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  1. Purba Negoro says:

    Andy (Capp):
    and Australia is of course revered the world over for its’:

    A cultural sophistication
    b debonair, urbane and suave gentlemen
    c- superlative table manners including correct identification of fish fork from mains fork

    d- matchless personal hygiene
    e- total street cleanliness
    f- nearly complete fluent multi-lingual ability
    g ancient culture
    h unselfish lovers
    i women revered for chasteness,
    j total adherence to strict formal etiquette
    k a standard and style of dress envied by even the Milanese.
    l elocution and articulation par non compaire
    m total distaste for anything resembling Onslo for “Keeping Up Appearances”?
    n- never dream of ever being so uncouth as to don bare-feet, wearing sleeveless sweat-vests or flip-flops?
    o- a culture and society devoid of anything at all vulgar or crass like giant fish, food items, etc

    Is it true- the Australian Meat Pie, Kebabs, souvlaki, gyros and fish & chips are only ever eaten with full silver-service?
    Even by builders in their trademark immaculate 4 piece suits with tails?

    sorry Aussie. Your Burke’s Backyard signature limited edition Bunnings glasshouse is very paneful.

    And I have a lot of stones.

    Which Melbourne suburb? I’m imagining the McMansion Western burbs?
    Sorry- never been West- apparently it’s obese and wild.

    I understand even the Brits think you’re only good for bar work. It’s instinct apparently. And you out churl the locals of even the East End

    Pulling rigid knobs for a creamy head or such like… some sort of Navy tradition…?

    Rob and non-plebs- you’re all honourary Javanese

  2. Andy says:

    Purba, you are a prefect example as to why I moved to Australia. As a single guy I actually liked your country. The easy availability of sex (unpaid), cheap alcohol and warm weather are very comforting to a guy with no responsibilities in his life.

    However as a husband and father of a mixed blood child I can no longer stomach your insular, racist country that harbours such narrow views as -the chinese are screwing us because we are too bone lazy to get off our tails, bules can stay provided they don’t have any rights regarding property, immigration etc and pay us through the nose. You see my son is chinese indo Australian with (and this will hurt you) an Indonesian passport and citizenship at least until the age of 17. But knowing the general attitudes of people like yourself (believe you me I met 1,000s more like you over a 3.5 year period), he could never have a full, normal life free from racism to grow and be nurtured in.

    Say what you like about Australia. We have absorbed 100s of different cultures who live in harmony and more continue to want to come here and be part of it. Even your ilk can still pray 5 times a day and visit halal butchers pretty much doing as you wish. As I stated before try buying alcohol in a predominantly muslim area in Indonesia during ramadan.

    Did you know 15,000 Indonesians study here every year, your kids included? Yet only 150 Aussies are in your den of eniquity. Says a lot doesn’t it.

    Your country even had a law they tried to draft once which would have required bules to pay $50,000 to marry a local woman. Maybe the real reason people like you dislike my people is that you don’t stand a chance in the dating stakes when there is a bule in the mix.

    Finally, how can you begin to compare your sorry backward country with any western paradise? Can you really read or is someone writing this for you? If so, go back and reread the wikipedia article I sent you showing the rankings for living standards of the world’s nations. You throw up generalisations. I give you facts. The truth hurts pal. Eat it.

  3. Purba Negoro says:

    indeed you point out the blatantly obvious- Indonesia does indeed have massive problems.

    But it’s like the village idiot pointing out to everyone he’s a bit dim and just tied his shows together. We already know. But the real problem evades him sol he perseveres and trips up every step of the way, falling flat on his face every attempt to move forward.

    Andy- in your infinite wisdom and typical Australian omni-expertise provide the evidence-driven “Singapore Condition”- “brown man so lazy wan- how can?”

    The World Development Bank endorses it thoroughly, as does the IMF, Japan Development Bank, complete and universally- cross-the-board support from academia- across all nations- as poverty is an incredibly very simple issue with no mitigating and externally caused factors.

    A theory definitely not based on deep-rooted inferiority issues at being far less eligible or suitable mate as the perceived inferior other.

    But somehow- probably due to brown-man-laziness-wan – it somehow fails your omni-knowledge non-residents also cannot legally own property- it’s an issue of Government not contending the issue.

