Wahidin Halim, Tangerang

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Ross on sharia lite in Tangerang and Mayor Wahidin Halim’s re-election bid.

Establishment Kow-Towing to the Worst

A week or so ago, the Jakarta Post reported that the Mayor of Tangerang, Wahidin Halim, was being supported in his bid for re-election by a constellation of establishment parties, most of whom are not generally regarded as fanatic. Yet this civic leader is surely the self-same man who has presided over the enactment of primitive ordinances which quite blatantly discriminate against women, notably that which imposes a curfew on any lady who dares to leave her home on her own after the hours of darkness.

Wahidin Halim
Wahidin Halim

Unless my memory does me a dis-service, it was his rules that led to a respectable teacher (see Prostitution In Tangerang & Lilies Lindawati) being grabbed by municipal goons and arraigned as some kind of hooker, just because she was waiting for a bus in the early evening, and had the temerity to wear – or was it just carry? – make-up.

The Mayor of Tangerang had a moral duty to intervene and stop that nonsensical case, and in my view should have been compelled to go down on bended knee to apologise for the folly that mobilized the nitwits who grabbed her. He hasn’t, so far as I know.

Lilies Lindawati
Lilies Lindawati.

Such conduct ought, in any sane society, to have made its author a political leper, but instead he has gained endorsements from the major parties in the country. I have been waiting for the leaders of these parties, several of whom aspire to high office, to disown their local chapters, but silence prevails. Yes, maybe the Mayor has administrative achievements to his credit, maybe, but Mussolini made the trains run on time and that hasn’t let him off the hook of history’s judgement.

What are we to make of this? Along with the recurring reports of supine police collaboration/appeasement of the FPI scumbags, most recently in yesterday’s JP revelation that said Islamonazis are permitted to stroll about the court precincts where they are meant to be awaiting prosecution (with honest folk scolded by the duty cops they protest to, then assaulted by fanatic hoodlums with not a police hand raised against the thugs) it appears that the powers that be in Indonesia are busily coming to terms with the worst elements in the national body politic.

Good guy statements about disallowing sharia bigot bye-laws are wonderful to hear, but they remain statements, not deeds, and deeds are what count when democracy is under threat.

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  1. Purba Negoro says:

    More damning evidence against the liberal democracy of today.

    This is precisely why Suharto, Sukarno, Nasution and other brilliant minds did not allow democracy- the idiot Rakyat cannot cope with the burden.

    Removal of the Nasution Dwifungsi miliatry bloc from parliament means the State can no longer veto ridiculous popularist Islamic nonsense- and now is a very real threat.

    Every single Islamic party is a Darul Islamiyah lite. Nasution realised this, having foutgh Darul Islamiyah in their civil and reasoned the best defence against them was via permanent veto so they could never ever have parliamentary majority.

    Personally, I yearn for the days when we can purge the Islamics once again from society with the full weight of the security apparatus of the State.

    Now the Westerner slowly realizes we were right all along- blood-letting occasionally is the most effective cure.

  2. Andy says:

    Well, aren’t all citizens of the world entitled to choose whoever they wish?

    The elected representative of your council, city, state, province or indeed country is supposed to be a reflection of who you are. If they mess up they get voted out of office. If on the other hand Indonesians believe this is what they want and if they then vote them back in a second time who are we to argue? Let’s not forget, as unpalatable as it is for me and most free minded liberals, muslims make up the majority and may want this form of leadership..

    Palestinians elected terrorist Hamas in democratic elections and Pakistanis seem to prefer islamic leaders than nationalist militarists. Hold on tight. There’s a rocky ride ahead…

  3. bukakelambu says:

    Islamic conservatism and extremism are on the rise, those political leaders are simply agreeing with the majority of muslim population in Tangerang to get re elected and continue on with their business of plundering the taxpayers money.

  4. Rob says:


    So your point is that all Sharia laws are undemocratic and that the Tangerang laws are particularly so. What about Sharia economic laws?

    It seems that the new Head of the Constitutional Court feels that the laws are perhaps unconstitutional as a result of the disharmony they bring to national unity. However, I would agree that actions speak louder than words on this one.

  5. Purba Negoro says:

    It’s like the cheek of the Acehnese now complaining about Sharia.
    They voted for it, they lobbied for it THEY WANTED IT! Now they find their medicine is not so nice.

    This nation has far too much at stake to be left to the feeble devices of the Rakyat.
    Asian societies require firm Monarchies to run them- the people are still yet too undeveloped to cope with the serious burdens and responsibilities of a true democracy.

    Now we have lunatics in charge of the asylum, elected by fellow lunatics.

  6. Rob says:


    Do you vote?

    If so are you one of the lunatics in charge of the asylum or one of the fellow lunatics that voted and elected the leaders in charge?

  7. Ross says:

    Well, Rob, I am no expert in sharia economics, though I would be unwilling to put my meagre savings in a bank that doesn’t pay interest!
    But my real point was the way the erstwhile ‘nationalist’ parties, especially Golkar, are sucking up to the loonies. The Tangerang mayoralty is not perhaps a crucial battle-ground, but as another thread suggests, the porn bill is, and Golkar, led by a man to whom prostitution is a matter of women just wanting to get a little house (recall Kalla’s jokey comments on contract marriages) is not interested in stopping it.

