Amrozi Executed by Firing Squad

Nov 9th, 2008, in News, by

AmroziAmrozi, Muklas, and Imam Samudra are executed by firing squad.

Ali Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, Ali Ghufron aka Muklas/Mukhlas, and Abdul Aziz aka Imam Samudra aka Qudama were executed at Nusakambangan island prison, Cilacap, Central Java, some time after midnight on Sunday 9th November, for their roles in the 2002 Bali bombings.

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  1. timdog says:

    Well – it’s finally happened…
    The Bali boys are no more, whatever you happen to think of the death penalty…

  2. Andrew says:

    Now, let’s see if they enjoy the 70 virgins.

  3. Patrick says:

    CILACAP, Indonesia – Indonesia executed three Islamic militants late Saturday for helping plan and carry out the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, many of them foreign tourists, official media and relatives said.

    Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim, and Ali Ghufron were executed at 11:20 p.m. several miles from their high security prison on Nusakambangan island, the official news agency Antara said, quoting unnamed officials.

    Good riddance!

  4. timdog says:

    From Antara:
    They were taken out of the prison at around 11pm and driven to a place nearby called Nirbaya.
    At Nirbaya there are the remains of an old Dutch correctional facility. It was closed in the 80s, but has since become a place of execution. Two people were executed there for subversion in the 1980s; earlier this year two Nigerians convicted on narcotics charges were also shot at the same place.

    Amrosi and co were taken to this place where they faced 3 firing squads. The execution process began at around 11.10pm.
    The condemned performed ablutions and were read verses from the Koran. Then the formal execution orders were read.
    They were tied to posts with black cloth over their heads.
    At around 11.20pm the three Bali bombers were declared dead.

    Their bodies will be returned to their respective villages at first light.

    They had been told of their forthcoming execution on Thursday. The three posts to which the condemned men would be tied have been standing ready at the site of the old Dutch penitentiary since that time, but the heavy rain of the last few days had delayed the execution.

    There seems to be something needlessly melodramatic about it all to me: the night time departure, the old prison out in the woods, the posts, prepared and waiting in the hot rain…

  5. treespotter says:

    for a bunch of self proclaimed smart and civilized people, you lot disgust me.

    what’s the difference between you guys cheering up to the people chanting in their names?

    different song, different colour, different tone, same old music.

  6. timdog says:

    Treespotter, let me make it very clear, I most certainly am not “cheering”.
    Unlike you, I personally do not support the death penalty, ever.
    I was simply reporting that it had happened. I’m sure there will be much more discussion of it here, and I’m sure Mr Patung is probably preparing an article on it even as we speak, but I thought I’d get in first…

    For me, no matter how despicable the condemned, the death penalty is no symptom of civilisation, and deciding who warrants it and who does not can only ever open the twisted, subjective world of human value judgements.
    Those other men who died at that same spot in the woods – the subversives and the Nigerian drug dealers – did they too deserve to die?

    However, I should make it clear, that as the death sentence does exist in Indonesia, and as it had already been handed down in this case, in the name of maintaining whatever respect for the system there is, it had to be carried out. In fact it would have been much better if it had been carried out sooner, without all the counterproductive delays…
    The system being as it is, the sentence having already been passed down, I was not going to protest against it being carried out.
    But I am certainly not celebrating. A state execution, anywhere, no matter who the criminal, debases us all.

  7. Andy says:

    Thank you timdog for the update, to be honest i’m so happy right now i’m hosting a party at my house, we have cable tv on with live updates from the prison island. I’m currently on my 15th can of Fosters and can imagine i’ll be a complete mess tomorrow at the office.

  8. Patrick says:

    @Andy – I think I will host a party here in America just to piss tree hugger off! Love Foster’s mate so I will order several kegs!

  9. Czeslaw says:

    We all will create a reason and excuse to murder others…
    The death penalty is wrong, as murdering is wrong.
    No killing of others can be justyfied…

  10. Fanglong says:

    Justice obtained, what aftermath ?

  11. Rob says:


    Unfortunately, we will never know whether they have / had the opportunity to enjoy the promised virgins.


    It has been a mere 7 hours since the execution. My advice would be, “do not count your chickens before they hatch.”

  12. Mullah says:

    Freedom to the Matyrs in the name of the lord,the merciful…may god bless your souls,you will be well remembered….the soul will survive.Death to the Bali 9….the murderers of our children on drugs on Indonesian land.They should also face the firing squad hope Jesus will come to their rescue too.No double standard please.

  13. Andrew says:

    treespotter: whatever floats your boat. And yes, I’m happy for more than one thing…
    – that justice is served for the victims and their family
    – that those lowlifes are gone
    – that their fanatical supporters realize their heroes are now just a heap of dead meat

    Rob: no opportunity for sure, there’s no virgin in hell.

  14. Czeslaw says:

    Your words a full of hate and agony.
    You call the criminals who murdered more than 200 innocent people a martyrs

    What message of Islam are you sending out?

    That you seek more people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot, Husseini, Bin Laden to lead the Islam to more blood shed?

    Are muslims made only of psychopaths like you dear Mullah….

    Where are your prayers for those innocent murdered on the Bali, beheaded Indonesia School girls and other places?

    Islam religion of mercy and love? Isn’t it? Really – Mullah?

  15. DMan says:

    I’m Indonesian-American We have the death penalty here in America which probably is the most in the world. Good Riddance to these terrorist Al-Qaida type thugs. They were just as bad as the 9/11 terrorist highjackers who attacked the WTC and DC in 2001 and the government and President SBY should not kowtow to Muslim extremists who are a fringe element in the country. Those who support them are criminals who make all other peaceful Muslims look like we tolerate them.