    But unlike the smug, albeit delusional, superiority of Ostraya- where racism does not exist at all- despite the completely false propaganda of White Australia Policy based on Yellow Peril- a commonly crude Javanese attempt at black propaganda motivated by jealousy and contempt for a land brimming with land-whales, snakes, spiders and sand.

    I hope your son enjoys the fine Australian competition of beating America as world’s most obese nation- a condition proven by evidence to be caused by socio-economic deprivation, minimal education and total lack of self-control.

    When your highly-cultured and completely income disparate free country comes brown-nosing again for business- be sure to call me, Andy.

    No Andy- you don’t perfectly fit any stereotypes of the boorish Australian at all. Not even of the low-brow English teacher and the Pinkerton Syndrome of the Glodok demographic.

    All of your infantile clumsy swings so well hit the target I pray I can finish this post before my heaving sobs become hysterical at your total destruction of my self-construct.

    Tell your wife to take you to ancestral hometown Guangzhou like Melbourne, a city of refined chaste women, complete lack of religious zealots, cuisine beyond compare, perfect cleanliness and superlative eating habits, no pro-bono brothel workers and total income equality.

    Will you pass on that ancestral heirloom of the dunce cone hat to young master Andy?

  4. Andy says:

    Purba-Is it true- the Australian Meat Pie, Kebabs, souvlaki, gyros and fish & chips are only ever eaten with full silver-service?
    Even by builders in their trademark immaculate 4 piece suits with tails?

    This is food we eat as take away or take out as some may say. It means it is meant to be eaten by the hand albeit in a wrapper meaning I could enjoy this while fingering your old lady without leaving any physical evidance.

    However, if your old lady decided to do it with the driver or workman she may well smell like peanut the next time you go down there.

    End of post!

  5. perseus says:

    A walking, talking inducement to Visit Indonesia is our Purba…


  6. Purba Negoro says:

    Brava Andy,
    soundly disproven the crude, boorish, clumsy, emotionally immature, intellectually-averse Australian stereotype once and for all.

    You’re not at all related to Max Walker are you?

  7. Andy says:

    Purba-You’re not at all related to Max Walker are you?

    Not the last time I checked. Would be happy if I was though. Great gene pool.
    Is that supposed to be a compliment Purba?

    See for those who don’t know our Maxxy, he was a fast bowler for the Australian cricket team at another time of excellence. Bowled with greats like Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thompson. Giant of a man both in physical size and character as well. Also played a few games for the Melbourne Demons as a ruckman in the football. After retiring he went on to commentate cricket, host Wide World of Sports and do TV commercials for Aerogard. One of the many, many sporting heroes we have in Australia.

    It’s so great that we can do that too as it beats boring politicians being on the podium. They are and should always be nothing more than higher ranked public servants entrusted to spend our tax dollars wisely and not be corrupt.

    Tha’s why it’s amusing that Indonesia’s only heroes are corrupt presidents (all especially Suharto), war criminals (Sutiyoso, Wiranto and lo and behold Suharto again) and terrorists (Abu Bakar Bashir).

    Funny though that i’ve never met any Indonesian who knows of our Maxxy. They usually have never heard of cricket even though all of their neighbouring countries play it. Could some of the other posters be right that Purba is not really Indoneisan at all? Maybe he’s a pom.

  8. perseus says:

    Judging by his confused rants and nostalgia for a better time in the past under a strong leader, and according to my snout at the DSD, Purba is actually Vladimir Putin’s attache for stirring the pot in SE Asia. His mission is to get some serious jihad happening in the archipelago by provoking the Islamists to try and shut down the General’s retirement fund (BlokM). His former job was in the KGB London station which explains his knowledge of Max Walker.

  9. Purba Negoro says:

    Andy et Perseus

    Indonesian- but thoroughly acquainted with your humourous Anglo decadence and toilet-centric culture.

    I thoroughly enjoy the documentaries Kath and Kim and Little Britain- so revealing of the Anglo mindset.

    my KGB, now FSB (w have nice Milanese suits now) thesis was “The Imperialist Theft of Dutch Kastie- a daring tale of Ashes, Sodomy and Rum in Australian-UK Cricket diplomacy”

    Then as a soldier I wrote
    “Alchohol Poisoning- a Poor Choice for Assassination of Australian cricketers with special reference to David Boon and Merv Hughes”

    Indonesia does have a cricket team- I believe it’s all expats called Nigel though. There was a rugby team- but Aussies kept becoming intimate in the scrums.

