Decorative Wooden Dolls

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Indonesian handmade wooden dolls decorated in ikat art cloth.

All of these wooden dolls are hand made and carved from crocodile wood and dressed up in hand-loomed ikat (a type of weaving similar to tie-dye) cloth art, from Novica.

Cat Doll

Wooden Cat Doll
Wooden Cat Doll.

Historical Doll

Doll figure from a Balinese legend
Doll figure from a Balinese legend.

Painted Wooden Frog

Frog Doll
Painted Frog Doll, can be posed in various positions.

Wooden Doll Man

Wooden doll figure
Wooden doll figure.

Wooden Giraffe Doll

Giraffe Doll
Giraffe Doll.

See the full catalog, with wholesale prices, of these unique wood dolls at Novica.

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  1. devilkitty says:

    I think Jenglot doll is more interesting. hihihi..

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