Independence Day

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Purba Negoro celebrates Indonesia’s national independence day.

Our nation’s birthday, 17th August, has just passed – a brief respite in our work-a-day lives. The Day of Proclamation, however, is not solely time for grandeur, pomp and ceremony, celebration and light-hearted games.

Chairil Anwar of the Angkatan Empatpuluh Lima:

“Better destruction than slavery
Better extermination than oppression.
The hour of death can be an hour of new birth:
To be alive, you have to taste living.”

from Anwar’s “Dipo Negoro”.

It is also a time for Reevaluation – the Responsibility of the Revolutionary. I am alluding to Ananta Toer‘s speech where he stated the “Revolution is not complete”. The Requisite need for all the “Re”‘ suffixes that come as the Responsibility of Revolutionaries.

Warning: extreme cheesiness follows:

We can’t spell Revolution, without U or Rev-u. Yes, I see Tivo too and also ‘involuter’ (do I win?)- but let’s not distract.

We should pause to “Re-vu ™” as we commemorate our Heroes that gave their life, sometimes in reckless suicidal bravery, that we may be free of the Colonial yoke and celebrate their sacred gift of Freedom.

“Review, Retrospection and Reciprocation”

Indonesia has come far since casting off its’ Dutch shackles, and although much has been accomplished and is being done: true – much remains to do.

But let us not allow ourselves to be dismissive of the many positives that outweigh the negatives. One of many examples – the Dutch left only one or two universities in all the 300 years of occupation – one of many examples of total contempt for we natives (other include their masterpieces of Colonialism: de Beers, the Boer nations and Apartheid).

Compare the British schools of India built with an ethos of the potential for betterment within any individual, if given opportunity. Indonesia, in recognition of the vast potential of the Rakyat, has hundreds – and many are centres of excellence.

My auntie told me of her common childhood poverty under Dutch rule – the parents often went hungry at dinner, and divided one chicken egg among ten children to eat. Meals were two per day if lucky. Work intermittent. All banks, shops and middle-scale employers either Dutch or Chinese. Nil native.

Thankfully such poverty and economic racism is incomprehensible to our own children today, is a distant memory – sadly it remains a tragic reality for 30 million or more of our Rakyat.

So let us be true to the original spirit of Revolution and ask how we may serve or sacrifice for the Greater Good.

Questions for Reflection

How can we: Revitalize and Reinvigorate the optimism, the creative energy, the essential pan-class Pribumi Solidarity and the authentic passionate spirit of the Revolution in current and future generations?

How do we right the many lingering injustices of Colonialism particularly redistribution of disproportionate ill-gained wealth, property and privilege from hostile insular minorities to the needy majority Rakyat?

How to reapply ourselves to Pancasila and Gotong Royong?

Have we paid off our own guilty conscience to the Poor through hand-out rather than hand-up?

Have we betrayed our inner dignity and magnificent culture to the vulgar trappings of the petty urban bourgeoisie- the temporary and the facile: vanity, materialism, consumerism, coveting of mere trinkets and baubles?

Have we served ourselves, the Rakyat and our Nation for the benefit of the Rakyat?

I hope all readers please share their thoughts or suggestions or else of their reflections for Rakyat and Revolution.

Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Wong Cilik! Hidup Merdekanya!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

60 Comments on “Independence Day”

  1. tomaculum says:

    I think you’ll find simple has a plethora of meanings in Indonesian. Wong Cilik or Rkayat, like you, are not famous for the intellectual sophistication.
    After insulting Rakyat or Wong cilik, now you yell:
    Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Wong Cilik! Hidup Merdekanya!
    Ridiculous,isn’t it?
    I’ll try to find any intellectual meaning of this. Yeah, it is a chalenge for me. 🙂

  2. tomaculum says:

    Anyway, you’re right. There are still much to do, for evryone: brown, yellow, white, green or striped. And Indonesian should internalize Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and Panca Sila and look towards.
    Once more: Congratulation Indonesia to 63th Birthday.

  3. matthew says:

    you are one day late.

    Why do Indonesians and Malaysians blame the Chinese for their ills?

    Chinese culture is simply better equipped for dealing with modern life. Here in Britain Chinese children, who commonly and typically are born of parents that speak no English, perform better in school than the English ‘pribumi’ (white children). Why? Because the Chinese have a culture of work, enterprise and learning.

    The Indonesian culture though charming in many ways, something which has endeared it to so many vistitors, tends to focus more on childbearing, smoking and drinking coffee, than attempting to advance itself into the 21st century.

    In Malaysia the Chinese form 35% of the population, and there racist laws preserve much of society for the bumiputra: where Chinese students need to score top marks, Malay students have a much, much lower barrier to enter. Are we to believe they are genetically inferior? I think not.

