No Clemency Sought for Bali Bombers

Apr 12th, 2006, in News, by

The three men on death row for the first Bali terror attacks in 2002 have not sought clemency and neither so far have their families and therefore they will likely soon find out whether Allah rewards mass murderers with 72 virgins in heaven.

The family of one of the men, Imam Samudra, have outright refused the Attorney General’s Office’s offer to seek presidential clemency for him. Attorney General’s Office spokesman Masyhudi Ridwan said Tuesday the head of the Denpasar District Court had contacted Imam’s family in Tangerang, Banten, and received their response on Tuesday that they rejected the offer of a clemency plea to the president.

Masyhudi said his office had also contacted the families of the two other Bali bombers, Amrozi and Ali Gufron (alias Mukhlas), whose families both live in Lamongan, East Java, on Tuesday but had received no response as yet.

Law No. 22/2002 states that the family of a condemned man can ask for clemency. Therefore, even though the prisoners have refused clemency, it is our responsibility to ask their families.

he said.

Masyhudi said that if all of the families refused clemency, it would mean all of the required legal procedures had been fulfilled and that the three would immediately be executed. Nothing happens “immediately” in Indonesia however and there will likely be much to-and-froing to come.

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  1. zalech says:

    I wonder, if same procedure of Indonesian government of helping of attaining presidential clemency was also directed toward Mr Tibo and other people. I believe that taking life of human being for any cause or reason is wrong. Executing of the BalI killers is wrong. Killing people on BalI was also wrong. It is a paradox which need to be solved not by suicide bombings or executing these criminals. I do not know how to solve these problems. I believe that an institution, including a religion which promote killing in its own interest shall not be considered as a religious organization. It is just in simple terms an organized criminal organization. If they kill in the name of this or that, which could be the name of some higher power like god, or to kill in the name of selling some cocaine, opium, hashish, etc, there is not difference of the cause. All what counts here is the end result, kill another person. Another criminal act of murdering people. How this can be called a religion in whosoever name. If we all will embrace same ideology as the Islamist terrorist, we will have to kill each other to the last standing person. There will be no other outcome. What is the logic behind it?

  2. Satan says:

    A Matyre IS a person who’s persecuted and killed because of their beleifs. These clowns think they’ll go to heaven and get unlimited sex with virgins who become ‘tight’ again after sex so they’re virgins again.

    Gods man, how juvanial is that? and people actually beleive in it?!?!? No matter, I’ll deal with these piggies when they die…..They’ll get 72 virgins all right, but it wont be humans…Instead they’ll get female pigs, sheep, goats, cows, camels, mules, and horses that are vigins.

    Well, they ARE female and they ARE vigins, so what do you expect?…..their beleif never said they’d get HUMAN female virgins….So Imagin the looks on their ugly faces when they arrive in hell and I greet them with a slash to their faces with my talons and give them their ‘virgins’ to have sex with (I’ll force them to do it as well) and my minions and I will beat them for eternity, ripping out body organs from their soul which takes physical form in hell and all the would be fatal injuries cause insane agony but since they’re dead, they cant die again so the pain remains. their organs regrow ready to be ripped out again.

    I cant wait to torture these losers! Saddam is a asshole though…he keeps wanting sex with me while I’m trying to do my job….Sheesh!

  3. Emilio says:

    Gooooo Satan :))

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