  10. Purba Negoro says:

    Vietnam was not ful of war crimes

    and neither the continued illegal invasion of Iraq for Oil and killing innocent Iraqi civilians are not War Crimes

    Mi Lai anyone?

  11. Andy says:

    No Australian soldier I know of was involved in My Lai. Actually South Vietnam invited allied troops to help fight the communists who Indonesia also at the time were scared s..tless of. It is the reason why Suharto came to power in 1965. However the majority of bules didn’t support Vietnam as is the case with Iraq. Less than 50 % in fact.

    Now in the case of Timor Leste, Indonesia rolled thru there with 100% support of the people and if you asked them now probably still more than 60 % would support what happened and have just lost face by losing to the independence movement.

    Purba, do you now admit, Timor is not your country’s and this was a huge mistake?

  12. Purba Negoro says:

    Nope. Not until Australia gives back Christmas Island it gained as guarantee of shutting mouth about Timor.

    The crabs are yum.

  13. Purba Negoro says:

    Besides- why does West Timor, closer to Australia have no problems?
    Oh- no gas.

    Just like Zimbabwe to Iraq?

  14. gOObers says:

    Hey purba negoro,
    As an Indonesian, I appreciate your patriotism but your arrogant attitude make me sick!

  15. Andy says:

    Now I really am starting to wonder if someone has to read this forum to Purba. Or maybe he just selects the bits he likes and discards the real message.

    I will spell it out again just so he understands. PLEASE READ CLOSELY.

    The majority of Australians did NOT support

    1. The Vietnam War
    2. Iraq
    3. Indonesia taking Timor Leste

    Ok get it we did not support it.

    Now as a citizen of a country with a conscience which will make decisions about our own country with our minds not our hearts can you please tell me how many Indonesians did NOT support the brutal invasion of Timor Leste, human right abuses in Papua, the rape and killing of Chinese in 1998 and of course the ‘year of living dangerously’ where close to a million people were executed?

    If Indonesia was a world super power ( and let’s be thankful that will never happen) can you just imagine what terror they would commit thruout the world? In their own small fish pond they are up there with the best of tyranical regimes. They would make Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR look like Mother Teresa.

  16. Andy says:

    Purba-Tell your wife to take you to ancestral hometown Guangzhou like Melbourne, a city of refined chaste women, complete lack of religious zealots, cuisine beyond compare, perfect cleanliness and superlative eating habits, no pro-bono brothel workers and total income equality.

    She has never been to China and pretty much has no interest. In fact China fascinates me much more than her. See you rememer back in 1967 when your war criminal took over, chinese people were forced to change their names, speak bahasa and discard mandarin as a spoken language, no longer use chinese characters and no longer celebrate Chinese New Year. Basically means all chinese from that time on are as ‘pribumi’ as our dear Purba.

    I would love to see how javanese who send their kids to our shores would react if we forced foreigners to act the same way. We would hear the riots in Jakarta from our living rooms in Melbourne. But it would never happen as we are a mature multicultural nation unlike the rabble to our north.

  17. Oigal says:

    Not until Australia gives back Christmas Island

    Nice one PN, But hey just for humour’s sake lets do it fair and let the people of Xmas Island have a referendum on it, of course also to be fair let’s do the same for Papua, Bali, Kalimantan, West Timor (to name a few) as well. The Javanese colonial empire is under pressure entirely due to their shameful greed and intolerance.

    On the down side a load of PN clones will be going hungry shortly afterwards once the host provinces shake off the parasites.

    Seriously only the ultra nationalist idiots believe there is a bizarre foreign plot (dang joows) to break up Indonesia as they would be in no-ones interest. However the continuing plunder from the provinces and smothering of ethnic cultures in the name of a desert cult is pushing the country towards bloodshed.

  18. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    I agree with fair-minded Oigal.

    There should not be any double standard. Let’s have a referendum and see what the Blackies have to say with their land.

