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The first Indonesian version of Playboy magazine came out today. Despite the fact that it does not contain nudity and is not any more raunchy than other established magazines its publication has met with much opposition.

Playboy, first edition cover.

The magazine costs 39,000 rupiah or about $4.50. The cover features the model Andhara Early and inside she is featured in about 5 photos, sexily posed but with the important bits covered. It is mainly article based and features an interview with the celebrated novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

Andhara Early with underpants clearly visible.

Opposition to the magazine has come from predictable quarters. The Islamic Defenders Front were first out of the blocks, saying it’s all about the name:

The first edition might be tame, but it will get more vulgar. Even if it had no pictures of women in it, we would still protest it because of the name.

said FPI spokesman Tubagus Muhamad Sidik, who may or may not have been frothing at the mouth as he spoke.

The Front staged a demonstration outside the offices of Playboy and one member was seen to be stamping on a copy of the offending magazine to show his opposition to what he called “the right hand of America”.

I refuse to read this.

Hidayat Nurwahid, the speaker of the parliament, said that the publication was a kick in the teeth for the people of Indonesia, who were largely opposed to it.

He said that freedom had to be qualified by responsibility towards society and asked the people to reject Playboy firmly but without violence. Hidayat Nurwahid, who is a former leader of the PKS, was another who harped on the name thing.

Just by looking at the name of the magazine the people reject it.

Dumb people then. From the point of view of what is actually inside the magazine, he said, the first edition was a trick and later editions would be full of sex and pornography.

Meanwhile the Minister for Youth and Sport, continuing the stream of thick-as-two-planks commentary, said that Playboy had to be rejected because it had connotations of pornography and nudity.

And in the city of Makassar in south Sulawesi province about 30 morally motivated university students demonstrated against the sale of Playboy in their fair town, saying it was “forbidden”. As is the tradition in this rather rough neck of the woods tires were burned and streets blocked as the students also demanded that the regional government ban the magazine.

68 Comments on “No Nudes Playboy Out”

  1. Zahrullail says:

    Please, remmember Allah alarm us with Acheh, It just happend, Do you want it to be happend againt???

  2. Hendrik says:

    Playboy porn?? hahaha sick joke! Welcome to a free world! haha those moslims are funny again and again :))

  3. zul says:

    actually i dont care about playboy magz, but i care to hendrik be carefull when saying something i told you that Moslems are not funny, i can kill you for what you had said!!!!!

  4. Rockstar says:

    You know wat is not about Moslems really, it’s just those minds that get corrupted day after day.
    Seriously I live in the US where Moslems are such an open minded person. They don’t care about playboy really. All they need to do is just .. not to read it.. as simple as that.

    Have you ever thought of something broader than just playboy would make Allah angry and therefor punish Indonesia with a severe punishment? Have you ever thought of something more essential than that? If you have then you knew the anwswer would not be that simple.

    For a simple case..
    when a church got burnt,.. my question is this.. did it make Allah happy?
    when a person got killed because they had a different opinion.. would Allah say, good job my child, now sic ’em all?

  5. zikir says:

    Zahrullail, instead of burning playboy magazines, why don’t you burn all corruptors alive ? They’re the ones who make Indonesian suffered. But after all it’s just about the money, isn’t it ? Have FPI ever tried to go to Suharto’s house and all his mates’ and burn them alive for making more than 30 years of pains for Indonesian people ?

  6. Sandur says:

    Why so much addo about Playboy if the girls are not nude and anyways, I have not meet a single Indonesian woman who is fair and beautiful enough. Indonesian women are as attractive as dead fish. You can see nothing of value in an Indonesian woman, less any beauty whatsoever.

    Indonesian women need to use veils not because they are Muslim but because they are horrible; just the kind of woman for the disgustingly-looking Indonesian Muslim men.

  7. Zahrullail says:

    You know wat is not about Moslems really, it’s just those minds that get
    corrupted day after day.

    Seriously I live in the US where Moslems are such an open minded person.
    They don’t care about playboy really. All they need to do is just .. not to
    read it.. as simple as that.

