nerve there or perhaps brought back an old pain that you received at boarding as a young boy? Explains the rants and rages against the Australians and Catholic priests here at IM. Do confess all and don’t leave out any of the sordid details so that we may feel empathy for such a contentious character as yourself. We promise not to laugh or make fun of you while you put a whole new spin on playing pin the donkey or is that Jackass?

    As far as running with the big doggies of the world, your pitiful nation is hardly ready for that sort of escapade. Please stick to what you Javanese elitist know best and that is raping and pillaging your own defenseless countrymen and then cussing, pissing and whining, and generally soiling your pants, when your caught by the West red-handed rubbing your tiny wieners against peoples living in places like Papua and East Timor.

  20. rayner says:

    According to the judiciary, police, and social services in Britain much more paedophilia is committed by family members. Fathers, stepfathers, uncles and grandparents are all busy indoctrinating their children and abusing them. What child is going to turn in a father etc who is the primary breadwinner of the family and also, apart from the abuse some source of affection and love. Very few of my clients male and female, both in the States or Britain ever reported their abuse at the hands of family members.

    Let us not forget women too. In Britain up until 1977 women were exempt from the Sexual Offences Act. Although many were discovered abusing the children in their care they could never be prosecuted. I remember a case that was reported in the press who was holding orgies with children of varying ages. Parents petioned the police to bring a prosecution. They arrested the woman using the law that was being applied to men at that time. Only to have the judge throw the prosecution out. She was not breaking any law! After that the parents threatened to march on her house and burn her out! That case was the stimulus in changing the law.

    Before 1977 men could be charged for homosexuality but women couldn’t. Due mainly to Queen Victoria’s disbelief that women could be lesbians. “Kindly demonstrate to me how is this possible, they do not have the apparatus!” So women were quite free to do whatever they wanted. They could not be prosecuted for a number of sexual crimes while men were. It took a long time for the British public to recognize that some women could be as cruel and abusive to children as some men were.

    As I understand it, in Bali child sex abuse is rightly condemned and is very rare. Any miscreant who is discovered abusing a child is usually beaten to death. In Thailand I am afraid child sex abuse is rampant and if not officially sanctioned is very common. A Thai worker for a leading agency in Bangkok was asking for my help in finding a psychologist to work with abused children. She told me that it was useless to report the many brothels in Bangkok to the police. These are brothels that specialize in providing young girls from the villages as young as five years of age for oral sex.

    These young children contract gonorrhea and syphilis of the throat and are unable to work because of these infections. The police are aware of these brothels but usually either take a cut of the money or take it out in kind. Only the wealthiest of Thais and Arabs are customers of these brothels. This is rather like the brothels in Japan. No Westerners are allowed in or are even aware of their existence. I often am in despair at the inhumanity of man.

    Britain is no better. We have brothels that specialise in every kind of imaginable perversity. As soon as the police shut one, another opens under a different name. At a recent sex education seminar on channel 4 put on by the BBC television, the presenter did do quite a good job on teaching teenagers how to put a condom on a vegetable while blindfolded. She explained that usually a need for a condom arose in the dark.

    Then she switched to her studio audience of experts and lay people and asked them how many women present had a Brazilian? About 60% responded in the affirmative. I was dumbfounded all that money and pain to have one’s pubic hair ripped out! Then she showed a section when she underwent it. Then the next day she reported that her sexual partner was turned on that night after viewing her pubes! She obviously was oblivious to the fact that having a Brazilian made her pubic area look like the genitals of prepubescent 10 year old girl! That is a splendid message to the youth of Britain.

  21. Berlian Biru says:

    “According to the judiciary, police, and social services in Britain much more paedophilia is committed by family members. Fathers, stepfathers, uncles and grandparents are all busy indoctrinating their children and abusing them.”

    The major problem with that statistic is your inclusion of “stepfathers” in your list of familial abusers, actually what you will find is that proportionately very few genuine relatives are abusing kids in comparison to Mum’s latest boyfriend/partner/”stepfather” (very rarely would the man actually be the legal stepfather).

    Thus by abusing the terms “family” anti-family campaigners can pretend that families are dangerous places and that fathers are just as likely to sexually abuse their children as non-relatives. It’s a myth, the safest environment for a child is living in the family home along with their married parents.

    Proportionately it is teachers who are statistically the most over-represented in child sex abuse case, oddly enough the very people who demand that parents’ rights should be restricted and that they should be allowed even more power to start teaching sex to even younger children.