    The pribumi should take responsibility for themselves, and practise a little more tolerance for others. Is it right that I hear small children telling me that ‘Cina’ are ‘ular’? Indonesia is a nation of many peoples, and the jingoism that led to so many outrages, in Timor, Irian and elsewhere should not be encouraged, least of all by the Javanese, who have systematically exploited the rest of the archipelago over the last 60 years.

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    Thanks all,
    Matur Nuwen,
    Terima Kasih.

    My message was not about blame I was simply trying to show how far we have come today.
    And we should celebrate that many injustices have been corrected- but there is MUCH to do.

    As for Briton- how dare you?
    YOU made the problem- SO YOU PAY to fix it and GIVE US BACK OUR TREASURES NOW.

    We didn’t import thousands of other people to have our lands and power taken away- YOU Britain and the Dutch did.
    We didn’t ask for our finest art to be stolen.
    You nicked them.
    What about all those people you just dumped here?
    Just leave them to the savage natives- let them sort out your f*ck-up?

    Put your money where your gaping mouth is and HELP instead of smugly sniping like a typical effeminate British ponce- and go bathe and brush your teeth while your at it.

    A fairly neutral explanation of Indonesian race issues from Human Rights Watch (although a lot has settled down) can be found here:

    and the perspective of a Chinese married to Pribumi woman (clever man- hitem manis eh, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

    235+ million lunatics, increasing every day on 17000++ islands. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika- because the alternative is chaos?

  5. matthew says:

    How dare I?

    I am 26 years old. I did not import anybody.

    Perhaps your problems would be fewer if you would stop seeking to blame your problems on SOMEBODY ELSE, in this case three hundred years ago! And though you were happy to blame the Dutch and praise the English model in your post, as soon as somebody dares to criticise you, you respond, not just with criticism of their country, but also racist insults of their personal hygiene habits! And quite why I would be called effeminate is a matter beyond my ken. When in Indonesia it seems the locals seem of the opinion that Mr bule is much bigger than the Indonesian men, if you understand what I mean.

    You know 80 years ago Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and others all had roughly the same level of prosperity. They were all poor countries. Where are the others now? Very far ahead of Indonesia. They did not ask Britain or anybody else to ‘pay’. They made their own prosperity. Indonesia spent 20 years after independence pursuing ridiculous policies designed to enrich the Javanese at the expense of everybody else, and the next 35 years enriching the few at the expense of the many. Am I to blame? I think not.

    And you know in the world now there are fewer racially homogenous countries. Much as you would like it to be all-brown, Indonesia has had racially Chinese people for six hundred years and more. And even though Indonesians are happy to blame their problems on a few people with yellow skin, they are happy to destroy and suppress the culture of others to expand their own territory.

    You need to look within yourself, how can Indonesians progress, not blame others still. It is a pity despite your obvious education (which is sadly inadequate in most of Indonesia) that you act in such an ignorant manner on these issues.

  6. Sylvester says:

    Well said Matthew! Can not do better than that.
    PN simply does not know how poor Chinese people during early 1900s, which made many Chinese went to Indonesia for a better life. After the WW II until early 80s, Chinese were still poorer than Indonesian. By hardwork, never asked Westerners what they took during Qing era, forget about the past and looking to the future, most the Chinese are now far richer than Indonesian in general.
    I think the article here is a just rubbish from an insane one. That’s it.

  7. Purba Negoro says:

    Total rubbish

    Japan was not colonised. Singapore did not exist. Korea was a colony of Japan.

    In 1965- Singapore had a higher national reserve than Malaysia. Why? How? 100 million pounds- how is this possible without UK State intervention to create a pliant outpost in the midst of hostile territory?
    Why does a battalion of Gurkha’s still remain in Singapore, as well as an airbase- RAF Tengah, and in forer latex/tin mine Malaysia- RAF Butterworth?

    Malaysia’s wealth was distributed unequally among the Chinese plantation managers and the British white “Raj”. The “mad dog” Malays had their lands confiscated by the British for their latex plantations- run and owned by Chinese and keen British lickspittles as Lew Kwan Yew, Tan Kah Kee, Lim Boon Keng, Gang Eng Seng, Lee Kiong Chian, etc
    Gan’s early business ventures, one of which was to supply labour and transport to the Tanjong Pagar Dock Company
    which helped Gan to make most of his personal fortunes.

    Indonesia has over 300 indigenous ethnic groups- hardly racially homogeneous- with large minority populations of whites, Arabs, Indians and Chinese.

    But looking at your map of red conquests of the Far East- you may be accidentally looking at Japan

    Indonesia was an apartheid.
    Exactly like the beloved South Africa and Rhodesia of UK- white rule, brown waiters.

    The Dutch had confiscated the land of the pribumi natives for tax-farming- resulting in millions of deaths of Indinesias via starvation as cash cropping was legally enforced and massive famine resulted.
    The Tax-farming system, Cultuurstelsel was run by the imported minoirty- the Chinese- which includied Opium cropping for British to sell to China.
    The Colonial administration of Indonesia was also ruin by Chinese- the Dutch had no wish to educate a brownie to dare run his own house- exactly like the British of Malaysia.