    To Rockstar

    It is different between living in US and in Indonesia

    So please do not make comparison between Indonesia & US

    The referance value is not the same, the situation also different.

    This is Moslem Country, US is Non Moslem Country,

    Indonesia is ruled my Moslem, so they should act as Moslems.

    Islam & Islamic Value must be applied by the leader.

    I think, you are to narrow, I’m not referring only to Playboy only, I’m
    referring to any kind of action which againt Syariah Law.

  8. Hendrik says:

    killing others because of a magazine is so stuppid and sad at the same time.. and that reflects on Moslems around the world. Thats not freedom.

  9. zikir says:

    Since when Indonesia becomes an Islamic country ? The most populated Moslem country, yes. But an Islamic (Moslem) country ? Be cautious non-Moslem Indonesians since many Indonesian people now claims that Indonesia is an Islamic country.

  10. Man says:

    Good things comes to those who wait till the end of their life journey to die as a Muslim….Eventually when everyone not bothered or no feeling seeing their own grand mom, mom, wife or daughter goes naked in public, its time to check ones own Iman/faith…..

    Two side of the coin…are you proud of freedom of speech or figure??? or feel loss of dignity…

    Go to the zoo and judge for yourself whether those who express/expose themselves in public share some similarity………

  11. Hendrik says:

    So killing, murdering is to show how to be a good moslim? is that on the side of your coin? thats just sick!

  12. Andreas says:

    No no no, that’s absolutely wrong. Our country is a “REPUBLIK” country, and it’s a “Democratic” country, not a Muslim country. Couse not just Moslem live in this country.
    And ’bout the magazine, why do you bother? just don’t see, look, read and even touch it if that against with your religion rules or your will.
    I’m absolutely don’t mind to read and see the magz, cause I just enjoy the beauty that God give to humankind, that’s it.

  13. Man says:

    There is good Muslim and bad Muslim. Good Muslim is promised of Heaven and bad Muslim is promised of Hell fire. As long he does not associate ALLAH with any other God, eventually the bad Muslim will go to Heaven.

    Every living soul on earth shall eventually die. Whether he wants to die as a Muslim or otherwise is his choice with ALLAH permission. Even a pious Muslim father cannot guarantee his children die as Muslim or otherwise. He can only teach and convey the true teaching of Islam and pray to ALLAH that his family and himself is saved from Hell Fire.

    Hendrik, if you have been misinformed about Islam, I pray to ALLAH that you are being guided to the true teaching of Islam in the near future. Al Quran the Sacred Book has been translated in English and other languages.

    People’s views and opinions are open to flaws. Al Quran is from ALLAH, the All Mighty God, and in perfect form and flawless.

    A Muslim, I have conveyed the message to invite you to Islam and may ALLAH pardon me for any weaknessess I have in conveying this message.

  14. Hendrik says:

    Thanks for the invite! But I need to know more about Islam before i join. Does Islam support the killing of people because of a magazine? And how about freedom for other religions. Does Islam respect other opinions and does Ilsam know how to talk instead of using wapons? Does Ilsam promote freedom and same rights for women?

  15. Rockstar says:

    Ok I think that’s not what Man tried to explain. As he explained, there were good and bad Moslems. I assume that bad Moslems can also be called the radicals. These people are bad Moslems. I think.

    I believe Islam doesn’t teach people to kill others nor any radical actions. Some people can be so fanatic that s/he turns the Quran upside down, tries to justify what s/he did. Just like what the crusaders did in the past, i’d say.

    It’s interesting to read the Fact, Man. In my religion, there are only 2 groups of people. The believers and the non-believers. Even the Christians can be among the non-believers. The believers are those who believe in Jesus Christ as the saviour. At the end no matter how good a person is, Christian or not, if he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, he will end his journey in hell. Being a Christian doesn’t guarantee a place in heaven. The way to salvation is -unbelievably- easy and simple, just believe and receive the salavation that Christ has to offer.

    As a Christian, I also have given you an introductionary to what Christianity is all about.

    Thanks for sharing your thought, I hope you’re doing good my friend.

