Vitriol & Hate Speech

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A vitriolic attack on the presence of foreign experts and smelly expat workers in Jakarta.

“Cheesy Girl”, it seems an Indonesian in Jakarta who lives and works among expatriates, and once had a westerner boyfriend who had a rash on his stomach and stank of fish, writes in her blog about bules or westerners/expats in Indonesia, that they

  • are not experts in anything
  • are stupid
  • are incredibly pampered in Indonesia
  • are nobodies back home
  • don’t clean themselves properly after going to the toilet
  • rarely wash their hands
  • rarely bathe
  • stink of fish
  • have spotted skin
  • act as if they own Jakarta
  • are ill mannered
  • bring disease because they are filthy
  • are barbarians with big mouths
  • are only allowed to come to Indonesia because the government needs tax revenue

She would like to list more of their faults but

There would not be enough pages to bad mouth of those fouls [fools? foul people?].

Expat workers are not needed:

We, Jakartans, are the experts of our own country. We do not need any bule, I underline, ANY BULE, to come here and take all the credit for being stupid and bule. We know the know-how of Indonesian system (If there is any, but it is still a system anyhow), we understand how the society demands, we could talk to our fellow country men.

A la the Achmad Sudarsono of old she states her mission: cheesychunk.blogspot

My fingers are as unleashed as my tongue and I will do what I have to bring in knowledge and truth to my fellow countrymen.

Hello Misterrrr

Some westerners in Jakarta, possibly with skin or other diseases, playing up for the camera in “Hello Misterrr”.

61 Comments on “Vitriol & Hate Speech”

  1. Rama Treiz says:

    Silly girl labeling all bule folks in that matter. Not all of us are uncoth, smelly, barbaric, nor laced with spots. Perhaps she should remove that pike up her ass, and open her eyes to see that there are bule folks whom are clean, well behaved, asserted into Indonesian culture and lifestyle, and do their utmost best to improve Indonesia in whatever ways they can.

  2. timdog says:

    My fingers are as unleashed as my tongue

    works among expats, once had a westerner for a boyfriend… hmmmm, Blok M bargirl perchance?

  3. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    I think she is telling the truth.

  4. timdog says:

    Oh she is, AAB, she is… I just caught a whiff of myself, and pheeeew-eee!
    I’m just thankful for that trace of good blood from that wandering 16th Century Javanese pirate that keeps me just the right side of irredeemable…

  5. Lairedion says:

    Well said. The characteristics she mentioned can be used to describe any expat bule from an English-speaking country, Netherlands, France or Germany.

  6. Andy says:

    Ah who said Indonesians aren’t racist xenophobes. Ok let’s all leave Indonesia for a period of say 20 years and go back after that. I think all will be crying for our return.

  7. Gordon says:

    Stinks of fish? I won’t go there.

    Cheesy Girl? Sounds as if you could do with a little clean up yourself.

    Another thought, why did you stick with a fishy, rashy, filthy Bule as a boyfriend. There are plenty of clean, fragant and disease free Bule walking the malls, bars and nightclubs of Jakarta.

  8. Cheesy Girl says:

    all useless comment..
    all trapping x’self…
    all like bright…
    all confusing…
    the rising generation…
    indonesia is being confusing…
    the rising generation indonesia is lad…
    studies overseas thief…
    covets with the thief…
    angry, suspicious with thief…’
    though its the science is the same’…
    science gotten from occidental thief…
    actually equivalent pride him with thief…
    jealous to succeed becoming thief…
    example of external thief…endless thief…
    here also thief state…
    generation of thief…
    all ready made of thief…
    because its the life result of thief
    Cape deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh..
    kasian deh Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..

  9. Gordon says:

    You are clearly a complex woman.

  10. Andy says:

    Sounds more like a woman scorned to me. Stinks of fish? Did she date Rex Hunt?

  11. Farah says:


    End up my relationship with american student because he was a liar.
    Ever dating with indonesian guy which also big liar too.
    A jerk is a jerk, no matter what their skin color is.