    You ave not addressed the issues of theft of art or conditional withdrawal for imposition of debts

    Sylvester is also full of his own boastful conceit.
    Chinese one work hard, Malay so laz-eeh.
    Rubbish- Hokkien self-aggrandizement at its’ worst.

    This common Chinese racism was first printed in a pamphlet- Perusahaan di Kudus written by teh Chinese Tan Boen Kim where he imagines himself as a MUslim among Arab traders, stating they “are jealous of the more successful Chinese entrepreneurs and want to take revenge on them for their losses due to their own faults”.
    (Chirit, 1997: 203-208)

    Chinese were NOT poorer than Indonesians- a total lie.

    Any claim to the contrary is totally ridiculous. How majority uneducated, landless peasants (having had their lands stolen from them) can be wealthier than the “merchant middleman minority” class is a total fantasy.
    A self-propagated conceit to justify the well-documented illegal business practises of a clannish minority.
    The Qing dynasty sent school inspectors and funds for CHinese only schools

    in 1918- a massive race riot erupted when Chinese demand the Javanese treat them as they had the Dutch
    The Chinese fulfilled the role of traders between the powerful Dutch corporations and the native agrarian classes
    From a CHinese newspaper:
    “The Chinese proud of being members of the Kik Bing Tong (revolutionary society) and treated the natives HAUGHTILY. The Javanese bbroke away and formed their own party of thousands
    Kong Diji Hing and Kong Gi Hing were major anti-SI (Serikat Indonesia) Movements- in other wiords- 100% Chinese funded and membership to opppose Native Independence
    (Chirot, 1997: 188-193).

    The Dutch Cultivations sytem- was run as fllows:
    Native farmers were legally obliged to devote part of their land for cash-cropping, including Opium. Chinese obverlooked the administration, management and compliance of this system.
    The crops were then sold n for enormous proift benefiting the Dutch Vichy-esque collaborators- including some native Regency admin and the CHinese lackey of the Dutch. Dutch relied on local native admin (antive collaboraots) and Chiense.
    Wealthy Javanized Chinese ran the large plantations and concessions
    Europeans gathered in Societie- drinking, gambling and gossiping
    Banks were created for the Javanese agricultural economy to break the cycle o Chinese money-lenders
    In 1899- Dutch recognised Japan as an enqual legally.
    (Chirot, 1997:198-203)

    The first 20 years of Indonesia was spent subverting British attempts to split the nation. Mi6 and FIS, BBC and CAI have all been documented to have colluded to have instigated a coup whih implanted Suharto.

    Sir Andrew Gilschritist British ambassador to Uk stated; “I have never disguised my belief shooting in Indonesia would create effective change”
    The British made 7 assassination attempts on Sukarno.

    in 1957- British and US funded sepratist secession movement in Sumatera to retake key plantations and former Shell oil facilities.

    The Chines millionaires, having made their money from Indonesian and Malay plantations (forced labour, indentured labour, confiscated lands) created a club:
    EE Hoe Hean- for millionaires to fud anti-Nationalist movements in Malaysia and Indonesia- particularly through the veil of anti-Japanese activity- worried they would lose their plantations and economic monopolies.

    Nice try at Historical Revisionism, idiots, but the facts disprove you
    reading for you, assuming you two can cope wihtout pop-ups or pictrues:
    “A History of Modern Indonesia” by Rickleffs.

    “Essential Outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe”
    By Daniel Chirot, Anthony Reid
    should make Chinese feel particularly uncomfortable as it details very well their behaviour.

    Read also about OSS detachment 101

  8. tomaculum says:

    Apart from your hate against the Chinese Indonesian, Purba,
    what do you think, why are many Chinese Indonesians are wealthy?
    To be succesful someone needs:
    – to be a hard worker
    – to be businessman/-women (must have sense opf business)
    – to have connections
    – opportunity
    – to have the competency to accomplish a clever business strategy
    – readiness to suffer and to abdicate from many things at the beginning
    – readiness to invest enough for her/his descendants to maintain what she/he achieved
    etc, etc.
    I think this attributes are not a predominance of the Chinese, but as people living in a new life precondition they know that they have to work very, very hard, harder than normal. Thereto those things I wrote above.
    If you see around, you will find some rich “pribumi”s too. How can they be so rich?
    Answer: hard working, strategy, sense of business, opportunity, connections etc, etc. The same preconditions.
    Yes, off course, there are also patronism and – not last and not least – corruption.

  9. matthew says:

    I’m not going to comment on your point about British and American coups, I believe a lot of it is based on the work of a certain criminally convicted conspiracy theorist, as I don’t have the time to pursue it.

