Kartika Oktavini Gunawan

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Kartika Oktavini Gunawan in Playboy magazine.

Kartika Oktavini Gunawan was the playmate in the first, and likely last, edition of Indonesian Playboy. This is her story.

Kartika Oktavini Gunawan

Although she was “Miss April” the photos of her were actually quite restrained and inoffensive. She said, in an interview with the Jawa Pos newspaper, that the editorial staff of the magazine had made it clear from the start there would be no nude shots.

A Jakarta girl, Kartika Oktavini Gunawan, or Ika for short, says she just likes being photographed and doing it for Playboy was no different than for any other magazine. She said her family was fully behind her decision to pose. In her home town of Sorong, Playboy wasn’t available so she sent her father a copy. Her father is now famous in the town, she says, and most people there are supportive of her.

After the storm that erupted over the magazine’s publication Kartika Oktavini Gunawan says she has no regrets. Her career has benefited and she is happy. The interviewer asks “Have you ever suffered intimidation from those who oppose Playboy” and she responds in the negative saying that even her friends don’t recognise the photos of her in the magazine.http://www.kompas.com/gayahidup/news/0606/09/010559.htm

30 Comments on “Kartika Oktavini Gunawan”

  1. Felis says:

    Cute chick.
    BTW, congrats on your website facelift.
    Lookin’ good.

  2. Love says:

    Brave girl.

  3. cipto says:

    you’re doing a breakthrough in modelling!

  4. Ariyani says:

    Dear Kartika

    I am a mother with 2 sons, sometimes I fell worry about ” free life ” in Indonesia, I do not agree with FPI or FBR action likes preman , but I do not agree with Playboy, because if we donot refuse Playboy , may be next year or next two year, Playboy will do like American Playboy…….as you know there are many many Indonesian girls will give their naked picture by now.

    And what will be happened with our next generation, please support us my dear, not for me but for our Indonesia genera

  5. yandi says:

    don’t worry kartika.. just do what you can do, and dont worry about all people and dont worry about the next generation coz the next generation not your responsibility. ok… cu.

  6. Oigal says:

    Over here in Europe, we can not believe this is realy happening.
    Indonesia is doomed to be the poorest country in the world, were nobody can say what they want. Don´t they realize that they are creating a world on it´s own? For this model, I can only say: not only very pretty but also clever.

  7. Jon says:

    You are so beautiful Kar..I’m yet seen the magazines but..do take care of you..I’m always be with u..home someday will see u in person.

  8. Lord says:

    No Wonder Indonesian is always going through a lot suffers. I see a lot of Indonesian people, mostly the youngster were never learn & take the valuable lesson for what had happening before. You (the youngster) keep encouraging people to do the wrong things and once the disaster strike, most of you keep blaming The God for what had happen. Don’t you all learn something here…??? Maybe not all of you had experinced the disasters and it’s not you that feel the agony, but once the disaster coming to you, then only you will know the suffers. Disasters may strike in a thousand of ways and disasters do have many faces to show “itself”. Till the time for the big disaster to come, be free to encouraging the people to do whatever they like even the big sins. Then only, we all (The Indonesian) will be going down together due to the Wrath of The God…!!! Think about it of your own, because we all got the brain to use. Be a “smart thinker “nation, not a “dumb stupid “modern for nothing” following” folks. Take Care & Bye…!!!

  9. Obefiend Malaya says:

    I think the indo PB is mild compared to some erotic indo mags I’ve seen while I was in Jakarta a few years back.I think the only reason PB got so much stick is the name ITSELF

    even if u make PLAYBOY a cooking magazine people will still be offended

    the Malaysian FHM is alot more offensive . trust me. not that im saying its ok. I’m just saying people are over reacting

  10. Emile Zatarga says:

    You are not only brave, but a smart girl for taking the offensive and doing what you want to do to promote your talents and attributes. Noone should have the right to decide what you can or cannot do with your own body; and anyone that would try is either jealous or blind to the fact that the world we live in is in a constant state of change…burying your head in the sand and holding the old hardline to try and stem the tide of progress is like declaring the Earth to be flat: you might want it to be, but it just isn’t going to be convincing or effective to those who know better! Bravo and I can’t wait to see you in the Miss Playboy competition at year’s end!

  11. shahril says:

    hello kartika
    apa kabar
    harap kamu sihat selalu hendaknya.

    kartika u very beutiful lady
    i like u.

  12. Mario says:

    I don’t understand radical Muslims, everything offends them, yet, it’s better to kill and destroy than to pose in bikini?? I don’t have a problem with Muslims, everybody is free to join whatever religion they feel comfortable, but I do despise radical Muslims. They’e nothing more than religious opressors and instigators. This girl has done nothing wrong, and she wasn’t even nude. Maybe those radical protesting and destroying Muslims should find something better to do, like go Jihad on their own and go to Allah

  13. Tommy says:

    Indonesian should celebrate the beauty of their women.

