Syech Puji, Pujiono Cahyo & Underage Lust

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The controversy over a politician-cleric’s marriage to an underage girl in Semarang.

43 year old Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto/Widianto, aka Syech/Syekh Puji, the head of an Islamic boarding school (Ponpes Miftahul Jannah) in Bedono, Jambu, Semarang, Central Java, in August 2008 informally married (nikah siri) Lutfiana Ulfa, 11 years and 10 months old, who had just begun studies at a local junior high school, but has now taken up wifely duties at home.

Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto
Ulfa & Pujiono Cahyo Widianto

Sheikh Puji is a very wealthy man, being the owner of PT Sinar Lendoh Terang (Silenter), a handicrafts exporter, and appeared in the news in August for distributing 1.3 billion rupiah (about $130,000) in zakat or charity to the poor. His first wife is 26 years old. In 2005 he was a candidate for the Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) in a regency election but withdrew from the race at the last moment, and has long been involved in local politics. suaramerdeka

Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto
It’s a deal

He also intends to marry two other girls, aged 9 and 7. Of these latter two, Syech Puji says that neither has begun menstruating, so he will refrain from interfering with them, while Ulfa has already entered puberty.

Syech Puji believes his actions have a legitimate basis in Islam, considering that the prophet Muhammad married the 7 year old Aisha.

I’m not just doing what I like, it’s based in religion. It’s in accordance with the prophet’s teaching. You can marry a 7 year old if you like but you can’t have relations with her until she starts menstruating.

Clerics’ Council/Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) leader Umar Shihab condemned the marriage to Ulfa:

Men should marry adults, there are a lot of other prospective brides around. Why has he married a 12 year old? The poor girl.

His actions have been mostly condemned in other quarters, with some saying that he has broken the Marriage Law, and is liable to criminal prosecution. lampungpost detik

One supporting voice is that of politician Hilman Rosyad Syihab from the Islamist Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), who says that marrying young girls is allowed within Islam provided the marriages are not consummated until the girl has begun menstruating. dutamasyarakat

On November 24th 2010 Syech Puji was sentenced to 4 years jail, and a 60 million rupiah fine, for marrying an underage girl. Both his wives, Lutviana Ulfa and first wife Ummi Hani, wept at the news. antara

291 Comments on “Syech Puji, Pujiono Cahyo & Underage Lust”

  1. Oigal says:

    Indonesian now..oh well thats not so bad you know.. I was Malayu last week..mmm..

    Of course based on

    We are in accord on this same issue.
    But soryo and oigal are just opposite of what you say.

    I reserve the right to adopt the machete swinging crazed brown man our ignorant Polack peasant so fears..

    Assmad must be moritfied after all his efforts and I have just skipped straight in.

  2. Suryo Perkoso says:

    I have a super range of machetes available for short or long term hire. Please advise delivery address.

  3. bayi says:

    People like Pujiono Cahyo Widayanto/Widianto, aka Syech/Syekh Puji give Islam a really bad name.

  4. ramli says:

    Go to hell about ‘country Law’ . Islamic Law said OK and this is Sunah. I really support Sheikh!!
    All men out there!…follow what he has done..

  5. ET says:


    Go to hell about ‘country Law’ . Islamic Law said OK and this is Sunah. I really support Sheikh!!

    Are you Javanese? According to some posters here it is impossible for Javanese to commit or support pedophilia.

    Another one who’ll end up with a broken jaw. Where’s my knuckeduster?

  6. Czeslaw says:

    Dear Ramli,
    I assume that you’re a men, and a Muslim.
    Would you be kind and point me to any verse in Koran that allows sex with children?
    Would you mind to point me to any verse in Koran that allows rape?

    What is a rape?

    Under normal circumstances, if a woman don’t wish to enter into the sex with a men, and if the man still made the sexual act against her wish that constitutes a rape under any circumstances.

    Ramli, if someone points a knife to your throat and demands money and you don’t want to give that criminal your money, that is considered an act of crime committed by the person who puts a knife to your throat.

    But if you Ramli, would put a knife to a woman’s throat and demand a sex from her because she is just a girl or woman, a lesser value than a dead donkey in eyes of Muslims, and this is a normal peaceful act?

    Would you let your 7-12 years old daughter or sister (providing you love her and care a lot for her) to marry any one and being raped? Would you? Really? Think for a moment, Ramli.

    This is how we outsiders of Islam are reading and viewing the Islam, by acts and words of people like you.

