Playboy Jihad

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The Islamic Defenders Front, FPI, have found new meaning in their lives with the publication of an Indonesian version of Playboy magazine.

While most of the time the young hooligans of the Front have little to do but sit about and read the Koran, pray, and knit, they now have a new mission, a new focus in their lives, all because of a tame fifties era version of Playboy.

Herewith we record the crazy antics of the Men In White, for posterity’s, and entertainment’s, sake.

Front Fanatics by the Campfire
Front Fanatics by the Campfire.

The picture above shows FPI members burning copies of Playboy in the city of Bandung, west Java. The men were also reported to have stomped on a few copies, angrily no doubt, and full of indignation what’s more.

In Bandung they also set up what are called “posko”, or action stations, where they attempted to enlist the support of passers-by. A table was placed, on the front of which was a piece of paper with the scrawl (Front men can write, it seems) “Posko Pendaftaran Relawan Mengganyang Playboy”, or “Registration Station for Volunteers To Crush Playboy”.

We will go to many places to give the opportunity to those who oppose Playboy to join our movement. We’re ready to fight.
(Kami akan mendatangi banyak tempat untuk memberikan kesempatan kepada masyarakat yang tidak setuju terhadap Playboy untuk bergabung dalam gerakan ini. Kita siap untuk menggayang.)

said Front man, Asep Syarifuddin.

The same man, Asep Syarifuddin, before beginning the public burnings, took a peak inside the magazine and was heard to exclaim repeatedly “This is pornographic!”, as he pointed to an offending picture in the magazine. At this prompt the rank and file of the Front then began the chant “Burn, burn” and the burning began, accompanied by aforementioned angry stomping.

Meanwhile in Jakarta the show rolled on with the FPI gathering at a police station to report the owners, editors, and models of the Playboy first edition for the crime of distributing pornography. Their leader, the overfed Habib Rizieq, also threatened the twenty-six companies which had placed adverts in Playboy. He left with the parting words:

The FPI is at war with Playboy and other pornographic media.
(FPI perang terhadap Playboy dan media pornografi lainnnya.)

After that the same group of holy warriors proceeded to the office building of Playboy in Indonesia and hurled rocks at it. Hundreds of police arrived and scuffles broke out as some police attempted to apprehend the rock throwers.

One can only echo the words of the former president Gus Dur and ask when, oh when will the authorities do something about the Islamic Defenders Front?

4 Comments on “Playboy Jihad”

  1. Rockstar says:

    See, that is why I call them a bunch of morons.
    Take a look at them, if I had to choose I would rather be surrounded with people who love to read playboy but reasonable and open to diversity then people who claim holy but do violent things like what they did to playboy office.

    Say now, if they are holy so they are allowed to throw rocks, burn churches, kill other people with different religions. If that’s a definition of holy.. man I don’t wanna be holy.

  2. Ulf says:

    They will take pictures of themselves burning flags and Playboy magazines in public places, but when they are not with the bunch, they go into the hiding to “enjoy” themselves watching the “forbidden” material.

    No different from many Christian churches and Orthodox Jewish, there are always two faces in these people: the public one and the private.

    Anyways, the more impact these publications have, positive or negative, will make men more eager to find out by themselves what the fuzz is all about. In the end, the protests will only serve as a gratuitious means of publicity.

  3. Full Throttle says:

    After reviewing the picture inside Indonesia’s version of Playboy, it wasn’t pornographic at all. It’s just in their mind, they overthinking a picture of someone. What’s the difference if you see a picture of a girl with full covered cloth, but still think that she’s naked? It’s all about what’s inside their idiotic mind.

  4. Rockstar says:

    Some of the reasonings can be accepted such as the direction of the future Indonesian playboy. Some are afraid that this is only just the begining. Which I tend to agree. Cuz you know some peeps can be very tricky.

    But let me get staright. I am against playboy for a few reasons. The mentality of the younger generations is at the top of my list. I don’t want my my kids to read playboy, that’s for sure.

    but again, I don’t care of it being published.
    heck.. the thing that I should do is.. just.. well not to buy it.
    Isn’t that simple?

    How i love simplicity.

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