Vitriol & Hate Speech

Oct 9th, 2008, in News, by

A vitriolic attack on the presence of foreign experts and smelly expat workers in Jakarta.

“Cheesy Girl”, it seems an Indonesian in Jakarta who lives and works among expatriates, and once had a westerner boyfriend who had a rash on his stomach and stank of fish, writes in her blog about bules or westerners/expats in Indonesia, that they

  • are not experts in anything
  • are stupid
  • are incredibly pampered in Indonesia
  • are nobodies back home
  • don’t clean themselves properly after going to the toilet
  • rarely wash their hands
  • rarely bathe
  • stink of fish
  • have spotted skin
  • act as if they own Jakarta
  • are ill mannered
  • bring disease because they are filthy
  • are barbarians with big mouths
  • are only allowed to come to Indonesia because the government needs tax revenue

She would like to list more of their faults but

There would not be enough pages to bad mouth of those fouls [fools? foul people?].

Expat workers are not needed:

We, Jakartans, are the experts of our own country. We do not need any bule, I underline, ANY BULE, to come here and take all the credit for being stupid and bule. We know the know-how of Indonesian system (If there is any, but it is still a system anyhow), we understand how the society demands, we could talk to our fellow country men.

A la the Achmad Sudarsono of old she states her mission: cheesychunk.blogspot

My fingers are as unleashed as my tongue and I will do what I have to bring in knowledge and truth to my fellow countrymen.

Hello Misterrrr

Some westerners in Jakarta, possibly with skin or other diseases, playing up for the camera in “Hello Misterrr”.

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  1. adinda says:

    lol…cheesy girl, are you physicist working at CERN ? hahaha.. indeed, some boys there are really smelly, but, as in many case, you just ignore it, especially if you yourself, a girl, like to forget to take a bath for days while monitoring the events taking place in collider.

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