    But on this point:

    “Chinese one work hard, Malay so laz-eeh.
    Rubbish- Hokkien self-aggrandizement at its’ worst”

    Sorry, it is true. We have Chinese here in England. Many of them illegal, illiterate, they don’t speak English. They have big disadvantages

    They are the hardest working of all the ethnic groups. Their children perform best in school. Better than Indians, better than whites.

    That’s just a fact.

    Chinese culture is very strong on work.

  10. Enigmatic says:

    Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Wong Cilik! Hidup Merdekanya!

    Why are you trying to specially marginalise the Chinese minority in Indonesia? Surely you can see that there are still some people there who still want the best for the country and not just line their own pockets and abscond the country when the time comes?

    Personally I am a Chinese by race but still Indonesian by nationality. Currently I’m studying in Singapore. When people insult Indonesia I tend to insult them back with the fresh ammunition available here. Especially things like the SDU and how little they know about their own leaders than even the foreigners. Trust me, I know the names of more Cabinet Ministers of Singapore than the local students and needless to say, I’ll know more (not much though) about the political situation in INdonesia than Singapore students for example.

    If you guys think I’m politically unaware of things going on, you’re probably right. But trust me, the locals here fare much much worse. They probably don’t even know their representative member in Parliament.

  11. tomaculum says:

    for such people like Purba, it doesn’t count anything whatever you as a Chinese have done and do for Indonesia.
    Even the Chinese heroes of the Independence fight of Indonesia are for him nothing.
    So make yourself a picture of what a kind of patriot is this “bangsawan” Purba.
    He will always find any argumentation against you.
    He is the righteous one in this world.

  12. Enigmatic says:

    tomaculum Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 12:53 am
    for such people like Purba, it doesn’t count anything whatever you as a Chinese have done and do for Indonesia.
    Even the Chinese heroes of the Independence fight of Indonesia are for him nothing.
    So make yourself a picture of what a kind of patriot is this “bangsawan” Purba.
    He will always find any argumentation against you.
    He is the righteous one in this world.

    Point taken.

  13. DXP says:

    toma, enig & mat,
    very simple, you guys get out from Indon is the correct choice. If a ‘patriot’ Habibie can live in Germany why you can not ?
    it is not worth to live in Indon any more, despite of the radical culture are mushrooming, the constant natural destruction & rampant corruptions, the currency is worthless, the native (I am sure there are a lot of people like PN) are not welcome with you. Let them fixed their own attitude problems which are the source of the poverty and barrier to success. PN is a typical native who will always find scape goats for his own failure to apprehend that the world has changed, no doubt he had a lot of hatred historical books collection against chinese just to pleased himself for own orgasm. He forgotten that in this forum = international forum of internet

  14. tomaculum says:

    at the other side there are still normal “pribumi”s (natives), many aof them are worth, very worth to live with, and some of them need help.
    I left Indonesia not because of such ignorants.
    Although I now live aboard, a part of me is still Indonesian, Javanese.

  15. tomaculum says:

    By the way, the currency isn’t worthless. We still can buy enough tempe with 5000 Rupiahs, and it taste good! 🙂

  16. matthew says:

    Indonesia has plenty of very nice people, I would say more so than other countries. They just need to be careful to preserve their own traditional cultures, and not be taken over by alien Arabic practices, and also to be less racist against black and Chinese.

    And of course there needs to be more consideration for others, I think this is the biggest problem, mostly nobody cares except for their own family, anybody else can starve to death. This is true from the top right to the bottom of society.

  17. PrimaryDrive says:

    Have we paid off our own guilty conscience to the Poor through hand-out rather than hand-up?

    This only works when the Poor are willing to accept the reached-out hands; thus helping themselves. As it is now, they prefer to take hands with shinny gloves and big promises, but empty brains behind.

    It seems like we’re in a stall mate situation.

  18. DXP says:

    As it is now, they prefer to take hands with shinny gloves and big promises, but empty brains behind

    DXP actually not 100% agree with that statement.
    Think about this, let say we took the sum of money for
    a. rebuilding Porong mud-volcano infrastructure disaster +
    b. ‘Political Party’s campaign funds’ +
    c. Fuels subsidy budget +
    d. Fuels smugling opportunity lost +
    e. BLBI money +
    f. etc … etc …
    Reuse the money for education & infrastructure, I think to manage 250 M population is not difficult as eradicating poverty for 1.6B China population isn’t ? Indonesia still much smaller than India and China, not a big deal actually.
    The problems lies in the ‘attitude’ & ‘mental illness’

  19. Cukurungan says:

    I think to manage 250 M population is not difficult as eradicating poverty for 1.6B China population isn’t ?

    Of course not, especially if Indonesia want to emulate the China Way such as down sizing the poor labor under cover Mine Coal Blast. So we can reduce at least 6000 poor labor every year same with the death toll of yearly Coal Mine accident in China.

