Amrozi Executed by Firing Squad

Nov 9th, 2008, in News, by

AmroziAmrozi, Muklas, and Imam Samudra are executed by firing squad.

Ali Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, Ali Ghufron aka Muklas/Mukhlas, and Abdul Aziz aka Imam Samudra aka Qudama were executed at Nusakambangan island prison, Cilacap, Central Java, some time after midnight on Sunday 9th November, for their roles in the 2002 Bali bombings.

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  1. Purba Negoro says:

    For the Islamic apologists do not forget who the victims were in the similarly motivated Marriott bombing and the Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta.

    Who is most effected by downturn in tourist industry?

    Poor, hard-working, indigenous, (many Muslim) men simply trying to be a good father for their families. Exactly the kind of person Allah loves and WILL reward.
    Not coward-lunatic calling himself a jihadi or freedom fighter. No!

    Allah hates these people and will punish them for all eternity for blaspheming his name and religion.

    So it is very clear who the current enemy of Indonesia is.

    Islamics and their enablers and apologists. Cowards and back stabbers who lack the intestinal, moral or testicular capacity to fight under anything other than security blanket of green flag.
    And who run and cry like schoolgirl to the West who they just so recently bad mouth when the military fight fire with fire.

    Exactly like GAM and Achenese traitor. Coward, liar, a yellow jaundice turd wrapped in human skin who defames our religion and inflames the propaganda of the West

  2. Czeslaw says:

    Alf Janszoon,
    I kind of follow your dialod with Peter to tray to get the feel of both minds.
    As a former Catholic, you learned first hand, that you can leave this faith any time for any reason, and your head still will remain on your neck.

    Will this same happen, shall your decide to leave Islam?

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