  19. Andy says:

    I used to work in Pondok Indah, the home of our friend Purba. Typical Indonesian wealthy suburb. I used to work near Mid-Plaza around the corner from millionaires row but with the same grime, poverty and destitution as the areas I lived in Central Jakarta. Problem is he and his wealthy friends try to mask the problems of his country behind these walls while he employs people on small salaries and gives backhanders to the boys in the top offices.

    He says there is poverty in the west. Well not to the same degree as in Indonesia but his own people want it that way anyway. They would never want to relinquish any power they have accumulated through corruption and graft as they have too much to lose.

  20. Oigal says:

    what the Blackies have to say with their land.

    What the Blackies ??? WTF!! As usual Aby our girl you have missed the point but now you would want to take referendum to only include those orginal peoples not those born in the province/country.. Interesting concept..thos trans migrationists thank you for dumping them yet again!

  21. Andy says:

    AAB, without guns pointed to their heads the Papuans would kick your a… in any referndum.

  22. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    What the Blackies ??? WTF!!

    uhhhh .. Oigal, just in case you forget, Blackies are human too. They do exist and they are the original inhabitants of Ostraya.

    Are you saying that the Blackies have no right?

  23. Andy says:

    AAB, your people are the most racist against the so called ‘blackies’ Otherwise you would call them by their proper name. Papuans continue to be beaten and tortured by the javanese while aboriginal Australians get welfare and housing by our government. What make believe world are you living in?

  24. Lairedion says:

    Andy said:

    while aboriginal Australians get welfare and housing by our government.

    I’d be the first to admit there is much wrong with Indonesian politics in Papua and other regions and I personally would like to see things being taken care off differently and Jakarta being more open to the wishes and desires of the Papuans.

    Many of the wrongdoings Ozzies blame Indonesians for are still rampant in their own land but not being hindered by any historical reference the ongoing arrogance and misplaced supremacist behaviour of the White English Speaking World continue to have no limits whatsoever, regardless the side of the political spectrum.

    First we populate a foreign land with white convicts, then we establish a new nation based on white racism and lastly we applaud ourselves on providing welfare and housing to support the indigenous people.

    All along this period the Aborigines weren’t asked anything, were forced to adapt Western white culture while their own culture is almost vanished, their babies have been stolen (Stolen Generations) and forced into white upbringings and are now suffering from alcoholism, domestic violence, poor health, poverty and even child rape. Bravo, the results of forced white supremacist colonialism and dominance and the solution is equally typically arrogant: welfare and housing. Make no mistake, mr. Aborigine, you don’t need to think, we whites decide what’s best for you.

    These problems whites have created among indigenous peoples are the same with Native Americans in the Americas, Maori in NZ and blacks in SA. Marginalised and often living in poor conditions below the poverty line.

    When will the Anglo-Celts and their descendants ever tune down their voices and be reflective on their own destructive and short-visioned politics?

  25. Andy says:

    hmmm lairedion we have acknowledged all the points you listed above. Haven’t been watching the news lately have you.

    Kevin Rudd in February on behalf of the Australian Parliament apologized for the pain and suffering caused by past policies regarding indigenous australians.

    Now will Purba, AAB, SBY, The Suhartos, Kalla, Wiranto etc accept the wrongs that have been committed in their country towards minorities? Why our dear friend Purba even said only yesterday that the javanese majority are the rulers and the rest need to understand the majority rules. To apologise would mean to lose face, something haram in Indonesian (read javanese muslim) culture. I won’t hold my breath.

  26. Oigal says:

    All along this period the Aborigines weren’t asked anything, were forced to adapt Western white culture while their own culture is almost vanished, their babies have been stolen (Stolen Generations) and forced into white upbringings and are now suffering from alcoholism, domestic violence, poor health, poverty and even child rape. Bravo, the results of forced white supremacist colonialism and dominance and the solution is equally typically arrogant: welfare and housing. Make no mistake, mr. Aborigine, you don’t need to think, we whites decide what’s best for you.

    L, many major problems remain with the Aborginal issue in Australia but there above is factually incorrect and shallow it defies belief.