    Not all bule smell bad. Some of worker here, white guys, in fact smell better than some other indonesian guys.
    Some do, smell stink, especially if they “forgot” to bath when they went to office at 6 in the morning.
    If white guys sometimes smells like fish (maybe ?) some indonesian (sometimes) smell like goat… definetly… yuckkkk….. 😀

    At my company they needed as specialist, to run programs which none indonesian could operate, train indonesian, and then after we know what were doing, they end up their contract.
    They teach us some tech, we teach them to say “selamat pagi sayang” and eat some rendang or pisang goreng and tempe.
    Like it or not…. in some field they are few step ahead.

    Some good behave and had respect full educated manners.
    Some just being a jerk and think they’re the center of universe.
    Which is.. actually almost the same like local guys.

    Hey they’re human being too… no body perfect 🙂

  12. Andy says:

    At the risk of sounding like a white supremecist (which some of you already think I am), i’d like miss cheesy girl (yuk what a stupid childish name) to name one thing her country has invented in the past hundred years. Just one…then we bules can rattle off all that we have invented starting with the internet which Indonesians have learnt to use (Facebook, Friendster, recruiting terrorists and hate mail on IM). Then tell me we are stupid, not experts and you guys can do it all yourself. Honestly Patung, i’m surprised you gave a forum to this utterly childish woman. She makes AAB sound sane.

  13. sputjam says:

    Heh! Heh! I don’t kow about you, but i love i when girls smells sweaty and stink. Much better than the arrtificial perfume and soap aroma you get from wanna be’s.

  14. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ All

    What is wrong with you Whiteys? If you stink, then go wash up. If someone say you are rude, then be polite. What can you achieve when you say Indonesians are more stinky and more impolite than you? Can handle truth from Asians, eh?

  15. Cukurungan says:

    i’d like miss cheesy girl (yuk what a stupid childish name) to name one thing her country has invented in the past hundred years. Just one

    In the past 350 years our ancestor did not work to invent a technology but most of them working on Tanam Paksa to subsidize welfare of the white people so they have a spare time to invent a technology.

  16. rima says:

    both white and non whites are as smart, both are as dumb. depends on what pov you see it from.

    but yeah, maybe cheesy has a bad exp with an expat, maybe it’s the cause of her rant. but it’s her blog, she i think is entitled to write whatever she wants in it.

    @Andy: what’s AAB?

  17. Enigmatic says:

    rima fauzi Says:

    October 10th, 2008 at 8:13 pm
    both white and non whites are as smart, both are as dumb. depends on what pov you see it from.

    but yeah, maybe cheesy has a bad exp with an expat, maybe it’s the cause of her rant. but it’s her blog, she i think is entitled to write whatever she wants in it.

    @Andy: what’s AAB?


    What’s with the girl? Did she get dumped by the bule and then bitch about all bule in the world? not very fair eh? at least farah’s view is more objective.

    and what’s cheesy girl’s problem now?

  18. Andy says:

    rima, AAB=Aluang Anak Bayang

    AAB-What is wrong with you Whiteys? If you stink, then go wash up. If someone say you are rude, then be polite. What can you achieve when you say Indonesians are more stinky and more impolite than you? Can handle truth from Asians, eh?

    Ok AAB, if I stink I will make sure I wash myself I promise. Which I do after playing footy on a warm day or working out or going for a jog. But for the most part I smell great. You can ask any of the Indonesian women who have slept with me for confirmation on that.

    Now, promise me the same will go the other way. If bules say Indonesians are lazy, you will work harder. If we say you are intolerant, you will denounce terrorism in all it’s forms. When we say you are racist, you will stand outside our embassies with we love the west placards. Ok deal?

