Indonesian Art Market, Paintings, Artists

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  1. David says:

    Singapore has a busy Indonesian art auctions scene – so perhaps Indonesian artists are not household names to the average Joe – but those learned art dealers are aware of them and appreciate it.

    Yes I used to be a little bit active in the art scene in Surabaya, as a very small time buyer, anyway when there exhibitions by young artists sometimes Singaporeans would come in and just buy the whole lot for xx million. If you looked at it on a per-painting basis they weren’t paying that much and I asked one of the painters I knew, who was an awfully nice young fellow and pretty patient with an art ignoramus like me…, why he just let his stuff go fairly cheaply and his reply was – so I can keep painting… I don’t know but that reply has always sort of stuck with me, rather affecting in a way…

  2. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Mr. Patoengs…

    How many millions we talking ??

  3. David says:

    Well Achmad, xx meant double figures, but in the lower ranges I think, this was 5/6 years ago, they were quite small exhibitions.

  4. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Patoengs !

    why not talk about some of the artists on IM ??

    Who knows who might click onto it & help out the artistes…

    Surabaya is an underrated center of funkydom. Funkyhood ? Funkness ? Funk… u get the idea.

  5. David says:

    That’s an idea Achmad, Djunaedi was the fellow’s name I was talking about, I’ll chase him up, he might even be fabulously successful by now. There was another fellow who sticks out in my memory, he looked like a wreck, went to his kost once and was struck with more than a bit of pity, he lived in a broom closet room, horrible little place, and he painted in there…Then one night at what was quite a big, expensive, fancy exhibition with some Bali stuff I ran in to him again and barely recognised him, he’d had a wash and smartened up…

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Very Seksi, Mr. Patoengs.

  7. janma says:

    Achmad, my husband is a painter… he used not to be, but he is now…. and I embroider his paintings. he’s selling them in masterpiece auctions and he also buys other art and sells it at the auctions, which include singapore. Indonesian artists are seeing something of a renaissance at them moment, part of the china/asia art obssession gripping the art world at present…. some go for loads of money, take a look at masterpiece website…but he artist rarely gets the amount they sell for.

  8. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    @ Janma,

    Cool. Good to hear about the renaissance. Maybe it’ll stimulate a bit more experimentation – seems like there’s still alot of Affandi/Nyoman Gunarsa worship.

    Do the artists lack business skills, not interested, or just find it hard to wear two hats – in terms of not getting the cash. Got a link for the website ?

  9. David says:

    On that site, hmm I rather like this young revolutionary lady but I’m not paying 30,000 for her….

    Here’s a statement about Lapindo.

    Janma do you think there’s much of a market for marketing/selling Indonesian paintings over the internet, or people want to get up close and clap their eyes on them at a gallery/ auction?

  10. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Mr. Patoengs,

    Think it’d have to be in person. I always find my nude performance art has much more of an impact in person, than over YouPorn (before the White Man took it off).

    I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but doesn’t alot of art get sold over champagne-glass clinking and air kissing by well-heeled spenders, daaahling ?

  11. janma says:

    Patung, I know a lot of cheap balinese art is sold over the internet, decorative pieces… flowers and the like… but real art, people want to see it… they exhibit all the paintings in an auction for awhile before the actual auction so that prospective buyers can see them.

  12. Marisa says:

    You could subscribe to magazines such as ArtI, Patung, for information on local arts, exhibitions, curators, from process to market place.

  13. Rob says:

    My office gets like a auction magazine every month or so. I think it is titled “Sidartha”. I am not sure on the title though. I will pay more attention next month though and pass on the info.

  14. janma says:

    C Arts is a good mag…. for contemporary art…. I yuv it.

  15. Paul says:


    Can anyone help ?.
    I would like to buy a painting from the artist Mas Padhik.
    How can I contact him ?.

  16. Barry says:

    My wife and I have three paintings by Indonesian painters, bought in 1988 at an exhibition in a five-star Jakarta hotel. Unfortunately, the signatures of the artists are not really clear but they appear to be Sianto, Kidrio and Gilbono.

    We are currently looking for interested buyers.

  17. Guy Pinger says:

    I have a beautiful painting of the rice harvest done by a Balinese painter out of Ubud. It is signed Wy Suparta or Wy Supavta, it’s hard to tell, but below the signature it is signed Jamon Ubud. I believe is art was featured in the New York Met. mueseum many years ago. Does anyone now anything about this Balinese Artist?

  18. richard rothschild says:

    I have a painting by a w surpartha signed with ubud next to it. The painting is 7ft wide by 3 ft tall any ideas about this painter or a value. I inherited the painting.

  19. madrotter says:

    you might ask this guy, he’s an artdealer/poet/musician from california living in ubud…

    he does this site: and

  20. C W White says:

    Does anyone know of a midcentury Javan painter named Sujuono (I think that’s
    the signature). He painted vast landscapes, and his son did hundreds of knockoffs
    in the 80s and 90s to sell to tourists. I have a large original purchased in
    Jakarta many years ago.
    Thanks for any info . . .

  21. alan says:

    I like Indonesian paintings. I have one painting by a Mr. A. Sharto. It is a nude lady lying on her bed. I cannot find any paintings done by him. Is he an Indonesian and is he still painting?

  22. Paul says:

    I have recently acquired paintings by indonesian artist . Two paintings of a topless young woman with hair and face elegantly done, both paintings are of the same woman maybe done at different times, they are signed Abdul. If any one knows of this Bali artist, is there talk of a young mistress that he would have painted and never display. One is a colorful painting of an old woman and it is signed agus.

  23. affan says:

    hi paul.. are you still looking for mas padhik painting? you can can contact him at his facebook account with username : mas padhik. tq

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