Playboy On Hold

Apr 20th, 2006, in News, by

A second edition of Playboy Indonesia magazine may not be forthcoming.

Today the editor of the magazine, Erwin Arnada, was hauled into a Jakarta police station and questioned for five hours. After this he said to reporters, on the question of whether there would be a second edition,;

I think not, we’ll wait on the security situation.
(Saya kira tidak (terbit), menunggu keamanan dan keselamatan.)

He was questioned in regard to four pictures in the magazine, on pages 64, 66, 67, 112, and 113, which featured covergirl Andhara Early and another model, Kartika Oktarini Gunawan. He said the police did not ask about future plans but were only concerned with:

I was aksed about the process of publishing the first edition.
(Ditanyakan proses penerbitan dan percetakan Playboy edisi pertama.)

All of the advertisers who had bought space in the first edition have deserted the magazine and the building where Playboy’s production team had been domiciled evicted them. Additionally the magazine has run into many distribution problems with some wholesalers refusing to handle it. Despite this the editor said the first edition sold about 100,000 copies.

The content of it is no different to a number of other lifestyle magazines on the market but it is the name of “Playboy”, and its association with western cultural values, that infuriates Muslim groups and some of them are determined to see an end to it. They may succeed.

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  1. Rockstar says:

    what do you mean? of course they will win. I always believe it’s just a matter of time before playboy goes down.

    which is sad.. i mean its not about playboy is going down.. it’s about something else. It’s not the power of people who takes it down.. its the power of violence. This has been going on for years.. and it has to STOP now!!!

  2. Dr Bruce says:

    I agree with Rockstar to a degree. It is about the power of violence which unfortunately is still used here under the guise of being justified by Islam (which it isn’t), but it is also about power. That is the power to not prosecute fully those groups which commit terrorist acts on Indonesian soil because that is precisely what the attack on the Playboy offices was – a terrorist attack. If Indonesia is going to be a democracy ruled by law and the civil authorities, then it needs to take care of business, and protect those who are abiding by the law.

  3. Felis says:

    I must say that the fall of Play Boy wouldn’t worry me at all if it weren’t for the principle.

  4. Rockstar says:

    Dr. Bruce.. ncie saying.
    Those are reasons why I think Indonesia wouldn’t even move one step forward. They are going backwards. It’s just so unbelievale.. look at Malaysia and Thailand they suffered the same crisis in 98, now they are so way ahead of us.. way ahead.
    We will never move forward. Investors are gone now.

  5. Patrick says:

    Many countries are becoming much more regressive. Look at the US. And there is a country in trouble…

  6. Paul says:

    How stupid to ban a simple magazine due to religious belief..can they prove that this mag will corrupt anyone???
    Paul au

  7. an indo girl in USA says:

    Lucky that I live in US…hahaha. I can get everythin’ here from nude magazines till porn movies or even sex toys. Hopefully Indonesia will be like US someday ( a dream!) that mature enuff to face the open world. C’mon Indonesia, if u dont like playboy, dont buy it. If u like it, then buy and enjoy it. Enjoy it dudes!! That’s fun!!

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