  19. timdog says:

    OK, I’ll try to make a semi-serious response to this now…

    “Cheesy Girl”‘s piece is strange, garbled, confused and confusing, but somewhere down in the tangled knots of that confusion is the three-quarters-formed foetus of a valid opinion: that Indonesia and all manner of other countries (and not only “developing” nations either) allow outiside organisations, companies, individuals and governments to do things for them that they ought, in theory, to be able to do themsleves.
    This phenomenom is very much part of the world of globalisation, of free-marketism, of open trade.
    It works up and down and backwards and forwards in differerent ways in different countries.

    So you get some “developing” countries that hire the “expertise” at the top from outside; you get some “Western” (and, it must be said, some “developing”) countries who hire in the cheap muscle at the bottom. Then you get some quite frankly bizarre places like the UAE where they hire everything from Judges to pot-washers.

    In some countries, possibly including Indonesia, that hired foreign help at the top can very easily have its value and status artificially inflated. At the same time the hired foreign help at the bottom can have a detrimental effect on society and ecconomies: in the UK the “native” workforce has largely been “priced out” of the low-earning jobs by keeping wages artificially deflated and filling them with ecconomic migrants from poorer countries, leaving the entire service and construction industry vulnerable to absolute collapse should those workers decide – as they appear now to be doing – to “go home”…

    Are there problems with having “hired help”, at top or bottom? Yes. But “Cheesy Girl”‘s rant is basically a silly Sukarnoist hangover (“What’s that? Indonesia is a shambles that doesn’t really exist? Allow me to answer that question directly and honestly – LOOK OVER THERE! There’s a foreigner! There’s a Malaysian! It’s all their fault! Confront them! Crush them! Merdeka! Indonesia forever!… phew, think I got away with that one…”).

    With her rant against the individual bules – fishy or otherwise – working in her country (who are simply cogs in a vast system, as much as Polish builders in the UK, or Indonesian maids in Singapore, or the imported workforce building Dubai) she totally misses the point – which was, ironically, the original purpose of instigating such sentiments all those years ago anyway…

  20. Lairedion says:

    Andy said:

    Honestly Patung, i’m surprised you gave a forum to this utterly childish woman.

    Look who’s childish. Ringing to a Melbourne hotel to check the whereabouts of PN and now whinging about this piece. Why don’t you kick back for a while?

    Too many people take this piece of Cheesy Girl way too seriously. She had a bad experience with an expat bule (with spotted skin, probably an English speaker) and wrote a rant about it. Big deal. I think it’s fun to read.

  21. Brett says:

    My God some of the things said on these comments are VILE!

    Cheesy Girl makes some good points.

    The most intelligent thing on this entire bloody page is from Aluang Anak Bayang:

    What is wrong with you Whiteys? If you stink, then go wash up. If someone say you are rude, then be polite.

    Here here!

  22. kinch says:

    @Farah: You’re perfect for me 🙂

  23. Where is this Cheesy Girl’s blog, Patung?

  24. lomboksurfer says:

    @ Cheesy girl – Baby where have you been I have been looking all over this f….n sh*t town of yours and until my mate directed me here to Indonesia Matters I thought all was lost. OK OK I read what you said and now I will reply in the hope that you will once again be my little beach bunny waiting for me on the sands of Bali and Lombok or wherever tasty waves are formed.

    * Are not experts in anything ha ha ha you make me laugh baby as you know who your daddy is when its time to leave the pub.

    * I am stupid because I don’t want to really work at anything but surfing? Board riders rule the ocean baby and just what do you rule? Maybe your driver or maid ya but you have to pay for that privilege but the ocean is free so who’s stupid now you silly _itch? Ha ha you know I am only jiving with you baby right?

    * Ya I plead very guilty to being pampered but whoa! baby! Look at me I am a white god here with my tall lean tanned body and don’t forget my blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair. Can you really blame the worship? I mean come on get real! Ok you got me about the bad crooked teeth but that because me bloody parents are Brits and that’s a national emblem or something like that there so its passed generation to generation so not my fault, sugar.