    Golkar politicians are among the most repulsive in a nation where few are attractive, so we can take it that few MPs really care about porn.
    This leaves us to conclude that it is a matter of perceived electoral advantage, and as Andy suggests, maybe most Indonesians really do want to be led into a sharia state, in which case it is their country and tough on us expats (and normal Indonesians who like to live like citizens rather than slaves)
    But do the majority really long for sharia?
    Polls have shown large percentages in favour of sharia law, but sensible Islamic scholars have pointed out that those polled might see it as their duty as Muslims to answer thus, without giving thought to its practical implications. Much as Brits, Americans and Old Commonwealth respondents might be expected to say that laws should be based on Judaeo-Christian traditions (though with comprehensive education now the norm in the UK and the steady advance of ‘progressive education’ elsewhere, it is doubtful that most kids know the meaning of those words these days!)

    As my daily meanderings bring me into contact with large numbers of young and older Indonesians, I find it hard to see much demand for stoning hookers, banning beer or outlawing dancers who display their navels.
    Yes, plenty want tougher punishments for real criminals and I can’t disagree with that. Equally, most don’t care for obscene pornography, and favour censorship. Fair enough. I am no liberal, as most of you know, and few Western societies until the Sixties saw much wrong with censorship (although having got rid of it in terms of anti-obscenity laws, it is being restored by liberals who want to suppress debates on climate change, perversion and immigration)

    Admittedly, my turf is Jabotabek, and out in the hinterland, views may be quite different. But the swarms of primitives who attack nightclubs and Ahmadiyah mosques with equally gleeful ferocity are no more than swarms, numerous yes – yet how much do they represent the population?

    The Bolsheviks took Russia into seventy years of servitude despite pitifully small electoral support in elections to the Constituent Assembly. Hitler’s seizure of power was never endorsed by a majority in Weimar Republic elections, nor was Mussolini’s ‘March on Rome’ an exercise in democracy.

    My point is that a country I like may be going down the tube due not to any upsurge of popular fanaticism but to the moral turpitude/lethargy of a political establishment which won’t take a stand for the majority – who in my personal opinion are conservative (like me) but not remotely in favour of Iranian or Hamas-style tyranny.

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    simple solution. Ban democracy, annihilate Islamics and treasonous seditionists with extreme prejudice with the full security apparatus of the State

    Rule the Rakyat with an iron fist.
    Military autocracy again. Proven formula for success.

    Rob- I vote but only for Nationalists.

    Third point-

    Patung should post my story about this soon, but according to Independent Polls the majority of Indonesians fear national disintegration.

    Having had Timor being stolen by the Aussies and their current agit prop in Irian, as well as Commonwealth countries and USA illegally invading Iraq for their geo-economically strategic oil- who can blame them.

    The only institution in the country with the ability and sophistication to repel adversaries has been unfairly and ill-conceived pandering to Western moral onanists returned to the Barracks.

    Westerns lack the wit to see what the Rakyat need. Food, medicnie, money.

    Democracy provides none of that. Direct Foreign Investment does and it requires political stability- hence so much capital flew to China from all over ASEAN

    Democracy is nothing more than the trite frivolity of the elites- including those claiming to be for the people- Western moral panderers, academics, intelligentsia and the bourgeoisie.

    The military being truly of the people and involved with the people down to the lowest possible level of below even beneath Kepala Desa- intimately understand the needs of the Rakyat in a way no other can.

    Dwi Fungsi was envisaged by Nasution- a Muslim who had personally fought the Darul Isla’amiyah extremists in our civil war
    Nasution, being a man who understood the Rakyat, like Pak Suharto, far better than they understood themselves knew they were incapable and unworthy of having a voice in the running of the nation- hence they were rightfully excluded by Sukarno and Suharto (who understood the Rakyat intimately) until which time they were developed enough to bear the burden of the citizen of a republic.

    This nation needs Guided Democracy.
    I quote Sukarno in a speech of 1958:

    “Indonesia’s democracy is NOT LIBERAL DEMOCRACY. Indonesian democracy is not the democracy of the world of Montaigne or Voltaire. Indonesian democracy is not à la America, Indonesia’s democracy is not the Soviet—No! Indonesia’s democracy is the democracy which is implanted in the breasts of the Indonesian peoples…. DEMOCRACY IS ONLY A MEANS. It is NOT AN END. The end is a just and PROSPEROUS society.”

    Further underlined by Pancasila NOT authored by Suharto- as idiotic Westerners continually erroneously claim BUT
    the Committee of Nine (Panitia Sembilan) (Sukarno, Hatta, Yamin, Maramis, Subardjo, Ki Hadikusumo. Wachid Hasyim, Agus Salim and Abikusno)

    1Kebangsaan (nationalism)
    2 Kemanusiaan (humanism NOT internationalism)
    4 Keadilan Sosial
    5 Ketuhanan

    …all based on gotong royong which is “working together in the context of for the ultimate benefit of the village”, the village n this case being the Nation State

    Prosperity requires stability.
    Only the military can provide this- Western limp-wristed token protestations, tearing of clothes, wailing and gnashing of teeth or not.

  9. PrimaryDrive says:


    Why is it that every time I see your texts it is as if my old PMP book from the past has returned, in 10x of the original size, to take revenge on me for skiping most of its parts. 😀

    I had a teacher who asked from us to be able to recite the whole 36 Butir-butir Pengamalan Pancasila. Another teacher wanted us to recite the whole Preamble. My poor brain still suffers the side effect until this day.

  10. wali says:


    I just consider the situation right now ( especially in tangerang district). I need the leader who can lead the citizen between us, can minimize the problem of sex, drugs and moral. A little start to support big thing.

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