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Spengler writes in his latest piece that moderate Islam cannot exist because moderate faith is an oxymoron, in discussing the Abdul Rahman case in Afghanistan:

“Where are the moderate Muslims?” sigh the self-appointed Sybils of the Western media. Faith is life. What does it mean to be moderately alive? Find the “moderate Christians” and the “moderate Jews”, and you will have the answer……There really is no such thing as a “moderate” Christian; there simply are Christians, and soon-to-be-ex-Christians.

Same goes for Muslims, he says. A moderate Muslim, or Christian, or Jew, is really an unbeliever in the making, if not already one. Faith is absolute, there are no compromises, no ifs and buts, it’s all or nothing.

The “all”, in terms of Islam, presents a diabolical threat due to Islam’s win-or-lose on earth, not the hereafter, nature, it’s weddedness to the past, it’s inability to let go.

Islam does not know moderation or extremism: it only knows success or failure. Unlike Christianity, which prevailed only through the improbable project of abandoning its old center [Europe] to create a new land altogether [America], Islam cannot exist outside of traditional society, which by definition knows no doubt. Nowhere else but in the United States has personal conscience rather than religious establishment succeeded as the guiding principle of Christianity. “Moderate Islam” is an empty construct; the Islam of the Afghan courts is the religion with which the West must contend.

The traditional societies which Islam cannot live without are threatened by globalization, hence the rise of Islamic extremism as it battles for the very survival of Islam itself. All or nothing.

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  1. R. Patterson says:

    From what I have seen in the Moslem world, including Moslems here in Australia. The Moslem radicals are the cowardly murderers and the moderates just keep quiet about the attrocities of the radicals. Are there any real moderates, are there any who cry-out at the inhumanity of the radicals. R. Patterson

  2. Skylark says:

    Yes, silence is assent – this is the principal problem – the moderates are quick to blame the west but not the perpetrators of the atrocities.

  3. Felis says:

    There is no Radical or MOderate Islam.
    Islam just IS.
    Some Muslims people may take it too seriously but some do.

    Islam is the problem.
    As you pointed out (and I strongly agree) allowing freedom of choice means death to Islam – it has to fight for its survival.

  4. funny says:

    *points at amish (sp?)*

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