Dream Girl Paris Hilton

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Paris HiltonWhether Paris Hilton is the ideal girl for Indonesian men.

Running an ordinary web search for “cewek idaman” (ideal girl/very desirable girl), exact match (with quotation marks), we get:

70,200 results for “cewek idaman”.

Now if we add (exactly this AND exactly that) a query for “Paris Hilton”:

19,700 results for “cewek idaman” “paris hilton”.

Which means of course that almost 30% of the pages where “cewek idaman” is being talked about include at least a mention of Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton and friends
Paris and her dopey looking sister standing amongst Jessica Nathalie, Janna Soekasah, Dian Sastro, Rifi Aprilia – you be the judge.

Now looking at Google Images search, the same search, “cewek idaman”, brings up 4 or 5 images of Paris or pages where Paris is being talked about, in the first 20 results. On the second page of results we get about 8 Paris pics/stories out of 20.

But it’s not all Paris in Google Images however, some of the results for “cewek idaman” suggest there are a few among Indonesian Adams still with some taste and sense:

Probably a model

Ordinary Girl

Ordinary Girl

Sandra Dewi

6 Comments on “Dream Girl Paris Hilton”

  1. Andrew says:

    Paris Hilton? dream girl? sounds more like a nightmare to me…

  2. Berlian Biru says:

    Drunken, drug addled, herpes infected, rich slapper with a criminal record, the ideal woman for a couple of ojek drivers I know but not sure who else she would appeal to.

  3. joao says:

    almost 30% of the pages where “cewek idaman” is being talked about include at least a mention of Paris Hilton

    Is this just another blonde joke or what? (wink wink nudge nudge)

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    Paris is a very clever media construct.
    I read somewhere her PR team included Tom Cruise Jewish former PR (the one that disguise him being drooling lunatic for so long- very famous- I think Pak Suharto could have been another Gandhi with her help) spent 12 months before her media launch to create a celebrity construct- who had no claim to fame aside from being famous.

    How brilliant- and we’re the fools gossiping while they laugh all the way to the bank.
    And now we see spin off- Lindsay Lohan, Kardashian, others.
    Yes I know- I should stop reading my wife gossip magazine before I sleep.

    How much of media-Paris is real-Paris- who can really tell- would be interesting to analyse personality (reaity vs created) constructs.

    She does take mental medication-

    Someone’s been prowling Friendster.com I think.

    Sandra Dewi has ugly mata sipit. Elek.

    The pembantu in kebaya has typical shocking posture
    Why do the lower classes always slouch? Like an American- shocking.

    In my day we were lucky not to have a bamboo strapped to our shoulders for bad posture. Dignified posture for dignified people.
    I have a 70 year old feeble pembantu- she doesn’t work- she just lives with us to be taken care of and keen “grandma” to the idiot 20’s pembantu lusting over sms, sinetron, cinta (love) and cowok (boys)- who has ramrod straight back- never had any dairy in her life: “dalem sanes dhahar keju, Mas- nggak doyan”

    Also- for thought (if debate is to become serious):

    Do you think this was very cepresentative- considering
    *most Indonesians are infrequent users of internet?
    *personal computer ownership is concentrated in the top 10% or less?
    *many Chinese and Indians generally more computer (literate, users, hobbiests etc)-oriented?
    (from what I have seen my kids and friends use it basically for chat, gossip, concert info, and minimal time spent online?)

    Would make intesrting discussion, perhaps.

  5. andre says:

    Yes, she is cewek idaman in term of sexiness and I love party girl, what can be better than her. She is smart and know how to use media for her own publicity, free and she is making money out of it, can any body of us do the same clever strategy like her, she is simply a business minded clever whore.

  6. diego says:

    But she’s flat-chested….

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