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The MUI attempts to chase the regent of Purwakarta out of town, for a musical analogy.

On 7th August the regent of Purwakarta district in West Java, Dedi Mulyadi, gave a speech in which he compared the Quran to a musical instrument, the flute. Dedi was also supposed to have said that he believes the Quran should be interpreted allegorically or metaphorically, not literally.

In response the Purwakarta branch of the Clerics’ Council, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), sprang into action, holding an urgent meeting at which many leading religious figures attended. MUI Purwakarta boss Abdullah AR Joban, later accused Dedi of blasphemy against Islam.

This a serious matter. If it’s allowed to stand we’re worried the Muslim community will become upset/confused. If the Regent doesn’t apologise we will report him to the police.

Apart from backtracking, Abdullah recommended that Dedi should reaffirm his faith in Islam, by reciting the confession of faith, the syahadat.

Dedi Mulyadi
Dedi Mulyadi, possibly talking about flutes.

Dedi Mulyadi, who is rather young, being born in Subang in 1971, and represents Golkar, however says that he doesn’t need to restate the syahadat, because he says it every day anyway.

On the issue of his speech and interpretation of the Quran: antara

I apologise to Muslims in Purwakarta. I don’t mean to teach others about this, it’s just what I believe. I don’t want to argue about it.

A day later however Abdullah AR Joban of MUI stepped up the pressure, threatening to hold a mass rally unless the Regent issued a “formal” apology via national media channels, to all Muslims in Indonesia, not just in Purwakarta.

Yes he already apologised but not formally.

Unless such a national, formal, apology were made within 24 hours the MUI would mobilise the masses to chase Dedi out of Purwakarta, Abdullah is reported to have said. antara

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  1. tomaculum says:

    Having a Bule as spouse do not give you the licence to disrespect your fellow Indonesian.
    Having brown skin do not give you the licence to do as if you are the only right one browny to satisfy some brown unwitty clowns. šŸ™‚
    Have any respect.
    Btw: It wasn’t the language I didn’t understand, but the content of his gibberish.

  2. Cukurungan says:

    Quite frankly I sometimes wonder how Indonesia would look like if the Dutch would still be in charge. Probably not perfect, but from a managerial standpoint surely a lot better than it is now. This is not meant as sarcasm.

    O.K. Iā€™m ready for some heavy nationalistic counter-attack.

    Brother please do not exaggerate the matter, look at yourself, if we are still under Dutch, no one will acknowledge your reputation as the world class cowboy kuta, instead of you will be considered by Dutch only as an ordinary labor with regular job to clean-up bottom side of the Dutch obese ladies.

  3. David says:

    Dedi updates, a few days ago there was a story that some obscure Muslim “forum” reported Dedi to the police, but the police refused to file the report, viewing it as a time-waster. liputan6

    Now though it seems the police are investigating, the case is to be handled by West Java police, not local, city police, and they’ve confiscated a recording of Dedi’s speech as evidence. okezone

    Then there was another report yesterday with the MUI leader in Purwakarta saying Dedi suffered from liberalism, pluralism, and secularism and these things were haram and he hoped Dedi would be punished. antara

  4. Rob says:

    Seriously, what was this bloke thinking?

    How did he expect that this little musing of his comparing the Qur’an to a musical instrument was going to be taken by his Muslim brothers at the MUI?

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