    We disagree on many issues, but I wish you a peace of your heart and mind next time you would think.


  7. Observato says:

    Comentator such as Ramli is never a good source on learning Islam. Even none knows if he is muslim or merely a traditional Indonesia provocateur. Anyone who want to learn Islamic teachings should read a book. Here is one example, written by Karen Amstrong:Biography of Muhammad

    Actually Islam has made reforms on how the world view woman status, in the context when it was first introduced, when women of civilizations were on miserable status. Just to set one example is that Islam opposed the practice of life burrying new born girls in pre-Islam Arabia. You may follow this links:

    Source 1
    Source 2

    As about the practice of Islam of today, most of negative stereotypical views about ‘muslims’, contructed by some worst cases in Middle East and some parts of Asia, usually do not apply to Indonesia.

    When Kartini (a national heroine of Indonesian women emancipation) was struggling for women status, she was in objection to women status of javanese society, especially those of the aristocrats. And it was more about having equal rights to get education, roles in society etc, not about ‘treatment’ of woman creatures. At the time, to give a bit confusion to some readers here, at pesantren culture (islamized javanese), traditionally women got far better chance in education.

    I call readers here, to go into more detailed matters about Islamic society, as for Indonesia, you can rely upon works of true Indonesianist, who is living or ever living in Indonesia, such as Franz Magnis Suseno (a german catholic priest),Clifford Geertz etc. Google it yourself. Althought the recent situation is a bit different, their works are still very relevant. The Culture itself is a huge factor before you take account the recent situation here, under influences what so called globalization. A society is only can be studied by getting live inside the society. ‘Popular opinions’, since they are heavily influenced by imbalanced media, simply can be very misleading, and should not taken for granted. Ofcourse, unless you have a sort of ‘faith’ (an unchangeable belief about realities) and being in attempt to evangelize the world.

  8. Czeslaw says:

    thanks for your participation into this difficult situation.
    I don’t believe that forced evangelization or islamization to the world is the answer to anything of religious values or human value. Actually it may prove counter productive.

    The natural balance on this blue dot is, that we are all one man kind in all different parts of this small place, we call earth. With each different part of the world we bring a different cultural, religious, ethnic etc., values to this world. It creates a beauty, balance and vigor to our lives.

    I can’t imagine all people belonging to one religion or one political party.


    It will create a Nazi and or Communist version of religious affairs. The line between communism and Naziism could become so thin, that it my be invisible, and it would create the communist-nazzi hybrid of the religious matters/state.

    Just imagine the world if Christians would say, “we all humans have to be Christians, all others need to be converted or be slain…” Or in the world “Christian” put Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, Manitou, Hinduism, etc.. Even I am Catholic, I don’t see any logic or need for converting all humanity into Catholicism/Christianity. The reason may be that we humans may acknowledge that there is a “Supreme Intelligence” which we can’t see nor understand.

    In different parts of the worlds due to different languages we call this “Supreme Intelligence” in the regions’ native tongue(s) a different Names. Perhaps, we maybe referring to this same diaty, and in some cases we may not.

    But under no circumstances that should be a reason to kill other person because she, he or it…..(and here put any reason you can imagine)….

    I wish that the day people will stop killing other people over political and religious reasons will come today. But I know, I am just a dreamer.


    Why so many hatefull comments towards this man, his wife and
    there marriage? It is not for you to judge.

    Perhaps you have been overly influenced, by an overdeveloped society,
    which condones and encourages a CERTAIN type of hatred, which is in fact, a malignancy.

  10. Oigal says:

    Why so many hatefull comments towards this man, his wife and
    there marriage?

    His “wife” is a child who should be playing with dolls not catering to a filthy old man and his perverted desires.

  11. madrotter says:

    straight up oigal!

  12. Burung Koel says:

    Why so many hatefull comments towards this man, his wife and
    there marriage? It is not for you to judge.

    Funny, though, that his supporters seem to be those who are very quick to judge everyone else.

    Perhaps you have been overly influenced, by an overdeveloped society,
    which condones and encourages a CERTAIN type of hatred, which is in fact, a malignancy.

    Dog whistling now, are we? Obviously it must be the Jews that made Syech Puji into a child molester.

  13. Ross says:

    Oigal, you said it so right!
    What kind of gnat-brained anak setan can condone Shek Puji!
    Mind you the Grand Mufti in Saudi says it’s fine to ‘marry’ kids, so who are we to dispute a benighted desert rat?

