Amrozi Executed by Firing Squad

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AmroziAmrozi, Muklas, and Imam Samudra are executed by firing squad.

Ali Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, Ali Ghufron aka Muklas/Mukhlas, and Abdul Aziz aka Imam Samudra aka Qudama were executed at Nusakambangan island prison, Cilacap, Central Java, some time after midnight on Sunday 9th November, for their roles in the 2002 Bali bombings.

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  1. Purba Negoro says:

    Indonesia may now breathe some sigh of relief- Islamics be warned- your days are numbered- society hates you and will never support you.

    I hope every shot was aimed at his groin or his shoulder so he bled to death feeling some of the pain he cause so many innocent victims.

    This man was not a Muslim- he was a coward hiding under his religion.
    He is now an excellent example o the fate of those who will kill and maim innocents.

  2. Syonan says:

    The people who brought terrorism to Indonesia is Noordin Top and he is a Malaysian and not an Indonesian. I wonder why he didn’t plant his bombs in Malaysia but does it in Indonesia. Till this very day, I have not seen the Malaysian government lifting a single hand to help the Indonesians to get rid of this ‘parasite’ but leave it to the Indonesians to settle it on their own. Noordin Top and Osama has already damaged the good name of Islam and what I have seen is that the Organization of Islamic Conference till this very day has not taken a single action to address this issue and to rid the world of this manace.

  3. Czeslaw says:

    Dear Mr/Mrs. Iman
    With all due respect to the victims of Bali and other victims or religion discrimination in Indonesia, and the families of executed, from what you’re saying I am not sure Mr./Mrs. Iman, that you live on this planet.

    In the countries you listed Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan etc…, majority of crimes and murders are committed by Muslims on muslims, and then where there are some warm Muslim bodies left, they will try to hunt to kill some outsiders. So, the murder, kidnaps, extortion, and killings are in the Islam genes more the in all other religions combines through the ages.

    To refresh your memory Mr./Mrs. Iman, muslims are blowing themselves up in the crowds of other muslims killing in 1,000s annually. Muslims are kidnaping other muslims and are beheading them.

    Not that long ago I saw in a picture of about 12-14 years old Pakistani boy portrayed as a hero because he beheaded another Muslim, an adult men, because…… (fille in your pleasure from Koran Mr. Iman)

    In my view a man was murdered by muslims, and child’s life was destroyed for ever. Also in normal human view this boys’ place is in the school, so he could learn some skills, and make his life beneficial to society, him self and his family. Manipulating this boy to commit a crime, is crime in it self.

    Where is your comment on it?

    Re: Palestine. Palestine is a piece of meat to Iran, Syria and Saudi’s politics, if it is anything. I sympathize with Palestinian people. I hope they will open their eyes very soon on reality around them. I hope so. Also, if Palestinians parents would send their kids to school instead of brainwashing them into suicide psychopathic behavior, that would help heal Palestinian wounds much faster.

  4. funny says:

    iman, how come people keep bringing “us bombs this, us bombs that” but they never bring up “middle-eastern suicide bomb this, middle-eastern suicide bomb that” or “middle-eastern plant a bomb here, middle-eastern plant a bomb there.”? heck i take 9/11.

    double-standards? perhaps with a hint of hypocrisy? please wake up man.

    anyways, good riddance. people who shows genuine regret and remorse after a crime should have a shot at parole (in this case, life imprisonment), but these people deserved to die like the vermins they are (sorry to all vermins out there). instead of apologizing they are threatening. enjoy your virgins, b*tches. hope u enjoy it.

  5. Cukurungan says:

    So, the murder, kidnaps, extortion, and killings are in the Islam genes more the in all other religions combines through the ages.


    It is only your delusion because the history told otherwise, the Muslim is the most peaceful people on earth and the Islam have not yet appeared in the list below:

  6. Pakmantri says:

    @ Cukurungan,

    Who do you think number 9 on the list from your link is?

    “menepuk air di dulang terpercik muka sendiri”

    Benar-benar “cukurungan” ngana!

