Maid Abuse

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Discussion on abuse of Indonesian maids in Singapore and Malaysia, and elsewhere.

Comments split off from Dedi Mulyadi thread.

71 Comments on “Maid Abuse”

  1. Sylvester says:

    Summarily- Chinese are hated in Indonesia because of their actions.

    I know many pribumi not like PN. In general, pribumi are good. Unfortunately some sick people like PN always try to poison others for his own benefit.

  2. Purba Negoro says:

    NO Chinese just don’t like being exposed as the bastards they are.

  3. Sylvester says:

    Purba negoro should go to jaman purba (dinosaur era) because of his mindset. Poor..poor, ha ha ^_^. I believe he just a small plankton screaming in the ocean. The Indonesia-China relationship is improving thanks to people like Gus Dur, Megawati, Dahlan Iskan, JK (surprise heh, JK went to China with Tommy Winata for business), etc. Also Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao are the good leaders also in foreign policy.

    I admit there are some Chinese bastards, but what PN has done only lead to the nation destruction.

  4. kudaku says:

    The ‘pointing finger’ mentality wouldn’t go far in any society! The dutch have abused our great country for centuries, the japanese caused unbearable memories in less than a decade.. so what! It’s in the past! If anything it should be a reminder that we’ve gone through all and still came out with our red and white flag flying high in the equator! Indonesia’s motto ‘bhinneka tunggal ika’ says it all! And for anyone who believe their sense of patriotism are higher than anyone else, unity in diversity means that you are an Indonesian whatever colour, language, religion!

  5. DXP says:

    DXP laugh to see this Indonesian style debate about hatred toward the chinese, if Indonesian don’t like CHINA as the next super-power in this region, then I will feedback to the China embassy in Indonesia, it is fine. But that is beside the point. Let me tell you one thing, it is not what you like or dislike, it is the market who decide to do so. Especially with the China GDP is nearly the same with USA GDP, what can you do little brother ? that’s why it is important to say, we are no longer living in the ‘pre-historic era’ (someone said as ‘jaman-purba’ ? don’t really understand it)

  6. tomaculum says:

    simple: you hate chinese “bastards” (your words), shoot them dead, you patriot.
    I don’t like Singaporean government style too, but fact is that Singapore is more wealthy than Indonesia. Ask yourself why, I’m sure you know any ridiculous answer.
    And Purba, I thank God, that you are not representative for Javanese. You know surely the javanese term “ora jowo”. That is what you are. 🙂 And you are “kasar”, not the chinese you insult. Are you also uneducated wong cilik? No, most of wong cilik I know are educated in sopan-santun, they don’t have such sick and feculent garbage between their ears.
    Now you can wave again with your AKM and Makarov which you apparently need as an elongation for your ominous “Tombak Ali” (or “Alit”? 🙂 )

  7. tomaculum says:

    not Indonesia don’t like China, some Indonesian hate Chinese Indonesian.
    Some Indonesian my hate China (PR-China) too, but they need China.
    Please don’t be confuse. 🙂

  8. Purba Negoro says:

    DXP can shove his empty threats as far up his well-used anal as he likes.

    Explain this:
    Why do Chinese complain about treatment in Indonesia- but no word of complaint about Mao or Deng who kill millions of their own countrymen?
    No comment about Vietnam?

    Typical Hokkien selective amnesia- your motive is to bad-mouth Indonesia- like Mochtar Riady buying Bill Clinton vote since 1980.
    Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Bush Jnr never complain about Indonesia. Only Bill Clinton- on payroll of Riady.

    Who organised riot in Karawaci? Anton Medan by his own words he cannot explain why he is at front of angry mob- on video.

    The rape story was only reported by one charity. Police invite them to collect evidence so then can prosecute. To this date they have not submitted one signed statement- all they do is repeat over and over- thinking we wil belive without proof.
    Then Chinese make video claiming millions die- you can see on youtube. Why? Fact only 1280 MAYBE killed.
    Yes- very dreadful BUT how many does China kill in one year alone?

    Toma, I think you actually like me as a intellectual challenge.
    I am sorry if you are offended. When I say CHiense- I am referring specificlly to bastard here in Indeonsia- relics of Colonialism with loylty to no one but wallet.

