Cow Sex

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A Balinese man is caught taking advantage of a cow, and how the villagers respond.

70 year old Nengah Sutarya, an elderly resident of Julah village in Tejakula, Buleleng, Bali, in early August was seen holding the backside of a cow, and it seems having sex with the animal.

The person who spied Sutarya was said to be a young, beautiful local girl. Upon seeing her Sutarya waved and called out, the girl came over and Sutarya engaged in some conversation with her, but continued his mating efforts with the cow. beritabali

A cow
A cow.

Local people are said to believe that their entire village is unclean because of Sutarya’s bestiality acts, and his punishment is to pay for the costs of a cleansing ceremony. detik

23rd October 2008.

The violated cow was dragged out to the sea behind a boat and drowned, as part of the cleansing ceremony. It was five months pregnant, and villagers believed Sutarya had impregnated it.

Sutarya himself went along in the boat, and threw his clothes overboard, as a sign that he had given away his cow romancing days. jakartapost

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