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All girl pop group, “Moluccas”, had intended to title their second album “Naked” but re-thought the matter, not because they realised that it was in bad taste, but for fear of police action amid the new climate of moral strictness in Jakarta.

The cheerful singing trio of Pita Loppies, Naomi Risamasu, and Maria da Silva, who all come from Ambon city in Maluku, produced their first album five years ago and ended up in court as a result of a personnel/contractual dispute and this time did not want any further legal problems, hence the move away from the daring “Naked” title.

Maria da Silva explained the last-minute name change.

[We changed the title] Rather than be reported to the police! The point is we don’t want the first and second albums to end the same way: in court.
(Daripada kita dilaporin ke polisi! Pokoknya kita nggak pengen album pertama dan kedua sama; berakhir di persidangan.)

said Maria. The name has been changed to “Us 2 U”, not much of an improvement from “Naked” and still in typical moronic pop-music style, but unlikely to cause Jakarta’s men in brown to take an interest.

Moluccas Rethink Naked
Here the Moluccas’ girls are knocking out some no-doubt hideous tune at the Borneo Pub Hotel in Balikpapan.

Not only the album title but the planned album cover photo, featuring the girls garbed provocatively in only white nighties, has also gone by the wayside for fear of arousing the ire of defenders of good morality.

The album is due out on 24th April.

6 Comments on “Moluccas’ Girls Naked”

  1. Moody L. Waworundeng says:

    Hi girls!
    Whatsoever name you decide to use, please try to make it sound international… People like you because you girls are down to earth.
    Please schedule a performance in the U.S.A. as soon as possible. Let us know the deal… All the best.


  2. Dario Latuary says:

    Hallo Girls,

    Why changing it? I do know the story really, but I was so proud to see you girls on Global TV in The US, anyway I was sooooo proud of you three.
    I am Ambonese also, but living abroad for too long, but believe me, to see you girls from my own hometown singing, makes me proud.

    You go girls…..I am your number one fan.

    Dario Latuary

  3. Roro says:

    Yeah you don’t have to change it..
    I reckon you should put your naked bodies on the cover of your album as well..

  4. Javert says:

    What a pathetic police state Indonesia is now with the “men in brown” in Jakarta — may they writhe in agony before the true and unmerciful Allah! And may all others be naked as they please — no shame in nakedness, that’s for sure — unless you’re a fat disgusting old man in brown.

  5. iamisaid says:

    Since when is naked taboo in Indonesia?

    Since when is there a pop idol or a movie idol or any entertainment celebrity who who regularly wears clothing from head to toe whether in private or in public or during showtime all the time?

  6. zekky says:

    for fear of police action amid the new climate of moral strictness in Jakarta

    So what, police will also burn down all shops selling traditional naked statues in shopping malls?

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