    But yeah blame the parents.

  22. Oigal says:

    Sick pathetic excuse for a man as are the pathetic ones who cannot stop their inane racism and xenophobia to condemn the replusive creature for what he is.

  23. Andy says:

    jawa asli-no I don’t

    purba-never owned any cowhorns in my life. Only truth is i do like AC/DC. Great band. Also, i’ve never worked as baggage handler and never worked in Tullamarine. I said I worked previously in an International airport. So know the rules. Now i’m a business man. You you’re still a corrupt ex war criminal I guess. And I thought we were so racist you couldn’t complain about it. Seems you have contradicted yourself again. How about a chinese or bule complaining about racism in Indonesia. See how far that goes.

    A good day to all my Indonesian (and bule) friends here….cheers and beers!!

  24. Purba negoro says:

    International Aid is always government-government briery for big business. Everyone knows that.
    THis is why Australia, US, etc opened their wallets big time to China post Sezchguan earthquake.

    And no the largest donor again was Japan, followed by US and China.
    Australia gives pittance.

    Andy- you should know the US had a gun to Suharto’s head- this is how they imposed such massive debt upon us.
    Furthermore- by the West’s own newfound conscience Suharto was into a democratically elected representative of the people and the loans were poorly supervised and the IMF knew exactly where the loan money was being expended.

    Yet another case of predatory usury by the West- as per credit crunch.

    nice infantile comments. Perhaps if you could explain why the US wanted Indonesia in Timor so it could secretly allow its’ y nuclear submarines into Australian territorial waters (against Australian law) and why the US multinational Freeport Sulfur was the major sponsor of the Irian Trikora occupation.

    The US shames Stalin in body count- brush up your history not laundered by your DEp Education. The Russians will be able to educate you about how naive, yet utterly rotten your nation is.

    We retain the moral highground- whatever slur you throw against us.
    The US is seen globally as the great Satan for very real reasons- war for profit and resource control.

    How’s that Iraq oil thievery war going for you?
    Apparently costing $656, 100, 000, 000.

    Almost as much as World War 2 according to the BBC.

    Enjoy credit crunch. That one Indonesia caused right?
    Sorry- just like the recessions of the past 100 years- all the falt of the US.

    Yet another reason why the US has no credibility nor moral high ground to comment on other nations- not even the very worst African despot- angelic cherubs in comparison.

  25. lgun says:

    Well Patrick, thanks for understanding my point that was very nice of you. We do have corrupt government especially under Soeharto Administration, but we are doing our best to eradicate this plague, our campaign againt corruption are taken by our whole element in our nation and i do hope we can extinguish this problem soon. We have result and the world recognized it.
    Than it leave to other problem, that is our mountain of debt to westerneer. we cannot solve this because it involves the debitor or shall I say renteneer, large amount of our debt was from interest, inflation and devaluation. Not to mention half of it was corrupted, where were the corrupted money goes to, western banking of course. It was BS that western not realized this, they knew it very much and they just laugh enjoying the large interest they received, along with the money ‘titipan para koruptor’. How about deleting the sum that comes from the devaluation, or better delete all the debts and I shall say “HALELUYAH, praise be all westerner”, of course this was just daydreaming of me.
    Regarding this Ulfa girl, ‘nasi sudah jadi bubur’. I just hope that sacrifice that she made will benefit her and all of her surrounding. I hear she was an intelligent girl who knows English Language and not afraid to express her feeling, I hope she will better herself with education backed by her husband wealth and used it to advanced her environment especially for young girls education, who knows maybe she will become a Modern Age Aisha.
    This also be the difference from this Puji guy with common pedo criminals, He was responsible for her for life, while common pedo was only after the hole, and spread very nasty desease.

    Andy, let me share you about the charity in east and islamic culture, we are not saying anything about it because it will make it void, and we cant have ‘berkah’ or ‘pahala’ from it. If you give those charity to me and bigmouthed about it I will gladly throw it in front of your face and walk on, sadly i was not the one who received, and you were not the part who gave, you just a part that whinning about it.
    See the difference in our culture, western are all about profit.
    Next time we are in trouble, please Andy dont give your charity, you can stick it up to your arse tho. Cheers.

  26. Andy says:

    Next time we are in trouble, please Andy dont give your charity, you can stick it up to your arse tho. Cheers.

    wish that was true cos I know my tax dollars would be better spent. Instead I know it will be paying dickheads like you while we still have to pay the bills and fund our own water etc…

    Hope you get malaria and diare

  27. Andy says:

    What country says ‘give me money mister’ the most. Igun your country gets that prize. If you don’t like it teach your kids properly and not to expect bules to give you money understand!!!probably not cos you’re a prize dickhead.