    I am in Singapore next week for one week- Singaporeans are very polite. Singaporean women very friendly when I was unmarried man.
    They are nothing like Indonesian Chinese.
    You come here to Jakarta- I will show you.
    As an honest person I must state without lying as a generalisme Chinese and Indian are notorious for sh*tty treatment of any worker- maid or not.
    Indian is stingy and smelly- no question. Very few excpetion.
    CHinese- arrogant (sombong), pelit (mean)
    You do not believe me- go ask 100 pembantu.

    You think I have no contact with Chinese? My children attend school in plastic bubble? My wife not have her friends?

    Why is it where I live- no riot involving CHinese, no demo, no FPI, nothing?
    Maybe because these Chinese are Old Money- not nouveau riche slave-driver, always penny-pinching who as soon as have few millions Rp in bank, suddenly Lord and Master

    This “racism” but more accurately merely “chauvinism” is two way- not only yes Chinese often treat pribumi worse, pribumi can tret Chinese worse than to Pribumi.
    This was implied- I did not realise I have to spell it out everything to adults.

    I will give you a link to a Chinese man married to an Indonesian woman:

    Bhinneka Tunggal IKA DOES NOT mean unity in diversity. Diversity was not even associated with multi-culturalism- until 1970s onward in Western liberal democracy and STILL not accpeted for African nations by idiotic hypocritical Liberals. Idi Amin? Hero to Leftist. But he expell Indians? Does nt this racism contradcit?

    Bhinneka- assorted/divers/disparate
    Tunggal= one- still common Javanese kromo numeral
    setunggal= 1 Jogjanese kromo
    Cakratunggal= lynchpin of the world= “one cakra”- NOT unity
    ika- that

    Te Constituion states Humanitisme BUKAN Internalisonalisme

    So Go tell mummy Deng. You should be afraid of those with real power who never make threats.

  9. tomaculum says:

    Toma, I think you actually like me as a intellectual challenge.

  10. Purba Negoro says:

    Yes- you must lower your intellect to meet mine

  11. Enigmatic says:

    I hope I have to digress from the topic of maid abuse for the last time.

    For the record, the Tammy incident rocked Singapore for quite a while. Story is simple.

    Girl films sex with her boyfriend on cameraphone. Someone steals the phone. Uploads the video on youtube. Tah dah.

    Ok PN hope that clears the question.

    And please, everyone, stick to the topic. It’s maid abuse. Not Tammy. Or what cheebye or what. and PN you still haven’t figured the correct way of using har, hor, lah, leh etc in Singlish.

    Refer to this website for details.

    And PLEASE stop using Singlish. Everyone. Sorry but honestly it spoils your English. And mine. And everyone else’s. Take it from someone exposed to it daily even today.

    Same thing for nationalism. Everyone’s drifting too much for no one’s good. PN if you want go post something about the national coat of arms. I’ll go give you the attention you so crave. And discuss too.

    And stick back to the topic. Which is Maid Abuse.

  12. tomaculum says:

    You’re right, but to which level (60 – 90)?

  13. Purba Negoro says:

    You underestimate yourself:
    High fifties.

    Like my maids… just today one of them shoots out another child- no husband. Who foots the hospital bill for her getting knocked up? Us. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    I sacked the one she replaced- because our SatPam (secuirty guard) caught her giving hand-jobs to her boyfriend on my porch!
    She was 17!
    Imagine the position we, as employers, are put in. I have to confront the parents, etc, etc.

    Yes- Muslims all. Immoral horny/romance crazy/boy crazy Sinetron “cengeng” (weepy) stupified idiots.
    They know all about contraception- they just get themselves knocked up Hoping the boy will stay around. Does he? Nope.

    Such infantile, immature, myopic idiots. The pembantu class need a damn good smack about the ears to smarten them up.

    Certainly proves Churchill’s “greatest argument against democracy is talking to the average voter for 5 minutes”

    Told you they need to be ruled.

  14. Purba Negoro says:

    I went through your list in entirety- I only found the dentist to Sukarno and some advisers to the Monetary Ministry?.

    Sorry- maybe you can enlighten us.
    I will say Kwik Kian Gie was pretty good, but Ms Sri now is better- and prettier too.

    your list is quite amusing, includes:
    Liem Siow Long- perhaps one of the greatest architects of the 1998 and financier of Suharto?
    Would you really call him a ‘hero’? Maybe hero of sleaze.

