Sheila Marcia & Roger Danuarta

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Sheila MarciaRather attractive young actress Sheila Marcia is caught with drugs, as is her boyfriend whatshisname.

Sheila Marcia Joseph, an actress originally from Malang, born in 1989, who has starred in such classic films as Hantu Jeruk Purut and Kereta Hantu Manggarai, was arrested on August 7th while said to be at a “drugs party” at the Golden Sky apartment building in Pluit, North Jakarta, and found to be in possession of 0.27 grams of shabu-shabu.

Sheila Marcia
Sheila Marcia, in happier times.

Apart from the drugs, police also confiscated a bong and lighters.

Roger Danuarta
With Roger Danuarta

Her boyfriend, Roger Danuarta, was also arrested and later tested positive to narcotics in his system. It is not clear whether Sheila has been tested yet, or whether she has admitted to using the drugs. okezone

Eka Deli
Eka Deli.

Her good friend, gospel and pop music singer, the lovely Eka Deli, was quick to visit Sheila in police lock-up, but was only given 15 minutes to give her some spiritual advice and prayer support. l6

23 Comments on “Sheila Marcia & Roger Danuarta”

  1. AchmadSudarsono says:

    Nice, Patoeng. Wonder how much this is gonna cost her ?

  2. Barely says:

    Iam wit u sheila,ure still the best,

  3. Rambutan says:

    Soon she will wear a jilbab and be healed by the power of God.

  4. Geordie says:

    Maybe not jilbab she, it appears, is wearing a cross on one of the photos.

  5. Rambutan says:

    Maybe not jilbab she, it appears, is wearing a cross on one of the photos.

    This problem will be fixed as well.

  6. Citay says:

    How sad, target the rich and famous to promote strict drug laws and then use their bail money to pocket for themselves. Sad, sad, sad.

  7. Vee says:

    It’s so terrible … Never comment the right things before u know what’s the meaning of wrong is, come on be mature Shel’ ur even just dropped ur wonderful dream …

  8. Sheila says:

    My name is Sheila too.. mm what a coincidence…!
    I think Sheila Marcia’s case is an example:The more you give energy to flesh, the more it will destroy you.. BUt when you find God, you will not be empty again.. your heart will changed and full and no need of that consumption of drugs..

    God always gives second chance.. do not be frustrated!! as long as you appreciate what God gives you.. it won’t be useless …

  9. Purba Negoro says:

    Bang, bang.
    Problem solved.

  10. Geordie says:

    Bang, bang.
    Problem solved.

    Seriously? You would execute someone’s daughter/sister/lover over a small amount of illicit drugs? What would you do a murderer or rapist then?

  11. Purba Negoro says:

    The issue is clear violation of Law.
    Do not impose your Liberal faddish nonsense on us.

    But, in answer to your question I would gladly execute any enemy of my Nation- male or female.
    Indonesia is a nation of brave heroes- unlike the effeminate gutless Westerner bed-wetter.

  12. Geordie says:

    I hope I would never impose any of my nonsence, liberal or otherwise, on anyone. Moreover, I will accept on your assurance that Indonesia is a nation of brave heroes, though, to be fair, I don’t think anything in my post could be taken to infer that I held a contrary view.

    For the record, I agree with you that being in possession of drugs is a clear violation of the law and, of course, the law applies to both genders equally. In that regard I didn’t mean to imply that because she’s a woman that she should be found guilty, her punishment should be different from that of a man. Whislt Patung’s piece does indeed mention her boyfriend the posts previous to yours were focusing on her and even your pithy response to them didn’t qualify further.

    So far we agree, on heroes and matters of criminal activity, where I suspect our opinions will diverge is on the matter of punishment. On this, it would appear that the Indonesian Government is with me inasmuch as it – please correct me if I’m wrong – doesn’t routinely, seldomly or at all execute people caught in possession of quantities of narcotics so small as to be viable only for personal use. Trafficking is, of course, another matter all together though not for consideration in this deabate in my opinion.

    I can’t, for the life in me, see how executing this woman and/or her boyfriend would not qualify as a cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe, perhaps, at a stretch, in times of war, a case for executing an enemy of the state could be logically argued but even in those extreme circumstances would having obviously recreational amounts of narcotics qualify? And if so, would that really pass any test of reasonableness much less the Clapham Omnibus?

  13. Rob says:


    The only reason I continue to drop by Indonesia Matters (albeit on a much less regular basis than before) is to see whether or not you have posted anything and to read the next outburst against whoever it is that has decided to cross-swords with you.