  20. sputjam says:

    When i was in UK, i was shouted at from across the street as a bloody chink and had to make sure the group did not chase after me other wise i would have to run for my life.
    The north eastern asians are hard working by nature and they abide by the laws implemented by the cental authorities. Comparing the natives of the malay archipelago to these people is like comparing apples to mangosteen. The Chinese people are many times more advance in their trading skills, education, engineering/technical skills and their role in society than the natives.
    Racism, even in indonesia/malysia works both ways. both chinese and malays are discriminated in some ways. Malays are discriminated in more subtle ways, in which without govnrment asistance, they will definitely be left out in the prvate sector.

    malaysa biggest weakness is personal gain in the short term, hence massive corruption and failed projects.eliminate their desire for these short cuts and maybe the end result may be more beneficial.

    In singapore, malays are reffered to by the chinese as muds (initially it was mats), and malaysia/indonesia as mudland. It is no accident that many chinese look down on the native people of the malay archipelago as both stupid and lazy.
    For the malays, their biggest fear if they were to hand over power to the chinese, as in singapore, it would only be a matter of time before their land become another part of China.
    How would anyone in UK would respond to if half of its citizens cannot speak the national language (and have no intention of learning) and these immigrants look down on the locals like in Malaysia. At one time in Malaysia, the chinese were killing the malays for collaborating with the japanese immediately after WWII. And who can blame them when the japanese were giving scholarships and aid to the malays, some ending in japanese eduactional institution, just as the british had done previously, but to the mainly malay elites who were fortunate enough to have english education in english schools built in towns dominated by chinese.

    If anyone expect the malays to change their mentality immediately, that will not happen. Just look at the aborigines. They are accustomed to their way of doing things and if you live in the land, then either you assimilate to their style of doing things or do the business elsewhere. maybe in another generation, thing will change for the better, but by then, the chinese would have dominated the world and only God knows what the situation will be like then.

  21. Geordie says:

    When i was in UK, i was shouted at from across the street as a bloody chink and had to make sure the group did not chase after me other wise i would have to run for my life.

    Sputjam, insofar as I can apologise for a group of people and it be meaningful, I’m sorry.

    Idiots like those you encountered are worthless boors who probably have never managed to do anything with their lives and wouldn’t anyway had the opportunity presented itself. It’s so much easier to blame the woes of one’s life on someone else and so much more appealing a prosepect if one blames an individual or group that are ‘not like us’.

    The most that can be said of racists are that they are a waste of an orgasm.

  22. Purba Negoro says:

    DXP- Sputjam

    China is NOT more advanced than Indonesia- take it from someone who travels there regularly.
    This is a total lie.
    10 minutes drive out of Pudong in SHanghai you will still see the poor washing their vegetables and clothes in the gutters beside the road.
    China’s new Great Leap Forward is illusionary. The poor are even more poor as the wealth gap is greater.

    Every single Chinese “high-tech” gadget is either a OEM knock-off of their contracted product OR built with external specialist advice.
    For example, China is working on a new field artillery piece- Bofors is the contracted advisor.

    Factory salaries are restricted by government to less than 100 RMB per month as factory worker.
    Many grow their own vegetables inside apartments. Many cannot afford to buy meat regularly.

    I truly feel very sorry for the Chinese peasantry- their life is truly worse than ours under the Dutch. Yet they are brainwashed into thinking somehow they are fortunate to be enslaved by their multi-billionaire corrupt officials.

    Exactly like Singaporeans. Mindless drones adept at following simple, instructions only.
    Dissent- does not compute.
    Original thought? does not compute.

    I am A Singaporean robot humanoid. I am hard working, I am diligent it is my culture. Beep! Squeak! Indonesian is bad! Beep! Malay is lazy! Beep! Singapore King number one! Beep!

    The Chinese people are many times more advance in their trading skills, education, engineering/technical skills and their role in society than the natives.

    Your history is shocking. China is a shoddy derivative of the greater and more artistic nations bordering it- Japan and India and lesser extent Korea.

    What ethnicity are the leading scientists, economists, artists, physicians, surgeons, academics and leadesr of Indoensia?
    100% Pribumi.

    What ethnicity is every SOLVENT blue-chip Indonesian JSX listed company?
    Pribumi of course.

    Chinese companies are is termed “gorengan”- cheap and crappy playthings for day traders.

    Who inaugurated the JSX- predating China’s highly suspicious stock markets?
    Pribumi of course.

    Sorry- pribumi is far less stupid than the Sino-philiac likes to delude themslef with.
    Actually- we are far cleverer- we can think laterally. Education is then immaterial to the lateral thinker- he can envisage solutions to all problems.

    Chinese have total blinkered linear thought. All they can compute is thoughts that go in straight liners.
    I am a Chinese humanoid: Beep! I see a pribumi, he is poor, he must be lazy, he must be stupid. Beep!
    Solution: all pribumi are poor and lazy and stupid! Chirp! Whir!

    Chinese “inventions” are knock-offs of their Hindu trading partners, filtered down through Tibet and Sinocised hence Chinese naively and wrongly believe it their own. This is typical Chinese culture- belief in CHinese gossip and hearsay as gospel.