    Peace 😀

  7. Ross says:

    Well, at last they summoned up the bottle to do the right thing, and since ‘better late than never,’ I commend the tardy regime, grudgingly.
    But they equally deserve harsh criticism, for by their indefensible procrastination – and indefensible is the right word, for both I and many others have been questioning these delays for months, with no serious answers forthcoming – the regime gave apologists for evil ever more opportunities to cause trouble.
    At first it was a matter of some surat not being delivered into the right bureaucratic hands, and back then, months ago, I suggested that one of Jakarta’s trusty ojeks could have got the job done speedily ( suitably escorted, perhaps, by a couple of BIN’s doughty minions!).
    Nobody in the government apologised for that incompetence, then or since.
    Then we had the absolute assurance that the vermin would get their dose of pesticide before Ramadan, a promise flagrantly broken with no serious attempt to explain it, other than a vague suggestion that the Muslim population was so infected with fanaticism that they’d object (and since when does implementation of the law depend on cretinous bigots’ approval?)
    Then this last week we’ve had the rainy weather adduced as a problem, one of the few aspects of this sordid farce that gave me cause for laughter.
    Next we heard that the killer kaffirs ought to get another Friday prayer before being despatched to hell -it would have been nice if Muhammadiyah and the NU had spoken up and told the government there was no need to weasel on these grounds, but never mind.
    Then we had a text news on TVOne announcing a ‘technical problem.’ A firing squad requires fingers and rifles, and can operate in a large field or a small room, so what could the problem have been?
    A series of shambles, created only by the authorities’bumbling gutlessness.

    But since the deed is done, let’s look at the aftermath.
    It was for many years, and maybe still is (I don’t honestly know) the case in civilised countries that the wicked were not interred in hallowed ground, but not only were these scum given all the benefits of religious ritual but in both Lamongan and Serang afforded a heroes’ reception by raucous mobs in their kampungs, banners clearly visible saying ‘Welcome, Martyrs!,’ and clenched fist salutes. The so-called clerics involved offered no homilies reminding their flocks of the monstrosity of mass-murder iin the name of religion.
    Normally, despite satisfaction that they’d got their just deserts, most of us would spare a thought for the terrorists’ families, but far from showing any tinge of shame or any hint of shared suffering with the victims’ kin, many if not most aligned themselves with the worst elements in Indonesian society, Abu Bakr Ba’ashyir presiding in all his satanic majesty, and one of the ‘bereaved’ mothers bawling ‘Allahu Akbar’ with her fist raised as high as any primitive FPI street-thug.
    The absence of condemnation of such outrageous manifestations from the MUI, which purports to represent (and is recognised by the Government as doing so) Islamic thinking has been conspicuous over the last few days, weeks and months.
    Last night, Sunday, on TVOne, the MUI Chairman assured us that jihad and terror were not compatible in an Indonesian context, but he might have been more convincing if he’d gone on TV Sunday morning and told Muslims that the terrorists ought to be buried quietly by their families and that conscientious clerics and decent folk in general should stay away, much less demonstrate loud solidarity with the late undesirables.

    The failure of much of the media to do its job again requires attention. Only TVOne gave anything like the proper amount of coverage to the issue, and there was no real investigative journalism evident, no cross-examination of the government spokespersons’ shifty announcements of delay.
    Saturday night, with the whole country and much of the world waiting for official word from Cilacap, we had some poor chap named Jasman on tv between 1 and 2am to represent the Attorney General, who was too busy or too asleep to appear in person, but Pak Jasman only came to the press conference to say he couldn’t confirm anything – dear God! Doesn’t the AG’s office possess handphones, faxes or email? Are none of these facilities installed at the top security prison where the riflemen did their good work at 12.15 am? It was about 2.15am before the guy shuffled back to tell the journos what we all aready knew.
    Switching channels after midnight, to see if the others were matching TVOne’s pretty good performance (giving the news at 12.26am), I found Metro, ‘the news channel,’ happily showing some endless American showbiz garbage, while most of the rest were displaying equal indifference. Only later did a few deliver ‘breaking news,’ RCTI ‘breaking’ it nearly two hours after TVOne! ANTV wasn’t too bad when it got going, but TVRI, the national channel, had of course long since gone off the air, as usual.
    What gives with these people? Are they really such bad examples of their profession, or did they muffle their voices to keep in with the in-crowd?