    Just think if those evil anglo celts didn’t come, the aborginal people would still be free and conducting their traditional way of life even today..Ok nice join the real world and at least attempts are being made to make the best of unaviodable situation (If you want to continue to live in the fanasty world, perhaps you could pretend much better life would be for the Aborginal if it had been perhaps say.. the Japanese that did the colonialisation, chinese, Indonesia ? with their well regarded and enlightened attitude to people with dark skins).

    forced into white upbringings and are now suffering from alcoholism, domestic violence, poor health, poverty and even child rape..

    And this is what sucks people, like yourself deliberately distort facts to score a cheap point at the expense of others.

    Yes all those things did and do exist, but to suggest that it was because they forced into white upbringings is complete crudd (or should I say Krudd). The vast majority of those vrimes exist and continue to exist on and in Aborginal communities (were traditional and normal leadership has broken down primaly due to alcohol abuse, what to do about the these issues is a real challenge but way above the cheap shots such as the above)..

  27. Purba Negoro says:

    The majority MAY have not supported it:

    but your Imperialist government still went to war did it not?

    So the blood remains on your hands.
    Your hand-wringing smug majority will not grow those Iraqi’s back their limbs.

    Mince about as much as you please Andy- you beloved minorities are of no consequnce to us.
    If you care about them so much- let them live in your “Omo” land- whiter than whites, coloured, brighter than brights- assuming Ostrayans are mature and non-racist enough to accomodate them.

    We have 235 million people 120+ million Javanese who have every right enshrined by International Law to dictate their own future. They interpret Democracy as majority rule not minority pandering.

    Australia has a long and well documented history of cultural assimilation- revived again by former PM John Coward.
    Coward knew he’d pushed his luck far too far and swore upon his mothers’ apron-strings Irian would be forever Indonesian.

    We have over 20,000 heavily armed soldiers itching for Australia to attempt taking Irian.
    You uppity Aussies need to be cut back down to size and put back in your place. Thousands of ocker-filled body bags ought to work.

    When our economy revives- which it will certainly do once US sponsored bed-wetter SBY is removed, and the military once again fully in control- watch Australia grovel and brown-nose for business.

  28. Andy says:

    Hehehe, we never tried to take Papua you imbecile. However the way you guys carried on when (what was it 3 or 4) tried to seek asylum on our great shores after being mistreated by your thugs (were you one of them?) you would think your brainwashed (and braindead) citizens thought we had sent an entire platoon of SAS soldiers into there. If our countries ever went to war you would have maybe the manpower but not the sophistication, strategy or the balls to beat us. Our soldiers are well respected all over the world for their bravery and dedication to liberty.
    Your clowns meekly surrendered to the Japanese. In fact it was the west who had to come and save your sorry arses. I wish we didn’t looking back. The japs are a friendly trading partner and have supported the same causes as us (freedom, liberty) since they signed their new constitution post WW2. Would be nice to see you bowing to the rising sun rather than to your fake god every morning. We fought Nazi Germany too, where were your clowns again? Truth be known your people are not brave at all and are in fact cowards. If 1 bule confronted 1 (not 10) or your idiots they would run and hide. You and I in a cage and you would be the same I guarantee.

    Oh yeah more rubbery figures from Purbs….Javanese don’t yet make up 50 % of the population so you have no right whatsoever to force yourselves on the rest.

  29. Purba Negoro says:

    you are such a dickhead.
    I’m glad you let everyone know each time your ocker cakehole flaps about.

    It was the Dutch who surrendered moron.
    Japanese trained Indonesians via PETA for Independence. Why would we fight our Liberators?
    Not to worry- many Australian beheaded by the Japanese- very popular public entertainment.

    We were requested by the US to pull back two battalions of commando from Timor before your Australian boats would land.

    I look forward to an Ostrayan pick a fight.
    Get your Will in order yobbo, before you pick one against one of us- you will not live long without your liver.

  30. Andy says:

    Purba, I have challenged some of your people one on one and they are gutless. They have the famous ‘dutch courage’ only when in a group. One of my friends destroyed at least 10 of your losers in a fight before your mob rule organised themselves and ganged up with 20 / 1 odds. In Australia you are never so bold and usually tell us how much you love our country and how you would never go back. Guess they are the smart ones eh? If you could cut it in the west you would have stayed. 1,000s of others have made the successful transition.

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