  16. zehan says:

    you are non Moslem just please care about your faith. we are Moslem and of course care about our faith – Islam. if you are non Moslem trying to attact and destroy what we are believing then we are ready to fight back you. as you know Islam doesn’t tolerate anything similar to nudism, pornography, nakeism , or such ‘berpakaian tapi seperti telanjang’, so for this reason we will continue to remove sort of magazine from Muslim world. either you non Moslem like it or not, that is your problem.

  17. Rockstar says:

    Nice word man.. you are the man of righteous.. I like that!! keep it up..
    oh and I hope you also do the same to other injustice acts in Indoesia such as racism and discrimation. I believe racism and discrimination are totally against Islam too I assume? yes?
    Fight them man, because we believe that we are being discriminated because of our skin and faith.


  18. Full Throttle says:

    If it’s only the title matters, aren’t there plenty of magazines in Indonesia that has as “vulgar” name as Playboy and also had pictures more “pornographic” than playboy?
    Playboy seems to be more “porno” because of their fame, but the name itself isn’t porno if you compared to some magazines published in Indonesia.
    There isn’t any nude picture at all. If you said that it’s just a cover up, well just give Playboy magazines the rules and they will obey it. They haven’t done anything wrong so far, so don’t act first then think. Think first!

    What about “those” Moslems with high rank in government? They already done a lot of wrong things, such as corruption, trying to make Indonesia as a Moslem country.

    All I can say to you is, finish what is wrong in “your” system then matters the others. Because I’d rather have a country that’s having pornography, but not corrupt. Rather than no pornography, but corrupt government.

    Just for example, all european, US, and some asian (Japan, Philipines) countries allowed pornography but with some restriction, like age 21+, and they all are advanced and succesfull countries. While us, Indonesian, care too much for small problems such as Playboy, while those corrupt people are getting away with “our” money. We will never advanced if we all doing like this, we always be a third-world country that “eat” from USA money, which one of their product are trying to be banned by us? That’s just bullsh*t

    I don’t mind you saying that everyone of us believe in our own faith. But..
    “so for this reason we will continue to remove sort of magazine from Muslim world”
    First of all, Indonesia isn’t a “Muslim world” as you said. They have 5 major religions, and each one of them has their own stand point.
    Before you care about Muslim’s faith and such regarding to Playboy magazine, how about what Muslim’s did to other religions? They burned down churches, rape non-Moslem girls, forced not to celebrate some of other religius big day because most of the people is Moslem. I just curious if that is your “Allah” wants from Moslems? I strongly doubt that.

  19. Man says:

    Championing for the wrong cause is not worth to fight for.USA, Europe or other developed countries are gradually turning to a new leaflet…I believe it is not impossible sooner or later they will morally change their life style upholding good values religiously.

    All form of sins are still sins…..corruption, injustice, adultery, stealing and other immoral values sins to a varying degree are still sins…

  20. Rockstar says:

    @ Man,
    I agree, no matter how you look at it, sin is sin. Moral values are being shifted that’s what I see in the world today. We tend to justify what our sin by shifting the values.

    However I think Full Throtle has a point here.
    We have a bigger problem than just playboy. The law is simply not working. Salute to SBY who I think has made a great breakthru so far, but still it’s not enough.

    It’s about time, the law should be executed with iron hands.

  21. Yorokobi says:

    first of all, I really had enough with all this religion/faith conversation, I believe we as Indonesian we are really short minded (I’m talking in general) only acted in reactive mode. with the opportunity of “freedom of speech” everyone can express their mind and thought, the problem is that we (Indonesian) want to be recognized as a person with strong opinion (and do not want to lose “battle of mouth/words” from the opponent). This is a mentality that need to be addressed as the same as so many interruption happening in the lower and upper house of Indonesian parliament, as one mentioned to me that you can see what’s the country like by looking at how the people act in the parliament.

    Back to debate about “playboy magazine”, one thing i can tell you, that they WILL NOT operate or starting a business if there is no market for it, people just not start a business based on controversy or trying to stir up the whole nation, no business people has those kind of mentality. though as a male Indonesian Moslem myself I have to agree on any opinion about nudity as I believe is a degradation on women’s value, but once again I have to put a contradictory about it, the first edition of playboy has given a positive point in a new contemporary art of Indonesia, and I’m not trying to defend Anandha Early though I know her personally back where we were working at the same radio station in Bandung years ago.

