Mahatir on Islamic Terrorism

Apr 14th, 2006, in News, by

Mahatir Mohamad, conspiracy theorist and former prime minister of Malaysia, offers his thoughts on regional Islamic terrorism.

At a conference in Malaysia organised partly by the Center For Moderate Moslem Indonesia to promote Islamic unity in the world Mahatir was questioned on the activities of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group formerly led by the slain Dr Azahari.

He said it was difficult to know if the group was definitely still active in Indonesia since it was an underground movement. Malaysia, he said, would hunt them down if they returned from Indonesia (many of the top JI operatives are Malaysian nationals).

It’s really easy for that group to conceal themselves in Indonesia since there are 220 million people in Indonesia whereas in Malaysia there is only about 20 million so it’s easier to catch them.
(Memang cukup mudah bagi kelompok itu untuk bersembunyi di Indonesia yang penduduknya 220 juta, kalau di Malaysia yang sekitar 20 jutaan, tentu lebih mudah menangkapnya.)

Ho hum but would the real Doctor Mahatir stand up? Ah, here he is:

People like Amrozi and Imam Samudera are evidence of the anger caused by the actions of the west, America, and Israel, those who have annexed or colonized Palestine.
(Orang-orang seperti Amrozi, juga Imam Samudera merupakan bukti kemarahan atas perlakukan politik pihak Barat, Amerika Serikat, dan Israel yang menganeksasi atau menjajah Palestina.)

The causes of terrorism have to be dealt with, he said. The causes are Jewish-American outrages committed against the Palestinians. He offered some advice for would be terrorists:

If they are really angry and want to fight Israel and America just go there. But don’t come back to your homeland and look for soft targets. That’s called abuse and those who become victims are us.
(Semestinya kalau mereka marah dan hendak melawan Israel, Amerika, pergilah ke sana. Tetapi mereka kembali ke tanah air dan mencari soft target. Itu namanya penganiayaan dan yang menjadi mangsa adalah kita.)

3 Comments on “Mahatir on Islamic Terrorism”

  1. Jimmy Asmara says:

    Terrorism is created by Israel and America. They belong together and they are brethren in each others homeland. Israel and America are killing Muslims to show the world that they have the best weapons in the world and can annihilate people anytime and anywhere. What America and israel dont know is that their people and investments are just as easy targets to terrorise with anywhere in the world too.

  2. Ali says:

    Mahathir – people would call him a racist had he not been Malaysia’s (former) PM. A pathetic, narrow-minded, short-sighted person who thinks that everyone who doesn’t think like him is wrong.

    And for you Jimmy Asmara, sure, you’re just like that poor Mahathir, blame the US and Israel for anything bad in this world.

  3. Dragonwall says:

    I think Mahatir is basically afraid of he himself being made a target.
    A Racist, cunning politician and a cruel former PM. He just cannot stand the sight that someothers are smarter and brighter than he was (past tense) because he is that smart after all.
    On the other hands he like western technology but in the face of terrorism this guy chickened out. He just cannot Rest In Peace perhaps. I hoped to see this guy grows to 80 and walk the street of PJ or his morning run around Pudu.

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