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Police in the east Java ferry port of Banyuwangi briefly detained members of the Falun Gong cult.

Ever on the lookout for deviancy the head of the Banyuwangi police, Gaguk Sumartono, said that the five Falun Gong activists were distributing leaflets at the port as they journeyed from Bali to Jakarta.

Leaflets are dangerous things, especially when, according to Gaguk Sumartono, they contain words emanating from the Communist Party of China. Never mind that Chinese communists loathe the Falun Gong, such understanding of these issues is always going to be lacking in the backwoods of east Java.

The three Indonesians and two foreigners were only briefly detained, as:

After questioning the five activists were seen to have their papers in order and were freed.
(Setelah diperiksa kelima aktivis memiliki surat-surat resmi dan identitas jelas, akhirnya mereka kami lepas kembali)

said Gaguk Sumartono. He further explained his actions saying his men were just being careful.

[Before we arrested them] We hadn’t yet seen whether there was something dangerous or negative [in their leaflets/actions]. Especially since the teachings of the Falun Gong are not a form of heresy as there has not been a direct order [from the government] to arrest the followers of Falun Gong.
(Kami belum melihat adanya suatu provokasi yang mengarah kepada hal-hal negatif. Apalagi keberadaan ajaran Falun Gong bukan suatu ajaran sesat. Terbukti, belum ada perintah langsung dari untuk menangkap para penganut Falun Gong.)

Always on watch in Banyuwangi.

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  1. DFH says:

    Falun Gong Literature is not dangerous. How can some piece of paper be dangerous? What really dangerous is the government. What government says will be considered the law regardless of what is right or wrong to our true heart.

  2. mR.T says:

    This is added information for all so we can see this topic more independently.
    It is not right that the words come from Chinese Communist Party. The actual word in the leaflets is telling the cruel and inhuman action done by Chinese Communist Party to Falun Gong practitioners in China.

    The leaflet says about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioner in China that done by Chinese Communist Party started from 1999 until now. The specific issue is talked about illegal organ trading done by CCP. CCP harvest organs from Falun GOng practitioner by taking the organs when they alive and without any medicine. Imagine how painfull it is.

    In other perspective, the patient who received the organs may won’t ge best result because the organs didn’t be donored voulentarely by the victims. So the organs won’t operative rightly.

  3. Dragonwall says:

    Falun gong was actually a health practice but owing to the growing numbers by the day that CCP was afraid it might get toppled by them

    As for CCP selling organs has little truth in it whereas it was thought to have been carried out by entrepreneurs who were colluding with prison warden and private hospitals therefore in most case recipients were not properly match with donors.

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