    Please don’t bring the name of Allah and Islam where you can’t even face of what you say or act, i mentioned this, just because I believe those people that act in the name of Islam and Allah always wear a mask or a face wear. they acted like they represent the whole Moslem in the country just like those representative in parliament. If they want to pass the bill of pornoact and porno action I would suggest a referendum or an actual voting from the whole nation, and i can guarantee what the outcome will be and you won’t be surprised as We are NOT a Moslem country, we are a republic where the majority is the power of the country.

    It doesn’t matter where do you live, if you are Moslem or any other faith, as i strongly believe that koran, or bibble (old testament) are open to interpretation, and as you all know that koran or bibble (old testament) are like poetry. As you hear a poetry from a famous poet, the way you intrepret the poetry is different from the preson sit next to you. NO religion suggest any killing of any other human being. Mohammad always find a way to have a discussion first even when they were trying to spread Islam, DO NOT forget history how Islam spread to Africa, Asia, Europe, and still today regarded as the fastest growing religion in the world; normal everyday loving people, and it’s even stated in the koran (you will know this as i won’t tell you what chapter is it, because I believe you are more expert that me as only moderate unfanatic Moslem).

    I’m not trying to preach you, but I just had enough with all the nonsense and propaganda that has been spread by a small number of minority trying to represent the whole nation. I just can’t wait when these people are running out steam and money.

    Last word, please look at EGYPT with its belly dancer, and TURKEY with the ottoman type rules. It’s good to have a debate or discussion, but please don’t mention the same thing all over again, we are brother and sisters regardless of what belief we believe. look at what happened in JogJakarta, the spirit that the outside world to our country is enormous, are they Moslem? maybe, are they Christian? maybe, but they don’t care, their spirit is humanitarian, and that’s the kind a thing and thinking we have to follow, not going back about burning porn magazine, or something else. we have law in place we’re not animal, we are human that gifted with the ability to think about the consequences of every move we make.

    If you think that Playboy magazine should be BAN from Indonesia, raise your concern to the ministry of information and media of communication that gives permit to Playboy Magazine to operate in Indonesia, don’t burn the kiosk that sell the magazine, they just try to support their family from the commission of the sell of the magazine.

    have you put your thought as you were the magazine seller???

    Think about it, and have a good night


  22. ME says:

    I’m new in this site, but I read all posts carefully. I want to know some things:

    First of all tell me: why are you fighting? Is that most importand matter in your country? I’m from Poland (Eastern Europe) and I can’t (or maybe won’t) understand difference between Islam and Christianism (or maybe I shold say Catholicism 🙂 ). I have read Coran (YES! I do!!) and I think that it’s not very difference between it and Bible. Both speaks about love, duty, dignity, law and equality for all. But difference between them is one but essencial: interpretation. Luckly not all Muslims are radicals. My friend Muslim is very tolerate man. I think if all of us (not only Muslims or Christians) would be like him, there will be more understanding between us. 🙂

    I want to said it to all of you: forget about the past!! Believe me-I know what I’m saying. Peoples in my country are living with strong attaching to the past. In my opinion there is future to win and every time you look back on history you will fall (and loose).

    So Muslim: think about future and live “Playboy” (or other freaky gazette) on his/her/it own. Allah (forgive me if I offend you in some way – I know one Muslim and its hard to remember all things. If I offend you, I apologise right now. ) is a god, but I don’t think he want to stop you from thinking. Don’t use force – use your brain and heart. Its better weapon than gun.

    As for others: Don’t use European countries as a example for succes. Its not THAT simple. We have our own problems (for example corruption. Maybe smaller but we have. 🙂 ).

    So… As Full Throttle said: Think first then act.

