Maid Abuse

Aug 16th, 2008, in News, by

Discussion on abuse of Indonesian maids in Singapore and Malaysia, and elsewhere.

Comments split off from Dedi Mulyadi thread.

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  1. Mets says:

    @PN & TOM …. before you both go any lower on your IQ levels negotiation dont go lower than 75 anything, below that I might have to think you both possibly have aspergers syndrome …(this is not meant to be an insult before you both bite my head off)

    For the record whilst not perfect it has been recognised by most respected NGO leading on Human Rights & UN that only 2 countries have a solid infrastructure to help victims of maid abuse Indonesia & the Phillipines….

    & as the for the Chinese issues …sorry must be me, I got lost in translation…thought the argument was ‘maid abuse’

  2. janma says:

    Oh Janma.
    Pride is a personal commitment. It is an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity.

    Is that right? You sure it’s not just mediocrity masquerading as excellence?

  3. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    So does anyone know how Indonesia stacks up against the Phillippines in terms of numbers as an exporter of maids ?

    Hi Janma !

  4. janma says:

    Hello Achmad…… sorry I’d wave, but I got a glass balanced on my ass…

  5. dragonwall says:

    Ha.ha. Janma now you are doing the balancing least you showed something to them.

  6. tomaculum says:

    Mets wrote:
    @PN & TOM …. before you both go any lower on your IQ levels negotiation dont go lower than 75 anything, below that I might have to think you both possibly have aspergers syndrome …
    Hmm, what has IQ with Aspergers syndrome? 🙂

  7. Charice OFW says:

    Across south east asia, household assistant from this region usually abused when they work to a foreign land. Before maids are hired a psychiatric test must be done both the employer and employee to see if both parties fit. But almost of the the time, the employer gets the benefit.

  8. Lisa says:

    Purba Negoro rocks 🙂

  9. Achmed says:

    I am happy the Indonesians protect us as Arabs, because to be frank: there are more Indonesian women abused in the Arab world than somewhere else, believe me.

    It is unfair, so I speak out on this matter. Every month there is 1 Indonesian woman killed in the Arab world, but no one cares. All because of the Hadji quota.

    They took a leaf from my ancestors big Islam tree and created there own small Islam. Indonesians are people without identity, sad enough because they never had a central Government. Always ruled by small clan leaders and so called radjas.

    Hope they will be proud of themeselve someday without copying my ancestors culture.

    Peace to all…

  10. Andriani says:

    Sadly, it is true that many mad Chinese women abuse their enslaved maids. Although, abuses also happen with other ethnics as well (i.e. in Middle East). What troubles me is the fact that many of them (based on my casual interviews with some of them) are not willing to hire Mainland/ Chinese domestic workers, because there are fears of the workers having affairs with the spouses; hence they hire Indonesian maids ONLY to be treated inhumanely.

    Purba Negoro, please please continue your work in pursuing human rights for abused maids, both in foreign countries and Indonesia. I also hope that lawmakers will urge countries to enforce protection laws to our domestic workers and ban them from going to countries that do not protect their rights.

    Thank God for people who still care for those who are impoverished and abused.

  11. diego says:

    Teng Shiauw Phing said: someone said as ‘jaman-purba’ ? don’t really understand it)

    Clearly this DXP guy is an indon-chinese with a deep hatred toward the hands the feed him. How many times he pretends not to understand a word in indonesian…. But I guess it’s just his personal exercise to wipe off any emotional attachment he’s having with indonesia (or maybe it’s part of his hate-clan rituals…). Here’s a word for you: cao ni ma.

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