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Indomie television commercials and homemade videos, marketing and loving Indonesian instant noodles.

Diversity Ad

Not a jilbab in sight.

Religious Ad

Fast breaking with instant noodles.

Ethiopian Ad

Indomie for Africa.

Gita Gutawa Ad

The pretty girl in white dress one.

Diva Ad

Krisdayanti, Titi DJ and Ute/Ruth.

Whistling Ad

1993 nostalgia.


Koteka Indomie

Papuans love it too.

Not Nigerian

A British Indonesian fumes against Tesco.

33 Comments on “Indomie Videos & Commercials”

  1. foolosophy says:

    My close friend is a student from NZ. As other overseas students who live faraway from their parents, he finds mie goreng as a refuge to empty stomach most of the times.

    Guess what? He died last month of cancer developed by the substance in instant noodles (according to the statement from the doctors). He used to look fine and healthy, until he got injured during a soccer match.

    It seems that the injury triggered the cancer. He got ill, the injury developed into cancer. From hospital to hospital (NZ, Australia, even to Singapore) nothing could save him. After 3 months he returned to Indonesia to spend his last days with his loved ones. He died last month at Medistra Hospital.

    Do you still enjoy instant noodles?

  2. Yalun says:

    I am sure instant noodle is fine unless you eat it almost every day.
    You should avoid eating a certain food in excess. For example, coffee is OK cause it rich in amino acids but too much coffee would kill you.

    I doubt that instant noodle is the only trigger of this poor boy’s cancer. Cancers are caused by many things such as inherent genetic mutation, air and water pollution, radiation, and consumption of certain drugs. Recent study shows that consuming vitamin E more than 400 unit/day could increase the risk of cancer.

    Back to Indomie, its market share in countries like Australia and some EU countries is very small. More than 90 % are instant noodles from Korea, China, and Vietnam. I guess because the size is too small and no extra dried meat and vegetables provided.

  3. Rama Treiz says:

    Indomie with jeruk nipis flavor (lime flavoring) kicks tons of ass. 🙂 Also sate flavored instant mie is also great.

  4. bukakelambu says:

    Do you still enjoy instant noodles?

    oh yes i do!

  5. timdog says:

    Fabulous… screw pancasila – satu selera untuk semua…
    This could actually answer that niggling question – what is Indonesia?
    I now formally abandon my lingering suspicion that the very concept of Indonesia is a case of confidence trickery on a monumental scale… Indonesia does exist, and this is what it means!
    Persatuan Indomiesia!

  6. foolosophy says:

    Timdog; Yeah, I’m not sure this should “lift” Indonesia’s prestige.. I often see bule buys Indomie mie goreng in BOXES (this is not in Indonesia). My Thailand friend said that Indomie mie goreng is the best instant noodles ever. Only if they know the dangers….

  7. Purba Negoro says:

    From evidence of my servants eating as a staple Pop Mie and Indo Mie it seem to just make them even stupider.

    Mie Sedap, etc- it is all rubbish- like any processed food. Even bakso, melon and even some market fish is no good- who knows what it is injected with these days- formalin? Bleach? TExtile dtyes?
    That must be many times worse than Indo Mie.

    But the woing cilik- are children. If given the choice between ice-cream aqdn apple- which one does the child choose? Yes- they opt for the one most immediately satisfying to base urges.

    Same for the wong cilik- they cannot be trusted to look after themself.
    Better the wong cilik eat ketoprak or nasi goreng, or even rujak, pepes or traditonal snack.
    All healthier, support Marhenism and micro-economy, do not shrink a seldom used brain and far less polluting (makes me very upset to see so much litter and careless people these days).

    You know, you can dig down to three metres in most place in Jakarta and there is plastic rubbish down there from the 1970’s.
    Very terrible and totally preventable.

  8. Enigmatic says:


    Why are we detracting from instant noodles to the ‘wong cilik’?

  9. David says:

    Fabulous… screw pancasila – satu selera untuk semua…
    This could actually answer that niggling question – what is Indonesia?
    I now formally abandon my lingering suspicion that the very concept of Indonesia is a case of confidence trickery on a monumental scale… Indonesia does exist, and this is what it means!
    Persatuan Indomiesia!

    That first video just knocks me out, I think it’s brilliant, well except at the end when they get to the actual noodles bit. If I were a big company with something to mass market and a small fortune for a budget I’d be going to Indofood’s ad agency. The Gita Gutawa one is also pretty good, if a little weird.

    There are some political parties though that are also good at that type of ad, if I remember rightly Golkar came out with at least one classy one last election, and recently there have been good national unity ones by whatshisname, wait I’ll think of it, ah Soetrisno Bachir and I think Prabowo.

  10. jawa asli says:

    years ago when I was still at school, I had to live on a very very tight budget. So I had indomie 3 meals a day at times. Maybe that’s why I am confused now…. 🙂

  11. dragonwall says:


    Indomie, and Pop mie makes a per “stupider” yes because they are your servants. DOn’t forget the ABRI also eat them.

    And one other thing most of the owners are Chinese…horay….

  12. David says:

    Dragonwall, put a sock in it.

  13. dragonwall says:

    Yeah I will the next time and it will come harder.