    Oh, yeah, and one final point, to accord with my policy of giving stick to foreign countries as well as the one we live in.
    Australia’s Foreign Minister was on tv on Sunday afternoon, preaching to us about how Canberra would be back on its self-righteous pulpit as of now, telling everybody else to stop capital punishment. He stressed how it was a broad-based, non-partisan policy, though the last time I visited Aussie I didn’t meet anyone who didn’t want the kaffirs put down.
    That Minister’s own Government uttered not a word (that I heard -did anyone else?) urging the preservation of Amrozi’s foul life. Rudd is surely a hypocrite, quite happy to stand idly by as capital punishment is applied to somebody whom he (hopefully) despises but once that case is safely out of the way, holding up his hands in horror that murderers equally offensive to someone else might get the chop.

    Let’s hope we don’t have to go through all this nonsense again if and when Noordin M Top is caught and chopped.

  8. Iman says:

    Up to now, only Syonan respons that I considered balance and mature. You really think about it (not just like most people, they don’t know what they write about). I hope to find more people like you in this kind of forum/discussion so that it can bring benefit for everyone.

    Czeslaw, you should cool down your nerve so that your comment would be more mature. When you said “Killings are in the Islam genes …”, I have nothing to comment rather than be ashamed of….sorry to say, you are not ready to discuss this kind of issues….

    funny, why do you think people want to be suicide bombers? because they like it? wake up man…

    Most people only talking about the symptoms, not the root cause….lets talk about the root cause….

  9. Iman says:

    Ross, since 2003 MUI has issued a fatwa saying that the bombing in Indonesia is haram, a sin and thus forbiddden. See below quote:

    Tentang apa yang dilakukan oleh Imam Samudra, cs akan aksi bombingnya
    ditegaskan oleh MUI melalui Ketua Komisi Fatwa MUI, KH. Ma’ruf Amin.
    Beliau mengatakan bahwa ijtima’ Ulama Komisi Fatwa MUI se-Indonesia
    dalam fatwanya tahun 2003 tentang bom bunuh diri sudah menegaskan. Di
    dalamnya dinyatakan harus dibedakan antara bom bunuh diri dengan
    amaliyatul istisyhad (tindakan mencari kesyahidan). “ Jadi kalau mau
    perang silahkan ke Palestina sana, “ katanya. MUI kembali menegaskan
    bahwa bom bunuh diri yang dilakukan di negara damai seperti Indonesia
    hukumnya haram karena merupakan bentuk tindakan keputusasaan (al yas’u)
    dan mencelakakan diri sendiri dan orang lain (ihlak an nafs). “Jadi
    dosanya dobel”, kata Ma’ruf”.

    Indonesian people is doing their job. What about others? Well, this site is meant to critize only about Indonesia or muslim in Indonesia?

    Karen Amstrong points out: “We need to create a new narrative, get out of the rat-run of hatred, chauvinism and defensiveness; and make the authentic voice of religion a power in the world that is conducive to peace.”

  10. Rambutan says:

    Imam said

    Most people only talking about the symptoms, not the root cause….lets talk about the root cause….

    Enlighten us, please.

  11. Cukurungan says:

    @ Cukurungan,

    Who do you think number 9 on the list from your link is?

    “menepuk air di dulang terpercik muka sendiri”

    Benar-benar “cukurungan” ngana!


    hehehe…Ngana tara punya muka…

    The Arabic Slave Trader is nothing to with Islam because no single word in the quran and hadist that encouraged their follower to promote the slave trading

  12. Dandim says:

    Halo Pak Komandan Batak Purba Nogora
    Your quotes:

    “Indonesia may now breathe some sigh of relief- Islamics be warned- your days are numbered- society hates you and will never support you.”

    Mind your language, what do you mean islamic days are numbered? Just to remind you that some day a brick may fall on your head, we love islam and we hope you are not anti islam, what matters is INDONESIA. Get it?

  13. Alf Janszoon says:

    These three are true muslims fulilling their islamic destinies.

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 63:
    Narrated Al-Bara:
    A man whose face was covered with an iron mask (i.e. clad in armor) came to the Prophet and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Shall I fight or embrace Islam first? “The Prophet said, “Embrace Islam first and then fight.” So he embraced Islam, and was martyred. Allah’s Apostle said, A Little work, but a great reward. “(He did very little (after embracing Islam), but he will be rewarded in abundance).”

    These Indonesian shaheed will be amply rewarded not with a meagre 72 houris but with millions of full breasted maidens of janna.