    * Nobody back home? Are you out of your bloomin mind? I have you know I am one of the top surfers in all of NZ and I have been featured in NZ Surfing magazine several times including as a replacement for the cover when a Great White slaughtered the competition so to speak. Love sharks, as the ocean is their environment.

    * Can’t clean myself up after the the loo? Got me there I am afraid as the skid marks in me shorts are a dead give away. Well I reckon I will have to use my hand like you if I am going to improve. Just keep reminding me to wash my brown hands after or my mates will think I have gone off the deep end.

    * I will handle the bathing and stinking like fish together. Right! Lets try 1 more time I surf all day long 7 days a week in the ocean where fish live so bloody right I smell like a stinking fish and I am proud of it and you never complained until I accused you that night of smelling like an f…..n tuna fish yourself..ha ha ha! But I want you back so I will agree to a bath at least once a week even if I don’t really need it because you melt me baby!

    *Spotted skin? Oh you mean those small homemade tattoos I have down there where the sun don’t shine? There permanent so live with coz you know you can’t live without me sunshine!

    * Ill mannered and act as if I own Jakarta? That’s because I do! You see how the babes fling themselves at me. I almost need a bloody machete to hack my way through all the flesh of ayam that surrounds me. I know it pisses you off tremendously but is my fault the surf gods made so perfect? (Except of course the teeth as previously mentioned).

    *Bring diseases because we are so filthy Baby? you know perfectly well that it was your best friend who jumped my bones when I was drunk that time in Bali and that’s how I got the crabbes that I passed later to you. See it really wasn’t my fault as your friend took advantage of my being inebriated. I was definately the victim just the same as you beach princess.

    *The Holy Barbarians rule as you know wonder girl that they are one of my favorite heavey metal bands so no insult there baby. In fact you showed me love!

    * Tax revenue – gees sugar what does that all mean? I just thought I was another bleedin surf god tourist out to smash my board on the waves of your archipelago? Its me parents money mainly I just spend the stuff! And when I bloody well spend it on you I never heard a complaint did I? Thats another thing you rule that bleedin wallet of mine. You think I was a bloody ATM machine the way you carry on but when you call me daddy it’s all my time and money so no complaints from me darling.

    List more of my faults? Don’t you think you said enough baby? Expats not needed and experts in your own country? Now you are way out on the surf break beach bunnyand in treacherous waters because no brown turd can out surf me. I rule the waves and those little brown kamikazzee pilots just don’t have the moves and skills to be world class and ask any serious board rider and they will tell you the same.

    Who in the hell is this dude Achmad? Some speedo wearing Kuta cowboy or should I say cowgirl? Please! Don’t make me laugh as he doesn’t have quite the hose that I do to quench that raging fire in you Cheesy! Be my girl and me in Club Barbados after midnight? Who is your daddy now Cheesy Girl?

  25. timdog says:

    … Achmad…. that you Achmad?

  26. Rob says:

    Here we go again!


    The link in the original post should take you to the Cheesy Girl blog page. I have just been there and it worked fine for me.


    I am not sure that this is a competition to see who has invented the most “stuff” over the last couple of centuries.

    I am almost choking on my lunch as I write this, but credit where credit is due, AAB has a point (albeit it applies across the board and not just to us whiteys) and that point is if you smell take a bath or shower (use soap) and instead of being rude try and be polite.

    Just like any stereotype there is a degree of truth to it or otherwise it would not exist in the first place. Not all bules fall into the stereotype that the Cheesy Girl uses but that is not the point of her piece. It is on her blog, it recounts her experience, and that experience is as real to her as any of the rejections of it written are to those that wrote them.

    Parvita’s piece that appeared here previously is also a recounting of a personal experience and her point of view is hers (and seemingly not hers alone). Yet, even though I do not agree with Parvita on a lot of the points as they relate to the stereotype that does not mean that I do not accept that her account to be real. In any event, even where I disagree with her and others, I would argue that they have a right equal to anyone else in order to express those opinions and views.

