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The case of Lia Eden, a cult leader on trial for insulting Islam. If it weren’t serious it would be funny.

December 31st 2005. Lia Eden is charged with blasphemy.

According to the Indonesian constitution, Article 28 (e):

(1) every citizen has the right to hold religious beliefs and pray according to these beliefs, choose their education and form of teaching, choose their job, choose their citizenship, live in this country, leave and return to the country; (2) every citizen has the right to hold personal beliefs and express their thoughts and attitudes according to what they believe is right. (Source is here, a worthwhile read).

Not according to the Jakarta police force however as today they formally charged “Lia Eden”, real name Lia Aminuddin, with blasphemy and held her in custody for questioning. Her followers however, were released without charge.

Lia Eden

It appears the woman claims to be the Holy Spirit as well as God’s messenger Gabriel, perhaps among other things.

Probably the police would have ignored the matter from the beginning if the mob had not spoken. Thousands of residents from the Bungur, Senen, Central Jakarta area surrounded the home of Lia Aminuddin and demanded justice against a person practising freedom of religion.

She has been charged under Article 156a of the Criminal Code on blasphemy, which carries a maximum punishment of five years in jail. Her case will soon be brought to the attention of the prosecutor’s office.

January 6th 2006. A student protest over the Lia Eden trial.

A small group of students from the Jakarta State Islamic University (UIN) protested outside the Jakarta police headquarters yesterday condemning the arrest and charging, for blasphemy, of Lia Aminuddin, the leader of the Eden sect as reported here.

The students, marching under the banner of the Ciputat Student Forum (Formaci), carried banners and posters saying “reject violence in the name of religion”, and “stop discrimination towards the Eden community”.

Coordinator Kusnandar said that the protest was organized to support the freedom of religion and religious beliefs as stipulated in Article 29 of the Constitution.

We believe that freedom of religion and religious beliefs are no longer protected by the state as mandated by the Constitution.

We also demand that the law that includes blasphemy be revoked because it is in contradiction to the Constitution.

He said that every person has the right to freedom of religion and no one, not the police or any other government institution, can deny that.

Differences in religion should be resolved through dialogue, not repressive action. After all, Lia’s group was only conducting what they believed in, not blasphemy.

June 20th 2006. Lia Eden, real name Lia Aminuddin, leader of the “God’s Kingdom” (“Tahta Suci Kerajaan Eden”) group, is being tried in Jakarta for blasphemy against Islam, as well as disturbing public order, and committing criminal acts against children. Her trial seems to be some sort of comedy show but this should be tempered with the knowledge of the legal circumstances of the case.

The relevant law under which she is charged, in terms of blasphemy, says Hukum Online, is article 156 of the criminal code, and reads:

anyone who deliberately and publicly acts or makes known thoughts which involve hatred, misuse, or insulting of any religion followed in Indonesia shall be sentenced to a maximum of five years’ jail.
(barang siapa dengan sengaja di muka umum mengeluarkan perasaan atau melakukan perbuatan yang pada pokoknya bersifat permusuhan, penyalahgunaan atau penodaan terhadap suatu agama yang dianut di Indonesia, dipidana maksimal lima tahun penjara.)

Her litany of alleged crimes in the blasphemy area is long.

She is accused of claiming that one Mohammad Abdul Rachman is the reincarnation of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. She also carried out prayers in more than one language, and is accused of twisting the meanings of various verses in the Quran to support the proposition that she is the angel Gabriel, and of making halal the eating of pork meat. She has also on occasion been known to claim that she is the Mahdi, the Virgin Mary, and that one of her followers, Ahmad Mukti, is Jesus Christ.

In terms of acts against children Lia is accused of setting a 9-year-old child’s hair on fire seven times, for obscure religious reasons.

It has actually taken a long time for Lia to be brought before the courts. As long ago as December 1997, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) condemned the writings of Lia as heresy.

Her trial began in early April 2006 and all the while Lia has reportedly rejected the validity of the hearing, considering that she is God’s prophet and cannot be tried by mere men. She has also asked that the presiding judge, Lief Sufidjullah, make known his acceptance of the fact that Lia has a lofty position in heaven, as the Spirit of Gabriel, God’s messenger. Judge Lief appears unwilling to accede to these demands however.