  14. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Dandim

    Islam is an arab religion. If the arabs continue to rape our Indonesian maids, they have no respect for us. Our own flesh and blood comes first.

  15. Purba Negoro says:

    First duty of all Indonesian citizens is Nationalism.
    Indonesia has 5 religions solely at the discretion of the State- and none are supreme over another.

    Right and Protection of State comes before the individual and his selfish material or religion needs.

    You have sworn to agreed to this by having an Indonesian KTP, Surat Keluarga and or any legal possession in Indonesia.

    IF you do not obey your prime citizen obligation you are then Enemy of the State. State bullets will not care which name of God you pray to.

    Simple. You bow to Indonesia first.
    Then you may thanks God you are not in Arabia.

  16. jami says:

    @Alf Janszoon –

    They are your great shaheed martyrs … Wow, I’m so impressed.

    killing a bunch of innocent people, for no good reason….
    Such brave warriors they were, blowing up a truck bomb, and killing a bunch of kids on holiday at a nightclub…injuring hundreds more…. Wowwiii, you must be so proud of their courage and all the good they accomplished.

    LOL, honestly, Your “shaheeds” sound like pathetic loser wastes of life cowards with sick disgusting evil little hearts and brains to match
    If they are your heros…. You are pathetic

    Right now they are worm food (no million breasted angels, or what ever the pervert jihadi fantasy is this week), so I guess at least as fertilizer they will contribute some thing to the world in death, since all they were good for in life apparently was making it more miserable for others.

  17. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ jami

    The 3 Bali bombers are wining and dining and copulating as we speak.

    Why the foul mouth? Jealous of moslem reward?

  18. Andrew says:

    Iman said:

    Do you guys think that you are better than Amrozi cs? Look at the US bombers killing inocent people during the wedding day in Pakistan? Do you execute the soldier doing that? Do you execute the people who responsible? Huh I don’t think you even ever think about that. And this is even only one example of your hundrend or thousand or million barbaric type of committed behavior. What kind of civilization that you are claiming? ..wake up man….

    Loss of civilian life is neither desirable nor acceptable. However, I’m surprised that you don’t see the difference between accidental civilian casualties and intentional mass killing of innocent people. AND you call yourself civilized?

  19. dragonwall says:


    Wonder what will he think if amongst the victims were some of this zoon’s family members.

    I think he will still say its worth it because he will have the chance to be with millions of full breasted maidens of janna.

    Did the prophet asked a person that would not show his face to fight, if so then I think he will just fight blindly because his face is covered and can’t see properly.

    “Indonesia may now breathe some sigh of relief- Islamics be warned- your days are numbered- society hates you and will never support you

    Did we just saw someone already proving to be know nothing talk all nonsense full of bar none crap!.

    What a big time screw up. I bet he will “huan na” those words.

  20. Iman says:

    Andrew said:
    Loss of civilian life is neither desirable nor acceptable. However, I’m surprised that you don’t see the difference between accidental civilian casualties and intentional mass killing of innocent people. AND you call yourself civilized?

    I’m surprised that you call what happen as accidental civilian casualties? Don’t be so naif. How many accidental that happen so far? Even if that were accidental, don’t you think that they still have to be responsible? Big NO, because they are your heroes, your soldier?

    The group of people who claim as the teacher of democracy, that currently hold huge numbers of mass destruction weapons, feels that they are have the right to say what is acceptable what is not acceptable, what is right what is wrong. Even if that’s mean killing innocent people in the name of freedom or whatever claim they have. Do you think what happen in Palestine, Irak and so on, is accidental…..huh help me man!

    We should move toward living in harmony. And that’s means we have to hear and understand the view and the feeling of the other side of the table…..

  21. Cukurungan says:

    Loss of civilian life is neither desirable nor acceptable. However, I’m surprised that you don’t see the difference between accidental civilian casualties and intentional mass killing of innocent people. AND you call yourself civilized?

    The civilian who killed in the western waged war is not the accidental causalities because that war never initiated and wanted by the civilian at that city/country, therefore if the civilized western countries could launch the war anywhere and anytime as they want even without UN approval so what is justification to forbid the other less civilized people to turn all place in this planet to become WAR ZONE.

    Servant of Truth

  22. janma says:

    Bali 9….the murderers of our children on drugs on Indonesian land.

