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The MUI’s laundry list of complaints about television programming this Ramadan, including effeminate male roles.

In reviewing the fare on television this Ramadan the Muslim clerical body Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), in cooperation with the Department of Communications (Badan Informasi Pubik Depkominfo) and the Broadcasting Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia, KPI), managed to find 805 inappropriate scenes on television, featuring:

  • violence
  • mysticism
  • indecency

The checking of television content was done between 1-8 September 2008 at the key times of 03.00-05.00 (meal time before fasting) and 17.00-19.00 (fast breaking meal time).

Indosiar was the worst offender, accounting for 18% of violations, while Metro TV was the most straitlaced, with only 0.6%. Trans TV and Trans 7 were said to be improving their performance, and were praised for largely having stopped using effeminate male performers, compared to last year.

However Trans7 had one slip-up, – on 1st September during Empat Mata Sahur Seru featuring Tukul Arwana, there were scenes of hugging between Ruben Onsu and Andhara Early, with an effeminate man.

Television personality Ivan Gunawan
Television personality Ivan Gunawan.

On this, Said Budairy of the MUI asked television stations to reduce the number of appearances by effeminate or obviously homosexual men, or those said to be suffering from:

gender identity disorder

Apart from gay men on television the MUI is also worried about Ramadan themed quiz & prize shows. Budairy said these shows were idiotic, made viewers stupid, and were a form of gambling.

In general though the MUI was happy that television programming during Ramadan was becoming more Islamic, compared to last year. kompas inilah

10 Comments on “Effeminate Men”

  1. Purba Negoro says:

    The issue is of course far deeper than the mere superficial- and presumably Pak Patung by necessity had to cut his article length to make it more readable- especially those expats who suffer the childlike poor concentration and attention spans.

    MUI is actually quite correct to polite the very subtle creeping intrusion and subversion of traditional Asian values via the gay-rights movement.

    Indosiar is also Chinese owned. UNsurpisingly its’ content is facile, derivative, cheap and trite- outirght plagiarisms of better Western models and the lowest possible investment for highest possible profit-wan, aiya- exemplify fondly held Chinese values- the love of tinsel and trinkets.

    Metro TV is owned by Pak Paulo. The quality of the station is far superior than profit-at-any-cost typical Chinese penny-dreadfuls. Just like their Tempo and Jakarta Post- seld-serving or self-aggrandising pulp fictions.

    RCTI and TVRI are majority government owned and have the highest proportion of arts, culture and educational programs.

    It is our sincere hope they will again wage a war on the prize anus hole opportunistic and parasitic Ram Punjabi and his repulsive legacy of Sinetron cengeng which are rapidly decreasing the intellect of an already dim pembantu class.

    As their wise masters, we know our children are far better served by hours of wayang kulit.
    Wayang promotes better attention span, superior articulation and vocabulary, correct manners and prevents simplistic people unrealistically looking too far above their station and bankrupting themselves to attain the illusion.
    And pembantu finally learn correct kromo inggil for when spoken to.

    Of course we love our pembantu, but like our children, they need a good dose of tough love to keep them on the straight and narrow.

  2. perseus says:

    Wot? No effeminate men on Indo TV???

    There goes seksi Achmad’s shot at sinetron stardom 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    Besides ruining Achmad’s chances, it would seem this would put a lot of “obviously homosexual” and effeminate looking fellas out of work!

    Is it discriminatory and as such in violation of the law?

  4. ultratupai says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Bring on the wayang kulit! What channel is that on?

  5. djoko says:

    Is it discriminatory and as such in violation of the law?

    Just make it ‘company policy’. In that way its no different to MetroTV’s discriminatory practice of not employing women who wear jilbab as news presenters (there was a case about this a few years back if I recall).

  6. David says:

    Just make it ‘company policy’. In that way its no different to MetroTV’s discriminatory practice of not employing women who wear jilbab as news presenters (there was a case about this a few years back if I recall).

    Yes, here – Sandrina Malakiano.

  7. Purba Negoro says:

    TVRI regularly hosts wayang kulit in Kawi and modern Javanese, also Wayang Golek in Sundanese and Balinese prose language Wayang Kulit.

    Wayang wong- the dance version- is less regularly screened.

    RCTI screens Javanese-language comedic pantomime Ketoprak Hmor has long been very, very popular. It is subtitled in Indonesian for those not fluent in the boso luhure- so all can enjoy.
    It is very very silly, very low budget full of double entrendre and very similar humour to early British BBC.

    Ketoprak Humor Samiaji
    Prod. Director: Soetarno
    Players: Timbul, Aries Mukadi, Tarsan, Marwoto, Eko DJ, Kies Slamet, Mamiek KS, and other famous actors and actresses

    Basuki and Sri Mulat are very famous too in this tradition of Javanese court-clown humuor.

    Personally- I am not such a fan of the broadcast- as the lighting is very bright, we are behind the screen on the dhalang side- but it makes for excellent archive of culture.

    The wayang kulit connoisseur will happily tell you the best wayang is illuminated by traditional oil lamp.
    The flicker and the changing colours of the flames allow for far superior effects, subtlety and nuance.

    Last week I attended a PDI-P wayang kulit night at one of their functions.
    Excellent performances- the dhalang was especially good.

    Ketoprak, Sir Mulat, and Wayang remain very very popular among the Rakyat even to this day- regularly at the Pasar Malem, wedding, circumcision, etc.

    The very kampungan rock group Slank feature their own innovative dhalang.

    There are many hundreds of books on wayang- the very best are from Gadjah Mada etc and Lontar Pubslihing.
    A good primer in Egnlish I have at home is:
    “Phenomenology of a Puppet Theatre: Contemplations on the Art of Javanese Wayang Kulit” By Jan Mrázek, KITLV Press

    can also be read online.

  8. Brett says:

    This is great news. Finally, there is room on the TV schedule for hourly Koran recitals by our morally superior politicians. One question though: are masculine women banned as well? I hope so. I mean, how else will we have the cookie cutter community that our great leaders want so desperately?

  9. Ish says:

    Wot? No effeminate men on Indo TV???

    There goes seksi Achmad’s shot at sinetron stardom


  10. Ray says:

    May the wise religious patriarchy lead us males on the high dry path away from those low, subversive and perverting dark, sensuous, fluid gestures and traits of feminine sexuality in all of its exotic manifestations! I thank them for portraying sex as such a homo-geneous machine-like operation. The question is, “Who are the real homo-sexuals?” those with heterogeneous desire or those with homogeneous desires?

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