Christian School in Tangerang

Mar 31st, 2006, in News, by

A Christian pre-school in Tangerang, Banten, near Jakarta, was surrounded by a mob yesterday which demanded that it close down.

The school, Taman Kanak-kanak Kristen Daniel, was empty at the time and the owner of the building pled with the demonstrators not to damage it. They didn’t but before dispersing threatened to return another day, when the school was open.

Metro TV says that the mob claimed the school was teaching Christianity to Muslim students while Tempo reports that the demonstrators believe the school does not have authorisation to operate.

Whichever account is true, and likely both arguments were heard from different sections of the mob, the obvious reason is simply that the school is run by Christians, is small and therefore an easy target.

The school headmaster, Teddy, said that it was true he did not have building and educational permits but that these were in process and had already been verbally given by the local council. He said:

I was shocked to see the mob coming and demanding that the school close.

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  1. R. Patterson says:

    If Australia did the same to a Moslem school then there would be anti-Australian rallies throughout Indonesia. But of course Australia would never do that. Many Indonesians do come across as utter hypocrites. Minorities are persecuted there and no doubt in Papua – so the refugees. This is democratic Australia’s fault? R. Patterson

  2. Raden says:

    So, as you know, please do not complaint to Indonesian, the Muslim militant thinking are different, they will challenge you, so if you dont like us then don’t stay in Indonesia period.

    Patterson, you might be an orang bule with your western paradigm, only when you really leave together with pribumi Muslim & grow-up together with them, then you really understand the way of their thinking. You can not put your Australian paradigm to measure the Indonesian militant Muslims, they have broader objectives to kick other races with non Muslim belief out from the country, they will tell you I don’t need your technologies/skills/money, they want to transform Indonesia becoming like Iran, Lebanon countries, believe it or not. It is what I called it many time as the real & present danger by Jemaah Islamiah (not Harrison Ford though).

    Pat, it is time for you to leave Indonesia soon.

  3. Rob says:

    Many Moslems do not understand their own religion.The Koran is a much gentler book of the Prophet and others than is often admited.They all study it but what they are studying is an edited version that suites those in charge at the top.Its the same as the Bible,an inspired work censored and edited to reinforce the power of the Mulahs and Priests to coerce and controle the easily led faithful.Look at the way devout religions work.Remove all outside influences,destoy all those who dont share your belifes and ban and destoy anything that could distact from concentrating on the religion.This can be seen in Roman Catholicisum and the Moslem religion and is the basis of many cults.Man has bastardised the true and wonderful things that were the basis of both Islam and Christianity.New Fundimentalists are not returning to Allah but to an even more poluted version of Islam.All over the world Catholic Priests have been accused of sexual assults against children,mostly boys.In Islam the rich controle the religous life of the poor and middle classes and imprison those who complain of hypocracy and corruption.Woman are oppressed,but the Koran says be modest,not a Pariha in a Hijab.This is the word of man,not the Word of God(Allah).The Koran says to respect other religions but some Mullahs and hotheads scream “kill the infidels and unbelivers”! This is not about Islam but about power.Look at the Chritian churches in south America. Every time the people have a good harvest they must give to the church,usualy ten percent of the total.Money that should go to pay for scools and hospitals and the welfare of the people,not to make the catholic church richer.What the Mullahs dont want muslims to know is how similar many parts of the Bible and Koran are.They love to tell their flock about the new Crusades in Afganistan and Irak but forget about their own suppresion under Saddam or the fact that the Taliban are simpley not wanted in Afganistan by the indiginous people.Treat others as you would like to be treated,look on children with kindness,respect woman and your perants,harm no-one,steal nothing,live a good life,all this is writen in both the Koran and the Bible.

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