    Actually the Bali 9 were not selling those drugs on ‘Indonesian Land’ they were in transit to Australia.

    I don’t even know if I’m against the death penalty or not…. I think I am, but I’m also glad that those guys didn’t get off after being sentenced with such, or it would have given the wrong message.

  23. funny says:

    of all the……
    ok iman, let’s talk about the root. but in order to do that, i need to know the answer to the following question.

    have u ever live in a country where ‘the root’ takes place or personally witness ‘the root’ takes place for a minimum of 5 years? how long did u stay there during ‘the root’?

    have u ever live in the country which u claimed causes ‘the root’ for a minimum of 5 years to see the reactions of the common folks and their point of view? if u do, did u have friends from variety groups of people instaed of selecting people based on distrust?

    do u have any close friends from a different ethnicity and beliefs? have u ever shared and discussed the different point of view in oppose to “if u r not like me n don’t agree with me, u r not my friend”?

    if u answer yes to all that, then i’m all ears.
    if u answer no to any question then i’ll have to ask u. what do u know? seriously, aside from propaganda, what do u really know?

    not able to present points-of-view from both sides is the first sign that u only got ur info from “certain sources from the internet” and “people told me.” i can’t say yes to one of the questions hence i didn’t try to explain reasoning behind it. myabe opinions but not reasoning. just look at the facts.

    u said no one wants to be a suicide bombers (really? what’s your reasoning?). facts are they are here. so somewhere along the way, assuming u r correct, they decided to become one. maybe they got eaten by propaganda or promised a better life in death.

    and to put things into perspective,
    iman, why do you think people want to be soldiers that stay in the foreign lands away from their family with a high chance of death? because they like it? wake up man…

    both sides of the coin.

    go ahead. i’m all ears.

  24. Ross says:

    Iman, I am happy to note your quote from MUi, and also to see the JP today 11/11 give coverage to both the Nu and Muhammadiyah’s statements that Muslims should not glorify terrorists such as the three departed pigs.
    I still think they could have been much more upfront at various stages, especially when the regime used the pathetic excuse of imminent Ramadan to delay the executions, and it would have been salutory to have had NU, MUI and Muhammadiyah press conferences immediately after the firing squad’s good work, telling all responsible Muslims to stay away from Serang and Lamongan and to leave the funerals to the families.
    Now what we need is for them to ask the government to secure the removal of the offensive tombstone that describes the pigs as ‘Islamic Strugglers.’ The MUI especially is ever alert to things that are a denigration of Islam, and that damnable marker is surely such.
    And when the t-shirts appear, as they surely will, as the Osama t-shirts did after 9/11, with ‘noble’ faces of the three most loathesome people in the world? Surely a fatwa against those must be a priority for all respectable Muslim bodies.

  25. jami says:

    Aluang Anak Bayang, would you like to enlighten us, as to why your god would see fit to bestowing such rewards on a group of goons who murdered a couple hundred people and injured a couple hundred more?
    Is firebombing innocent kids on holiday some great virtue?

    and alas, I am not jelous, One day I will be worm food too just like them, but at least I would have spent my life in a humane caring way, as opposed to doing nothing for humanity but creating misery.

    Such tragic delusions, making death and destruction and a life of hate, just to get a ticket to some fantasy Arabian Drinky Girl Bar in the sky.

    I feel pity and sadness for their warped evil minds.

  26. stephen says:

    What they did was wrong, as with many incidents in this world, small or big. Wether it is done on a large scale, or hurting and breaking someone’s life, we all are guilty of some thing wrong in our life. To an extent, they are a product of the society around them. What is the root cause that drives people to do what they did ? Perhaps it is time to do some soul searching, rather than just blame or bloat or boast of self righteousness. Perhaps the real culprits were never caught and punished who may have sown the seeds of all this and watered this tree of hate with their own indifference. Blessings to Indonesia.

  27. Andrew says:

    Iman, as I said, no loss of life is desirable. You are the first one who started comparing casualties in Afghanistan & Pakistan with Bali bombing. Call me “naif”, you’re the one who’s naive. Are you saying that the 3 bastards who just shot dead did the same thing as the soldiers who killed civilians in Afghanistan – just because those 3 use religion as an excuse? let me ask you this: IF those 3 were NOT Muslims, would you still have the same opinion? just because you’re Muslim doesn’t mean you can go on a killing spree all you want (don’t get me wrong, I KNOW for a fact a good Muslim does NOT do that).