  23. ME says:

    One more thing: You are right Yorokobi. If in Indonesia won’t be a market for Playboy, they won’t come. Its very easy. Its Economy. 🙂

  24. Risklynx says:

    I think playboy is made for men. Does any Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Jewish man have a problem with seeing beautiful women with their clothes on? Maybe all of the Muslim men in Indonesia are gay, and that is why there is such a big problem. I think USA should bring PlayGirl to Indonesia, with pictures of men. Maybe all the Muslim men will then smile, while the women once again laugh in disgrace at their Muslim brothers for being such hypocrits.

  25. Orwell's Doormat says:

    I am not a Muslim – but I am heartened to read the enlightened views of Muslims on this website. I have great respect for Allah and for the teaching of His Prophet. I am Jewish, yet I long for a time to come again when Jews and Muslims will again be united in creating a brilliant and shining culture of tolerance, art, literature and morality. We have all become too eager to hate, to accuse, to destroy… I would rather set fire to the immorality within my own soul rather than set fire to a magazine. I would rather become drunk on God, then become drunk with stupid rage…

  26. IslamSux says:

    Obviously Your Allah doesnt believe in free will….

    If someone is bad you cant make them good by force…u have to educate them

    and let them decide

  27. oaklandgirl says:

    From what I see and read here the issue of Playboy is not so much that some skin is being shown, ( Example FHM magize shows more. ) but that there is a hatered that has be passed on from greneration to generation to hate anything American (“The Great Satan of Immorality”). We are not all perzert and immoral! The propaganda that the Extremist with the Muslim religion has tainted most Muslism views. I infact do not like smut mags but with the freedom here we have a choice not to look at it. And if more people made that choice then the magizine would not last in a free enterprise society. I have no problem with Muslim values- for that most part they are good values. Its the Extremist that pervert it and allow for thier women to be discriminated against, thier childern to be tought that if someone does not agree with them religiously then it is a right given by Allah to kill. Does not Allah teach peace and tolerance! I say before you Muslims start throwing stones at Americans, look with your own religion and get out of the 3rd world mentality of religion. Christianity has evoleved to the times. And as far as ANY religious book being perfect I ask you this. Who wrote that book- man given to him by his God. We know man is not perfect, only the Gods (whichever God) can be perfect. I know that things have been lost in translation and in reprint because we are not GODS and can not understand the exact words of God whichever God that may be. Can any man presume to know the exact meaning of the words spoken to him by his God- I know he can not. It is for us to take his word and make what we will of it. So Muslims TAKE back your peacful, religion and teach your children right from wrong. Killing and discrimination (no matter what form) should not be tolerated by ANY religion.

  28. someone says:

    WOW pissing about a magazine that doesnt even show nudity. Muslims, you suck! Is there anything in life that makes a Muslim person happy? It must really suck to have a close minded society like the ones in Muslim areas. Do this or do that or god will punish you. What a way to live your life always worried if god will punish yourself or not.. HAHA idiots

  29. Willy France says:

    I’m living in france and have many friends of different relegions. What I know about all believes, is that everyone makes there own dicisions bases on there own believes.
    Let us be judged on the time we stand in front of the crossroad between heaven and hell.
    Every religion says respect and follow the law of the place where you live your life. If the leaders of a counrty say the magazine and pictures are, bad for the people then get it out, just like all the other thing forbiten!
    And the people who realy still want it then, order it from a other country where it’s allowed, and keep it for yourself.
    If your country allow it, and you don’t. then just don’t buy and you will be rewarded at the time of judgment! But stay with your believe is the best advice i can think of.

  30. daemyon says:

    I tell you what to do: Go out and kill everybody who disagrees with you…you will last 5 minutes, they will last forever; and if you are afraid of yr sister, mother girlfriend or friend having sex with bad men and this is your answer, then you need a new cookbook…life goes on, and differences of opinion are never cured with violent intent. It has been thus since time immemorial; the Romans, the British, Spanish and Dutch colonialism…none of their expansion and enslavement was halted by stupidity. It takes informed tactical advancement, i.e. time and dedication, not stupidity and quick fixes. This only leads to the same: reactionary killing and decimation. And trust me: the powers that be will win in the short term, they simply have more expolsives, weapons and satellites to throw at you in answer to your only having bodies to sacrifice! Take your time and get educated

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