    Pangestu- corruptor in extremis Pangestu (magical rags to billionaire story as sister is Minister of Trade)

    Wonowidjoyo (kawi: Forest of Victory?)- lung cancer mogul
    (Gudang Garam)
    Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi- some guy with a t-shirt shop in Bali

    If that’s your reference- its’ crappier than my sons’ half-ass homework.
    It’s a list of adverts who paid Tokoh ( Dutch-era spelling recalling those halcyon days when brownie Pribumi served drinks and kept mouth closed, sigh…).

    The most common words were: pengusaha, aktris, model and dokter.

    Furthermore “Tionghoa” is not a part of the Indonesian language. The term is Cina.
    When China calls itself Tionghoa, and every other language changes and labels Chinese- Tionghoanese- then it will change. But not before.

    It’s also insulting to the Mainland Chinese- who vastly outnumber the tiny Hokkien population (in comparison)- a good example of linguistic supremacism and chuavinism.
    Hua Ren is Mandarin for foreign-born Chinese not tionghoa.

    Do Thai people get upset because that’s the same sound our word for sh*t is?

    Would Indonesians be happy if we Javanese- the largest ethnic group- made everyone call only us “ngDoro” and only address themselves as “dalem” instead of saya?

    No- so grow up please.

  15. tomaculum says:

    I wonder how you could look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.
    At one side you insulting the pembantu class belongs to wong cilik or rakyat, at the other side you yell: Hidup rakyat, hidup wong cilik.
    Indeed this is intellectually very difficult for me to understand.

    You underestimate yourself:
    High fifties.

    So you have low 40? My gosh! 🙂

  16. Sylvester says:

    I don’t think I can lower my level anymore.
    PN is far too low for me.
    His knowledge of Chinese is one sided and primitive. Tionghoa is a Hokkien pronounciation of Zhonghua. People Republik of China is Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo, whereas Taiwan is Zhonghua Minguo. The most correct term for China is Zhonghua/Tionghoa. Huaren or Zhonggouren is Chinese. But I think with his level is extremely difficult for him to understand. And I expect more sarcartic hatred stupid caveman style comment from this manusia purba (caveman).

  17. tomaculum says:

    nor can I. But it is sometimes enjoyable to watch someone uncover himsef. 🙂

  18. Purba Negoro says:


    What evidence can you come up with to prove this alleged Chiense Heroism?

    Well- where is it?

    Stop attempting to subvert my langauge to suit you petty insecurities. You are orang Cina until your country change its’ name.

    The Indonesian Chinese sees himself as ‘atas’ (in Singlish sense) as a defence mechanism to deep rooted feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.
    Because he knows, deep down his culture and habits are far infoerior to is beloved whites’ and vulgar trite and superficial. Thus he surrounds himself with the lowest calibre pribumi to reinforce this self-delusion.

    Yet he will grovel shamelessly at the drop of a hat to a high status native. I have seen Chinese sungkem like obseqious abdi dalem, give lavis gifts in the hope of gaining favour etc to Taufik Kiemas, Sutrisno, etc in person- very amusing.

    Duality or multiplicity of thought simply does not compute in the Chinese mind- it can only link very simple, connected events. This is from rote-style education, not genetic.

    You do not like to think outside the pleasantness of your happy little box. Too hard.

    You need to expand your mind, Ms.

    Do not think like a Exactly like the pembantu’s thought processes.

    The lower classes have a self-destructive idiotic culture of being spoonfed and protected by their clingy parents yearning for meaning.

    They stubbornly resist any form of modernism- hence they must be not spared the rod to spoil the child.

    We Javanese bangsawan are born to rule- and with it comes the responsibility to our Rakyat- noblesse oblige.

    Having well established a rapport and lifetime rebuilding the ancestral lands and bettered my Rakyat- you will respect my opinion as an expert, I know them far better than they know themselves- and they and prefer require a benign Lord to rule them- they are children.

  19. tomaculum says:

    Again, Purba,
    would you be so kind and explain it to me, how can I bring it together, that you at one side debase the “classes”
    Do not think like a Exactly like the pembantu’s thought processes,
    The lower classes have a self-destructive idiotic culture of being spoonfed and protected by their clingy parents yearning for meaning.

    and other statements of yours you surely remember,
    and at the other side you jubilate Rakyat and Wong cilik?
    Isn’t it schizophrenic?

    We Javanese bangsawan are born to rule- and with it comes the responsibility to our Rakyat- noblesse oblige.
    I remember in the history of the current Indonesia, that during the Dutch there was many bangsawan has colaborated with the coloniser. How can you rule a citizen if you don’t respect wong cilik as a part of this? Maybe as milk cow or as slaves? From which lineage are you?