Lia Faints in Court
Lia Faints in Court. Her followers claim that she fainted due to her being possessed of the spirit of Gabriel.

At one point in the trial she asked the judge to bring Gabriel himself before the court to testify on her behalf. Any questions, she said, should be directed at Gabriel, not herself.

Lia has not been without legal support. At the commencement of her trial she was represented by a team of 50 lawyers. Whether those fifty have stuck with her is unclear, as her trial continues.

29th June 2006. Lia was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment at the conclusion of her trial today, says Antara. The prosecutor had demanded the maximum punishment of five years. Chief judge Lief Sufijullah read the verdict and said Lia had been proven to have offended the teachings of one of the “protected” religions of Indonesia, and had also carried out unlawful acts against children. On a third charge, that of attempting to incite hatred among groups in society, she was cleared. No such hatred had been aroused by Lia, said the judge.

The judge went on to say that what had condemned Lia in the court’s view was that she had distorted verses of the Quran to suit her own interests and that she had made the running of the trial difficult, by her peculiar behaviour. But, oddly, he said that a mitigating factor for Lia was that she had behaved respectfully in court.

Another presiding judge, one Ridwan Mansyur, said that Lia was being punished for besmirching the good name of Islam but not for her religious beliefs. He said:

So anyone can hold their own religious beliefs, but don’t insult other religions.

October 30th 2007. Lia Eden has been released from prison after serving 16 months of a 24 month sentence. l6

December 16th 2008. Lia Eden, along with 20 of her followers, was arrested again on accusations of blasphemy and is currently being questioned by police.

26 Comments on “Lia Eden”

  1. Derianto Kusuma says:

    I do not see that Lia Eden and her follower has made any violence. It is exactly the people around them that tortured them. And now it is Lia Eden that is arrested and sentenced.

    This country let torturers leave but arrest someone who spread peace in a way different from most of ours. Indonesia still have a long long way to learn and value humanity.

  2. Siti Hilton says:

    In my humble opinion, to ensure that justice is served in the best way, she be instructed to attend psychiatric assessment so that the court can then be in the best position to make a just and fair judgement – to protect her from herself and from others.
    All the best in your deliberations.
    Siti Hilton

  3. Adam says:

    Lia has every right to practice her belief as the Indonesian Constitution guarantee that as a freedom of religion.

    The trial is ILLEGAL since she did not preach HATE against Islam or/and any other religions at all.

    I wish the best for her.



  4. Harry says:

    Typical one-sided disinformation campaign, try to do a bit of research first will you :

    ” “¦”¦. Jangan kau teruskan niatmu atau aku akan mencabut nyawamu”¦”¦”
    (don’t continue with your plan or I will kill you)

    Itu adalah bagian dari surat Lia Eden kepada pengurus Masjid Meranti,
    (it was the threat from Lia to the people of Meranti Mosque)

    apa pendapat anda pak Moqsh*t pada orang yang mengancam mencabut nyawa orang lain.

    If you continue researching about Lia, I think you’ll agree that she’s mad; in need of good counseling support *and* not to be let loose in the community while in treatment. (try looking out for the news when they burned themselves)

    And to think that JIL supported them to continue their practices. This is not freedom nor democracy, it’s madness.

  5. Siti Hilton says:

    I am agreed if she’s mad, as I said before she be instructed to attend psychiatric assessment.
    She’s not allowed to take somebody soul. She’s not GOD, only great power can do that (GOD)

    All the best for the Indonesian Government, to take the good decision for her to come back normal as a person and also become concious as human being.

    Siti Hilton

  6. ayam says:

    It’s a good thing if Lia Eden is allowed to preach in Indonesia.

    And I agree that the constitution guarantees freedom of reliion.

    However, I belief that Lia Eden is not the true Gibrael the Archangel.

    I have been to Heaven a few times, and I can guarantee you that Gibrael is not a female. In heaven, we do not have the concept of gender. Everyone is the same before the eye of GOD.

    I promise you, in 666 days, the Archangel Gibrael and Lubus Cumutus of Diablo el Lucifer will show you the power of One.

