Boycott Australian Imports

Apr 6th, 2006, in News, by

The Indonesian Importers Association has called for a boycott of Australian goods.

The Indonesian Importers Association (GINSI) on Thursday urged its members to boycott Australian goods in retaliation for Canberra’s decision to grant visas to 42 Papuan asylum seekers.

Australia has meddled too much in Indonesia’s internal affairs by giving the visas.

The Jakarta Post earnestly reported the boycott call thusly.

The boycott call reflects simmering anger among Indonesia’s ruling elite over last month’s decision to give temporary visas to the Papuans, who arrived in Australia in a dugout canoe claiming troops were committing genocide in their homeland.

GINSI chairman Amirudin Saud said the decision to boycott Australian goods was made during a meeting on Monday.

We also call on porters working in all seaports across the country not to unload goods from any Australian ships.

The boycott is meant to begin from April 6th. Assuming anything at all comes of it it would affect about US$2.6 billion worth of Australian trade exports to Indonesia. Members of the importers body are not required to heed the call and it is not known how many will go along with it. Probably about none.

2 Comments on “Boycott Australian Imports”

  1. R. Patterson says:

    If Indonesia boycots Australian produce will Indonesia return the millions of dollars DONATED or GIVEN! to them for humanitarian relief? Having seen how Indonesian military acted in East Timor both when they annexed the country and when they left. Then I have no doubt that they are doing the same in Papua. Indonesia should clean up their own mess and then citizens will not want to leave.
    R. Patterson

  2. W. Apple says:

    They did it to in maluku.

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