Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva, & Marinus Riwu

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Update 18th September 2006Tibo et al. To Be Executed.

Update for the cases of Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva, & Marinus Riwu, awaiting execution for their supposed roles in inter-religious violence in central Sulawesi in 2000.

The Jakarta Post reports that prosecutors are demanding that the death sentences be carried out forthwith. The chief prosecutor, M. Jahja Sibe, is given as saying:

We will press ahead with the execution process of the three convicted men.

Meanwhile Metro TV reports that the three men are currently being questioned by police over this matter, which suggests at least that their execution, which had been scheduled for March, will be even further delayed, and holds out some hope that they will receive a reprieve.

In the mainly Christian town of Tentena, in central Sulawesi thousands of Christians held a mass prayer gathering on Saturday to show their opposition to the executions. Prayers asking for the salvation of the men were offered and local Christian leader Reverend Renaldy Damanik, who led the prayer, expressed the fear that the executions could trigger a new wave of sectarian hostilities in Poso.

I can’t imagine about what will happen after the execution, as hundreds of emotional Christian people would carry the three men’s coffins along the 20 kilometre road connecting Tagolu village to Poso and Beteleme in Morowali regency.

said Damanik, who himself was released from detention in 2004 for alleged involvement in the fighting.

Damanik also said the execution would “bury the truth” of who orchestrated the two-year conflict in Poso. Other local Christian leaders have said Tibo, Da Silva and Riwo were scapegoats in a scenario contrived by the political elite.

Local police and religious leaders are attempting to head off any violent reactions if the executions are carried out and have held meetings to this end. However, Central Sulawesi Police chief Brigadier General Oegroseno claimed the situation in Poso was “under control”.

11th August 2006Tibo & Co. To Be Executed.

15 Comments on “Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva, & Marinus Riwu”

  1. This case is a sad example of all the problems linked to the use of death penalty:
    There are doubts on the fairness of the trial which was held under pressure from an armed crowd.
    The execution of these men will kill witnesses for the trial of other which may have masterminded the attacks for which they were condemned.
    An execution would lead to the creation of maryrs and exacerbates the climate of violence en Poso area
    Moreover, it gives a clear signal that killing is an acceptable way to solve a problem.
    Finally it is a violation of several Human Rights.
    That is why Amnesty International is promoting worldwide the abolition of death penalty.
    You may find more information (in bahasa Indonesia) in the attached weblink.

  2. The issue is NOT only the use of capital punishment. The issue here is a deep seated lack of sense of belonging for the Catholic Christian believers in Indonesia. I equate this kind of reaction to children heeding for attention. During this Easter season, the evil somehow found a way to distract our focus on Jesus Christ the Savior. With all due respect to the Muslim believers whom I grew up with in Indonesia, the Catholic Christians need their voices to be heard within the Indonesian government at large and locally. The country is large enough to facilitate such harmony. God is great for ALL mankind and ALL faith denominations.

  3. Stephen Yolland says:

    I see that the execution of these men is now scheduled for this Saturday, 12th August 2006.

  4. martin says:

    My god, you two are nuts.

    It has nothing to do with the death penalty, and nothing to do with these Christians.

    It is all about egotistical, barbarian Islam. Muslims raise hell? So what. Christian refuses to accept Dhimmitude? KILL HIM!!!

  5. crewatnos says:

    Tibo,the man who the led first assault to the Moslem village and killed more than 70 people.isn’t he?

  6. Adi says:

    Indonesia is NOT a Muslim country, but a country with the most populated Muslims in the world. Indonesia is a country based on Pancasila idealogy, with 5 recognized religions. Its funny that Muslims through out the world are complaining about them being oppressed, persecuted (ie. Kosovo etc), it’s a contrary in our beloved Pancasila Indonesia, churches burnt, bombed etc, but with no prosecution whatsoever. Sure during the conflicts both Christians(Catholics) and Muslims kill each other.

    Look what FPI, Laskar Jihad did?? EVERYONE in Ambon knows (local Muslims and Christians), that the conflicts started after the presence of Laskar Jihad. Everyone befriended everyone before they came, even after the fighting stoped, lots of the locals started to mingle back together for pete’s sakes!! Only after Laskar Jihad left Ambon, that they finaly experienced true peace. Most people have relatives and friends in both religious groups, so it has never been an issue of religion in Ambon. SO what is it then?

    Its Politics!!! Governments!!

    With Ambon, it’s a distraction from the issue of RMS. Many people thought RMS consist of mainly Christians, its not so. RMS exceeds any religious boundries. As far as I know the now reigning leader of RMS, Manuputy, is a Muslim.

    I do not hate Muslims, true Muslims are peaceful ….. A Agym? Great, awesome guy!! Wise! Habib Resiq?? ….. DUDE!!!!

    So back to topic…. Tibo? I’m not exactly sure what the whole story is, but if he indeed is responsible with the killings of Muslims as reported, then according to the law, he should be punished. But it should be vice versa! Then execute the leader of Laskar Jihad too! How stupid is Indonesia’s intelligence that they have no knowledge of who is the true mastermind of most of the religious conflicts or the people who actually carried out the fightings/murders??

    Execute those generals responsible for the 1998 Trisakti massacre!