    Chinese people are clones, incapable of any dissent or original thought. All they can do is nod and follow simple instructions.
    Hence Japan- a vibrant society of freethinking indivduals- eclipses it in every way imaginable- art, culture, military, science, education.
    Why listen to me- Jack Wagner, CEO of Buick GM China “Chinese R&D? You mean Reverse-Engineer and Duplicate?”

    Great Wall of CHina?
    Stupidest defence ever.
    But displays CHinese though [patterns.
    Enemy come here……. (dots represents centuries of thought)… build wall… hide behind wall!

    Of course, CHinese missed the obvious that if it was placed another ten km inland- it would have saved millions in building materials and costs.

    If they were actually clever like the Romans- they would merely have built semi-permanent forts

    But Chinese are a very far cry from the Romans- they are, like all Asian societies principally subsitance agrarian.

    Indonesia was sending students to Russia, while the Chinese were still picking their chicken feet out of their teeth in 1947.
    Indonesia had a nuclear reactor before China- in 1964- fully operational. This is what had the West wetting its’ undies.
    Sukarno with a nuclear weapon- probably from the Chinese- danger!

    Indonesia will have one of the largest, most modern nuclear reactors in 2011- well eclipsing ancient reverse engineered Chinese technology.

    Indonesia has already partnered with German company Rheinmetall to build Amoured Personal Carriers out of Pribumi Government Factory PT Pindad.
    Quality and performance: far superior to Chinese or Singaporean counterparts.
    Soon at PT IperIndo- also Pribumi- long capable of building complex oil tanker- but not cost-effective as we treat worker as humans not Chinese slaves- keel will be laid for latest technology Dutch and then Russian missile destroyers- the most modern in the region.

    PT Indonesian Aeronautics was to build the first completely fully Indigenous and Indonesian built jet-liner. Funding meant it was shelved- then later sold to Malaysia.

    PT IA (as above) is also working on a joint Moskit anti-shipping missile- but the Chinese knock-off version. It has pretty LED lights.
    PT IA has already developed an Indigenous designed TOW and Infra-rd surface to air and surface-to-surface missile system- these are now being upgraded with help of Swiss and Swedish.

    China? Even Chinese do not trust their own passenger planes.
    Soon Indonesia will build an Indigenous advanced military jet trainer, then later an intermediate Indonesian multi-purpose fighter and further along the line- an Fifth generation multi-role fighter.

    China? Stolen Soviet plans from the 1970’s Soviet- with some flashing LED lights attached.
    Maybe if it can steal the plans from GE- it will make an knock-off of the Israeli revrese-engineering of the F-16

    Indonesian Arms manufacturers have just started production of Indigenous automatic assault rifle.

    China? Knocked off shoddy AK-47’s for years- selling them to Africa- Russia gets really pissed off and starts a war soundly thrashing them with 1/3 of the men.
    Now- still a knock-off- a Galil.

    Indonesia is already a world leader in pharmaceuticals- most of the world’s medicinal plants are found with natural variants in Indonesia.
    The underlying problem is that the US Navy Medical Reasearch facility stole many patents- and gifted them to their Pharmaceutical Majors. This issue is now being litigated.
    The largest pharmaceutical is Pribumi owned and researched.
    Indonesian pharmaceuiticals are safe for consumption the world over.
    This is why Singapore uses Indonesian medicine in its’ State hospitals, like NUH- it’s safe.

    Chinese? Often toxic fakes. Even toxic baby formula- resulting in baby deformations- how cruel can a human be?
    Profit lah from fake baby formula? Disgusting.

    In 2006- typically CHinese- claimed they had successfully completed fusion reactoins. Despite the very best Russian, Japanese, American and European scientists failing- somehow China can.
    Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a TOTAL LIE.

    In 2004- China claimed to have cloned the first human. After the world stopped laughing- it too was found to be a TOTAL LIE.

    Singapore thinks CHina is its’ friend. But China is not entirely stupid. It sees the two British military facilites- one RAF Tengah and Lee Kwan Yews’ rent-boys battalion of Gurkha.
    Indonesian irregulars wiped out one battalion of Gurkha- minimal casulaties.
    And also US naval base at Changi Naval Base- occasionally used by Singapore lady-men.

    When I was officer in ABRI- our joke on leave in Singapore was if you cannot find a Chinese girl (which itself is a joke as impossible not to find a willing Chinese skirt-lifter) a Singapore soldier just as willing and twise as randy.

    China is a knock-off society, culture and nation. Everything they do- the Koreans and Japanese do better.
    Indonesia will continue to emulate our Liberators the Japanese and conveniently, we have a shared enemy who we both have a historic record of soundly thrashing.

    Japanese and Taiwanese aborigines= Austronesians= Javanese.
    Does that linear thought compute Singapore-humanoid Tomaculum variant?