  14. timdog says:

    Patung – it is indeed brilliant. I don’t even mind the noodle slurp at the end – by that time I’m feeling so uplifted and nationalistic (hell, nationalist for a nation that’s not mine, and that I am generally pretty agnostic about the existance of) they could sell me anything – even a political party…

    Now, why can’t they import some of these production values into regular TV programs in Indonesia? I’d watch sinetron made by these guys…

    Our boy NSG is funnee too…

    Dragonwall – too much Indomie vetsin. Done something weird to you brain, man…

  15. therry says:

    Generally, anything in excess tend to give a negative effect, whether it’s instant noodles, coffee or even oranges (give diarrhea).

  16. Purba Negoro says:

    I think Dragonwall is alluding to his self-pleasure fetishes that are not exactly appropriate to this site.

    Either that or his online English-Singlish translation program is gone haywire gain.

    Try again this time without the “lah’s”, “mehs” and “wan’s”.

  17. dragonwall says:

    Try harder the next time when you say

    Try again this time without the “lah’s”, “mehs” and “wan’s”.

    Try pick out one that I had use any of those except once when I was commnicating with Iamisaid.

    I am US educated do you think I will pick up those? And I think you should consider yourself to be alluding to your self pleasured fetish or perhaps your Indomie and Pop Mie had made you gone haywire gain like a buffon unworthy to compare with your servants!

    Is this the way you put words in some other’s mouth.


  18. dragonwall says:

    And as for timdog, out of curiosity when you said

    Done something weird to you brain, man…

    Which means….

  19. Purba Negoro says:

    Ram Punjabi and the the Chinese producing Indonesian TV don’t want to spend the money- least expense for highest possible profit.

    That’s why sadly the best commercials are by tobacco companies and multi-nationals. Money to burn and interested in quality products.
    Read all about it in Salim Said’s “Shadows on a Silver Screen” – a very good book, tiniest bit old, which discusses at length Sinetron Cengeng and why a Indonesian Chinese will never make art-films.
    No profit lah.

  20. Purba Negoro says:

    US education- like US democracy- the best money can buy…

    Or as that famous flamboyant Irish poppinjay said: “America is the only nation to have gone from barbarism to decadence without the intervention of civilisation”.

    Aha- so that’s why Dragonwall loved it and Ulysses is his favourite read..

  21. Calvin says:

    Well, i guess Indomie has a lot of delicious flavours, but some say Indomie contains a lot of “poison” which can be “kill” us if we consume it too much. But i never worry about that, because as long as we can manage it, we can solve it.

  22. sputjam says:

    Indofood, maker of indomie, is one of those companies that can excel, maybe one fine day, to be as big as nestle.
    Other companies that dominate at the world stage from asean includes SIA-premium airline, MISC-fluid energy shipment by sea, KNM – maker of pressure vessels, top glove – rubber glove, propan prakhan – chickens etc.

  23. Rama Treiz says:

    I noticed in the 1st commercial there is a lack of bule or arab folks in it. If I am mistaken please go ahead and correct me. I wonder what exactly are the chemicals in Indomie that people claim that gives you cancer and other stuff? Also what do the chemicals exactly do with the mie for example give it more flavor, or give it more shelf life?

  24. Purba Negoro says:

    Indomie factory uses latest technology Japanese machinery- I just found out.
    The clever Japanese invented instant noodle and MSG too.

    Indomie factory is one of the largest noodle/pasta plants in the world. It is the single largest importer of wheat and largest domestic consumer of eggs!
    Palm oil- I forget the rank- but at least in the top 20 consumer.

    I understand from people involved with Indomie, Indomie is currently evaluating green technology to improve it’s plant environmental footprint- including waste-water recycling.

    Rather interesting.

  25. Rob says:


    Now I know why I cannot complete with your intellect, I am a proud indomie eater!


  26. Lairedion says:

    Why is everybody so enthusiatic about Indomie?

    Their commercials are great and they have a good business model appealing to the growing number of people preferring quick over healthy. However it doesn’t make me buy and eat Indomie because it’s unhealthy, conserved and tasteless. What’s wrong with nasi bungkus, jajanan pasar dll.? Far more healthier and tastier and supportive to local people putting in an effort to try to make a living by selling their home-made food.

  27. ecky says:

    The best part of Indomie beside the taste, is the smell… it smells sooo damn good…

  28. Purba Negoro says:

    Rob- flattery will get you nowhere and sarcasm quicker a place you do not wish to go!
    We have developed strong immunity to the Chinese habit of fawning florid flattery- so a bule’s flattery is but few raindrops to a monsoon.

    My wife yells at the kids or pembantu for crushing it up and sprinkling the seasoning on top and eating it like crisps: “Astaga… adem… pembantu kampungan bwanget nih…” and on for several minutes.

    For you Rob and most bule- it is ok. The wong cilik have many millions less active brain cells from years of never using them.
    The Indomie, Mie Sedap, Pop Mie whatever- deactivates those few functioning ones along with the Ting-Ting or Beng-Beng or other rubbish they eat.
    But at least they get their iodine.
    We need to feed them more salmon or at least egg!

    For you- it’s ok. For them- astaga… buset…

  29. timdog says:

    As wife of one so fiery, I would have expected Mrs Purba Negoro to have a far more hair-curling arsenal of expletives with which to berate the hired help than the tame – nay quaint – lines you quote…

  30. Farah says:

    Just read my old mail and found this blog here

    …its not only indonesia who love this indomie much… hehehe

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