    Bare in mind, Indonesia’s justice system is the worst among all of Indonesia’s government officials (PNS). From Member of parliaments and the people who passes the laws, to Law enforcement, to the Judges, I’m sorry to say but it’s a big circle of satan!

    Indonesia will PERISH if it continue along its wicked ways. Don’t forget Aceh, second Meccah?? Ganja/Marijuana plantation?? The killing of their own (Muslims killing Muslims)?? Is that what Holy land is?? Tsunami??

    The only true and pure justice system is up there in Heaven. You wanna mess with Him??

  7. Sevrin says:

    Oh, dear. How shame is Indonesia acting unlawful to its citizens. How come the Government wanting to kill Tibo and friends? Political motives? to cheer Muslims by killing innocent Christians? Yudhoyono and his agents had become blind, deaf, and no empathy. What you guys want from them died? I guess they want to bury facts, they want to protect Poso masterminds, and they want to say “I AM A GREAT MAN IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE I CAN KILL PEOPLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”. Using your ratio men!! If you are really using your hearts and feeling, why not waiting untill the next law trial completed? Why YOU like them die soon mate. But, I acknowledge you, Tibo and friends. You and friends volutarilly die for the sake of those who are blood thirst. Pray for your PRESIDENT and his agents!! No worries, if you die, you are NOT bastards, NOR evil. You are the victims of injustice in this injust country. No one say they are hero by killing you, but notice this is a great history that never forgetable.

  8. Ernesto Raffael F de La Serna says:

    As a nationalist and Pancasilaist, we have to keep good communication with Moslems. Afterall, Unity is above everything, everything, and everything. If Tibo’s life is needed to keep the unity in Indonesia. We have to sacrifice even for hundreds of Tibos. Unity is above everything

  9. Sevrin says:

    All facts raised by Tibo about the tragedy were never heard by the authority. Tibo has said that his hands free from blood, and he told them truth, God knows. He never think that by killing other people he deserves to go to heaven.

    Tibo was not an extremist, nor terorist. Tibo is the victim of political engineering, and scape goat in the country that is intended to bury the truth of the tragedy. For what reason do you think he was ambitious to kill Muslims? Nothing. He loved them… HE LOVED THEM…

    Many Muslims were saved by Tibo when they were almost killed by what Tibo said Red Group. But many who didn’t know point at Tibo not because they witnessed him but because they were too emotional to identify who killed their children, brothers, sisters or parents. But, anyway no one in the authority can be believed. They use animal insting. Oh, my God.

  10. Heng's says:

    Sevrin: They don’t have animal instinct. They just a mummy or living dead that controled by their evil leaders. Politics? ABSOLUTELY

    Ernesto Raffael F de La Serna: I believe Pancasilaist never taught to them in real life or practical life. They just know it in “Theory”. They just living dead people in syariat Islam, not Pancasila. Scary huh??

  11. Heng's says:

    Forgive them, no need to revenge. Just pray for them, hopes that God will free them from their evil way to the lights. The Truth is Out There (X Files). And the evil leaders will locked in hell fire.

  12. Sevrin says:

    You were not wrong Heng’s. So pity is this country. I don’t know why they were too impasionate to fire squad to these three ordinary men. Even the last demands from Tibo was not fulfilled included where they have to be buried, and prayed by priest in St Theresa Church in Poso as one of the important mass in the Catholic Church tradition. How can you appreciate law, yet you do not appreciate it. You never tolerate other people’s tradition of religion that never hurt you and your ancestors?! You (Govt authority) behave like God that knows everything. We never defend a terorist, a corrupt, an evil. But please, even you hesitate to fire them because you know what has happened.

  13. Sisca says:

    Wow… I have spent most of mylife somewhere else, that I do not even know what is happening in my own country. Not that I do not care, it’s just there are too many things to keep up. ANyway I agree with what AdI said it’s all politics…. *sigh*

  14. kris says:

    What a sad sad potrayal of my beloved country. Keeping up with the news of Fabianus Tibo’s case makes my heart shudders. When will justice ever prevail in our country?
    I’m sure Yudhoyono is a good man, but I still can’t believe that he’s powerless to at least grant the last four wishes of the god-bless-them-all martyrs. Let’s all pray for peace and unity in our beloved Indonesia.
    ‘God, forgive them, for they know now what they did’

  15. Fanglong says:

    I deeply deplore the execution of Fabianus Tibo and his two companions; and even deeper the enormous deployment of troops in Palu which suggests, as told by the guy you quote, P., another case of korupsi teragung, as the one, for instance, of which the Walhi accuses the highest instances of State for failing to observe their indiscutable duties towards the people, like in Sidoarjo, not to mention Papua, Timor, & Sulawesi.
    May I quote the Jakarta Post here, to insinuate another forcible relationship between these pitiful deaths and the “urge for prosperity”?
    “The Vice President said that he had come to the conclusion that foreign investors needed stability more than democracy before deciding to invest in a particular country.
    “Stability and security in Indonesia is going better although we still have some image problems.”
    He dares conclude hopefully :
    “We have a huge potential that can be further developed.”
    For the time being, I feel worried : don’t we all of us ?

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