    You do not like to think outside the pleasantness of your happy little box. Too hard.
    You need to expand your mind, Ms.

    How true, how true. One should try to look beyond one’s own nose and maybe sometimes to dismount down from his high horse. Else one can be thrown down.
    And if you were a true leader of Indonesia, then you surely know, that Indonesia consists of several hundreds of ethnical groups, including the “stone-age savages”. 🙂

  20. janma says:

    relics of Colonialism with loylty to no one but wallet.

    oh yeah, whereas, pribumi are so loyal to their country, so patriotic, never thinking of their wallet…….
    useless really to argue with someone whose intellect is so damaged.

  21. Purba Negoro says:

    your comment has been treated with the respect according a offpring of a rice hoarder.
    Utter derision.

    Indonesia is simple:
    put up and shut up or leave. Simple

  22. janma says:

    I am Australian you fool of a man! And Indonesia is anything but simple.

  23. Rob says:

    In a Forrest Gump sort of a way, “simple is as simple does!”

    PN does simple better than anyone else! He is simple, his arguments are simplistic for their overt racism and bigotry, and these arguments are generally cloaked in the shroud of authority with links to Wikipedia entries written by others.

    Maybe one day the commentators on IM will understand that PN is a serial baiter and he is not only not representative of the cast majority of Javanese let alone Indonesians but he is also not real (and perhaps not even Indonesian at all).

    The fact that Indonesia is a much more complex place than PN gives it credit for suggests that he is struggling to come to terms with and comprehend this complexity.

    My guess is that these comments will see me wearing the pink frilly knickers again. I would imagine I will get the, “you’re nothing but a raging moralista, bed-wetting onanist!” This is standard fair when you do not want to engage or be engaged on the substantive arguments of your claims.

  24. Andy says:

    Departure lounges of Indoneisan airports are full to the rafters of domestic maids / nannies going to work in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. I know because I used to help them with their immigration cards when I was out doing the visa run.

    Just like pedophilia and drug offences, Indonesians like to pretend they don’t abuse maids themselves because it somehow makes them feel better. The same reason they deny they have a terrorism problem and ask why tourists are now flying over their country on the way to Thailand instead of stopping over.

    Truth is, for every Indonesian getting abused abroad there would be millions more getting the same treatment at home, otherwise why would they keep going abroad?
    No amount of money is worth losing your life over.

    Indonesian maids I will say though will continue to be paid far less than Filipinas as they are less educated, not as savvy and usually can’t speak english. In the Philippines they woke up years ago to the fact that speaking the global language goes a long way. Now money from abroad makes up a fair amount going back into the Filipino economy. If only Indonesians had the same foresight. You see you need to say more than ‘hello mister’ to be recognised outside of your small cocoon.

    Pedophilia is culturally accepted in Indonesia when a 30 year old pious muslim in a village marries a 13 year old girl (or 2 or 3) but the lynch mob lines up when a 50 year old white guy does the same thing.

    And in Kuta Bali I have only ever been offered drugs by locals, never by foreigners.

    Another case of ‘munafik’ from the blind, jealous locals.

  25. Purba Negoro says:

    Nonsense Andy
    you should seriously start a career in children’s literature- at least then someone will pay for your infantile fabrications.

    Though you’d know about pedophilia in villages because?

  26. Andy says:

    Though you’d know about pedophilia in villages because?

    Yes I do, one of my maids was married at age 13. Now isn’t she below the age of consent even in your lawless (unless you are foreigner) country?

  27. Purba Negoro says:

    yes far below the age of consent- it is a clear case of breaking the law.
    I very much doubt she has documentation of legality or validity of marriage or even bothered registering it- as then husband and her parents would be charged.

    In the villages they have no respect for law unless we drag them by the ear.
    Stupid people do stupid things, everywhere Andy.

  28. Sandy says:

    PN, your hatred toward Chinese is really scary, how wide your vision man?

  29. janma says:

    “Pride sullies the noblest character.” – Claudianus

  30. Purba Negoro says:

    Oh Janma.
    Pride is a personal commitment. It is an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity.”

    The truly proud man knows neither superiors nor inferiors. The first he does not admit of; the last he does not concern himself about.

    William Hazlitt.

    We could play this game for hours.

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