Blacklisting of JI Men

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The assets of four men associated with the Jamaah Islamiyah terrorist group have been frozen by the United States Treasury department and the four have formally been blacklisted.

Those blacklisted are Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Gun Gun Rusman Gunawan, Taufik Rifki, and Abdullah Anshori. “Blacklisting”, in the circumstances, entails that United States citizens are forbidden to engage in any financial dealings with the men.

Jamaah Islamiyah is thought to be responsible for a string of terrorist acts in Indonesian over the past six years including two bombings in the tourist island of Bali.

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

Abu Bakar Baasyir is currently in prison in Indonesia but will be released shortly. He is believed to be the “spiritual” leader of Jamaah Islamiyah.

Gun Gun Rusman Gunawan is the younger brother of Jemaah Islamiah operations head Hambali. Hambali was arrested in Thailand and is now in US custody. Gun Gun himself was arrested in Pakistan in 2003 and deported to Indonesia three months later. In October 2004 he was sentenced to four years prison for taking part in the attack on the Hotel Marriot in Jakarta the previous year.

Abdullah Anshori is believed to be the head of Jemaah Islamiah’s Mantiq II division (see He is one of the most senior leaders still on the run.

Taufik Rifki is thought to be the group’s ex-finance officer in the Philippines where he is currently in prison.

From Detik and BBC.

Supporters of Baashir denounced and riduculed the move by the US Treasury.

Baashir has got no bank accounts anywhere so the whole thing is a fantasy.

said Munarman, one of Baashir’s lawyers.

Fauzan Al-Anshori of the Mujahadin Council and a close friend of the man claimed the whole thing was a dirty trick to prevent Baashir’s release from prison, scheduled for June.

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