  28. tito says:

    Mmm, crazy old man.
    no offense,

  29. rayner says:

    One way in which the Scandinavians have dealt with reducing the frequency of familial paedophilia in their countries is by having the parents present during the sex educational talks which are compulsory in their respective countries. Once children get used to seeing and taking part in frank and revealing discussions both they and their parents are much more able to raise concerns and feelings about abuse.

    What I would like to see is that children are given really practical help in reducing the extent and frequency of this disease. We do need to see a program of increasing empathy and compassion in the child so that when they grow up and have a child under their control they will have enough compassion not to ruin their child’s sexual future just to satisfy their lust.

    In Britain at least this is being resisted as more people have a big problem acknowledging the frequency and hideousness of the problem. Others in positions of power do everything to stop awareness of the problem in case their own lawlessness is exposed.

    Parents do need to be warned that it is entirely possible that their child may grow up to be a paedophile, and to take steps to avoid this. Otherwise the figures will be rising as more and more instances of paedophilia will be discovered that have been hidden because children are unwilling to expose a parent who they depend on for so many things. This is why the figures of step fathers, boyfriends etc which the child may not have the same bonds is rising and appearing in the courts.

    I do not agree with most experts view that paedophilia is an addiction that cannot be cured in the West. All humans have a choice as to whether or not they can fight their feelings of lust and exploitation and refrain from indulging to the detriment of their child.

    Included in most educational curricula should be a sex educators view of the hideous effects of abuse and how to prevent it. Children are not stupid given half a chance their innate goodness and compassion will shine through. They just need some help.

    In Bali I have been led to believe because of the care and compassion with which parents nurture their children child sex abuse is virtually nonexistent. Compassion is best learnt from ones parents and from a superficial view of the Balinese compassion is at least evident in the early years. What I am interested in is what goes wrong? Why does the adult Balinese lose his compassion for his fellow man? Or does he? Does he just ‘stuff’ it and simmer?

    Posters here have recounted many instances of indifference to other peoples well being. Is that a result of government indifference which gives the Balinese adult a lack of willingness to try to change the culture from the top. Or what? I am not criticizing here, just want to know. There is a lot of conflicting views here and much of the written history is distorted that it is difficult to study and find what will help other cultures to change.

  30. Purba Negoro says:

    you’re creeping me out.
    I think I’ll call call my friend in Bali’s BriMob.
    You require closer investigation.

    enjoy your drought.

    What kind of nation:
    *doesn’t build enough dams for its’ people- despite adequate financial and technical resources?
    *ignores future weather predictions of low rainfall over the next 20+ year period but still does not build more reservoire systems- including subterranean- where no water will be lost?
    *has the money, technical capability and correct geology for large scale subterranean water facilities- but chooses to store water in vast outdoor lakes- ion one of the hottest, driest nations with rainfall second only to Antarctica for lowest precipitation- where huge quanta of water are evapourated?
    *waters large expanses of grass, playing fields, and imported plant gardens with drinking water?
    *bans large scale grey water systems in one of their driest provinces?
    *has massive tracts of deforested areas- and still has government bounty on clear-felled land?
    *has one of world’s highest growth rates of arable land desertification and salinity of groundwater?
    *builds a massively expensive hydro facilities that are under used and under-capacity even for their time?
    *spends more money on its Sports Institute than R&D or subsidisation of its’ highly commercial tertiary education?

    *has no saline treatment plants despite being surrounded by very clean sea water?
    *has no large-scale solar power plants despite being sunnier than Nevada?
    *happily digs up some of its’ best fertile farmland to obtain saturated low-calorific high sulfur coal- despite having higher quality coal available in a nearby province?
    *Was one of the last nations to ban CFC’s despite a massive ozone hole nearby?
    *Refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol and start replanting its’ lost forests- despite having very small distance between urban etrrain and sea-level?
    *goes to war and or adopts aggressive posture with nations it has absolutely no quarrel or issue with- despite a major segment of its’ export market being said nations- ie Iran and Iraq- also Indonesia?

    Would that be a nation of D!ckheads?
    Because the evidence suggests so.

    But perhaps I am wrong.
    Enlighten us Andy. Don’t throw stones- that greenhouse is not made of plastic

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