    I am about to open my own branch of a very sacred religious group in Jakarta. I am currently compiling all files that I can get about Lia Eden.

    The joining fee is Rp666. Not much, but members get free food and drink every Tuesday night (THis is our sacred and sacrificial night) for life.

    So, get ready.

  7. ayamas says:

    how can people simply created their own religion just for fun and claimed to be a prophet etc.. then charge certain fees. god what happen to the world.

    guys, dont you think these current destruction is not suffer enough. please go back to where we belongs.

  8. Synkronyzer says:

    This woman needs help. She has no basis to claim such things. What she is doing does not represent Islam or Muslims. For her to read/twist the Quran in her way is not lawful. Claiming that she is Mahdi and Virgin Mary is brazen.

  9. Sharina says:

    The woman’s mad. She isn’t blaspheming. She’s just in need of professional help.

  10. Muhammad Nugraha says:

    Nobody (including MUI and FPI and its followers) has any right to judge one’s belief. being different is not identical with being false. it is ok if MUI believes in the way they believe as long as it does not hurt nor harm anybody else. it is also ok if the eden community practices the belief it embraces.

    Nevertheless, once any community or organization, including MUI, goes too far, e.g. judging or torturing other people’s beliefs, in the name of constitution, the community must be disbanded and punished.

    Nobody is to be treated special by the law which is based on constitution. Nobody is higher than the constitution: the mandate of people, nor MUI.

  11. Harry says:

    Nobody (including MUI and FPI and its followers) has any right to judge one’s belief

    Everybody, however, should try to use the brain that has been given to us.

    This is not about freedom of speech, this is about protecting insane people from hurting themselves and others

  12. Bima S says:

    I just wanna add that Harry Sufehmi sounds like a bigot to me.

  13. harry says:

    You got it right Bima, I’m still allergic at people without common sense.

    My friend has advised me to be more tolerant to these people, and I’m working on it.

  14. Randy says:

    I am an atheis but I certainly won’t buy this woman’s baloney. She is virgin mary, and one of his follower is jesus christ? And what’s with the bullshit of “ask angel gabriel in trial for testimonial”? Cut the crap sister, you’re just attention seeking freak.

  15. Foter says:

    DEAR ALL..FEW MINUTES AGO MY Neighbour said he got massage from angel that all religion false include Lia EDEN and he threatened all people to kill them all/….
    I JUST SAID please fogive them he was just Mad and Dreaming to be Angel or else.
    They’ve right to be stupid….hehehehe.

  16. Altaf says:

    This Lady is just trying to attract like all those who have done so far, she needs medical care and attention. If she is not interested in Practising Islam then let her keep it to herself, but she got no right to oppose islam. She needs to be punished for insulting ISLAM. She is a disgrace to Islam. She will repent for this, ALLAH is noting all this. LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, MUHAMMADUR RASULILLAH (S.A.W.) ASH ADU AN LA ILAHA ILLALLAHU, WASHADU ANNA MUHAMMADUR RASULALLAH (S.A.W.).

  17. Rizqi Eko Nugroho says:

    Nothing to say, her name LIA EDEN means LIA EDAN (edan in javanesse means insane or crazy).. just that.
    Punish her or I will make her in sorrow for the rest of her life.

  18. hj.hamba allah says:

    Mrs. lia eden, don’t you afraid to God’s punishment? You are someone that abnormal that i’ve ever seen. I hate you with all you have done. deepest hell will be yours. Just dead as soon as possible, mam. You have nothing to live.

  19. DP Tick says:

    Dear all;

    What she is I don’t know,but at least she is mislead.I hope she will be directed towards the right thing and also then choose for it.The meaning of life?Love!

    That is really all I want to say.

    Hormat saya:
    Donald Tick

  20. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Altaf


    Can you translate this to Indonesian?

    @ Rizqi Eko Nugroho

    Punish her or I will make her in sorrow for the rest of her life.

    What if you are wrong and she is actually authorised by Allah swt? All Allah had to do is to say “kun” and she will burnt in hell; looks like it is not happening any time sooner.

    @ hj.hamba allah

    I hate you with all you have done.