    I wonder though whether there are any effeminate gutless Indonesian bed-wetters? I only wonder this because if Indonesia was only a nation of brave heroes then does not one have to take these brave heroes in whatever shape and form they come in, including Sheila and Roger?

    Have a good weekend though baiting those bule folk who will get sucked in to wanting to go one on one with you!

  14. kenny says:

    yes.. bang.. bang.. guarantee no more drug users, no more drug sellers, and no more jobs for police

  15. dewaratugedeanom says:


    Bang, bang.
    Problem solved.

    How about bang, bang Amrozi et al.?

    Problem solved.

  16. Purba Negoro says:


    I would use a blunt scrap of bamboo first dipped in pig excrement.
    He killed my Rakyat for with a Malay bomb.

    No- do not be silly- stupid teenagers with drugs do not require death penalty or else 90% of our idiot middle-class & upwards children would be wiped out.

    Maybe some public spanking for Marcia only- bare quivering tight cheeks televised to nation of course. With something batik.
    By a woman in stilettos and tight Polisi uniform…

    Hallo Rob! Some people take me far too seriously.

    You know, my son also named Purbanegoro Kesatriyowidoyo Purbolinggamsangsaktidangedebwanetnih told me other day- he has friends who take dog medicine? His father much wealthier than I!
    What is wrong with these stupid people? I remember going hungry at his age. Nothing for them to complain about.
    Revolusi is for this? Spoilt bored teenager to take drug?

    This current generation is so stupid.

  17. dewaratugedeanom says:

    Purbanegoro Kesatriyowidoyo Purbolinggamsangsaktidangedebwanetnih

    Modesty has never been my middle name but this one beats even me. 🙂

  18. Geordie says:

    No- do not be silly- stupid teenagers with drugs do not require death penalty or else 90% of our idiot middle-class & upwards children would be wiped out.

    Sorry PN but it appeared that was exactly what you were arguing for – remember nation of horoes and enemy of the state stuff and without a dicernable trace of irony.

    And seeing as you now appear to agree with me that execution would be overkill in this situation, please consider my post withdrawn.

  19. Enigmatic says:

    Purba Negoro Says:

    August 16th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    I would use a blunt scrap of bamboo first dipped in pig excrement.
    He killed my Rakyat for with a Malay bomb.

    This current generation is so stupid.

    I think bang bang with guns oiled with lard would be better. But I don’t agree with you regarding the current generation.

    Sheila’s just another celeb who abuses drugs, gets caught and would probably get away with it. However, I daresay that there are many other celebrities who do likewise, not just in Indonesia, but also at other places around the world.

    In addition, you imply that ‘90% of our idiot middle-class & upwards children’ possess/ abuse drugs. How do you know that the problem is so endemic in Indonesia (if it is)?

    With something batik

    What’s the batik for? For her to wear while we smack her crack? I think a straitjacket would suffice.

    But I’m glad we have some things in common for once. It’s the common belief that some cowards deserve to be killed for the horrible things they’ve done.

  20. Debbie says:

    “Such classic films as Hantu Jeruk Purut and Kereta Hantu Manggarai”?? Gimme a break, ain’t nothing classing about any Indonesian movies!

  21. David says:

    Debbie, you sound like a very cynical young lady…

  22. FreeHold says:

    Okay I probably don’t know all the facts about this, and yeah drugs are bad, but I mean putting her in jail or whatsoever isn’t fair. Look if she would have used drugs then its her own business her OWN PRIVATE LIFE, so what I mean your private life, should be your own responsibility and the government or the regiment etc. shouldn’t make such a big deal. As long as she didn’t sold them or gave them to other people I think she’s innocent, if you don’t agree that’s okay, this is just my opinion.

    I thought she was so great when i came the first time to indonesia and saw her on the tv, and i still think she’s great. but if you just put yourself into her own feelings you would see why (not saying that she has used) she would have used drugs. I mean you love your “boyfriend” over anything and you want to get married, but if that “boyfriend” keeps backing off and like next time i’m not ready and so on, then i would go depressed too, people do stupid things if they depressed, like as if those people high up there don’t use drugs or whatever and do they get punished NO! whatever i’m going of topic, anyways what i’m trying to say is, put yourself first in her life and then start saying stupid things about her and so on.

    We are just people, putting someone in jail for like 5 years is just bullshit for just however gram drugs, i don’t get this country seriously. its just corrupted stupidnes were everyone just wants power
    sorry of topic again T_T.

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