    Also- latest generation German attack subs are on the purchase list.
    Shivering Singa-whore? You should be- Pulau Temasek is Javanese territory.


    I forgot to add- Ganyang Melayu and Ganyang Singapura- are incredibly popular and alive in the minds of the Rakyat- we will not forget Singapore’s’ betrayal of Sukarno and theft of billions.


    Also- Toma-
    Where’s your list of alleged Chinese heroes?

    Why did Sukarno not appoint even one Chinese as a National Hero?

    Why was the 100% Chinese Red Cross of Surabaya a collaborator and informant to British and Dutch?

    Please enlighten us with something more substantial
    I provide documentation- yet you only provide baseless anecdote- why?

    Perhaps there is more than artistic licence at play?

  23. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ Purba Negoro

    one more to add to your list .. the evil little China girl basking in glory while the real hero hide behind the bamboo curtain.

  24. Sylvester says:

    It seems that PN disobeys your warning.
    Wherever he appears, the discussion turns into a stone age mambo jumbo.
    Anyway, no matter what this plankton PN says, China, like US and Japan for example, is one of the greatest nations in humankind with many aspects can be learned by Indonesia.

  25. Andy says:

    As usual I hear the pribumi blaming all their ills on the Chinese, colonialism, bules etc when it would be oh so easy to look in the mirror and fix whatever they see that needs fixing.
    Why do the chinese, who are only about 5% of the population continue to prosper more than the pribumi?

    Well let’s take a look. I walk into a restaurant and witness 10 – 15 staff take their time to take an order. After 20 or so minutes I wonder where my meal is only to find A. the cook isn’t there B. the staff are still busy folding serviettes or arranging cutery oblivious to the hunger of me-the customer. Any complaint will be met with a blank, I don’t know mister look.

    Okay now we have eaten let’s go for a drink. I walk into a bar and order a Bir Bintang. The beer is warm ugh!!@? I explain to the waitress that this is a beverage best served cold and are greeted with a blank, I don’t know mister.

    I walk through the traditional market and see all the employees there sitting down laughing and joking while having a cigarette. Many hello misters but no service.

    I walk through the kampung to go home and the local kids as bold as you like greet me with a “hello mister, give me money” mmmmm where are the manners? Do their parents teach them that?

    Next let’s look in an office. The reception desk has a beautiful young lady dressed and manicured impeccably. So happy am I only to see her at the desk during worktime eating gado gado with fingers. Not a turn on I must say.

    Time to post a letter oh silly me it is Friday at around 12pm. # girls greet me and say I can’t get a stamp because all the boys are praying. Huh…maybe so but what about the 3 girls? Are they just there to decorate the front desk? It surely isn’t rocket science to get a stamp, take my money and put a letter in a post box.

    I then go to my teaching appointment and see at least 50% chinese students in my class. Not bad for a race which makes up less than 5% of the general population. English you see is a global language and important to those who wish to go forward in the world in which we live. Bahasa slang doesn’t particularly impress many bules. They may also get a rude shock if they find one who has lived there for a while and know the sarcastic racist comments they are receiving. Hello….bules are not that dumb guys.

    So does everyone get the picture. Pribumis can bark all they like about injustices etc but until they get with the program and roll up their sleeves, educate themselves, focus on whatever job they do and assist the public in the best way possible they will continue to lag behind bules, chinese, indians, japanese and whoever else has advanced themselves in the last 60 odd years since Indonesia was granted independence.

    Foreign aid and assistance from countries such as my own (Australia) and the USA can go only so far. Maybe that is part of the problem. We haven’t encouraged a work ethic amongst pribumi as they continue to look at bules with their hands out and a dollar sign in their eyes.

    By the way I am not exaggerating with my experiences. All these stories are 100% true and only a few observations in my 3 1/2 years in Jakarta.

  26. Sylvester says:

    Bravo Andy! Bravo!
    Many pribumis envy to the success of the American, Australian, Chinese, Japanese, British, and so on. They never learn that everything is due to hard work, persistent, honesty, and discipline.

  27. sputjam says:

    I must add that the pribumis must advance only at their own pace. if the resist, then it is only due to their own reason.
    just as the romans civilised the europeans, the chinese civilisation had an equal effect on the japanese, koreans and vietnamese and the regions under its influence such as mingolia and manchuria.
    malay archipelago(and much of south eats asia) was under the influence of the hindu kings in india.
    Pribumis does not envy the success of any developed nation, nor race. In fact, they detest the rat race. it is not in their culture to scramble for scraps.
    hence malays are more likely to queue and not rush into and overload their plates with food in a buffet in any country.
    There is nothing wrong in not learning the english language in indionesia. It is not the prbumis who are migrating to other nations, they are happy where they are.
    The Chinese and others may look down on the pribbumis, only becuase the seem lethargic. Pribumis are easy going and can get along with anyone.due to this attitude, they are taken advantage of by just about anyone.
    Why would a pribumi want to work hard when food in the seas are abundant and they only fish for what you consume, not waste on over fishing and destroy the natural balance.
    The pribumis did not go to china, India or US to create some form of disturbance. It was the other way round.
    Despite the chinese saying many good things about their culture, not many south east asian chinese would emigrate back to china. instead, they would take the short cut and emigrate to more advance nationas such as australia, US or any english speaking developed nation.
    The violent reaction of pribumis on chinese seems to be due to the fact that many migrant population seems to take the lethargic attitude of pribumis for granted.