    Look at all the hatred you absorbed from your mecca trip. What we do was already known by Allah swt 50 thousands before the Big Bang. And if Allah had not punished her by now, I am convinced she is angel Gabriel. Allah swt is watching every move you make. Next time you plan your haj trip, consider a prigrimage to Lia. Spend your Rupiah in Indonesia. Charity begins at home.

    @ DP Tick

    You have no right to comment if you are not a moslem.

  21. Wandi says:

    Re :


    Can you translate this to Indonesian?
    He mean “syahadat” so I read that way. You?

    re : What if you are wrong and she is actually authorised by Allah swt? All Allah had to do is to say “kun” and she will burnt in hell; looks like it is not happening any time sooner do you believe Al quran ? An Alloh said that Muhhamad is last prophet, so there is NO “if she is actually authorised by Allah swt ” cos if that happen everything just BuLL!

  22. Cukurungan says:

    What if you are wrong and she is actually authorised by Allah swt? All Allah had to do is to say “kun” and she will burnt in hell; looks like it is not happening any time sooner do you believe Al quran ? An Alloh said that Muhhamad is last prophet, so there is NO “if she is actually authorised by Allah swt ” cos if that happen everything just BuLL!

    Not so difficult to prove, if Lia Eden is authorised by Allah she should be able to escape from our punishement and send bad mantra on me otherwise we will make her as our subject having fun like what we did to Achmadiyah follower

  23. DP Tick says:


    Again I only can say:look to the little children playing outside together,They don’t know all about the world,but one thing they do:try to keep harmony.

    I wish you all good luck.In fact we are all brothers and sisters.All keturunan2 Adam and Eve.

    May God blesses Indonesia.

    DP Tick

  24. Sassi says:

    I always think that computer, one of the most advanced technology today, will never be able to recognize its creator if man does not make it so by programming it, even computer will never be able to act itself how man, the creator, would be served, if man does not design it. This means that computer, as the most advanced creation, will never be as intelligent as the creator, man! It will never be able to think as man thinks, and will never be alive as man is!

    Such a comparison is also true for human being and GOD. No man in the world will never be GOD and no man in the world will really understand how to thank (serve) GOD appropriately without HIS true message. To be the true followers of the true religion, it is not enough to teach justice, goodness, all good deeds with all men’s concepts, without investigating whether the teaching is original from GOD. AL QURAN has been proved to be original, and no man can ever make any statement similar to even a piece of information in the Holy Al Quran. Allah had already sent the Prophet Muhammad SAW to teach HIS teaching in the holy Al Quran. So if Lia’s teaching is far from what Al Quran says………………… far from what the Prophet Muhammad SAW had guided us, just believe that Lia is teaching non-religious thing, and we may also say that she is not Moslem.

    So if Lia insists that she is teaching a religion, find the truth by investigating Al Quran. Who knows Al Quran better than the receiver of Al Quran, the prophet Muhammad SAW? No one, except Muhammad SAW. This means that investigating (learning) Al Quran should also include Hadist, in which Muhammad SAW gave the true examples of the teachings of Al Quran. So by investigating/learning both Al Quran and Hadist, the truth certainly comes up, we can really identify which one from GOD and which one from a deceiver. And Lia is a deceiver!

  25. Sassi says:

    To correct my previous writing ………………….

    No man in the world will ever be GOD

  26. Tika says:

    One’s belief is a very personal thing, and no one has any right to lay hand on it. One can be a jew, a christian, a moslem, an atheist or any other modification of it all. Be it one’s own will.

    But i think it has to go the other way around too. No one can force anyone to believe or disbelieve something. And i think it goes far enough just by judging someone’s beliefs, moreover to touch these existing-beliefs, change it, and influence people to disbelieve it.

    If there is such thing as the ‘true religion’, then why don’t we just let the truth to reveal itself? There is no need to insist or spread words (or threats) that the other religion is wrong, as when God speaks and the heart is suppose to belong to him (or her), so thy will be done anyways, no? 🙂

    But still though.. pretty amazed on how brilliant some people can be. She was arranging her roses the day before, she was tired and went to bed. And when she woke up the next day, she said.. Right.. why not i just be a God today?

    Just brilliant! 🙂

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