  27. Gordon says:

    @ Lomboksurfer

    Are you real? I have met some people like you in Jakarta, but not quite so completely like you. Did you spawn the rest of them?

  28. Brett says:

    @Gordon Lomboksurfer’s a 19 year old tech geek in Medan employed by JI to perpetrate stereotypes and cause general chaos in the blogosphere 😉

  29. lombok surfer says:

    Give me a few minutes dudes to free me bloody head of the clutter as what a night for two nights bleedin straight ha ha ha! Can’t bloody well help myself! Hold on rolling a joint and toking away….now! Ah man is this weed bloody good as it just flown in from North Sumatra. Really very good sh*t! Wait opening a Bintang and now drinking it all bloody well down and now I am ready to write. Burp! Fart! Hold on again. Who is that in my bleedin bed? Man she is out cold and snoring. Damn hate chicks that snore so I think I will get rid of her after she wakes up sometime late this afternoon by the bloody looks of her. Nice ass though so maybe 1 for the road? Hope she has a decent face to go with that ass? OK back to my letter.

    Hey Cheesy girl sorry about Saturday night. My mates and I split out of Club Barbados around 1 AM so not sure if you showed up or not? We made our way to some Club called Embassy and full of chinese babes who treated me and the boys like we were conquering heroes but hey why not right? You ever see those nerdy looking Chinese men? Man how do they make such firey hot woman from those bloody losers? Wish I had to time to bleedin think but why bother thinking when so many good bloody things just happen to me? Some slant eyed babe with a mean looking curvey ass turned us onto some hits of ecstasy and we ate them like candy all bleedin night long. Man I never danced so long and hard in my f….n life. And the babes, all over us of course, but mostly me coz as you know I am the King of the bloody Surf gods!

    Somewhere around 3 am some Chinese babe invited us to Sydney 2000 and OMG it was totally awesome! The most narley club in Jakarta or at least when I was there. Come to think about whatever bleedin club I seem to go has its best night ever while I am holding court. The lucky bastards to be in my presence ha ha ha! Well you know the continuing story of my life eating ecstasy and chasing it down with either Coronas or Bintang and of course fighting off the most awesome babes on the planet Indonesian brown sugarbabies! And of course sprinkled in with some slanty-eyed Chinese yellow candy. Yum! Yum! Man I am having the most awesome bleedin time of my life but as you know I have been saying that every year for five years since I arrived here in this bloody surfers paradise. I think we stayed there all day and most of last night coz its late Monday morning. Shit the time really does fly on ecstasy! Totally awesome sh*t!

    Beach Baby I promise last night was the last night out with me mates and I am going to be a changed man for now on. And that bleedin yellow bird in my bed now means nothing I f…n swear. After I finish later with her I will tell her to hit the trail home. Maybe tomorrow or next bloody week I will head to Lombok and catch some tasty nasty waves before the season comes to an end. I was bloody dreaming about Belongas Bay or maybe Desert Point? You want to ride my bloody board with me there? It will be like old times Cheesy girl. You and me again my beach bunny having fun in the bleedin sun!

    Aku cinta selau Cheesy girl,


    P.s., Tell the shirt and tie nerds that bloody well right I am the real f…n deal. Brett & Godon sounds like a bleedin gay-boys wedding in the making …ha ha ha! You bloody right I am not from Medan as the surf sucks! Surfers rule Indonesia and you boy are just rented by the bloody local business companies so to speak! Loose those bleedin corporate ties and become part of the surf gods lore and maybe then I will call you my bloody mates but until then f…off and mind your own bloody business. Ha ha ha!

  30. janma says:

    We do not need any bule, I underline, ANY BULE, to come here and take all the credit for being stupid

    that’s right honey…. you can take all the credit for being stupid yourself….. LOL!

    By the way…. I’ve found Indonesians to be pretty stinky myself…. specially in the lower income bracket…. spotty too…. all that fungus from bathing in gutters downstream from where Wayan is dropping a number two! Ha!

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