  16. Abu furqon says:

    All the people will return to Allah almighty, and who the person kill one person must be also revenge by one soul. If in the war is not be ruled this rule, but the rule of war must be applied. Thank’s Www

  17. daman says:

    Justice has been done !
    They who call these 3 rotten rats martyrs are same psychos…and there are lots of these crazy people in Indonesia unfortunately.
    They are the radicals muslim group who recruits stupid and narrow minded young Indonesian. (clearly abu bakar bashir cs with his muslim legal team)

    How to fight these dangerous violent movements of radical muslims? only the Indonesian government can…by educating the stupid uneducated Indon people in the right way to fight religious fanatism.

    A long journey for Indo people to become a great nation….maybe it will never happen.

  18. diego says:

    I used to prefer not to have them executed; just let them rot in a maximum security prison cell. But…., Indonesia authorities let them bullshit too much, spreading their infectious hate virus to the indonesian society, with all their BS about jihad, syariah, etc. It made me think maybe their execution is a good thing for us. Sick of their BS. Now, I’m not saying we’re free from BS (they’re just laymen anyway). Indonesia is still plagued by zombies from FPI, MMI, HTI, and PKS. Long way to go until we have a decent society.

  19. Enigmatic says:

    OK I’m not sure about the credibility of this news, the cops may well lead them out into the jungle to release them.

    ok perhaps i’m being a cynic, but personally I felt it would have been better if we saw a glimpse of the dead bodies to ensure that this is real.

    but good riddance, they’re dead. oh well. they won’t be missed.

  20. stupid guy says:

    What they do is wrong, killing people is wrong, but death penalty will not solve the problem either, we have to examine carefully what made them do such thing like that. What do they want exactly? i believe it was not just a hobby right?

  21. Orang Bagus says:

    Well they are now dead, the ultimate punishment under Indonesia law for the most evil and deviant of crimes.

    May god have mercy on the people who treat these three as anything but evil.

    Peace to all the people of Indonesians who have suffered from the sick act these 3 men committed.

  22. joao says:

    Kill one man and you are a criminal, kill a lot of men and you are a hero, kill everyone and you are a god… It’s the 21st century, we still play by the same barbaric, degraded rules. When will humankind transcend themselves and deserve to be called Homo sapiens ?

  23. DXP says:

    Finally Indonesian made decision.
    A decision for barter between ‘pornography bills’ and ‘these 3 criminals execution’ , not too bad for a very young democratic country

  24. shorty says:

    i don’t support the death penalty. i accept that others do

    they are dead……….they were executed under due legal process. this is not revenge,
    payback, get square, whatever. it is called justice.

    it is also state sanctioned murder.

    for those of you in previous posts baying for blood and expressing delight in their deaths………you demean us. they’ve paid the penalty for their actions. give their families and friends the time and dignity to mourn their loss. after all, amrozi’s mum is not a murderer…….their sisters are not terrorists.

    think about it…….your pleasure in their death is as reprehensible as their pleasure in the bomb deaths.

  25. jami says:

    Imagine an Indonesia without Imam Samudras or Abu Bakars or Mister Mullahs up there……

    Ahhhh, imagine

  26. jaka says:

    Well jami, like obama did, I promise you your dream will become real within your lifetime. Just vote for me in the next election. I’ll sweep ABB and his antek-antek off to Australia, or Malaysia perhaps, so you can continue your productive job. Ok?

  27. Peter says:

    I agree with Timdog, they should have been executed earlier, if at all. That way the bombings would still have been fresh in peoples’ minds, and they would have less sympathy for the plotters.

    I’m not sure what good will come of executing them now. It might have been better simply to keep them locked away, completely isolated from society and other prisoners. That way they wouldn’t be able to spread their dangerous ideas from prison, and their deaths would be less dramatic and galvanizing.

    I wonder how much of the Islamic militarism in Indonesia is a result of charismatic personalities like these men, and how much of it stems from the institutionalized curriculum in certain pesantren.

  28. Iman says:

    Do you guys think that you are better than Amrozi cs? Look at the US bombers killing inocent people during the wedding day in Pakistan? Do you execute the soldier doing that? Do you execute the people who responsible? Huh I don’t think you even ever think about that. And this is even only one example of your hundrend or thousand or million barbaric type of committed behavior. What kind of civilization that you are claiming? ..wake up man….

    I look forward to your double standard respond as usual…he..he…..

    PS:I will be very surprised that some of you will also condemn and support the idea to apply similar consequence to the people from your country that doing barbaric behavior in Palestine, Irak, Afganistan, Pakistan and so on…..huh! how far are we from peace and living in harmony…To educated people, please wake up man…

  29. Syonan says:

    Humanity does not have the right to take lives, that right belongs to the God hence what the Bali “boys” did was wrong and the judgement to execute the Bali “boys” by the Indonesian courts was wrong too. To put an end to all acts of terrorism throughout the world, the problems between Israel and Palestine must be solved. Because of the Israelis and the Palestinians, the entire planet is not safe to live in.
    Afghanistan and Iraq are places which should not have been invaded and “liberated” because these people still live by tribal law. The allies, should immediately withdraw their forces and let these people settle their own problems in a manner they see fit to do so.

  30. ddt says:

    As long as killing somehow permitted in the religion we won’t have peace in this world. As for me, I’m better off being an atheist rather than killing innocent people in the name of a religion. And no I don’t I agree in killing innocent people in the name of Freedom aka war too.

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