    Oh, and just for the record, I agree that the US impose double standard at times, but there have been documented military tribunal for those who committed war crime – don’t turn a blind eye on that.

  28. Iman says:

    Andrew, well taken. Those are not accidental, now we agree on that.

    Exactly, see my comment before, I’m not in the position to defend those 3 guys. I just ask, do you guys treat similar act the same way? Big NO.. My point is that, like you said, there has been unfair treatment! (and seems will always be seeing how double standard has become acceptable manners when dealing with muslim)! When muslims did that you call it terrorist etc. When ‘orginzed’ people (including countries) from your side do the same (even with excalated result like in Irak, how many people have been killed?), you call it accidental and got military tribunal (which I doubt that they have been treated as should be).

    We need to create a new narrative, get out of the rat-run of hatred, chauvinism and defensiveness; and make the authentic voice of religion a power in the world that is conducive to peace.”

  29. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Assalamualaikum jami,

    May the grace of Allah swt guides you to the right path.

    Aluang Anak Bayang, would you like to enlighten us, as to why your god would see fit to bestowing such rewards on a group of goons who murdered a couple hundred people and injured a couple hundred more?

    Allah knows best. We, as His slaves should not question him.

    Is firebombing innocent kids on holiday some great virtue?

    The Christian did far worst thing, like bombing Iraq for example.

  30. taxpayer says:

    For those of you who “disagree with the death penalty”, the cases of terrorist plotters and those who carry out the actual plot deems second thought and consideration.

    The Bali bombers are an over-glorified threesome who gave their own death penalty sentence to 200 innocent humans beings without allowing those who died one ounce of legal process. They, the Bali Bombers, are cowards who hide in the guise of religious truth. The firing squad did justice to three men who were too coward to deliver the bombs on their own bodies. Cowards use religion as a tool to deliver “political” points in the form of violence and human indecency.

    The Government of Indonesia should have authorized the arresting authorities to shoot these three at the time of arrest. They easily could have used their time-proven methods of corrupting the Indonesian people of their money and resources to convince the public that the arrested suspects tried to avoid arrest using violent means. Even MUI condemned the Bali Bombers as having not acted using the terms of the Koran to be violent only in a Religious war.

    The saddest aspect of the Bali bombers is not actually the bombers themselves. The saddest aspect is the naive way certain Indonesian Muslims choose to defend the Bali bombers as heroes when, in reality, they deserve no sympathy or empathy whatsoever.

    Desperation and lack of self-respect creates criminals of which terrorism fits into this category. The Bali bombers are criminals of the same status of a common thief or pickpocket. No more and no less.

    As for me, I am thankful that my faith in god requires no church, no mosque, no Imam or Pastor telling me how to think and no book to repeat upon others. Weak humans react in violent and underdeveloped ways. Strong humans gain strength from their hearts and souls and want to duplicate through actions of positivity.

    As a side note, I am consistently amazed that the internet in Indonesia is consistently used for only Friendster and Facebook. This results in ignorant arguments that use HEADLINE NEWS as a basis for argument. The idea that American forces deliberately bombed an innocent wedding party is retarded in it’s conception and pathetic in its delivery as being realistically correct. As a former Marine who served in Iraq, the Bali bombers are small and insignificant examples of the pathetic attempts of Islamic radicals to use innocent people to guise their evil agendas. I have watched these same pathetic people use children as bait to draw out our forces. They were willing to shoot bullets over the child’s head just to kill one of us. Cowards used a wedding as cover and cowards is all they will ever be. Cowards manipulate others to carry out plans they have no heart to carry out themselves. And cowards root and pray for other cowards who have suffered minor justice, the death of the Bali bombers, in the face of creating major injustices on others. Losers attract losers!

    In the end, the Bali bombers are only symbolic of a larger root problem in Indonesia. Indonesian’s as a whole have lost hope in the progression of their country as a whole and now certain groups use religion as their bottom-feeding basis to feel important. The true problem is in your own country. The west has not kept Indonesia down. The west has not corrupted the country. The west has not stolen your heritage. Indonesians have stolen all from Indonesians and the root problem is 100% Indonesian.

    Clean your own house first. Than come talk about mine!

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