“Hearts & Minds” Operation Goes Wrong

Apr 11th, 2006, in News, by

While carrying out a “hearts and minds” operation in Papua two Indonesian soldiers were killed after an attack, apparently by the Papuan separatist group, Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM).

The soldiers were engaged in a humanitarian, medical, mission, doing good works in the village to win over aforesaid hearts and minds of the Papuan natives. Their unit, the 509th Kostrad, is from Jember, East Java.

Marshal Djoko Suyanto, the armed forces commander, has muttered darkly that foreign agents may have been behind the attack.

If we look at recent developments [in Papua] the possibility [of foreign involvement] is there.
(Jika kita baca perkembangan akhir-akhir ini bisa jadi ada keterkaitan.)

which he said in response to a journalist’s question.

One can only imagine what young, heavily armed Javanese men in uniform look like to many Papuans, even when they are making a positive contribution. Occupation forces, it seems.

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