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Andhara Early, formerly a little known TV presenter, has made a good career move in her choice to bare not quite all in the first edition of Indonesian Playboy.

The pretty, sweet looking girl with the odd surname made history as the first woman to grace the cover of Playboy Indonesia. Although she has been reported to the police by the Islamic Defenders Front we can be sure her prospects have greatly improved since Indonesians are fascinated, no obsessed, by celebrity, the more scandalous the better.

Andhara Early

Andhara was born in the city of Balikpapan, Borneo on 11 September 1979, which makes her younger than me. According to Matamata she weighs 45kg and stands 160 cm tall, which isn’t very tall at all. She is the product of a union between Adilwan Astrawinata, father, and Narwia Nara, mother.

She once appeared in the film, “Rumah Ketujuh”, Seventh Home, and on television she has appeared in the soap operas “Keluarga Besar 13”, Vanya, LUV, and Lupus Milenia 2, and has presented Latin Night on Metro TV, Panco on Indosiar, and Pesta also on Indosiar.

She was once married, to one Ferry Iskandar, whose name I have heard before, a singer, but like most celebrity marriages in Jakarta it was short-lived and surrounded by scandal and rumour during its brief life. A child born to Andhara Early while she was married was rumoured to have been fathered by someone other than her husband, the sort of thing that makes the tabloid press go wild and wild they did go, with Andhara Early lapping up all the attention she could get.

No doubt her life is only going to get more interesting, and complicated, after her sexy poses in Playboy.

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  1. Ulf says:

    She is the type of “indecent girl” I would like by mi side, no problems with it. He, he, he!

  2. raben says:

    I’m proud of her for willing to be the first playmate. Damn! I wish I was in Indonesia when they release the 1st edition. Good luck Mrs. Early, you’ll be fine!! I got your back!…


  3. Godam says:

    I like her
    I love to have wife like her

  4. Emile Zatarga says:

    Maybe when the Indonesian public realizes their Stone Age ideals are not going to work for much longer, it will have be too late for you to make your mark in this world! Go for yours and worry about the thin skins of other people later…nobody who has ever been successful has avoided stepping on a few toes. Get your posterity now, because in 20 years, who is going to want to look at you shriveling up!? Good for you, I wish you safety and much success in your future!

  5. Ai says:

    Dear cute Early,

    I like you like a sweet candy…..I wanna marry you !

  6. GP says:

    I’m confious about the Indonesia Police Dept declaring her be the suspect of crime act yesterday. I was read and see her in the playboy magz, I did not see every thing could be push her be the suspect.
    Please grow up our nation, Our country can not broken with the pictures of sexy woman like Andhara did.
    I like her, she’s smart and strong.
    She’s consists with her choice to grow her child without a man beside her.

  7. Andhara Early says:

    Thanks a lot for all of supports to me…
    I really appreciate about that..
    thank you thank you and thank you….

    best regards and always happy 🙂

    Andhara Early

  8. Art Lover says:

    Dearest Early,

    Representing many decent art lovers (if not all), your decision to be the first Indonesian woman exposes the body nature and beauty in PLAYBOY magazine is considered as part of human rights. No one including the government officers may have the power to limit such action (being photographed sensually), except otherwise such product(s) proved as humiliates someone, certain association or body. The fact says that noneless of that matter occurred.

    By doing that you also have already showed to the world that Indonesian women are existed and speaks loudly through pictures in the existing universally acknowledged magazine, such as PLAYBOY.

    Nevertheless, we believe that money is not your utmost to accept such performance but deep in your heart says that ‘I am confident to do this challenge’. Never give up to your own faith ’till love melt you down.

    The Art Lover

  9. Ubay says:

    Your still single, I do?

  10. Chris says:

    Mmh, is it true Ariel “peterpan” is father of your daughter? Damn you Ariel.

  11. Sumar says:

    Hi Andara
    My name is Sumar, I live in North Jakarta, I appreciate with your bravery to be a model at Indonesian Playboy. May I know your resident address and mobile phone number my love.
    Good luck pretty woman.

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