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Inul Daratista falls foul of the mob.

A group of about forty activists descended on the home of singer and dancer Inul Daratista in Jakarta today demanding that she not appear in any future edition of Playboy magazine. As is typical on these occasions, mob action, even one as small as this, proved successful and Inul Daratista caved in to their demands.

Inul had previously said, in response to questions from journalists, that she would be willing to pose for Playboy. Then, a day after the first edition of the magazine was published, Inul said she had been approached by Playboy management over the possibility of her appearing as the cover girl for a future number.

Inul Home

This is what caused activists from a group called “Garda Bangsa”, National Guard, apparently a wing of the National Awakening Party, PKB, to descend on the sexy singer’s home in Pondok Indah, south Jakarta.

Wev’e come to see Inul because we feel strongly about this. We only want to remind her not to do whatever she feels like.

said the leader of the mob, Andi Sutomo.

Inul was understandably shocked to see her home surrounded by banner waving busybodies but agreed to meet with a representative. Then the cave in began.

I promise not to appear in Playboy. Thankyou for your support.

Even more pathetically, she earlier said, in her general defence:

What I have done so far I think is right. I dress modestly.

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  1. Rockstar says:

    Yea, that’s sad isn’t it? I wouldn’t judge if Inul was right or wrong, but the mob action should just be stopped!

    I somehow can understand Inul and would probably do the same if I was in her shoes. Man surrounded by this mob -and a guy named Andy Sutomo which I believe wouldn’t have a guts to approach Inul by himself- wasn’t a good experience at all.

  2. arthur says:


    I have been there and I must tell you.
    It is easy to sit in an office in the most
    wealthy and stable country in the world
    and say, ” she caved in” and act like she
    did something wrong. Perhaps then
    You should then go to Indonesia and invest
    all your assets into a home and a business
    and then you might find out what it is
    she was going through.

    Over there the people decide what is right.
    If a mob descends on your house, there is
    nothing that will save you but your own
    ability to be polite and compliant.
    If you think that some almighty police force or
    military action will save your day then you are
    sadly mistaken my friend.

    The people of Indonesia are by and large very kind
    and good-natured. However, if you are deemed a
    wrongdoer for any reason and continue to defy the
    guidelines of “society” you might find yourself in
    an intractible bind. If you are subject to a mob and a
    demonstration you must be pentinent and show your
    sincerety. If you continue to show impudence and are
    brazen or diefiant, the crowd will batter down your door
    and no matter how mighty or righteous you think you
    are, you will be dragged out and beaten, humiliated and
    probably killed.

    no lie.


    Arthur R. Cabral


  3. Zaki says:

    Before making such a huge fuss about eradicating Inul’s so-called “erotic” image, the mob should first focus on eradicating the problems closer to home. I would die of shock if I found out that NONE of the men in that mob had taken a 2nd wife. Yes, sadly (and I am speaking from experience) Indonesia is, like many other countries, full of hypocrites who are ready to preach against other people and yet forget their own sins which are committed behind closed doors. It wouldn’t surprise me if some Inul-bashers secretly delight in watching her on TV when no-one else is around.

  4. Katjoeng says:

    Inul Daratista probabbly has more morals then her accusers.
    Let the who have NO sin be her judge, she makes an honest living and is a great entertainer.
    More power to you GIRL! si Katjoeng di Amrik!

  5. Denny says:

    Inul Daratista is a talented Dangdut artist who dresses modestly and she is unique. I was not a fan of Dangdut but after Inul appeared on TV with her unique “Ngebor” dancing style, I started to respect and like Dangdut more. She is humbled, nice and very religious.

  6. Khusnul Khotimah says:

    Well, as we know she apologise what happening in the magazine pics, I think she made right move for that don’t you? When she say no she won’t do it not mention lagu2 ne bang Roma, tapi itu khan permintaan penonton jadi ya syah syah wae. She is unique jangan ditanya rock dangdut dari mana dulu Jawa Timur. Ora onok bandingane tha?

  7. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Assalamualaikum Mbak Khusnul Khotimah, what other choice she had beside apologizing?


  8. Khusnul Khotimah says:

    Ass. wr. wb mas Aluang, hello ketemu lagi. What do you meant by what other choice. What you espect her to do? That is not appropiate as human saying it.
    What I learn in life is to forgive and forgiven. What goes around is come around.

    If you can’t forgive her that is your choice. I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s done.


  9. the Big al says:

    Mob rule is always a bad thing. Many of us who have lived in Indonesia remember the sixties, when mobs killed at will, and now mobs try to enforce their moral codes with intimidation. Stand up and be FREE!

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