Hostage Drama at Palestinian Embassy

Apr 18th, 2006, in News, by

Ribbi Awad, who until very recently was under the impression that he was the Palestinian ambassador to Indonesia, claims he was taken hostage by his own staff at the Palestinian embassy in Jakarta, shortly before he was due to return home to the occupied territories.

According to informed sources it appears some of the staff at the “embassy” are disgruntled over certain financial irregularities that are thought to involve Ribbi Awad.

In any case, after being released by his erstwhile colleagues Ribbi, who claims he was kept prisoner from the 13th April, said his head hurt.

Thank god I’m alright and the police came. At the moment my head hurts.

Ribbi went on to explain about his captivity. He said that of late his staff had isolated him and prevented him gaining access to the outside world, and, piling insult upon insult, had stolen his diplomatic car, a shiny Volvo.

I couldn’t go anywhere.

Three diplomatic officers of the embassy, and Ribbi’s acting replacement, Naser Abdul Wahad, were accused of being behind the outrage.

Naser Abdul Wahad later hit back at the accusations:

There was no hostage situation or any threats. Actually he was the only one who was armed.

On denying Ribbi access to telephones and fax machines:

Starting from January 2006 he had already become an ordinary citizen. He was no longer the ambassador and therefore did not have the capacity to represent Palestine in its relations with Indonesia.

Communications equipment is for the use of the Palestinian government not for personal use.

The Indonesian government is stepping carefully around the issue, mindful not to spoil relations with a far-away, non-entity, pseudo country, preferring instead to pick fights with large wealthy neighbours.

We told them, whatever they decide, don’t damage the good relations between us. We asked them to restrain themselves and solve the problem peacefully.

said Aidil Chandra Salim, of the foreign affairs office.

High diplomatic drama in Jakarta!

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  1. Felis says:

    This is so delicious!!
    Well, at least the Palis have great diplomats in in all places.

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