    Thye pribumis would not blame their ills on the bules or chinese, if these migrant communities had followed the pribumis ettiquette when it com to doing things in the archipelago.

  28. DXP says:

    I really lose my appetite to comments the false accusation of PN toward how much China is progressing today. Simply because I hv no time and there were too many inaccuracies which convinced me PN have never visited China as a businessman perhaps for the past 10 years at least. Do not judge China when you are as a tourist, you shall judge them about us when you are really doing business with us ! so you will know where are we coming from. And it is not China’s problem to see Indonesian fails to understand us because we are the WORLD’s PREFERED PRODUCTION FACTORIES full stop and who is Indonesia ? it is not in the world map radar, sorry.
    PN may not have satelite access to witnessed Beijing Olympic ( who know he is living in pre historic era …). Assuming 30% of Indon population are below minimal prosperity level and assuming 1 out of 5 native Indonesian population (make up 20%) have the counter productive attitude like PN toward the global world (not neccessarily to his appriory toward the chinese but surely he can’t live peacefully with & respect the Indian, bule, Jewish, etc …
    So mathematically 30 % + 20 % = 50% of Indonesian population are part of the people who will never bring Indonesia into further significant progression. Layman says ‘what can you expect ? hopeless & bleak future in general.

  29. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ DXP

    No doubt the Chinese are hard workers and we like nongkrong; and Brown man believe in the Great Asian Race. What was unexpected was Chinamen betrayed us in our own turf by siding with the colonial ruler to subdue Brown men, then being disrespectful to the houseowner because Chinamen think Yellow is closer to White. There will only be harmony if Indo-Chinese understand the source of the anger and resentment of the pris. Understand?

  30. tomaculum says:

    Where’s your list of alleged Chinese heroes?
    I hope you have enough brain to see, that this question is very, very stupid, do you?
    You, as an Ex-ABRI and lower Bangsawan, should know, the history of Indonesia. The lacks of your knowledge about the era of the independent fight is too incredible even for your niveau or it is a selective knowledge due to your hatred against the chinese.
    1. You “maybe” know, that a list can be modificated according to the needs.
    2. There are still so many “pribumi” heroes do not yetlisted or accepted.
    3. The Chinese man, whose story i wrote, owe a certificate of his veteran status issued by the ministry of dfense.
    4. real heroes don’t need any sugar blown into their ass, many of them would choose a higher pension enough for their families.
    That 100% of the Chinese Red cross of Surabaya was collaborator and informants to british and Dutch (you surely have the proof of it, don’t you?) is for you a proof that all of the Chinese in Indonesia were collaborator and informants. A little bit stupid and less substantial, isn’t it?

    Why did Sukarno not appoint even one Chinese as a National Hero?
    In Sukarno’s and also Suharto’s eras there were some chinese with higher rangs (colonel) in the army. You surely know it too, or not? Besides a Chinese hero wouldn’t fit the legend of the heroic fights purely fought by pribumis and after the colonialists were thrown out of Indonesia the next enemy of the revolution was needed, and who is it better for this role than the Chinese.
    Declared there were many Chinese colaborator, but there were also many of them between the pribumis, actually some aristocrats. What about them?
    The reality is that many Chinese as well as Pribumis are racists. I usualy consort with both groups and in both are idiots and brainless characters. It is a simple fact.

    BTW: if you were in ABRI and owed a higher position, you surely have a better possibility to look for such a list, don’t you, Purba? If, then I hope that you won’t modificate it for your argumentation against the Chinese.

    I provide documentation- yet you only provide baseless anecdote- why?
    I can see your “documentations”, Purba.
    you simply are Chinese, Whites and Papuan hater, Purba. If you are able to read my comments with a little bit brain, you will find out, that I critisize every stupidity, fanatism, stubbornness. But maybe it is too much wish.

    then being disrespectful to the houseowner because Chinamen think Yellow is closer to White.
    Many Chinese are already in x. generation in Indonesia, are they still guests? There also many browns which are closer to the whites. What about them?

    There will only be harmony if Indo-Chinese understand the source of the anger and resentment of the pris. Understand?
    There won’t be any harmony even because there are idiots at both sides. And why shouldn’t the “pribumi”s also understand the thinking, fears and the mistrusts of the Chinese? Understand?

    Some of you blame the Chinese and whites for many things, after all you are not better than them.

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