  14. Ross says:

    Mind you, I don’t like to read those racist attacks on Poles. I’ve been there and they were nice to me and mine. equally the exiled Poles in both countries where I spent my younger days struck me as decent hard-working people, amazingly lacking in bitterness despite the betrayal of their nation by the West in 1945.

    I haven’t read all of the more recent posts on this topic, but I would not say to Czeslaw that he should just ‘not stick about’ if he doesn’t like it here. Lots of foreigners arrive and hit a culture-shock barrier but after a while they find this country grows on you.


    “Dog whistling now, are we? Obviously it must be the Jews that made Syech Puji into a child molester.”

    No mention of Jews or Jewishness. Did I say anything about Jews.
    What I’m talking is a mob-mentality that runs through these comments, and a lot
    of other commentary throughout the internet. It reminds me of a pack of hyenas.

  16. Oigal says:

    Well if the mob mentality in this case considers abuse of child in a sham marriage to a filthy old pervert repugnant and indefensible then I am pretty happy to be part of that mob. Perhaps there is a place for mob justice after all.

    As for a pack of Hyenas…I could not think of a better and more just solution to the issue, could you arrange tickets?

  17. Ari says:

    I have a question for some, how is this mentality at work? My niece just went into an early puberty at 6 yrs old. She just turned 6 and I was barely 9 when I first menstrated. This from a child who has only been capable of tying her own shoes for a week and who was potty trained just three years ago. You’re telling me a baby girl who can’t even color inside the lines in a coloring book and has just learned how to write her own name is going to be raped and called wife just because she started her cycles early in this guys mind? Where the heck do these teachings come from?!

  18. umar junaedy says:

    aslm. de lutfi yang sabar aja ,ini adalah ujian bagi kmu ,hidup adalah perjuangan . tuntut ilmulah sampai tujuan mu tercapai ,insya alloh, kmu bsa mencari jati diri mu yang sbenar nya ,ke dpan wanita adalah tiang negara ,apabila wanita itu baik maka menjadikan generasi kedepan menjadi yang lebih baik .hari ini harus lbih baik dari hari kmaren itu ,orang yang beruntung sebalik nya hari ini lbih buruk dari hari kmaren ,itu orang yang merugi ,wasalam. wr.wb.[ satria piningit ]

  19. Czeslaw says:

    Ari, these teachings are from their Koran.
    Too many of muslim didn’t even read it, perhaps due to the illiteracy issues.

    Likewise in the Pakistan, Taliban promises to poor peasant parents with several children, that they (Taliban) will take care of their children boys, feed ad dress them etc.
    Then they (Taliban) takes these boys several hundred kilometers away, put these innocent boys in Taliban madras’s and teach the Koran in Arabic, which these peasants boys can’t speak, write or read. Taliban makes all possible to make their lives miserable in this world preparing them for the suicide missions. Boys are forbiden from reading papers, listen to the radio, and basically are cut off from the rest of the world.

    On the other hand, Afghan warlords the most conservative muslism and propagators of the sharia law, which forbids the sexual perversions as well as it is forbidden in the Koran, these warlords are using similar under age boys, this time the Afghani young boys the victims of islam, and these warlords are using these under age boys for their sexual perversion. If the Afghani boy try to leave or try to escape these escapees are shot.

    By many scholars, Mohammed was just a mobster, a gangster. He “married” to a 9 years old girl. I just read that in the Muslim countries the Muslim man are taking as young as 3 years old girls as their brides. Imagine how else to describe biggest sexual pervasion!

    Perhaps it will help you if you read “Son of Hamaz” book by Yousuf’s (I forgot his first name) son of the leader of Hamas. Or, “Why we want to kill you”, or other books by Walid Shoebat. Both excellent books which will help you understand the roots of these demonic Islamic system. I believe that you can’t get these books in Indonesia or other islam controlled countries. But you can visit

    But when you were born into the islam, or married into the islam, if you will try to leave this demonic system the muslins will treat you as a traitor and as is written in the Koran, that you will be persecuted for treason, thus as a traitor you will be slain.

    Indonesia is doomed. I don’t see any hopes for the Indonesia, or any other country infected with this Islamic demonic system.

    Visit to get some help in understanding of the issues.

    Peace be with you

  20. Reville says:

    Someone should just kill this guy and be done with it

    if i saw him in street i will run him over in my car

  21. Louis says:

    Syech Puji was really silly. He should have taken the girls with him and go to Aceh which is ruled by the Sharia Law where girls can be married after reaching puberty.

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