    I agree Playboy magazine is mild compare to other publications, but
    I understand the concerns reqarding pornography. A display of beautiful women in natural setting is fine, but any beyond that is just wrong.

  14. Angela says:

    It is beyond belief that this very tame centrefold is even an issue…it just shows how much Indonesia remains in their own dark ages… Thank god for the pioneers such as Kartika who brave the stupidity of the narrow minded and make their own choices about their bodies, life and soul…

  15. iriye says:

    go go go girl!!!!

  16. kurniawan says:

    hi, kartika we support you….
    They are protest and demo because they are jobless or demonstration is they job.They just wanna make sensation like you too…cause they wanna on TV, newspaper, magazine too. they wanna FAMOUS with other way…haha….and part of them they think not popular to support you but in the inner of they heard they love you….. . I think not ONLY one KARTIKA make our country immortal, but corruptors…politic make our country poooooor…. pooor and stupid.

  17. an indo girl in USA says:

    u go girl!! if ur career stuck in Indonesia move to Singapore or even here to US!!

  18. irina says:

    I don’t get it – what is the big deal by you posing in Play Boy!
    Indonesia won’t lose its image just because one person like you brave enough to pose in “so-called” Play Boy.
    Instead Indonesia should be ashamed with what they did in 1998. That made bigger news internationally and put black marks on our faces (until today). C’mon, people! Don’t be such hypocrites…

  19. bk says:

    I’m worrying for the future of our nation, whatever happened to the good-old awesome nude center-fold playboy used to have? When I look at those pictures, I feel dissapointed and feel degraded as a nationalist and a playboy buyer. Why only in Indonesia that we have playboys showing non-nude & non-see through lingerie? Playboy is Playboy! We should keep the good old-centerfold!! I want my money back!! I want my money back!!!

  20. dave says:

    Frankly, kartika isn’t even very attractive. She’s only getting all this attentioin because of a scandal.

  21. Sandy says:

    I think that’s a good performance by kartika and I’ll support her to do more than it, I think she must be more sexy to get her dream.
    By Toraja Boy’s.

  22. jack ass says:

    I really like you. dont worry about Islam organization or FPI. they are a paranoid people. habib riziq is a really Islam teroris

  23. neverbeenachamp says:

    just be yourself and don’t think what other people say, because you haven’t done anything wrong yet..
    being a playboy model is not a disgracefull thing to do at all, especially you didn’t pose nude …

  24. Harsa Pradhirsa says:

    Kartika you are my idol, don’t stop hanya karena somasi itu, teruskan kalau itu menurutmu adalah baik, aku akan selalu mendukungmu, love from me.

  25. Harsa Pradhirsa says:

    I pray you will to blessed god, tegarlah jangan putus asa,mintalah pada tuhan agar di beri kesabaran, keep on going to follow your career.

  26. jokcey says:

    Kartika……………you have to know that your action will give bad influence to Indonesian’s next generation……….please consider the negative impact not only think the money and popularity…….You can be a good human if you always remember to God. Please think it deeply, honey……..

  27. Ken says:

    Kartika, you’re young & beautiful, like our country, Indonesia. I know, life is really tough. But i trust, God always make a way when it seems to be no way. You have bright future, so… basically no need to make any shortcut. I love you, I love Indonesia so much.

  28. yati says:

    kartika…….aduh, people some time act according to their interest only to satisfy their ego;however the action that brings the best result is the one the starts & ends on hum
    an values..which in turn will benefit you, & the others that shares with you its contents.
    whach out my dear..dig down into your soul you find indeed a beatiful girl, which wayout better than your beautiful body. pl.s, offer your best & preciouse self…indonesian needs you..best regasrd

  29. Syarif says:

    I support you kartika.
    Jaman gini masih ngeributin playboy…..basi deh, kayak jaman kuda gigit besi aja.
    Playboy is beauty you know..
    Setiap orang bebas untuk berekspresi!!!

  30. James10x says:

    Hello, Ms. Kartika.
    I stumbled onto your link via Wikipedia, while looking for the young woman, Kartika, who apparently contributes to Wikipedia.
    What was the outcome of your ordeal with the oppressive authorities and negative public opinion? Are you still in Indonesia, or have you found a more supportive environment elsewhere? It is sad to see so much irrational fear and prejudicial bias, especially directed so inappropriately against a sweet and innocent person of obvious good character such as you seem to be. (It radiates from your face.)
    I hope that you are well, and that you have been able to transform your experience into a productive and spiritually joyful period of growth, and success in all of your dreams.
    If you feel like writing me, I would be interested in hearing from you.
    Thank you.
    Best wishes to you,
    Dec. 1, 2010

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